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I make animations and you can see em on here!
Email me at for paid commission work!

Video usage guidelines:
ALLOWED IF YOU GIVE PROPER CREDIT (Links in the description, etc):
- Using my animation in your cover of the original song, english or in another language is fine
- Reaction videos
- "Compilation" videos in terms of like top 10s and stuff

- Videos where you obscure/blur/try to hide the watermark. It's there for a reason.
- Videos where you add subtitles for the lyrics, in english or any other. Youtube has a feature that allows you to submit subtitles onto people's videos and it is enabled on every one of my videos which I manage often. If you want to translate my video, then submit it through that and I'll approve it as soon as I can.
- Straight re-uploads to the original without anything changed.

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Bendy's Second Birthday.mp4
happy birthday bendy you bane of my existence saturday will be fun though yay #bendy #batim
2019-02-10 10:00:11 AM ● 4,714 views ● 0:36 98.23% liked
Baldi's Field Trip: The Musical Animated (Random Encounters) - Baldi's Basics Song
LET'S GO CAMPING!! Another animation in the span of 2 weeks? I must be going mad! Either way, hope you guys enjoy this new video of Baldi's Field...
2019-01-20 11:00:05 AM ● 635,267 views ● 3:14 95.97% liked
Promise Me Animated (NateWantsToBattle) - Undertale Song
It's been a long time. How have you been? My next animation has arrived, and it's a Undertale video featuring Promise Me by NateWantsToBattle!...
2019-01-04 12:58:14 PM ● 37,639 views ● 2:41 96.66% liked
Undertale (2015)
200,000 subscribers
thank you all so much, i luv u all to bits more stuff coming soon!!!
2018-12-19 11:57:00 AM ● 11,412 views ● 0:26 97.79% liked
Pikachu's Lament (Red) - Out now!
LINK: I'M BAAAAAACK! So sorry for the wait between videos, but there's a good reason! My dude Living...
2018-12-15 10:02:18 AM ● 6,891 views ● 0:29 97.35% liked
HELP SUPPORT THE STREAM - FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER - Stream Rules: 1. Please don't ask...
2018-10-26 2:58:18 PM ● 42,625 views ● 3:09:13 94.52% liked
Bendy CH5 Stream Promo Video
*This was a promo video I put together for my Bendy Stream on Friday the 26th of October, 2018. The stream is over now, but I'm leaving this...
2018-10-26 9:37:37 AM ● 27,528 views ● 0:42 97.93% liked
[SFM] Baldi's Basics Rap (JT Music) - OUT NOW!
LINK: Yeet! After I finished Basics in Behaviour I got a real itch to do another Baldi video, and...
2018-10-20 10:10:21 AM ● 27,914 views ● 0:31 95.29% liked
Memes from Twitter Compilation #1 - CODA
TWITTER: OUTRO SONG: A bunch of Twitter memes made from July to October...
2018-10-04 11:00:03 AM ● 11,918 views ● 3:32 97.51% liked
(SFM) I'm Number One: A Fortnite Song - Out Now!
LINK: Yep! This was a weird one haha, Random Encounters put a call out for animators and I dropped...
2018-09-14 11:19:52 AM ● 32,524 views ● 0:34 90.84% liked
Fortnite (2017)