Top 100 Channels From Australia With The Most Views

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from Australia based on the most views on their videos. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelViewsLatest VideoLiked
1.Australia LazarBeam2,699,573,268clickbaiting my GIRLFRIEND (Q&A)9:2699.03%
2.Australia Muselk2,452,456,105so my subscribers made me a deathrun...25:5398.11%
3.Australia KjraGaming1,956,996,338THANOS VS RED HULK - ENDGAME BATTLE4:0479.11%
4.Australia SMG41,185,983,682SMG4: A Day In The Life Of Everyone10:3998.57%
5.Australia Prestige Clips927,870,834TOP 100 BEST Rainbow Six Siege Moments! #6 (R6S Funny Moments Compilation)21:2397.64%
6.Australia RackaRacka824,541,699Supermodel goes WILD (18+) WATCH BEFORE DELETED!1:2096.81%
7.Australia Ozzy Man Reviews704,208,204Ozzy Man Reviews: Bottle Cap Challenge PART THREE3:0998.57%
8.Australia How To Cook That593,274,161Blossom's Fake Video Exposed by food scientist | How To Cook That Ann Reardon23:4298.19%
9.Australia UnlistedLeaf592,398,794Search For Rainbow Rare Charizard (FINALE?!)21:2497.44%
10.Australia TigerTomato512,314,315Baldi's Basics ALL Characters Pancake Art5:1093.87%
11.Australia Fitz464,412,328CURSED MINECRAFT VR13:3099.22%
12.Australia AnimeLab420,784,277The Sea | Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 21:2198.97%
13.Australia Yode418,986,633CRAZY LIFE HACKS THAT ACTUALLY WORK3:2488.59%
14.Australia EthGoesBOOM399,285,821CANDY PLAYS: Five Nights at Candy's 2 - Playable Animatronics || PLAYING AS CANDY AND HIS FRIENDS!!!7:3598.52%
16.Australia GreenSpot328,518,700Mario Party 4 - Minigames - Luigi vs Mario vs Peach vs Yoshi19:4186.73%
17.Australia Zylbrad313,218,528i finally got 20 kills and i'm so happy in apex legends..25:0098.29%
18.Australia Sam Green302,487,994*preview* LIVE ACTION MOVIES 🎬0:1796.76%
19.Australia Mastersaint292,557,244Drake In My Feelings Challenge GOES WRONG.. (Best Keke Dance Compilation)12:3992.91%
20.Australia MassageASMR284,658,955ASMR Relaxing Back Massage13:2896.47%
21.Australia maxmoefoegames271,816,993Opening 120 Kobolds and Catacombs Hearthstone Packs!12:3395.19%
22.Australia FudgeMuppet265,635,532Minotaurs EXPLAINED! - Alessian Guardians, Children of Belharza - Elder Scrolls Lore12:5199.25%
23.Australia The Sim Supply262,885,831The Sims 4 has totally changed its look...11:0099.19%
24.Australia VaatiVidya233,414,923The Story of Sekiro ► The Village in the Mists16:5799.08%
25.Australia Sheet Music Boss225,189,254RUSH AREA 512:5699.02%
26.Australia The Winglet217,136,647Overwatch vs. TF2: Episode 2 [SFM]8:4598.20%
27.Australia ArtSpear Entertainment212,278,968ArtSpear Live Stream JUN 201925:5096.80%
28.Australia GabstaifyMV204,219,059Dragon Ball Super: Broly Music Video Tribute - "Going Under (The Enigma TNG Remix)"4:3990.70%
29.Australia FuzionDroid199,969,567Minecraft PE : DO NOT CHOOSE THE WRONG SHOVEL! (Arthur, Marshmello.EXE & Stich)18:0094.26%
30.Australia Keshen8195,147,268JOHN BRICK 21:2699.31%
31.Australia Wolfychu191,151,830Our new Puppy! | Wolfychu9:0698.91%
32.Australia Loserfruit164,802,293my fortnite live stream decided my keybinds...10:3499.19%
33.Australia Madman162,520,475Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Part 1 (Blu-Ray)1:1190.91%
34.Australia CorruptCarnage159,922,733Real Life Minecraft - MOTORBIKE CARNAGE3:2193.53%
35.Australia Blunty159,303,581"What's your Opinion on the Nintendo Switch Lite?"... THIS!7:5695.13%
36.Australia TheMasterBucks155,140,431I Gave MANCHESTER UNITED 1 BILLION DOLLARS!!! FIFA 19 Career Mode31:3894.64%
37.Australia HappyDays146,150,630Terraria 1.4 JOURNEY'S END Revealed! | Terraria 1.4 Update Announced! | HappyDays7:0798.21%
38.Australia Eystreem145,700,978MY GIRLFRIEND'S MINECRAFT WAS HACKED! (Scary Survival EP70)22:5598.08%
39.Australia Amosdoll Music143,657,801Demogorgon Theme but it's played on a Cat Piano1:1995.38%
40.Australia Shibui134,916,712Super Mario Party - All Food Minigames (2 Player)10:53100.00%
41.Australia Fynnpire127,829,888SONIC UNIT IS UNSTOPPABLE - TABS (Totally Accurate Battle Simulator)17:2997.28%
42.Australia Also Fitz119,810,837trolling swaggersouls in VR...10:2399.28%
43.Australia MrCrayfish119,034,389✔️ NEW Cabinets in Minecraft 1.14.3! (Furniture Mod Update)12:4098.02%
44.Australia MrMEOLA100,494,828The Most TERRIFYING Dinosaur I've EVER Seen! | ARK ULTRA Modded #5331:5098.30%
45.Australia VERTiiGO GAMING97,079,784My FIRST Time Playing Minecraft | Episode 118:4397.49%
46.Australia Camelworks96,043,490DOOM Eternal - IT FEELS UNOFFICIAL16:0096.11%
47.Australia Ser Winter95,027,855WE DO TO THESE RAIDERS WHAT THEY COULDN'T - THE PERFECT WIPE (Part 3/3)15:1197.46%
48.Australia Magical Gamer92,735,633NEW SPACE TRAP SCAM! 😱 (Scammer Gets Scammed) Fortnite Save The World10:0496.61%
49.Australia Zeus86,835,185Wattson is OP when you use her like this! (Diamond Rank in Apex Legends)21:2494.75%
50.Australia Ericship 11176,461,478Forza Horizon 4 - 8 *NEW* Things You Didn't Know! Glitches, Easter Eggs & Secrets.11:2897.40%
51.Australia Hobo Bros75,666,887what if memes made you feel?10:0498.45%
52.Australia GmanLives72,617,281Oni Review (Bungie's Forgotten Game)14:5098.24%
53.Australia Tilterella71,375,546The Most Annoying Champion at lvl 1 | League of Tilt10:1997.42%
54.Australia Indeimaus71,048,983man unboxes kids alien toys10:4798.73%
55.Australia Shadiversity70,254,696Underappreciated Historical Weapons: the Goedendag, spear-club20:1199.44%
56.Australia Flabaliki70,121,361Will we ever sort out this traffic? Skärgård (Part 12)32:1197.69%
57.Australia Tech YES City68,081,451ASRock X570 Taichi Review10:1297.33%
58.Australia Somewhat Awesome Games66,644,348Plants vs Zombies Codename Picnic Leaked (Garden Warfare 3)3:3594.92%
59.Australia Cheru65,932,082When Shadow Thanos Gets Hungry It's The Endgame - Minecraft Mondays Part 210:4493.86%
60.Australia JoshDub62,764,850guys help he drank the bathwater10:1599.28%
61.Australia soundslikepizza61,643,918INSANE Drill Sergeant RETURNS to GTA ONLINE!9:0299.29%
62.Australia Little Z61,111,264Smash Tournament Down Under3:2898.52%
63.Australia Skill Up59,008,240Darksiders Genesis Is Not Diablo-Esque...So what is it? (Hands On Impressions)11:1096.82%
64.Australia The Easter Egg Hunter56,580,635Censored Bits Nintendo Did Not Want You To See 2! Feat. Woots12:2795.45%
65.Australia Primary Senpai53,968,173Ryuuou No Oshigoto! - Loli Livestream0:5098.26%
66.Australia Lucky The Doge - Fortnite53,535,653fortnite memes that keep me up at night10:2492.88%
67.Australia Wicked Gaming52,429,059IRL STREAM PUBG CREATORS DO HOLLYWOOOD2:2193.94%
68.Australia LegendofTotalWar50,506,242Warhammer 2 Livestream - SFO Grimhammer - Greenskin Campaign3:41:0596.11%
69.Australia Stimpee49,248,953The only way to play Rust4:5198.65%
70.Australia Cayinator47,813,847POW! Right In The Techies - DotA 214:5494.88%
71.Australia Cosplay Chris45,790,198Child's Play (2019)- Movie Review8:3194.19%
72.Australia Beejie Bean45,275,491[MMD] Random short Doki skit animations0:2694.37%
73.Australia Esoterickk45,068,048Solo The Menagerie Completion Week 3 (Normal Mode) [Destiny 2]32:0198.20%
74.Australia Flying The Nest44,389,776Spending 48 Hours in New Orleans (everything to see & do)10:1798.25%
75.Australia Fortnite Update Clips44,077,815STREAMER *PLAYS* WITH *NEW* "FLUTTER" SKIN (BUTTERFLY GIRL)! - Fortnite Battle Royale10:1197.48%
76.Australia DomesticMango43,570,701FORZA HORIZON 4 vs REAL LIFE – FORD RANGER RAPTOR1:3498.35%
77.Australia DeSinc41,374,179More Kills Than Seconds2:5396.89%
78.Australia Wilburgur40,334,029Skyrim but Sheogorath is 100x more powerful14:2898.88%
79.Australia Rocket Jump Ninja40,076,486How To Get Good - Train for the Worst6:4298.90%
80.Australia CosmosFTW38,581,329BEST "FLUTTER WING" SKIN + BACKBLING COMBOS! (New Best Wings Backbling in Fortnite)10:3098.40%
81.Australia Crayator37,469,568watch my minecraft video please...14:3798.97%
82.Australia lara668337,465,233TRIPLE MASH: Guile's/Megalovania/Mortal Kombat3:59100.00%
83.Australia undercoverdudes36,555,651WIN Free KR in + NEW Update SOON?12:4398.42%
84.Australia MrGSTAR32134,591,863Streets Of Rage 3 - Playthrough (Sega Genesis)1:22:5295.59%
85.Australia FootyManagerTV33,490,646PES 2020 MASTER LEAGUE NEW CUTSCENES | FIFA 20 CAREER MODE NEEDS THIS!! (PES 20 GAMEPLAY)11:5594.89%
86.Australia Rimmy - Downunder Gaming33,362,204I'm going to China to win a VR E-Sports tournament + updates3:3299.50%
87.Australia YANZO33,081,930Neon Cafe/Restaurant ✧*:・ The Sims 430:3298.62%
88.Australia H.O.D32,442,971HE SAID HE WANTED WAR - Ark: Survival Evolved (Official Small Tribes Valguero Pvp) -Ep.336:3098.15%
89.Australia Daniel Fenner32,148,099THIS IS IT | Zelda: Breath of the Wild E4446:2995.24%
90.Australia BYZE32,081,335I caught them kissing in VR... 😳 (Pavlov TTT)11:2199.49%
91.Australia Jordan Persegati31,722,064HOW TO DRAW: Billie Eilish ~ Anime Girl Style (Copic Markers)11:4899.26%
92.Australia Deerstalker Pictures31,382,728Persona 5: Kamoshida Reveals All [BTS]11:5197.33%
93.Australia iVoltGaming30,164,687So I Played Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 1 In 2019..13:5998.59%
94.Australia Myelin Games29,574,410The evil history of Lumina Destiny 2 lore | Myelin Games13:3099.61%
95.Australia MoreMuselk28,965,653Double doink15:1098.59%
96.Australia KingSwish28,776,150Every NBA Team's Most ICONIC MOMENT Since 2000!12:3895.09%
97.Australia Vapex Karma27,595,568FIFA 20 CAREER MODE RUMOURS4:5296.62%
98.Australia Dataless82227,057,422Minecraft Down Under | S3 | Episode 25 | Upside Down Slime Farm?36:41100.00%
100.Australia MrSp3ctre26,029,546Call of Duty Advanced Warfare - All Death Scenes / Brutal Kills & Moments22:56100.00%