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About DerpoTheMagnificent

Hello all you magnificent people! My name is Derpo, and on my channel you'll find that I play games and act like a moron. Drop by if that sounds interesting.

How my channel works: I generally upload 2-3 videos a week (stupid life not allowing for daily uploads...) and almost always have two game playthroughs running at once, as well as a show I call Mystery Mondays. Where every Monday, I spin a wheel with a bunch of games suggested by fans and me, and play whatever game is selected, it could be anything! (Well, almost anything).

You're always welcome to leave a comment. At this point in time, I'll most likely reply because of how small my fan base is. I hope to be able to stay connected with my fans as my channel continues to grow.

If all this sounds like something you'd be interested in, consider subscribing. (Probably the only time I'll ask you to do that)

Hope you enjoy my content, and have a magnificent day! :D

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Pyre | Ep 13: A Member For Every Mask
Hello all! Today, we obtain another companion. And have another run-in with Manley Tinderstauf. I genuinely really like this guy. Links _ The...
2018-10-19 8:31:15 PM ● 20 views ● 43:09 100.00% liked
Pyre (2017)
Terraria Overhaul Thorium | Ep 7: Ancient Powers
Hello all! Today, we take on a few more Thorium bosses, all of which are absolutely amazing. Like...jeez. These bosses are really well made....
2018-10-18 3:46:35 PM ● 259 views ● 21:27 100.00% liked
Terraria (2011)
Pyre | Ep 12: A Knight's Honor
Hello all! Today, we grant freedom to another of out triumvirate. Links _ The game. Intro Music...
2018-10-17 10:43:11 AM ● 15 views ● 37:30 100.00% liked
Pyre (2017)
Terraria Overhaul Thorium | Ep 6: Viscount Ain't No Discount
Hello all! Today, we take on a new Thorium boss! Well, new to me. And he's amazing. Like, I didn't give the Thorium devs enough credit. Viscount...
2018-10-14 7:21:43 PM ● 150 views ● 24:40 100.00% liked
Terraria (2011)
Pyre | Ep 11: The Power of Flight
Hello all! Today, we continue towards freedom, towards a better world. But as we learn more about our triumvirate, we also learn more about our...
2018-10-09 8:11:47 PM ● 17 views ● 44:14 100.00% liked
Pyre (2017)
Terraria Overhaul Thorium | Ep 5: Rocket Jumping
Hello all! Today, WEEEEEEEEEEEE discover rocket jumping. And it's great. Join our Discord! Music! _ King Slime fight...
2018-10-07 9:03:06 PM ● 284 views ● 27:46 100.00% liked
Terraria (2011)
Derpo's Q&A 3(000)
Hello all! Today, I've reached three-thousand subscribers! Well, technically it was like a week ago, but you get the point. Anyway, to celebrate,...
2018-10-05 10:48:15 AM ● 148 views ● 37:26 100.00% liked
Terraria Overhaul Thorium | Ep 4: An Evil Presence
Hello all! Today, we gear up to take on the Overhauled Eye of Cthulhu. And damn, they really managed to make it intense. Join our Discord!
2018-10-02 2:59:18 PM ● 228 views ● 24:46 100.00% liked
Terraria (2011)
Q&A 3 Announcement
Ye, ask me shiz, and I'll answer the shiz. I'll leave this up for a few days. Music is "Oort Cloud" by HOME.
2018-10-01 7:33:00 PM ● 62 views ● 1:19 100.00% liked
Pyre | Ep 10: Destructive Dissidents
Hello all! Today, we begin the cycle anew or our quest to grant freedom to the Nightwings. Links _ The game.
2018-09-30 2:15:03 PM ● 33 views ● 31:43 100.00% liked
Pyre (2017)