Top 100 Channels From Australia With The Longest Duration

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from Australia based on the highest total video duration on their channel. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelDurationLatest Video
1.Australia MrLongestVideos382:07:22:21Menu Theme - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 10 Hours10:00:03
2.Australia LegendofTotalWar316:05:15:01Rating a One-Lord-Doomstack Cylostra Direfin.31:01
3.Australia Commissar Bear311:02:02:05The World Ends with You: Final Remix / すばらしきこのせかい - NSW - Blind Playthrough - Part 54:29:49
4.Australia John Z254:03:37:43【星际老男孩】让孙桑欲罢不能的清新脱俗1:24
5.Australia Live Sports Gaming PS5244:23:02:38MLB The Show 21 - Franchise - Houston ASTROS (0-1) vs Oakland ATHLETICS (1-0) LIVE on PS51:10:28
6.Australia Rhapsody200:15:06:51The All-Powerful Narrator | Reto & Rhaps Tell Tall Tales in AI Dungeon40:07
7.Australia EJU-BU193:17:50:47White fennec giveaways trading and more TWITCH EJUBU130:19
8.Australia 1 Coin Only182:22:30:08Kombat of the Mortals: Episode 116 MK vs DC Universe (XBOX 360) - The DC Story Mode2:17:53
9.Australia Chook168:21:22:20Xenoblade Chronicles 2 ep 17 - Lets Finish This!2:51:27
10.Australia The Mighty Gaming Channel166:00:21:21Double Tap1:23
11.Australia A 90s kid165:03:43:41Resident Evil VII - REVIEW13:56
12.Australia BeanoCookie148:02:51:18⭐ SUPER MARIO 64 70 STAR SPEEDRUN - FIRST EVER ATTEMPT!! ⭐4:36:52
13.Australia BoulderBum147:01:24:04"Story Of The Blues" Gary Moore Cover Version by BoulderBum7:03
14.Australia DasTactic142:08:17:32ARMORED BRIGADE 1943 Mod ~ 01 Tigers on the Ridge31:04
15.Australia Life Is A Game133:16:03:21Life is a Game | 7 Days To Die | Members Server Day 21:58:54
16.Australia Yoshi100_Aus133:08:09:35TGM1 runs, then Death!! [Tetris: The Grand Master + TAP]8:22:35
17.Australia Humanoids123:09:20:25Kingdom Come: Deliverance Ep 361:01:25
18.Australia DEEPHEALER120:19:32:20Gran Turismo Drift live on PS59:54
19.Australia Master Onagi120:10:41:267 Days to Die - Master Onagi - O for Obliteration - EP101:38:34
20.Australia Sash EX119:10:49:46Juri Sets & Juri art22:40
21.Australia ausEcko118:12:10:29Streets of Rogue: Cop This1:24:50
22.Australia Panztastic117:01:30:59Double HP Moabs Karts N Darts [HARD] - Panz Plays Bloons TD 632:49
23.Australia Australian Open TV109:20:20:56Naomi Osaka vs Jennifer Brady Full Match | Australian Open 2021 Final1:20:35
24.Australia musicalaviator106:13:41:42Aerosoft A330 on Vatsim. Perth to Singapore6:04:51
25.Australia Patrol Gaming103:23:32:26ARK: SURVIVAL EVOLVED | Olympus Ep 14 A Dose Of Crabs2:42:21
26.Australia Home of StarCraft101:16:53:09[7.4.21] SC:R 1v1 (FPVOD) Motive (P) vs Prime (T) [Best of 3]47:42
27.Australia Baseball com au97:00:45:36Will Sheriff's 2020/21 ABL season highlights2:59
28.Australia Mech#492:12:37:56Wolfenstein 3D - Episode 3 - Part 051:42:35
29.Australia Dragon Dashinlight90:21:33:46FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Part 3330:52
30.Australia Im Canine89:06:07:33Open Lobby - CarX Drift Racing Online Ultimate Setups | w/ Wheel + Pedals2:11:26
31.Australia MitchGames24788:00:50:34FORTNITE HIGH EXPLOSIVES LTM TOURNAMENT LIVE!3:21:12
32.Australia Mishka Rae88:00:39:27MONSTER HUNTER: RISE | Part 2352:13
33.Australia Somewhat Awesome Games83:18:43:24Playstation Players Vs PC Predator Predator Hunting Grounds15:06
34.Australia Ninja Kuma - Let's Plays, Reactions, Memes82:16:29:41Ferris Wheel Date (Ann, Makoto, Futaba, Haru, Guys)| Let's Play - PERSONA 5 STRIKERS Gameplay -10-1:15:46
35.Australia Version2LP80:02:38:10Let's Play Astro's Playroom - #2 | I’m Your GPU53:30
36.Australia The Scarlet Seeker78:18:37:25Satisfactory - Update 4 | Overview, Gameplay & Impressions (2021)28:06
37.Australia Lordofdestiny30 {RJCT}77:17:48:10(XboxSeriesS) Subcommander Kira in Command of R.R.W. Tiberius (0/15 SUB Goal) (PS4/XboxSeriesS/AUS)2:57:30
38.Australia Drakaza74:02:58:42Mass Effect Andromeda Part 43 Back into the abyss26:05
39.Australia Intoxigamer73:11:53:12My first time | UNCHARTED LIVE STREAM5:16:01
40.Australia AzzA72:01:32:06Call Of Duty Modern Warfare With ObviousTripwire1:04:41
41.Australia cullyn71:01:14:55Valheim - Plains Exploring part 2 - Chill Stream1:54:20
42.Australia TheDisabledMachine70:13:14:56The Disabled Machines BFV PS4 StreaM - Drop thru n say GDAY1:18:59
43.Australia Dataless82269:23:08:37You Are Not Prepared! - Modded Minecraft - Create Episode 1429:52
44.Australia Banosh69:06:26:53Writing My Viewers Name On The Map1:22:59
45.Australia Buddhist Society of Western Australia68:01:54:12Visualisation in Meditation - Armadale Meditation Group | Venerable Sampasadana | 13 April 20211:22:52
46.Australia JD-Plays68:01:07:51Ep16 Stealing a Yeti 😈 Evil Genius 2: World Domination 😈 Lets Play, Gameplay42:02
47.Australia Mr Crispycreeper67:02:30:19I Played Modern Warfare again and it has not changed9:25
48.Australia BigKlingy66:09:37:12Final Fantasy XII Rediscovery: Part 72 - Family Business37:46
49.Australia Veg Raptor64:02:47:46Channel Updates and Information...8:48
50.Australia TC-FUZZ !64:02:05:01Dynamax Raids, Battles and Giveaways - Pokemon Sword & Shield3:14:02
51.Australia lavitz_reinhart62:01:41:41YS Memories of Celceta part 41:37:02
52.Australia Next Level61:14:45:19Club ♣ (BEST/CLEANEST OVEREDIT)0:56
53.Australia NO-BOT-E60:05:05:01'OUTRIDERS'...'PS'...'NO-BOT-E'...'DAY ONE EDITION'...'PYROMANCER'...'MAKING FIRE FROM SPARKS'...4:34:13
54.Australia Seriasssam60:03:42:54Lizardmen vs skaven | Blood Bowl 2 – ReBBL Clan League Season 1 Game 81:27:25
55.Australia This Zombie Bites Everything59:17:17:12GTA 5: w/Topeka *LIVE* *PS4* *Adult Content* come chat...1:06:53
56.Australia JNR-SNR Gaming58:19:40:25JNR-SNR Gaming Live Stream | Star Wars Battlefront 2 again again | Star Wars Madness2:51:19
57.Australia Snoopy DRFT58:09:28:00Valheim 5th Boss Solo4:36
58.Australia DarkRubberNeck58:07:29:18I slaughtered an unbeatable alien swarm | The Riftbreaker Prologue58:37
59.Australia nutty VODs56:05:57:586 • Paper Mario The Origami King1:22:55
60.Australia MrMEOLA56:02:36:42This Dinosaur is SO FAST It BROKE The Game! | ARK Survival Evolved PUGNACIA #4435:05
61.Australia YTHabagat Pinoy Gaming56:00:11:39GHOST RECON BREAKPOINT- Ranking up classes para sa Titan Raid Solo/Co-op2:32:51
62.Australia d2k4l254:23:45:23Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Lets Play PS52:22:41
63.Australia Lachlan54:16:06:35The *RANDOM* Gaming Legend Challenge!20:39
64.Australia Onion Party54:09:19:07Amaurot - FFXIV: Mostly Blind51:23
65.Australia 7thlittleleopard54:02:53:41GENSHIN IMPACT :: How to Find the Secret Room Gate0:49
66.Australia Carnag354:01:57:55FORTNITE SEASON 10 GAMEPLAY! Giveaways, New Map AND MORE!6:10:52
67.Australia PiG52:10:48:49HAS [P] vs JIMRISING [Z] featuring DIRTY CHEESE (Best of 3)16:52
68.Australia SpotTheOzzie52:07:37:10STAR WARS: X-WING - T-70 X-Wing and RZ-2 A-Wing Unboxing [2nd Edition - Wave 2 Expansion]7:17
69.Australia FootyManagerTV51:13:51:25SERGIO AGÜERO IN LEAGUE ONE !? | FM21 Sunderland Road To Glory Ep61 | Football Manager 2021 Story50:37
70.Australia RangerTony51:09:24:52Skyrim: Druss the Legend 2021-04-185:10:36
71.Australia Raidzero AU51:08:45:00Expanding Upwards | The Infected Gameplay | Series 2 Ep.1441:16
72.Australia Left under49:23:24:29black mesa # 6 this are getting heated up!38:13
73.Australia Gameplayvids24749:03:36:12EASY How To SOLO Exfil COD Cold War Zombies V2! - Cold War SOLO Zombies Exfil Method & Guide 20213:54
74.Australia Captainoob48:18:07:46SUPPLY RAID WITH THE LOST - Part 6 - XCOM 2 WoTC Legend Modded50:31
75.Australia Nintendo Ninja News48:04:21:53Oceans - TCL Music (The Creative Life Podcast Music)3:42
76.Australia PIMPNITE47:15:03:14FULL 420 POKEMON TEAM ! - 420 Day Pokedex Numbers & Memes25:13
77.Australia MojoD47:06:25:34Factorio Extended 36K Megabase #38 (2021-3-20 Stream)2:26:18
78.Australia DudeGoBack47:02:53:15Exploration | Vikings - Ep 0337:57
79.Australia Habib Jackson47:01:39:04Heroes And Puzzles #Android10:37
80.Australia FalseHope46:23:30:55🔴 Among Us LIVE Playing With Subs!2:22:59
81.Australia darren brear46:21:26:12man cave toy figure reviews and r2d2 builds terminator builds16:30
82.Australia Gamer Walkthroughs46:07:50:53Warcraft 2: Beyond the Dark Portal - The Seas of Azeroth (Orc Mission 7)52:04
83.Australia Phil Monaghan46:01:43:09Demon's Souls PS5 - Let's Play PART 41 - Old King Allant!!!!4:53
85.Australia S1ipperyJim45:11:33:13Killing Floor 2 ★ Bloodthirst Weekly Outbreak (Solo Berserker)20:46
86.Australia Diamond Longplays44:22:01:21V.I.P (GBA) Longplay [422]1:08:10
87.Australia Lensmanoz44:19:53:17Minecraft Greedycraft - Ep 35 | Slow progression33:35
88.Australia Flabaliki43:17:24:09I built a hospital at a nuclear power plant (Two Point Hospital)28:37
89.Australia Cursed Paladin Artanicas43:17:01:29#6 Valheim, The Gaming Chocobros World w/ Artanicas and Friends2:23:54
90.Australia Titi Gameplay43:10:56:114K | Modo Carreira no Difícil | NASCAR The Game Inside Line | EP 0451:35
91.Australia Neversurrendr43:07:54:11CO-OP SURVIVAL HORROR | BIGFOOT🙈👣3:26:34
92.Australia Wicked Gaming42:20:20:541v3 Epic G3 Spray Through Smoke on Karakin0:51
93.Australia Ultima45642:16:19:02Let's Platinum Danganronpa 1|2 Reload: Goodbye Despair #27 - A New Island20:47
94.Australia MercytheMad42:09:16:57Alastar Part 2 : Praetorian of Caledor - Legendary Total War : Warhammer 24:30:09
95.Australia Xindictive41:19:27:25Stream Highlights: 5DayGamers14: Day 3: The Hot Dog Would Explode: Part 129:37
96.Australia Amosdoll Music41:05:09:09How To Play - Big Little Lies TV Theme Song (Piano Tutorial Lesson)5:59
97.Australia ExactChaos40:07:17:18New City Woes - Seasons, Planes & Tourists - Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic (Part 75)1:04:36
98.Australia Gormagone40:05:24:18Lets Play Solitairica Episode 2611:29
99.Australia Zeus v240:02:33:45Best Controller Wingman Wiffer in Apex Legends3:43:42
100.Australia BrutishMadex39:10:29:43Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 7 Trailer (Official) - REACTION!!!8:32