Top 100 Channels From Australia With The Most Subscribers

This list represents the top 100 YouTube video game-related channels rankings from Australia based on the most subscribers. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelSubscribersLatest VideoLiked
1.Australia LazarBeam11,600,000UNLIMITED EMERALDS in Minecraft12:5498.84%
2.Australia Muselk8,090,000My Friend made a SECRET lava base.21:3898.05%
3.Australia RackaRacka5,830,000Ghost Recon War with The Punisher4:2998.61%
4.Australia Fitz5,300,00018+ VR MOMENTS12:4499.02%
5.Australia Prestige Clips4,730,000Apex Legends: SEASON 3! FAILS & Epic Moments! #2310:0496.43%
6.Australia KjraGaming4,620,000IRON MAN VS BLACK PANTHER - EPIC BATTLE5:2583.61%
7.Australia How To Cook That3,810,000Exposing Dangerous how-to videos 5-Minute Crafts & So Yummy | How To Cook That Ann Reardon12:3397.87%
8.Australia Mastersaint3,540,000guy throws rock at lamborghini then this happens...12:46
9.Australia Ozzy Man Reviews3,500,000Ozzy Man Reviews: MAGPIES3:2899.12%
10.Australia SMG4 // Glitch Productions3,290,000SMG4: Untitled Mario Video12:2598.57%
11.Australia Wolfychu2,510,000Wolfychu Face Reveal13:0498.79%
12.Australia Also Fitz2,460,000trolling swaggersouls in minecraft...18:0599.16%
13.Australia TigerTomato2,400,000Plants vs Zombies Pancake Art - Chomper, Cherry Bomb, Zombie, Squash | Creative Ideas4:2597.86%
14.Australia Yode1,900,000CRUSHING CRUNCHY & SOFT THINGS BY CAR! EXPERIMENT3:2993.17%
15.Australia UnlistedLeaf1,820,000*NEW* Pokémon Center Exclusive GOLDEN Items16:4298.25%
16.Australia Loserfruit1,750,000SIMPLE MINECRAFT PRANKS! (first time using mods)15:3599.07%
17.Australia Eystreem1,710,000How to UPGRADE SHIELDS in Minecraft Tutorial!20:5797.09%
18.Australia maxmoefoegames1,650,000Opening 120 Kobolds and Catacombs Hearthstone Packs!12:3395.21%
19.Australia JoshDub1,510,000clappin undead cheeks11:1199.09%
20.Australia Zylbrad1,510,000so the double double tap is OP on the double shotgun in apex legends.. in apex legends...30:3898.00%
21.Australia VaatiVidya1,460,000Prepare to Cry Remastered ► Gwyn's Light12:2899.43%
22.Australia ArtSpear Entertainment1,420,000Coming Soon! - The Void: Rebooted and Super-Showdown-Bowl trailers4:4497.80%
23.Australia James Turner1,310,000I feel like I'm basically an expert at this now...26:0599.28%
24.Australia Sheet Music Boss1,220,000The Exorcist Theme - Piano Tutorial4:4498.88%
25.Australia FuzionDroid1,220,000Minecraft PE : DO NOT CHOOSE THE WRONG BED! (Demogorgon, SCP-096, Sonic & Gumball)27:4195.69%
26.Australia Sam Green1,170,000🎬 Video Game Movies 2020 (Parody)3:0396.84%
27.Australia EthGoesBOOM952,000SHADOW FREDDY REACTS TO: Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted - Curse of Dreadbear Trailer!!!7:5699.02%
28.Australia MoreMuselk940,000I GOT DIAMOND ARMOR - Skyblock Episode 715:2798.32%
29.Australia soundslikepizza930,000Jason Statham Plays Ghost Recon: Breakpoint6:3697.56%
30.Australia The Winglet908,000Overwatch vs. TF2: Episode 2 [SFM]8:4597.67%
31.Australia Crayator879,000Could you complete this Minecraft map?17:3899.16%
32.Australia MrCrayfish876,000✔️ Minecraft 1.14: Redstone Tutorial - Magic Armor Closet14:5798.46%
33.Australia Amosdoll Music860,000Illenium - I'll Be Your Reason (Piano Cover) | Dedication #6293:3099.15%
34.Australia FudgeMuppet828,000Cyberpunk 2077: Everything You Need to Know about Night City - Cyberpunk Lore #117:0498.06%
35.Australia Magical Gamer819,000Rich Kid Nearly Destroyed My Guns! 😱 (Scammer Gets Scammed) Fortnite Save The World13:0396.14%
36.Australia MassageASMR806,000ASMR Brushing Sounds10:3498.15%
37.Australia Fortnite Central804,000fortnite memes that keep me alive10:2796.62%
38.Australia Shadiversity742,000The True WINTERFELL according to the books, EPIC 3d model, tour and comparison41:1999.54%
40.Australia animelab671,000Azur Lane Anime Opening Song - graphite/diamond by May'n1:2999.00%
41.Australia Lucky The Doge - Fortnite639,000Fortnite Memes that made me Laugh in Season 1010:2693.47%
42.Australia GreenSpot627,000Mario Party 4 - Mario vs Peach vs Luigi vs Daisy - Minigames (Master CPU)20:1782.69%
43.Australia TheMasterBucks626,000THE END OF CAREER MODE IN FIFA 20!!! (2034)14:5698.80%
44.Australia VERTiiGO GAMING600,000Destroying Fools In 2019 | Friday the 13th (Voice Changer Jason Gameplay)10:5097.16%
45.Australia Camelworks563,000The True HIDDEN DARKNESS Of Half-Moon Mill - Elder Scrolls Detective42:1998.28%
46.Australia Fynnpire558,000UNLOCKING THE DEEPEST CAVE ZONE - Cave Digger Train Update13:5498.84%
47.Australia Zeus548,000Randomly Get Matched with Youtubers.. So i Carry them with 20 Kills! (Apex Season 3)18:2497.99%
48.Australia DeSinc542,000Using Glitches and Tricks to Fly in Goose Game6:3099.27%
49.Australia MrMEOLA531,000Spirit Wyvern Ascended from the Heavens! | ARK Primal Fear/Prometheus #5231:3498.37%
50.Australia Jordan Persegati524,000DIP PEN Spooky ART CHALLENGE + 9 Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (Creepypasta Story + Drawing)44:1799.59%
51.Australia Ser Winter522,000RETURNING To The HEART OF THE NORTH (Conan Exiles Survival) #318:1498.94%
52.Australia Skill Up504,000Ghost Recon Breakpoint Has Some Serious Problems (Impressions)22:0193.63%
53.Australia HappyDays501,00010 Terraria Tips and Tricks You MUST Know #3! | Terraria 1.3 Secrets & Glitches4:3898.10%
54.Australia Indeimaus489,000So I Played Yuppie Psycho...36:5799.56%
55.Australia Little Z441,000SALTY SMASHDOWN RUNBACK10:5398.97%
56.Australia Hobo Bros428,000Ight imma head out10:5499.33%
57.Australia Feature History427,000Feature History - Fall of the Mongols14:2298.82%
58.Australia Stimpee410,000Mordhau, a home for chads3:4698.82%
59.Australia The Easter Egg Hunter405,000Super Secret Easter Eggs in Video Games! Feat. Oddheader11:3998.47%
60.Australia Keshen8405,000JOHN BRICK 21:2699.13%
61.Australia Tech YES City388,000Testing out ASUS's PG65UQ 144HZ 4K Monitor with a 1000 FPS Camera at PAX!6:1394.90%
62.Australia Cheru368,000I'm A Maniac Deadpool Frog With A Megalodon That Destroyed Swindon - Amazing Frog10:4997.72%
63.Australia Blunty361,000Instant Coffee Trick - AMAZING IMPROVEMENT8:1092.14%
64.Australia Wilburgur360,000Breaking every quest in Fallout 316:0998.54%
65.Australia Tilterella349,000WOW! Another Sion Buff! Unleash The BEAST | League of Tilt11:2998.29%
66.Australia Aznromeo340,000Asian Creeper (REMIX) Feat. Mychonny (Asian Parody)3:5098.20%
67.Australia Flabaliki335,000Finishing the Island! Skärgård (Part 32)35:2397.72%
68.Australia Cosplay Chris310,000Regeneration Superman Suit- Costume Breakdown/ Demonstration!14:5198.04%
69.Australia lara6683302,000Zelda - Dark World2:4498.60%
70.Australia BYZE295,000Mini Ladd logged off..11:0798.59%
71.Australia Modest Pelican Gaming292,000I found Mark Zuckerberg's robot army and THIS HAPPENED..11:4199.00%
72.Australia Rimmy - Downunder Gaming279,000Napalm in 'Nam - Radio Commander39:3199.03%
73.Australia GabstaifyMV276,000Iron Man Music Video - "Point of No Return"3:4094.83%
74.Australia DomesticMango265,000180FAB Show Car | Katherine | Car Feature | 4k2:4797.73%
75.Australia GmanLives260,000Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Review - Unpolished & Unfinished20:2296.77%
76.Australia Ericship 111259,000Forza Horizon 4 - 10 Currently MOST Requested WISHLIST Cars we Want!11:4197.80%
77.Australia CorruptCarnage249,000Real Life Minecraft - MOTORBIKE CARNAGE3:2193.85%
78.Australia Joe Jeremiah246,000A-Bit of 90s5:0499.53%
79.Australia Levi Niha237,000I Made A Song With An Acoustic Guitar!9:2499.65%
80.Australia TheAwesomeMario225,000Boopkins and Bob: The New Years Resolution1:5797.77%
81.Australia Rocket Jump Ninja225,000TOP 5 Small Gaming Mice 201910:1698.15%
82.Australia YANZO225,000Neon Cafe/Restaurant ✧*:・ The Sims 430:3298.78%
83.Australia AKindAleWar223,000Carving A Chicken With A Pressure Washer for Reddit Points20:1998.26%
84.Australia Shibui219,000Mario Party 10 - Freeplay Minigames - Mario vs Luigi10:4089.66%
85.Australia Madman215,000Promare - Theatrical Trailer0:3097.24%
86.Australia Kaleidow214,000hide and seek in Minecraft but I'm IN! 👀🌈 (Bambicraft Fan Server!)1:50:3497.62%
87.Australia H.O.D208,000DEFENDING A STRANGER IN A WAR ZONE IN DAYZ - EP.712:3697.85%
89.Australia Myelin Games191,000PART 1 Destiny 2 Shadowkeep reading every NEW Lore book | Myelin Games4:25:3697.51%
90.Australia LegendofTotalWar187,000Cheesing Middenland's Fealty47:3598.37%
91.Australia Cayinator178,000Charge Rifle Support - Caustic | Apex Legends Season 313:4398.28%
92.Australia Beejie Bean177,000[DDLC] Funny Larson Yuri voice compilation (THE RETURN OF YOBBY)5:1694.92%
94.Australia Deerstalker Pictures161,000How To Get Good At Overwatch | Overwatch Live Action4:5797.32%
95.Australia Daniel Fenner151,000Moira is BONKERS right now | Overwatch13:0598.28%
96.Australia FootyManagerTV150,000HIGH POTENTIAL STRIKER SIGNS! | FIFA 20 Juventus Career Mode S1Ep228:0399.24%
97.Australia Green Ham Gaming148,000Gaming in the Mountains with a $70 Laptop6:5897.70%
98.Australia BonusTank146,000MAGIC TOMES of FIRE, LIGHTNING and ICE!? - Gorn VR Mods #213:4899.04%
100.Australia Samantha Strange144,000Going on a date with KFC's Colonel Sanders?? 😍💕 | Playing KFC’s ‘I Love You, Colonel Sanders!22:11100.00%