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After 2 years of streaming, it was brought to my attention that I really need to rewrite this portion of the channel.

My name is Ronjn Jeremy, I am a 30-year gamer and plan to die a gamer. I live stream 5-6 nights a week for about 3-4 hours a night. I plan on going to Film school in order to learn more about content creating and potentially getting a great career in films, probably in editing.

Our community is open to all open minded individual, you can find us on Discord We have a very basic rule Mutual Respect and it is heavily enforced, I believe everyone deserves somewhere to be able to speak openly without disrespecting others.

The games I typically play are Tactical RPG's; DOS and Xcom but I have dabbled in some FPS; Division, Wildlands, DBD, and Deceit.
I really enjoy co-op with the community and look forward to more opportunities to do so.

Feel free to add me on steam.


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