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On the Stick Xmas Xchange 2018: Wonder Boy in The Dragon's Trap
It's part one of this year's Xmas Xchange! Joe gave Anthony Wonder Boy! #retrogames #retrogaming #livestream
2018-12-12 9:43:40 PM ● 73 views ● 53:14 80.00% liked
Joe's Birthday Stream! (Contra + Other Retrogames)
I'm going to play some Contra and whatever else I feel like for a while tonight, because it's my birthday! #retrogames #retrogaming #livestream...
2018-12-10 11:37:10 PM ● 163 views ● 2:55:53 78.57% liked
On the Stick After Dark: THWIP!
Joe is playing Insomniac's recent Spider-Man game while Eric and Coffee hang out tonight! #livestream #ps4 #SpiderMan
2018-12-05 9:38:30 PM ● 54 views ● 56:26 100.00% liked
November 2018 Patreon Q&A and Channel Update
It's that time. I share why there was only one normal episode this month, then answer some questions about Castlevania, power-ups in games, ice...
2018-11-29 3:59:03 PM ● 72 views ● 13:56 66.67% liked
On the Stick After Dark: Making a Mega Man
Paul is going to make a Mega Man level! Joe, Eric, Mike, Kurt and who knows who else are going to hang out while he does! #retrogames #retrogaming...
2018-11-28 10:01:33 PM ● 92 views ● 1:11:18 100.00% liked
Mega Man (1987)
On the Stick After Dark: We Love The Smiths
Killer7 just hit PC via Steam. We check it out to see how it holds up over a decade later. #retrogames #retrogaming #killer7
2018-11-21 9:46:19 PM ● 19 views ● 1:03:21 100.00% liked
Same Name, Different Game: The Three Stooges (NES vs. GBA vs. PS1)
Joe's been watching a lot of Three Stooges lately, so let's take a look at the games! NES footage captured on an A/V Famicom with the Hi-Def...
2018-11-21 12:44:19 PM ● 345 views ● 24:06 90.91% liked
The On the Stick NES Re-Draft
We did this back in 2010, and eight years later, we're doing it again! Tune in to hear us draft the best of the NES library! #retrogames #retrogaming...
2018-11-20 10:29:48 PM ● 111 views ● 2:04:51 71.43% liked
The Super NES Draft (Top 25 SNES Games)
Thanks to our Extra Life 2017 donors, the 2011 Super Nintendo Draft is now a video! Super NES image courtesy of https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Evan-Amos...
2018-11-10 11:24:33 AM ● 304 views ● 2:09:09 100.00% liked
On the Stick After Dark: CoDBlops4
Eric plays Blops while we chat about Mega Man and stuff.
2018-11-07 9:59:24 PM ● 38 views ● 43:31 75.00% liked