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Basspirit GD - Level Archive is a YouTube channel which has roughly 2.45 thousand subscribers. He published around 21.59 thousand videos which altogether total over 1.43 million views.

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About Basspirit GD - Level Archive

Welcome to the level archive channel of a game called Geometry Dash, a music based platformer game released in 2013.

Starting from simple jumps and flights, this game has remarkably developed enough to have an own value to say as a kind of art so far. Just as like painters create magnum opus with seemingly simple and limited ingredients, Geometry Dash users create fabulous works using the game's own level editor. And what we see is countless visual interpretations of a single piece of music, which everyone fills up a specific two-dimensional space with their own designs and hues.

All of the videos are a mixture of music composer's piece of work, creator's effort of expression, and my original gameplay of reaching 100% of a single level. I wanted to share all of these efforts to the Internet so everyone could see, enjoy, and talk freely and friendly.

Please feel free to contact if you have seen any copyright issues or typos via comment, Email, or Discord. (Basspirit#1114)

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