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Greetings and thank you for gracing my channel with your presence. If you liked any of my videos please consider Subscribing and feel free to join me in the comments section of any uploads I make you find interesting. You may also send a friend request to my gaming network profiles:

Playstation Network: Agent-Piltdown
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As a long time YouTube user I've only just recently started to contribute videos of my own on a more regular basis and have enjoyed the process, so expect more gaming related content in the future.

On this channel from now on, when I find the time I hope to record and upload playthroughs of any obscure horror and story driven games I find interesting, montages of fun online co op moments with friends and anything else I'd like to share and preserve on my channel.

So remember, as the old Special Agent proverb goes...

Nothing beats the taste sensation when maple syrup collides with ham.

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KR edit -  party like KITTs knighteen knighty knighn
2017-08-25 9:23:12 AM ● 68 views ● 0:45 100.00% liked
GTA Online - Coke Supply Run - Tequi La La Bar Fight Solo Guide - Rockstar Editor
I took a mundane supply run for my Cocaine Lockup in GTA Online using my usual tactics and decided to record it to edit in the Rockstar Editor....
2017-06-12 6:11:59 PM ● 479 views ● 2:29 100.00% liked
Dead Rising 2 Remaster Ps4 - Terror is Reality - TK's Favorite - All Modes Winning Gameplay
Good evening viewers, and welcome to Terror is Reality! This video is a walkthrough of ways to win in Terror is Reality and unlock that elusive...
2016-10-03 9:28:21 PM ● 3,279 views ● 28:26 93.88% liked
Dying Light: The Following - Be the Zombie - New Skill Tendril Dodge and Tackle Demonstration
The Night Hunter got some obscure new skills in Dying Light The Following for free with the new Tackle input where you hold in the button to...
2016-02-13 7:53:09 PM ● 5,123 views ● 1:02 100.00% liked
Dying Light - Be the Zombie - Training new Night Hunter tricks and freaky parkour
This is just to help a discussion about Night Hunter mechanics. Here's a link to said discussion:
2016-02-09 11:22:40 AM ● 3,574 views ● 3:15 75.00% liked
Dying Light The Following ENDING - SPOILERS - Origin of the Harran Virus & Night Hunter
The prophecy is fulfilled, and the god of the sun has a new champion. "When the world is ravaged by plague, and darkness devours the earth,...
2016-02-08 12:23:04 PM ● 21,397 views ● 2:39 92.81% liked
Dying Light - Be the Zombie - Max Level Night Hunter Demonstration 2 (Pre Mutation)
Greetings. Here's more footage of the Night Hunter in action in vanilla Be the Zombie mode in Dying Light with all his vanilla skills unlocked...
2016-02-04 4:41:26 PM ● 9,477 views ● 29:58 95.00% liked
Dying Light
Dying Light - Funny Glitches and Survivor Co Op Montage
Behold some of the more curious displays of game physics and inspiring survivor co-operation in Dying Light. I finally put this montage together...
2016-01-23 2:29:44 AM ● 16,846 views ● 19:07 94.48% liked
Star Wars Battlefront Beta - Hoth Walker Assault - Rebels win the Battle of Hoth
Witness how, bizarrely, the Rebels revised history and won the Battle of Hoth with nothing but simple tricks and nonsense! I joined EiGhTy4oUr...
2015-12-23 3:52:12 AM ● 1,454 views ● 15:01 100.00% liked
Fallout 4 - Strength Luck Build - Emergent Gameplay Low Level - The Battle of West Everett Estates
Chuck Greene had finished looting a factory and was leaving when Mirelurk Hunters laying in wait sprung their ambush. Not able to effectively...
2015-11-13 2:21:40 AM ● 2,751 views ● 5:38
Fallout 4
Fallout 4 (2015)