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Hey everyone it's me Jacob welcome to my channel where I create youtube videos and cry to myself at night

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The Autumn Harvest Festival in a Nutshell
The Autumn harvest fest man was this fun and we got a chance to do the USJ quests thanks for watching everyone! My Discord
2018-09-30 12:03:46 PM ● 800 views ● 9:08 97.03% liked
Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate in a Nutshell
My first time playing Generations Ultimate was a fun and wild experience. Darkhero~ Art~
2018-09-16 7:08:53 PM ● 6,325 views ● 7:37 98.61% liked
Extreme Behemoth in a Nutshell Ft. HIJEK's Joesph
Thanks for watching the video please remember to leave a like and share this video with a friend ;D Joseph's channel~
2018-09-03 8:09:40 PM ● 17,255 views ● 9:43 91.34% liked
Arch Teostra in a Nutshell
Here we are fighting the easiest Arch Tempered Elder Dragon Teostra and man was is interesting Art~ Music~
2018-08-21 10:22:00 AM ● 23,288 views ● 7:41 94.88% liked
The Behemoth Experience in a Nutshell
Behemoth hurts but at least you get to see me struggle through this nightmare. Art~
2018-08-10 10:43:38 PM ● 38,491 views ● 8:01 97.66% liked
Its a Q&A
I asked on my Community tab for so questions and I answered and ill be happy to answer more in the comments below while working on Behemoth in...
2018-08-08 7:30:14 AM ● 590 views ● 5:42 100.00% liked
Arch Kirin In a Nutshell
Watch this as we try to defeat 1 Arch Kirin (I get better) My Discord Art~
2018-07-22 8:51:03 AM ● 29,335 views ● 8:24 92.63% liked
The Summer Twilight Festival Funny moments!
Me and nick did a few hunts during the event that where available for a limit time, maybe another part 2? My Discord
2018-07-16 6:35:07 AM ● 6,827 views ● 5:04 98.31% liked
The 3 Star Astera Chef Costume in MHW
Hey Everyone thank you for watching my DLC outfit review for the Handler. My Discord~ PSN community~ Jacobs Hunting...
2018-06-25 10:17:53 AM ● 4,342 views ● 2:50 89.19% liked
Types of Monster Hunter Players 2
Hey everyone I thought to show you guys some of the people I see in hunts My Discord~ PSN community~ Jacobs Hunting...
2018-06-18 11:32:33 PM ● 56,977 views ● 1:46 93.63% liked