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Hey everyone it's me Jacob welcome to my channel where I create youtube videos and cry to myself at night

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All my friends are Dead (A Smah Bros Journey)
Jacob and Nick begin the world of light campaign and with that they go through hordes of nightmares Support us Here!
2018-12-09 9:18:26 AM ● 554 views ● 9:49 100.00% liked
It's Jacob in a Nutshell watch till end
My Journey through YouTube this year and through it all I'm am still grateful to everyone who watches my videos thank you everyone. My Discord...
2018-12-06 6:54:40 AM ● 615 views ● 4:22 98.82% liked
The Winter Star Festival in a Nutshell
2018-12-01 9:55:21 AM ● 1,164 views ● 8:42 95.96% liked
Pokemon Lets Go Eevee Co-Op Adventures Ep 1
As we begin our adventure back in kanto me and nick realize things arnt the same from the last time we where here. My Discord
2018-11-23 9:42:22 AM ● 212 views ● 5:18 100.00% liked
Fallout 76 in a Nutshell
Running around in the wasteland is fun with your friends but damn some dumb stuff can happen instead. Art~
2018-11-18 11:48:32 AM ● 874 views ● 8:27 100.00% liked
Fallout 76
Fallout 76 (2019)
Fighting Communists in The Forest at 1AM
Since Capcom wont give us good content to play in monster hunter we will have to deal with this. My Discord PSN community...
2018-11-12 9:07:55 AM ● 809 views ● 8:55 100.00% liked
Arch Zora Magdaros in a Nutshell with Fans
Since the fight with Zora is pretty boring I thought id bring in some fans from my discord to help along with help me get too HR 100 to get me...
2018-10-24 9:35:21 AM ● 2,376 views ● 8:31 98.39% liked
The Autumn Harvest Festival in a Nutshell
The Autumn harvest fest man was this fun and we got a chance to do the USJ quests thanks for watching everyone! My Discord
2018-09-30 12:03:46 PM ● 800 views ● 9:08 97.03% liked
Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate in a Nutshell
My first time playing Generations Ultimate was a fun and wild experience. Darkhero~ Art~
2018-09-16 7:08:53 PM ● 6,325 views ● 7:37 98.61% liked
Extreme Behemoth in a Nutshell Ft. HIJEK's Joesph
Thanks for watching the video please remember to leave a like and share this video with a friend ;D Joseph's channel~
2018-09-03 8:09:40 PM ● 17,255 views ● 9:43 91.34% liked