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Giant Bomb is here to give you what you need when it comes to the world of video games, new and old. Fire up a Quick Look, sit back, and enjoy, friends. We post videos nearly every day, so subscribe and stick around for awhile. Cool?

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Ranking of Fighters 0009: Double Dragon '95 & Rival Schools
Science is back in session! Get geared up and ready to fight your brother AND the faculty! Check out our website: Check...
2018-03-19 7:00:01 AM ● 5,365 views ● 1:12:46 95.57% liked
Gaiden the Ring: WWE Day of Reckoning - Part 2
We made it to Sunday Night Heat! What grand wrestling adventures await us next? Tune in to find out! Check out our website:
2018-03-16 7:12:34 PM ● 1,372 views ● 1:49:32 90.63% liked
Monster Hunter World: Killing Kirin!
What? NO! You're just Kirin right? Jason is gonna go slay a tempered unicorn? I'll just have to watch and see it happen! - Check out our website:...
2018-03-15 5:13:09 PM ● 8,695 views ● 1:02:47 85.14% liked
Attack on Titan 2: Quick Look
Join the two newest members of the Scouting Regiment, Jan and Ben, as they survey the land and some giant naked dudes! Check out our website:...
2018-03-15 8:00:03 AM ● 12,106 views ● 47:09 80.18% liked
Giant Bombcast 523: Realistic Wad of Flesh
We've braved the light drizzle outside to go in on hot topics like Fortnite mobile, Black Ops IIII, Dota subscriptions, the Nintendo Direct,...
2018-03-13 8:08:50 PM ● 12,727 views ● 2:51:24 91.94% liked
Gaiden the Ring: WWE Day of Reckoning
OK, so Wrestlemania XIX sucked, Let's try a different GameCube grappler in WWE Day of Reckoning. Check out our website:
2018-03-09 6:53:28 PM ● 15,664 views ● 1:45:15 92.16% liked
Watch Us Watch Nintendo Direct 03/08/2018!
Sit back and witness all of our collective excitement! Squids, Captain Toad, and more! Check out our website: Check...
2018-03-08 7:56:39 PM ● 51,260 views ● 35:17 71.93% liked
The Jeff Gerstmann Home Game: Super Double Dragon, Homebrewce Lee, More!
I certainly didn't intend to play Super Double Dragon start-to-finish here, but that's exactly how it went. Hey, how about Bruce Lee for the...
2018-03-06 10:59:25 PM ● 12,234 views ● 1:52:30 93.49% liked
Giant Bombcast 522: Shuckin' Drive
This week Into the Breach is the only thing most of us can think about, but we manage to mix Battlefield: WWII, Hunt: Showdown, Vermintide 2,...
2018-03-06 7:56:24 PM ● 13,491 views ● 2:33:05 92.93% liked
Gaiden the Ring: WrestleMania XIX
Will we ruin WrestleMania XIX? Or did WrestleMania XIX already do that all on its own? Check out our website: Check...
2018-03-02 8:15:57 PM ● 18,736 views ● 2:01:52 90.69% liked