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Latest Let's Plays For Fire Emblem

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
4 days agoNorway MangsPart 24: Let's Play Fire Emblem 5, Thracia 776, Chapter 14 - "The Onslaught Begins"44:095,005
2020-06-28Germany Suki169#106 - Fire Emblem 9: Path of Radiance [LP]: Eine klassische Mission35:0110
2020-06-26Mexico Paper75Let's play Fire Emblem Dark Dragon and the Sword Light |Ep.6| Fire Emblem1:17:3613
2020-06-14Canada 2 Left ThumbsFloppy Knights - What if Fire Emblem were a deck builder (PC demo gameplay) Graeme Games56:01340
2020-06-02United States thesacredloboLet's Play: Fire Emblem - Part 0832:453
2020-06-01United States CapitalistLet's Play Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore (45) - Fire Emblem56:5411
2020-05-13Canada FaerghastMy Favorite Villain in Fire Emblem, How I would Improve Blue Lions Ending and more. ASK GHAST 1016:4912,714
2020-05-07United States Zofia's closet of gamesLets Play - Fire Emblem (GBA) Part 3 - Do you have any money?36:000
2020-04-30United States Joshua AmaronLet's Play Fire Emblem: Souls of the Forest - Part One58:036
2020-04-29United States Newt3012Let's Play Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade ep 47 'Castle Holdings'34:419
2020-04-18United States SwordsmasterFire Emblem Thracia 776 Let's Play Episode 16: Capture On!25:428
2020-04-17United Kingdom AlpaxLPVassal Feelings - Let's Play Fire Emblem: Three Houses - 4 [Blue - Maddening - Classic - Run 3]35:48132
2020-04-13 Johnyboyy17lets play fire emblem reverse recruitment part 724:452
2020-04-01 Echo SixREAPER'S RUMOR | Let's Play Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Blind) | Ep. 131:28:04243
2020-04-01Canada NeonJigglypuffLet's play - Fire Emblem - Part 1: A return to form!3:4842
2020-03-27 RPG KingdomkidReturn to Me-Let's Play Fire Emblem Three Houses Part 10958:233
2020-03-03Martinique Otakugame FR? Let's play : Langrisser I et II sur Nintendo Switch, un "Fire-Emblem-Like" ?27:0319
2020-02-27 ZabieWLet's Play Fire Emblem Three Hoses Cindered Shadows 15 - Manada de Lobos [2/2]42:4242
2020-02-15Viet Nam Khám Phá Game Offline Long Time No SeeElphin talk Cecilia support C Fire Emblem 6 The Sword of Seals VBA0:243
2020-02-14Switzerland MikelFIRE EMBLEM: THREE HOUSES - Staffel 2 [#R12] - Jeritza und Anna - Teil 3 | Let's Play Fire Emblem25:2511
2020-02-13 Lightshade49Let's Play Fire Emblem Sacred Stones Randomized Part 5: Neimi Stronk!29:314
2020-02-06United States MandyleePlaysMandyleePlays Tokyo Mirage Session #FE Encore - Fire Emblem1:15:1667
2020-02-01Japan RedRawNesTokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE Encore Playthrough part 13 - Chapter 6: Fire Emblem (2/2)5:10:3426
2019-12-24United States FlamingGnatsProject X Zone 2 Playthrough - Prologue 5: The Fire Emblem18:0930
2019-12-08Canada BlueAnkylo89. Let's Play Fire Emblem 4 - Julia vs Julius1:00:15120

Latest Reviews For Fire Emblem

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-06-18United States ShaneBrainedFIRE EMBLEM 12: New Mystery of the Emblem | Retrospective Review - ShaneBrained53:257,927
2020-01-13Norway MangsFire Emblem Cipher Art Review: Episode 621:5517,253
2019-12-20United States CommanderGameGuySanei Fire Emblem Lucina and Corrin Plush Review & Shadow Bendy Unboxing - CommanderGameGuy15:29394
2019-11-18 TheJwang8000Fire Emblem MMD - The Electro Swing (Corrin)0:17130
2019-11-11 wildfang e4fire emblem review22:234
2019-10-19United States Library of Etika[3DS] NEW FIRE EMBLEM GAME ANNOUNCED! Etika Reaction Response Review - Nintendo Direct Jan 20153:14786
2019-10-16United States RPGFanFire Emblem: Three Houses - Video Review12:14486
2019-09-26United States Exalt TaiAstram | Should You Invest? | Fire Emblem Heroes Unit Review & Builds (FEH)9:431,678
2019-08-29United States Objection NetworkTeam Objection Podcast #405: Fire Emblem: Three Heroes Review53:4229
2019-08-23United States thunderzap7Fire Emblem 99 Review4:1124
2019-08-21Canada Fearless JaySigrun In-Depth Review/Analysis - GHB/TT Tier List Update - Fire Emblem Heroes19:46710
2019-07-29United States - The Rose -Game Corner #34 Super Neptunia RPG Review, RetroMania Wrestling Announced For Switch, Fire Emblem Vo47:5018
2019-07-26 MinimattReviewsDoes Fire Emblem Still Hold Up? (Review) - MinimattReviews18:54144
2019-07-18United States Spawn WaveNew Switch JoyCon Controller's Big Question And First Fire Emblem Reviews Released | News Wave17:1094,114
2019-05-04United States Ephraim225Fire Emblem Review Series Part 2: Gaiden16:24269
2019-04-27United States BrotelFire Emblem Lost Heroes: Unit Review - Marth, Fjorm, Veronica, and Alfonse | Dragalia Lost14:3635,904
2019-04-14 Dr. JayFire Emblem: The Blazing Blade Review | Through the Looking Glass33:31145
2019-03-18United Kingdom SwitchWatchSuper Robot Wars T Switch Review - Fire Emblem + Mechs!12:4453,415
2019-02-28United States Tall FoxDoes Fire Emblem Need Remakes? - Fire Emblem February - Tall Fox Reviews17:553,327
2019-02-23United States The Catholic Nintendo NerdFire Emblem (GBA) Video Review17:1733
2018-10-20United Kingdom Plague von KarmaFire Emblem: Series in Review44:2385
2018-09-19United States TheGamingArchaeologistFire Emblem Sacred Stones Retro Review5:272
2018-01-20Canada Erick Landon RPGFire Emblem: The Blazing Sword (GBA) Review5:36888
2017-12-22United States GenmaTheSamuraiMy first Fire Emblem | Genma Reviews Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword17:19533
2017-12-06Germany KamoLet's Play Fire Emblem The Blazing Sword Part 13 Gleich und Gleich gleich Hector38:202