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About NorthridgeFix

NorthridgeFix is an Electronics repair shop specializing in Computer Phone and Tablet repair on a motherboard level. We work on all electronics makes and models. You can think of the channel as a Diary of A Repair Shop / equipment reviews. We randomly pick a device from our shop and fix it on camera. You will see how we troubleshoot and fix problems. Most of the advanced micro soldering repairs that we perform are not something done by your average repair shop. Aside from enjoying what we do, we love to share the knowledge and leave a positive footprint on this tiny world that we live in.

Need help with your device repair? We service customers and repair shops nationwide. Use the mail-in form on our website to mail in your device.

If you are local, drop in and say hello
18473 Devonshire st, Unit c
Northridge, CA 91325

Phone: 818-668-7058

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