Top 100 Channels From Australia With The Most Views

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from Australia based on the most views on their videos. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelViewsLatest Video
1.Australia LazarBeam7,053,313,512TIKTOKS you need to watch9:04
2.Australia Lachlan4,654,410,495THE *NEW* GRAPPLER BOW IS BROKEN!9:53
3.Australia KjraGaming4,105,370,531ALL SUPERHEROES vs DARKSEID ARMY - Iron Man, Hulk, Spider-Man, Superman VS Darkseid10:37
4.Australia Muselk3,382,188,545Epic... what have you done!?9:43
5.Australia SMG42,091,529,420SMG4: Mario Babies11:28
6.Australia Planet Dolan1,883,132,859SCARIEST THINGS WE'VE BEEN THROUGH | Reddit Stories7:06
7.Australia Fresh1,751,781,657THE BIG SUCC!9:37
8.Australia Ozzy Man Reviews1,633,148,436Ozzy Man Reviews: Dashcams #24:14
9.Australia ellieV toys1,515,523,523Why Lego Friends matters : A fun rant13:03
10.Australia animelab1,142,245,833Blue Reflection Ray | Trust Your Feelings2:05
11.Australia Prestige Clips1,123,521,174*NEW* GTA 5 FUNNY MOMENTS & WINS #107 ( GTA 5 FAILS )11:19
12.Australia JoshDub1,100,734,944welcome to hell16:47
13.Australia EmKay1,099,356,980r/Oddlyterrifying | i'm scared15:01
14.Australia RackaRacka1,049,743,977Pokemon RAMPAGE4:09
15.Australia How To Cook That778,665,444Debunking viral TIK TOK videos | How To Cook That Ann Reardon20:34
16.Australia GreenSpot773,212,544Mario Party The Top 100 - All Tricky Minigames20:31
17.Australia Sheet Music Boss765,332,064Tostarena Ruins (from Super Mario Odyssey) - Piano Tutorial3:39
18.Australia Zylbrad731,807,278so i carried them all the way to diamond... in apex legends..23:45
19.Australia UnlistedLeaf727,897,570*BEST BATTLE STYLES OPENING* WEARING A HEART MONITOR!!!!!29:35
20.Australia TigerTomato722,537,420Bluey Pancake Art1:10
21.Australia Fitz651,667,636this video is actually funny lol20:46
22.Australia Norris Nuts Gaming632,327,769FAILED SURPRISE FOR NAZ Among Us Gaming w/ The Norris Nuts11:28
23.Australia XtremeGamez581,483,591How To Make A Giant 7-Foot Pizza Slice12:32
24.Australia Mully532,519,453forcing the boys to hunt ghosts at 3am19:20
25.Australia FuzionDroid513,017,4135 Building Hacks You Didn't Know in Minecraft!13:09
26.Australia Slapped Ham505,240,261Scary Videos You Have to See to Believe15:23
27.Australia Phoenix SC503,871,680Minecraft, your new item looks like p...1:52
28.Australia EthGoesBOOM500,975,910GOLDEN FREDDY PLAYS: The Henry Stickmin Collection (Part 6) || THE ULTIMATE STICKMAN SQUAD UNITES!!!17:26
29.Australia Eystreem471,725,629How to Build an Easy FISH TANK in Minecraft! #Shorts0:26
30.Australia CKN Gaming466,172,942Extreme Dropper Roblox CKN Gaming6:55
31.Australia PIMPNITE439,318,732FULL POKEMON RECOIL MOVES TEAM! - Epic Bonus VS Stream Sniper !27:34
32.Australia James Turner389,444,596I turned a treehouse into a luxury apartment! (The Tenants)23:10
33.Australia Loserfruit374,155,443MY BOYFRIEND CONTROLS MY LIFE FOR A DAY!19:24
34.Australia FudgeMuppet374,000,304The GREATEST NORD is Ysmir Wulfharth? | The Elder Scrolls Podcast #4155:39
35.Australia ArtSpear Entertainment366,588,660Godzilla vs Kong Trailer Spoof - TOON SANDWICH4:16
36.Australia Sam Green365,384,702EPIC MINEQUEST 7 | "The NETHER" [Official Trailer] #shorts1:00
37.Australia Wolfychu362,444,359Trypophobia Meme1:13
38.Australia Australian Open TV360,936,472Naomi Osaka vs Jennifer Brady Full Match | Australian Open 2021 Final1:20:35
39.Australia The Winglet356,022,988The Red, the Blu, and the Ugly [SFM]28:21
40.Australia Fynnpire355,248,561My HANDS ARE SCREAMING AT ME! - Floor Plan 2 VR15:41
41.Australia Amosdoll Music352,628,050Charli XCX - Unlock It (Piano Tutorial Lesson)4:37
42.Australia MassageASMR351,157,789Live Chat with Dmitri1:44:35
43.Australia VaatiVidya339,562,85810 Mysterious Secrets in Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Demon's Souls15:14
44.Australia VJ4rawr2336,427,312Spiderman - No Way Home (2022 Teaser Concept Trailer) - Tobey Maguire, Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield2:02
45.Australia Jeremy326,009,654Among Us is SUS8:09
46.Australia Internet Historian321,765,468The Cost of Concordia46:49
47.Australia WadZee309,509,897I Transformed the OVERWORLD into the NETHER in Minecraft Hardcore (#40)21:06
48.Australia x2Twins297,527,673GRAPPLE vs SHOCKWAVE (Best Bow)9:02
49.Australia KingSwish297,170,442NBA "Dropped Him" MOMENTS9:51
50.Australia maxmoefoegames287,271,464crabs crabs crabs crabs crabs crabs crabs crabs crabs crabs crabs crabs crabs crabs crabs crabs30:55
51.Australia Little Z268,877,289YOU CAN'T BEAT THIS CHARACTER17:28
52.Australia DarkViperAU Clips261,905,253One Of The Most Broken Areas In GTA 5 (Facts and Glitches)0:41
53.Australia Fairbairn Films259,548,941When someone tries a moustache1:56
54.Australia ABC News In-depth256,632,252Climate Change Part 3: Is carbon neutrality an economic reality? | 7.3012:21
55.Australia GabstaifyMV251,852,734Spider-Man Miles Morales Music Video - "This Is My Time"2:41
56.Australia Peppa Pig Parodies248,313,431If Peppa Pig Had An Anime Opening1:43
57.Australia HappyDays245,587,969100 Days in Hardcore Terraria | HappyDays38:20
58.Australia HeyImBee243,332,089why I stopped uploading vrchat fullbody..8:40
59.Australia FilmComicsExplained240,815,503Mortal Kombat (2021) Scorpion VS Sub-Zero - Opening Scene7:42
60.Australia Madman Anime233,696,491Detective Conan | In Cinemas May 13th1:38
61.Australia Keshen8228,520,197Bend Over1:01
62.Australia MrMEOLA226,947,359The SEARCH for a New MYTHICAL/KAIJU Tame! | ARK Survival Evolved PUGNACIA #4734:20
63.Australia Tash Sultana221,903,242Flow0:21
64.Australia Isaac Butterfield221,667,380Debunking 12 Outrageous Myths About Australia9:57
65.Australia Also Fitz212,702,850guys can this video get 300,000 dislikes?15:31
66.Australia Shibui205,477,458Mario Party 9 MiniGames - Mario Vs Luigi Vs Peach Vs Daisy (Master Cpu)12:09
67.Australia TheMasterBucks197,654,679THE EUROPEAN SUPER LEAGUE NOW IN FIFA 21!!!19:10
68.Australia mau182,170,206Minecraft Chunk Miner Enchantment (overpowered)17:55
69.Australia DarkViperAU170,942,894Lethal Hide and Seek - Cops and Crook 2 (Feat. Sonny Evans)12:19
70.Australia Magical Gamer170,933,128Salty Rich Scammer Has NEW RECYCLER GUN! 🥰😱 (Scammer Gets Scammed) Fortnite Save The World12:23
71.Australia MrCrayfish170,704,774✔️ I Coded a "Dirt Bike" into Minecraft!11:42
72.Australia Shadiversity169,959,252Could an ADVENTURER fight with a BACKPACK? and still carry their weapons?29:02
73.Australia Hobo Bros167,309,620Goodbye for now12:04
74.Australia Blunty166,772,804Gameboy & Gameboy Advance - BUT IT'S A CONSOLE... with HDMI!8:01
75.Australia LegendofTotalWar165,051,888How to be a master Vampire Count Livestream Part 57:21:56
76.Australia CorruptCarnage162,863,651Trend is your Friend? Day Trading Rookie - Episode 1 (Oanda practice trading account)14:15
77.Australia Modest Pelican161,852,537This Game is a Masterpiece11:25
78.Australia Zeus153,498,181The BEST Mode to EVER come to Apex Legends16:46
79.Australia GmanLives145,353,178Together BNB Review - This Is A Real Game15:26
80.Australia Stimpee145,005,421Imagine risking your life to pass an exam7:13
81.Australia Sir Reddit144,540,564What the weirdest thing you did while you were high?18:53
82.Australia Tannar144,297,433HILARIOUS LIVE STREAM FAILS!!9:14
83.Australia Jordan Sweeto144,214,778Hero Too (My Hero Academia) Male Cover by Jordan Sweeto4:39
84.Australia Camelworks139,078,060After 10 Years A Hidden Quest Has Been Found In Skyrim's Code - THE FOOL4:20:21
85.Australia Cheru137,699,314Elusive Target Go BRRRRRRRRR - Hitman 312:29
86.Australia Primary Senpai135,830,792Ryuuou No Oshigoto! - Loli Livestream0:50
87.Australia Keisyo131,917,492The ULTIMATE GUIDE To The Egg Hunt 2021! How To Get All The NEW Accessories in Roblox Royale High!14:16
88.Australia VERTiiGO GAMING124,277,357Even a NOOB Can Accomplish GREATNESS37:16
89.Australia VMAni DOMINO123,207,408Scary Teacher 3D - Tani and Miss T meet a Pervert (Part 1)| Tease Girls And The End11:12
90.Australia Misfits Podcast Clips122,278,261Misfits React to Cock Cages3:11
91.Australia Ser Winter122,054,829HUNTED By DIRE WOLVES - 7 Days To Die #319:21
92.Australia TheLoLHounds121,490,50280% Win Rate TEEMO GANGPLANK DREADWAY deck (New Masters META deck guide)19:51
93.Australia DeSinc118,756,405Using Glitches and Tricks to Beat Real Life3:08
94.Australia Rimmy - Downunder Gaming116,166,556Being Roman is Hard | Total War: Rome Remastered16:29
95.Australia Bombastic114,300,498You WON’T SURVIVE this Lego Star Wars NIGHTMARE7:13
96.Australia Vicinity360113,358,554360° CRASH BANDICOOT in VR! It’s About Time8:01
97.Australia Indeimaus111,232,347So I Played The Dishonored DLC26:43
98.Australia squizzy110,518,527prince phillip died0:10
99.Australia Tech YES City110,328,466Why you should BUY an i5-11400F SOONER than Later... ("Tech Shortage Explained")15:36
100.Australia Esoterickk108,867,986Solo Grandmaster Nightfall The Insight Terminus [Destiny 2]49:34