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hi, i am brycejw or bryce jamison wells for short i strive to be the friendliest, and most nicest gamer youll ever meet along with being super hype and entertaining i hope youll enjoy our live streams and variety content. my main games are as follows as of now: among us, digimon, pokemon, super smash bros ultimate, super mario maker 2 viewer levels, geometry dash etc sso dont be afraid to join the stream and chat! also my 3 mottos are NEVER GIVE UP NO MATTER WHAT6 EVEN AFTER THE END, ALWAYS BE YOI0UR SELF NEVER PUT YOUR SELF ON THE SHELF, AND NO ONES IN CONTROL OF YOU FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!!!! MY GOAL FOR THIS CHANNEL IS TO REACH 1 BILLION SUBS ON YOUTUBE! THE CURRENT GAMES IM WORKING ON 100% OR/AND BEATING ARE AS FOLLOWS SUPER MARIO GALXY, FIRE EMBLEM 3 HOUSES, SUPER MARIO SUNSHINE, THE LEGEND OF ZELDA BOTW, ETC. THE COMMUINITY NAME IS #THEANIMEARMADA but you dont have to like anime to be a memeber! the name stems from my old twitch name which was animebjw, welcome to the anime armamda!

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