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I'm your favorite Youtuber's Favorite Youtuber. Family Friendly content, analysis, news, and opinions! Join the Geek Army and together we can have a good time enjoying what entertained us as kids and STILL DOES as grown-ups! Dragon Ball Super episode recaps, Star Wars content, analysis, and speculation, TONS Of interaction and a lot more:

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10 Best Frieza Moments in Dragon Ball
TRY VRV FOR FREE RIGHT NOW: | What are the TOP 10 BEST Frieza Moments in Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball Z? What...
2019-04-14 1:00:03 PM ● 18,569 views ● 10:33 98.88% liked
Ascended Super Saiyan Explained
WHAT IS ASCENDED SUPER SAIYAN aka Super Saiyan Grade 2 Explained or Super Saiyan Stage 2 Explained? The form we saw during Super Vegeta vs Cell...
2019-04-12 5:00:02 PM ● 58,696 views ● 10:23 97.91% liked
Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission FIRST IMPRESSIONS
EARLY Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission REVIEW from the SWITCH as I give you my INITIAL thoughts on Dragon Ball Heroes ON SWITCH. Is Super Dragon...
2019-04-11 5:00:00 PM ● 26,866 views ● 13:16 95.82% liked
First Impressions
Ian James Corlett - The FIRST ADULT Voice of Goku INTERVIEW
Ian James Corlett INTERVIEW on the newest Icons of the Dragon Ball Community. We discuss the VOICE of Cheetor, the VOICE of Bob from Reboot,...
2019-04-10 5:00:04 PM ● 10,831 views ● 1:02:17 96.24% liked
One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 1 Review
ITS HERE! One Punch Man Episode 13 Review! SAITAMA Returns! We introduce KING, Genos vs G4, and examine the good and bad of One Punch Man Episode...
2019-04-09 2:00:00 PM ● 69,225 views ● 7:49 92.77% liked
Jiren - The Strongest in Dragon Ball
TRY VRV FREE: | The STRONGEST in Dragon Ball JIREN has arrived! How strong is Jiren? Is Jiren the STRONGEST MORTAL...
2019-04-07 11:00:05 AM ● 94,524 views ● 11:16 97.31% liked
NEW DETAILS on 30th Anniversary Dragon Ball Z Blu Ray Collectors Edition
Funimation has dropped NEW details on the upcoming Dragon Ball Z 30th Anniversary Blu Ray Collectors Set where you can watch Dragon Ball Z episodes...
2019-04-05 2:00:03 PM ● 74,319 views ● 11:45 96.74% liked
Dragon Ball Super AFTER Moro
Dragon Ball Super's Story Arc AFTER MORO in the Dragon Ball Super Manga. What is Dragon Ball Super NEW ARC 2019 going to be? Today we do a community...
2019-04-04 4:00:00 PM ● 88,582 views ● 15:49 95.86% liked
NEW Confirmations about Dragon Ball Super July 2019
TRY VRV FOR FREE: | Dragon Ball Super RETURNS July 2019 and now we have MORE information out of Italy about Dragon...
2019-04-02 11:30:51 AM ● 144,208 views ● 5:13 96.49% liked
Super Saiyan Transformation Explained
TRY VRV FOR 30 DAYS: | Transformation Guide - Super Saiyan Explained has arrived. Some have a hard time Explaining...
2019-03-31 7:00:00 PM ● 111,201 views ● 16:04 97.32% liked