Top 100 Channels From Australia With The Most Subscribers

This list represents the top 100 YouTube video game-related channels rankings from Australia based on the most subscribers. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelSubscribersLatest Video
1.Australia LazarBeam18,600,000TIKTOKS you need to watch9:04
2.Australia Lachlan14,700,000The *RANDOM* Gaming Legend Challenge!20:39
3.Australia Muselk9,490,000Trying Fortnites HARDEST 100 level deathrun!23:57
4.Australia JoshDub8,830,000the boys play uno16:47
5.Australia KjraGaming7,530,000Monster Spider-Man VS The Hulk & Big Hulk - EPIC BATTLE8:10
6.Australia Fresh7,370,000we can't talk to each other...15:28
7.Australia XtremeGamez6,910,000How To Make A Giant 7-Foot Pizza Slice12:32
8.Australia RackaRacka6,450,000Pokemon RAMPAGE4:09
9.Australia Planet Dolan5,700,000SCARIEST THINGS WE'VE BEEN THROUGH | Reddit Stories7:06
10.Australia Fitz5,540,000this video is actually funny lol20:46
11.Australia Mully5,250,000nightmare no no hide and yeet19:25
12.Australia Prestige Clips4,920,000*NEW* GTA 5 FUNNY MOMENTS & WINS #107 ( GTA 5 FAILS )11:19
13.Australia Ozzy Man Reviews4,720,000Ozzy Man Reviews: Boat Fails4:05
14.Australia How To Cook That4,650,000Debunking viral TIK TOK videos | How To Cook That Ann Reardon20:34
15.Australia SMG44,400,000SMG4: Mario Babies11:28
16.Australia Loserfruit3,320,000we made predictions about Fortnite OVER 3 YEARS, here is what we got right...22:05
17.Australia WadZee3,140,000I Transformed the OVERWORLD into the NETHER in Minecraft Hardcore (#40)21:06
18.Australia Wolfychu3,130,000Trypophobia Meme1:13
19.Australia Internet Historian3,030,000The Cost of Concordia46:49
20.Australia Eystreem2,990,000NOOB vs PRO vs GOD: FIREFIGHTER CHALLENGE in Minecraft!16:46
21.Australia HeyImBee2,980,000why I stopped uploading vrchat fullbody..8:40
22.Australia TigerTomato2,650,000Bluey Pancake Art1:10
23.Australia LazarLazar2,520,000my girlfriends kill record9:22
24.Australia Also Fitz2,510,000guys can this video get 300,000 dislikes?15:31
25.Australia EmKay2,430,000r/Crappydesign | you're kidding11:09
26.Australia Zylbrad2,400,000Unlocking the OP MAX LVL Longbow in Apex Legends16:05
27.Australia Slapped Ham2,260,000Weird Mysteries That Left Historians Baffled17:40
28.Australia Sheet Music Boss2,250,000Chrysopoeia (from Minecraft) - Piano Tutorial4:25
29.Australia UnlistedLeaf2,220,000*BEST BATTLE STYLES OPENING* WEARING A HEART MONITOR!!!!!29:35
30.Australia FuzionDroid2,200,000Minecraft PE : DO NOT CHOOSE THE WRONG PORTAL! (Sonic.EXE, Siren Head, Venom & Cartoon Cat)22:56
31.Australia ArtSpear Entertainment2,090,000Godzilla vs Kong Trailer Spoof - TOON SANDWICH4:16
32.Australia Norris Nuts Gaming2,040,000FAILED SURPRISE FOR NAZ Among Us Gaming w/ The Norris Nuts11:28
33.Australia x2Twins1,930,000The *RANDOM* FISHSTICK Challenge in Fortnite11:59
34.Australia Adventure1,830,000THE FUNNIEST KID TEST ANSWERS 😂8:01
35.Australia ellieV toys1,740,000Why Lego Friends matters : A fun rant13:03
36.Australia VaatiVidya1,720,00010 Mysterious Secrets in Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Demon's Souls15:14
37.Australia animelab1,700,000Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Ending Theme - Only by Yuiko Ohara1:35
38.Australia maxmoefoegames1,700,000crabs crabs crabs crabs crabs crabs crabs crabs crabs crabs crabs crabs crabs crabs crabs crabs30:55
39.Australia mau1,660,000I Made An EMERALD TEMPLE In Hardcore Minecraft (#7)16:34
40.Australia Isaac Butterfield1,650,000What Happened When A Drunk Heckler Attacked Me12:38
41.Australia Amosdoll Music1,550,000How To Play - Big Little Lies TV Theme Song (Piano Tutorial Lesson)5:59
42.Australia Jeremy1,530,000Among Us is SUS8:09
43.Australia Fairbairn Films1,520,000When someone tries a moustache1:56
44.Australia Hillsong Young & Free1,490,000Need Your Love (Acoustic) - Hillsong Young & Free3:07
45.Australia GreenSpot1,470,000Mario Party The Top 100 - All Tricky Minigames20:31
46.Australia James Turner1,420,000I turned a treehouse into a luxury apartment! (The Tenants)23:10
47.Australia Phoenix SC1,360,000I cut Alex's hair in Minecraft.2:25
48.Australia Sam Green1,340,000EPIC MINEQUEST 7 | "The NETHER" [Official Trailer] #shorts1:00
49.Australia Zuckles1,290,000THE MOST SCUFFED RUST ZERG18:32
50.Australia Jordan Sweeto1,290,000Australia (deleting soon)0:49
51.Australia Tannar1,250,000Hilarious TEXTS FROM EXES You WONT BELIEVE!9:50
52.Australia Modest Pelican1,230,000This Game is a Masterpiece11:25
53.Australia MrCrayfish1,180,000✔️ I Coded a "Dirt Bike" into Minecraft!11:42
54.Australia Shadiversity1,160,000The SHIELD SWORD! Pop-culture weapons INVENTED!18:15
55.Australia The Winglet1,150,000The Red, the Blu, and the Ugly [SFM]28:21
56.Australia Crayator1,150,000Professionally casting STRANGERS in my Fornite lobby13:21
57.Australia Peppa Pig Parodies1,120,000If Peppa Pig Had An Anime Opening1:43
58.Australia Magical Gamer1,100,000Salty Rich Scammer Has NEW RECYCLER GUN! 🥰😱 (Scammer Gets Scammed) Fortnite Save The World12:23
59.Australia EthGoesBOOM1,060,000GOLDEN FREDDY PLAYS: The Henry Stickmin Collection (Part 6) || THE ULTIMATE STICKMAN SQUAD UNITES!!!17:26
60.Australia MoreMuselk1,030,000SAVING OVERWATCH IN 202010:29
61.Australia Economics Explained993,000Hyperinflation is Already Here – You Just Haven't Realised It Yet.19:28
62.Australia soundslikepizza992,000Dutch has had enough of Arthur1:04
63.Australia Tash Sultana980,000A live jam from my studio1:08
64.Australia FudgeMuppet965,000The GREATEST NORD is Ysmir Wulfharth? | The Elder Scrolls Podcast #4155:39
65.Australia Bazza Gazza954,000do NOT play Among Us in VR...12:10
66.Australia Fynnpire936,000Custom GLOCK MOD Is the Most ADVANCED WEAPON - Teardown Mods15:02
67.Australia Little Z902,000How to win at smash:13:21
68.Australia MrMEOLA892,000This Dinosaur is SO FAST It BROKE The Game! | ARK Survival Evolved PUGNACIA #4435:05
69.Australia MassageASMR882,000Unboxing ASMR - Hobbywing XeRun XR10 PRO G2 & G3 Motor 7.59:59
70.Australia GuitarZero2Hero840,000Someone Like You Guitar Tutorial Adele Guitar Lesson |Easy Chords + Intro Picking|11:27
71.Australia Zeus821,000The BEST Mode to EVER come to Apex Legends16:46
72.Australia PIMPNITE820,000FULL 420 POKEMON TEAM ! - 420 Day Pokedex Numbers & Memes25:13
73.Australia DeSinc818,000Using Glitches and Tricks to Beat Real Life3:08
74.Australia FilmComicsExplained809,000The Dread of AMERICAN PSYCHO Explored10:40
75.Australia HappyDays765,000100 Days in Hardcore Terraria | HappyDays38:20
76.Australia Fortnite Central736,000Masked Skin Face Reveals You Need To See To Believe (Fortnite)12:29
77.Australia Neytirix731,000THERE ARE TOO MANY ORIGINAL CHARACTERS13:05
78.Australia squizzy721,000prince phillip died0:10
79.Australia Keisyo697,000The ULTIMATE GUIDE To The Egg Hunt 2021! How To Get All The NEW Accessories in Roblox Royale High!14:16
80.Australia Skill Up694,000Diablo II Resurrected is more than just nostalgia-bait (Impressions)18:51
81.Australia Jordan Persegati685,000Drawing THE MONSTER in Different Styles - FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN (FNAF + More!)10:26
82.Australia TheMasterBucks684,000SIGNING FOR A NEW CLUB!?! FIFA 21 MY PLAYER CAREER MODE #428:03
83.Australia A Jolly Wangcore678,000So I Installed Superliminal... (part 2)1:13:33
84.Australia DarkViperAU663,000Twitch's Popular Speedrunners, Struggle To Stop Eating, Pax and $702 Big Macs - Speedrun Rambles 23620:41
85.Australia Double Click663,000*UNSEEN* CLICK GOES TO THE FORTNITE WORLD CUP!12:48
86.Australia Camelworks663,000After 10 Years A Hidden Quest Has Been Found In Skyrim's Code - THE FOOL4:20:21
87.Australia VERTiiGO GAMING656,000Even a NOOB Can Accomplish GREATNESS37:16
88.Australia TGG650,000TRIPLE MONEY & DISCOUNTS! GTA Online Weekly Update3:18
89.Australia Stimpee641,000Due Process5:47
90.Australia Indeimaus636,000So I Played The Dishonored DLC26:43
91.Australia Misfits Podcast Clips613,000Swaggersouls Explains How to Make a Liquid Nitrogen Explosion4:46
92.Australia Cheru610,000Elusive Target Go BRRRRRRRRR - Hitman 312:29
93.Australia Lucky The Doge607,000TOP 100 Funniest Fortnite MEMES17:53
94.Australia CKN Gaming605,000Galactus Event Roblox Full Version CKN Gaming4:00
95.Australia Ser Winter590,000BUILDING My FIRST HOME - 7 Days To Die #220:46
96.Australia ABC News In-depth577,000China tries to reshape Xinjiang narrative with media blitz | ABC News5:51
97.Australia Hobo Bros567,000Goodbye for now12:04
98.Australia Australian Open TV565,000Naomi Osaka vs Jennifer Brady Full Match | Australian Open 2021 Final1:20:35
99.Australia bordie559,000my crush challenged me to a 1v110:17
100.Australia AngelMelly555,000AngelMelly does the WAP dance on stream0:29