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United States
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About DS Music

Hey there fellow pianists!

I'm DS Music, and I make piano arrangements of video game music and other popular media songs while adding slick, stylized Synthesia and video effects. From Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to Undertale to Final Fantasy and then some, there's plenty of epic or chill covers to suit your tastes!

So feel free to take a listen, comment on what you like, use my songs in your videos (with due credit of course), shoot me an email or DM, or support the music on iTunes or Patreon! However you prefer, I hope to make your day a little brighter w/ piano :D

David Sylvester is a college student desperately trying to balance engineering, music, and playing Smash Bros. Starting from 1 year of formal piano instruction and many years of self-teaching, he got into VGM by making a Youtube channel of piano covers/arrangements. DS also plays bassoon, clarinet, percussion, and recorder, along with dabbling in composition, arrangement, production, and sound engineering.

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