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About DerpoTheMagnificent

Hello all you magnificent people! My name is Derpo, and on my channel you'll find that I play games and act like a moron. Drop by if that sounds interesting.

How my channel works: I generally upload 2-3 videos a week (stupid life not allowing for daily uploads...) and almost always have two game playthroughs running at once, as well as a show I call Mystery Mondays. Where every Monday, I spin a wheel with a bunch of games suggested by fans and me, and play whatever game is selected, it could be anything! (Well, almost anything).

You're always welcome to leave a comment. At this point in time, I'll most likely reply because of how small my fan base is. I hope to be able to stay connected with my fans as my channel continues to grow.

If all this sounds like something you'd be interested in, consider subscribing. (Probably the only time I'll ask you to do that)

Hope you enjoy my content, and have a magnificent day! :D

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Terraria Expert Bard | Ep 7: The Star Scouter and The Star Scouter
Hello all! Today, we clean up the last few bosses left before the WoF. The Star Scouter, the Granite Energy Storm, and the Star Scouter! Join...
2019-02-13 11:26:37 AM ● 180 views ● 16:38 100.00% liked
Terraria (2011)
Terraria Expert Bard | Ep 6: Musical Bees
Hello all! Today, bees! Join our Discord! Music! _ Queen Bee fight music is "Spewer" by Danny Baranowsky...
2019-02-06 8:13:56 PM ● 327 views ● 18:48 100.00% liked
Terraria (2011)
CrossCode | Ep 3: It's Time To D-D-D-D-Don't
Hello all. Today, we kill a whole lot of probably innocent animals, and duel some green, spiky-haired guy. Don't feel too bad for those animals...
2019-02-06 3:11:32 PM ● 74 views ● 43:49 100.00% liked
Derpo After Dark | Destiny 2
Hello all! Today, I swear! A lot! I'm not a good person! Fuck the Crucible! Music. _ Intro Music is "Magnificence" by DerpoTheMagnificent...
2019-01-30 3:50:41 PM ● 204 views ● 13:12 100.00% liked
Destiny 2
Destiny 2 (2017)
Terraria Expert Bard | Ep 5: This Song is Fire
Hello all! Today, we're back! And with a rather large boost in power! Today we use that power to take down some bosses and make some progress!...
2019-01-30 11:20:03 AM ● 351 views ● 23:45 100.00% liked
Terraria (2011)
CrossCode | Ep 2: Tutorializing!
Hello all! Today, we continue in the CrossWorlds! And fail miserably at doing voices! Because, turns out, I'm not French, and really can't do...
2019-01-23 8:27:36 PM ● 142 views ● 35:28 100.00% liked
Terraria Expert Bard | Ep 4: Phat Lute
Hello all! Today, we fail to locate the bongos. What a sad day. Join our Discord! Music! _ Brain of Cthulhu fight...
2019-01-13 7:13:03 PM ● 483 views ● 17:11 97.62% liked
Terraria (2011)
CrossCode | Ep 1: The Avatar
Hello all! Today, we FINALLY begin our adventure through the Crossworlds! Will it be as good as Hypa claims it to be? Will Derpo ever have consistent...
2019-01-10 7:09:18 AM ● 258 views ● 47:57 100.00% liked
Another Year
Joe welcomes the new year in his favorite way. Credits~ Joe Squidly - Himself The Book - Sam Spielberg The Arms Dealer - Michael (A.K.A RotzeeRifle)...
2018-12-31 11:00:03 PM ● 338 views ● 1:56 100.00% liked
Terraria Expert Bard | Ep 3: Didgeri-Doing Some Work
Hello all! Today, we kill some shiz, and get some inspiration! Both in the building sense, and the actual Bardic sense! Join our Discord!
2018-12-27 8:44:14 PM ● 478 views ● 27:04 100.00% liked
Terraria (2011)