Top 100 Channels From Australia With The Most Videos

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from Australia based on the most published videos on their channel. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelVideosLatest VideoLiked
1.Australia Habib Jackson10,510Dragon Ball Legends - Part 3 Book 6 Chapter 73:10
2.Australia ausEcko6,868Anno 1800: Fat Stacks of Cash 51:59:29100.00%
3.Australia Rhapsody5,473Let's Play Slay the Spire Modded: Infinite Spire | Can't Feel a Thing - Episode 2311:02:0198.86%
4.Australia Amosdoll Music5,365Demogorgon Theme but it's played on a Cat Piano1:1995.38%
5.Australia EB Games Australia5,316Unboxing the T-65 X-Wing Battle Drone!5:01100.00%
6.Australia LegendofTotalWar4,569Warhammer 2 Livestream - SFO Grimhammer - Greenskin Campaign3:41:0596.04%
7.Australia Somewhat Awesome Games4,414Plants vs Zombies Codename Picnic Leaked (Garden Warfare 3)3:3594.92%
8.Australia DasTactic4,387DISTANT WORLDS ~ Fighter Command ~ Episode 1529:06100.00%
9.Australia PlayStation Australia3,984Detroit: Become Human | 3 Reasons to Download | PS Plus0:3289.47%
10.Australia CrystalFissure3,410Let's Play Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled | Adventure Mode: Part 24 - Oxide's Challenge [First Time]30:3795.35%
11.Australia tr1ppa3,390Legrand Legacy Gameplay Walkthrough - No Commentary (PC GAME)1:35:4377.27%
12.Australia Gamezinvaders3,388RAGE 2 [FISSION CORE BOSS] with DundeeChief! Playthrough 2612:54100.00%
13.Australia Gameplayvids2473,224Minecraft Survival Gameplay: #1 - My First Day In Minecraft! - PC Walkthrough13:5097.96%
14.Australia Home of StarCraft3,200[12.7.19] 스타1 StarCraft Remastered 1:1 (FPVOD) Sharp 조기석 (T) vs Sacsri 이예훈 (Z) Neo Sylphid15:10
15.Australia Rabbit OST2,901Persona 4 'Pursuing My True Self-Opening Ver.' Extended9:16
16.Australia Criminal 20202,783UFC 3 Fedor Career Part 8 Alistair Overeem12:00100.00%
19.Australia quicksilver20082,522Cricket 19 - Career Mode #6 - 24 Overall Season 202052:12100.00%
20.Australia JNR-SNR Gaming2,484American Truck Simulator Mod Review Kenworth K100-E by Overfloater1:51:3098.08%
21.Australia dwarfy2,470No Man's Sky - Xbox One X - Exploration #37117:00
23.Australia KayneHunterTaker2,404Angry About The Van Huh? - Resident Evil 2 Remake - Ep 38 [:::o {:(KHT):} o:::]29:34
24.Australia CJ Carter2,396SEKIRO: SHADOWS DIE TWICE | Lady Butterfly12:18100.00%
25.Australia Cayinator2,373POW! Right In The Techies - DotA 214:5494.88%
26.Australia MrMEOLA2,349The Most TERRIFYING Dinosaur I've EVER Seen! | ARK ULTRA Modded #5331:5098.30%
27.Australia xTGE2,348DESTINY 2 - The Other Side 'Bad Juju' Quest Solo Flawless NO HUD [ONLY THE ESSENTIALS TRIUMPH]19:3075.00%
28.Australia Good Game2,338Crisis VRigade: The VRest Arcade Shooter!4:1599.22%
29.Australia BigKlingy2,320Trails in the Sky FC: Chapter 1 Part 7 - Make It Double!59:37100.00%
30.Australia GameBoyJR2,251Super Nintendo - Killer Instinct11:49
31.Australia Version2LP2,212Let's Play Super Mario Maker 2 - #15 | Fiery Vines17:53100.00%
32.Australia Dataless8222,186Minecraft Down Under | S3 | Episode 25 | Upside Down Slime Farm?36:41100.00%
33.Australia Daily Smartphone Gaming2,159Dragonball Z Extreme Butoden PART 4 - iOS / Android (3DS via Citra)13:54100.00%
34.Australia StealthTiger2,080"ESCAPE PLAN" A Way Out - Gameplay Walkthrough (Part 2)15:47100.00%
35.Australia JANPS12342,060BO4 Zombies Alpha Omega55:390.00%
36.Australia KjraGaming2,055Spider-Man (Miles Morales) VS Spider-Woman (Gwen Stacy)4:2978.78%
37.Australia AlcoholicPhoenixz1,976Days Gone Let's Play-Ep.33 Finale48:11100.00%
38.Australia Sash EX1,897space base mates9:59
39.Australia Andy Keunen1,891Europa Universalis IV - A Let's Play of Holland, Part 5223:05
40.Australia Flabaliki1,884Will we ever sort out this traffic? Skärgård (Part 12)32:1196.95%
41.Australia Sparring DK1,865MAGNETIC WOODWORK! - Relegation Regen Rebuild - Fifa 19 PSG Career Mode - Episode 2518:0898.50%
42.Australia Esoterickk1,859Solo The Menagerie Completion Week 3 (Normal Mode) [Destiny 2]32:0198.10%
43.Australia JD-Plays1,853Factorio: Gridlock Capturing a 'hard' Server3:54:2375.00%
44.Australia Luke's Yu-Gi-Oh! Channel1,852Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution Genex Monarch Profile & Deck Recipe10:45100.00%
45.Australia MR.G Classic1,837Spyro Speedrun3:18
46.Australia Resulka1,823Purgatory in McDonaldLand (Also some YAR stuff)14:32100.00%
47.Australia The Sim Supply1,793The Sims 4 has totally changed its look...11:0099.19%
48.Australia TheMasterBucks1,790I Gave MANCHESTER UNITED 1 BILLION DOLLARS!!! FIFA 19 Career Mode31:3894.64%
49.Australia Blunty1,790"What's your Opinion on the Nintendo Switch Lite?"... THIS!7:5695.13%
50.Australia Sons of Gaming1,747Lego Ninjago 70671 Lloyd's Journey! (Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu)24:00100.00%
51.Australia DemonRebuilt1,707🐷 Aporkalypse Telelocator & Organising My Chest Zone | Don't Starve Hamlet Gameplay | Part 5426:52100.00%
52.Australia JB Hi-Fi Official1,698Wolfenstein Youngblood Pre-Order Bonus0:43100.00%
53.Australia Gormagone1,696Magic The Gathering Arena Episode 5213:16
54.Australia Ross Senpai1,679Trinoline All Ages Version Visual Novel Part 42 HD30:00100.00%
55.Australia Seraphim1901,678Space Harrier VR - PSVR - 2019 Remake - Coming Soon!!!!3:3798.04%
56.Australia Gamer Walkthroughs1,677Ultimate Doom E1M8 Phobos Anomaly (All Secrets)4:12100.00%
57.Australia KonfluxGames1,657Crusader Kings 2 Dragonkin 11: Dungeon Master21:26100.00%
58.Australia Mark Meehan1,644Gta online17:58
59.Australia S1ipperyJim1,641[LIVESTREAM] The Warmaker's Sanctuary Solo [Conan Exiles]1:10:2066.67%
60.Australia BrendenPlayz1,629"Backstage Disaster" | "WWE 2k19 Universe Mode" | #74 (WWE 2k19)30:37100.00%
61.Australia Xindictive1,627Xin Plays: Spyro: Reignited Trilogy (PS4): Spyro 3: YOTD: Part 12: Super Bonus Round35:10100.00%
62.Australia UnlistedLeaf1,627Search For Rainbow Rare Charizard (FINALE?!)21:2497.44%
63.Australia Left under1,603vlog2:28100.00%
64.Australia QualityIsNice1,595Commander Keen 4 (#02)25:44100.00%
65.Australia Asleep in the Fantasy1,592CTR:NF - Time Trial - Oxide Station (Nitrous Oxide)3:20100.00%
66.Australia Good Game: Spawn Point1,585Oxygen Not Included | Game Review5:2096.77%
67.Australia Raidzero AU1,571Planet Nomads Ep.3 - "Alternative Mobility" - Let's Play with RaidzeroAU40:24100.00%
68.Australia NUSensei1,562Archery | Form Checks #17 - Live With Nu1:51:2397.89%
69.Australia Britto1,559Medieval Engineers S1 E4 - Timelapse Farm House & Farming37:05100.00%
70.Australia PiG1,556Motorboating immortal! - King of Cannons Ep#28:46100.00%
71.Australia The Green Man1,549XCOM 2: Legendary Modded6:54100.00%
72.Australia djgyixx1,528Comedy Central Presents - Gabriel Iglesias20:20
73.Australia 1 Coin Only1,526Beat it or Eat: New Super Mario Bros (DS) 150 Minute Challenge3:18:11100.00%
74.Australia Seriasssam1,526Total War Warhammer 2: The Prophet and the Warlock DLC | Tehenhauin - Campaign – Part 1343:30
75.Australia Muselk1,494so my subscribers made me a deathrun...25:5398.11%
76.Australia Aussie Gamers Experience1,468Episode 263 – NintendoCentric1:24:00100.00%
77.Australia MIFF1,449Angel of Mine | Trailer2:26100.00%
78.Australia Brbteabreak1,446World of Warcraft - Mythic Opulence - Battle of Dazar'alor Frost Mage POV8:45100.00%
79.Australia BonusTank1,440MAGIC TOMES of FIRE, LIGHTNING and ICE!? - Gorn VR Mods #213:4898.85%
80.Australia Fynnpire1,429SONIC UNIT IS UNSTOPPABLE - TABS (Totally Accurate Battle Simulator)17:2997.28%
81.Australia DragooseBlaze1,421[Shadowverse] Bots & Blades - Mecha SwordCraft Deck Gameplay11:37100.00%
82.Australia Simpzy Total War1,409THE COLD WAR! Hearts of Iron 4: Man the Guns: United States Gameplay #550:3798.88%
83.Australia undercoverdudes1,399WIN Free KR in + NEW Update SOON?12:4398.42%
84.Australia FudgeMuppet1,395Minotaurs EXPLAINED! - Alessian Guardians, Children of Belharza - Elder Scrolls Lore12:5199.25%
85.Australia Raetac1,370Cat Walking Wednesday 22nd afternoon2:05100.00%
86.Australia A 90s kid1,364Sunday Morning nostalgia with FINAL FANTASY VI2:58:53100.00%
87.Australia Szamer1,358Grandma is Terrifying | Visage Chapter 220:05100.00%
88.Australia Wicked Gaming1,350IRL STREAM PUBG CREATORS DO HOLLYWOOOD2:2193.94%
89.Australia Lensmanoz1,326Rise Of Industry - Ep 12 - Buying out the competition33:27100.00%
90.Australia HappyDays1,320Terraria 1.4 JOURNEY'S END Revealed! | Terraria 1.4 Update Announced! | HappyDays7:0798.21%
91.Australia Daniel Fenner1,318THIS IS IT | Zelda: Breath of the Wild E4446:2995.24%
92.Australia Cheru1,285When Shadow Thanos Gets Hungry It's The Endgame - Minecraft Mondays Part 210:4493.86%
93.Australia Mrmario8271,267(Mario Maker Sunday's) Super Mario Maker Live Stream #971:08:37100.00%
94.Australia Vapex Karma1,247FIFA 20 LOSES A BIG STADIUM LICENSE (NEW PES 2020 NEWS)10:5396.50%
95.Australia FuzionDroid1,242Minecraft PE : DO NOT CHOOSE THE WRONG SHOVEL! (Arthur, Marshmello.EXE & Stich)18:0094.26%
96.Australia maddog1421,240Time for Recovery! | BANISHED Gameplay | The North 6.2 Mod | Town of Timbler32:32100.00%
97.Australia GIRLvsGAME1,235Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice | Mini Boss Guides - Seven Ashina Spears v2 (easy cheese)1:52100.00%
98.Australia Anaro Sunfire1,219BattleTech Career Mode / Flashpoint DLC - Going for a HighScore - Ep 2533:11100.00%
99.Australia Magicbus1,214I Hatched SO MANY LEGENDARIES in Pet Ranch Simulator 60M Update!12:26100.00%
100.Australia Terrorsidic3601,207Bob Gnarly & the Nailers vs Taka's Lions1:02:19