Top 100 Channels From Canada With The Most Videos

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from Canada based on the most published videos on their channel. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelVideosLatest Video
1.Canada CBC News16,995Esme and Vincent Clarke, married for 48 years, were 'like two teenagers in love'1:50
2.Canada DanQ800013,930SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle For Bikini Bottom (Rehydrated) - Gameplay Walkthrough (100%) - Part 44:21:25
3.Canada LY203 Productions12,538VGA Jigsaw (Alive Software) Full Playthrough/Jeu Complet à Travers56:42
4.Canada ★WishingTikal★12,468Crash Twinsanity Walkthrough Part 4 ๑ 100% ๑ (PS2, XBOX)19:43
5.Canada Newfie Bangaa11,932Let's Play Pokemon Black #33 - Oh Well...spring44:32
6.Canada Were197410,299Rogue Hearts Dungeon (PLAYSTATION 2) Part 1 Random Dungeons30:38
7.Canada vanstreetbattle10,213Bashfest 2020 Smash 64 Round Robin BIGW33D420 VS Roshi12:35
9.Canada ksehd (Imperial Garden Sports)9,929ksehd (Imperial Garden Sports) Live Stream45:39
11.Canada Blitzwinger9,288Fortnite! Season 3! Custom Games Solos! Duos! Squads! | Blitzwinger3:11:38
12.Canada Coouge9,123718 - Soulcalibur VI - Coouge (Gamy, the Unmatched Beauty) vs Fenrir_Wolfos (Dark Vex)3:48
13.Canada Mark Liotta8,950Let's Play Pokemon Sword: Episode 6814:34
14.Canada YourGibs Gaming8,912Dreadful Tales 2: The Fire Within CE [18] Let's Play Walkthrough - BONUS - Part 1815:48
15.Canada YouAlwaysWin8,496OUTPOST: BLUE (Call of Duty Zombies Map)41:38
16.Canada Edmonton Oilers8,360Phase 2 | Nugent-Hopkins1:00
17.Canada The Review Spot8,272Hasbro Ghostbusters Plasma Series Peter Venkman Figure | Video Review19:26
18.Canada Guillaume Brien8,211BattleTanx: Global Assault Longplay1:54:55
19.Canada Strikernofear8,192Trials of Mana June 25 20203:47:17
21.Canada MickVideoGames7,967COMPILATION #8 │ TOM CLANCY'S GHOST RECON: WILDLANDS1:24:49
22.Canada BumpyMcSquigums7,872Let's Play Battle Brothers - Warriors Of The North - Part 50 - HOLD!35:57
23.Canada DeoxysPrime7,371Casinopolis - Sonic Pinball Party [OST]1:07
24.Canada BaseTradeTV Archives7,306The Last Video3:45
25.Canada Scyushi7,122ENCHANTING FAEFIN (Dolphin Mount)! 🗝️ Trove Chaos Chest Loot & Crafting Recipe2:18
26.Canada ChristopherOdd6,659I Hate Demons - The Last of Us 2 - Part 3630:22
27.Canada Matthew the Music Fan 20206,631Super Mario 64 Bomb-omb Battlefield (Star Fox 64 soundfont)1:16
28.Canada The Hockey Guy6,624But Which NHL Teams does the League Itself Hate?19:20
29.Canada Devonttaie McCarthy6,593ANGEL'S CAR WENT OUTTA CONTROL!4:23
30.Canada MWG Studios6,494NEW War of the Spider - Psychic Awakening Death Guard First Impressions1:23:38
31.Canada Albino Rhino6,267Everie Lemon Lime : Albino Rhino Beverage Review5:11
32.Canada Dominodude556,120Keywii Plays Minecraft Dungeons (24) W/RagingSkaar27:42
33.Canada Clayton Howe6,061Star Wars Battlefront 2 Heroes Vs Villains 1026 Leia MVP6:44
34.Canada Justin Lynch6,059WWE 2K20 - Jean Grey VS Scarlet Witch + Television Championship Match6:00
35.Canada VintageBeef5,988HERMITCRAFT 7 - First Stack Of Ancient Debris And Election Results! - EP3839:23
36.Canada Electric Playground Network - EPN5,873The Isle of Armor (Pokémon Shield DLC) Review! - Electric Playground8:25
37.Canada Mike Tessier5,841THE LONG REACH - PARTIE 1 - DÉCOUVERTE - QC_-MIKE-_THC33:59
38.Canada CBC5,800Canada Day Together: Musical Acts and Performances from Across the Country2:00:20
39.Canada BurningDogFace5,770Let's Check Out: Heat Signature (1 of 4)22:31
40.Canada The Hidden Object Guru5,746Girls Und Panzer! The HOGuru Stream June 27!2:12:21
41.Canada TWEEDSUCKS5,697Command & Conquer Remastered Collection GDI 13 Yugoslavia1:22:29
42.Canada Mah-Dry-Bread - Gameplay & Streams!5,607Catching Up! ▶ Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Gameplay 🔴 Part 21.5 - Let's Play Walkthrough22:48
43.Canada JoBlo Movie Trailers5,587SOUL Sneak Peek Trailer | NEW (2020) Pixar Animated Movie HD3:40
44.Canada TheMaster90005,477Trials Rising Halo Universe (Easy) Diamond Run - 1:19.3332:00
45.Canada OptimusGamer19815,437Yakuza Kiwami 115YakuzaKiwamiCH13I 2017 11 09 06 38 322:20:42
46.Canada Vujo Gaming5,397Sweetrobin Arryn #4 The Bloody Gate - CK2 Game of Thrones20:18
47.Canada Game Boomers5,330The Last Of Us Part II #647:22
48.Canada TGN5,283NEW Cyberpunk 2077 Trailer Breakdown8:57
49.Canada Linus Tech Tips5,029Linus builds Linus’ new PC!17:39
50.Canada 2007killa4,968FIFA 20- Ultimate Team: Season Progress (Season 7 Level 13) Reward #12791:58
51.Canada Kate LovelyMomo4,782IT'S NOT EVEN IN ENGLISH [Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics]35:01
52.Canada Dzaran4,753Ashes Of Outland: Trial By Felfire Chapter 238:39
53.Canada DJAK47 Tha Hustler4,747Mr. Mackleroy vs. Glam Rock Johnny Gargano | WWE 2K20 SouthPaw Regional Wrestling: What Goes Around3:36
54.Canada SLAPTrain4,723NEW FREE PC Drifting Game Worth Your Time?? INERTIAL DRIFT Sunset Prologue!! New Physics Take!!10:49
55.Canada TannerOfTheNorth4,719Let's Read Fate / Hollow Ataraxia [Blind] - Part 1857:59
56.Canada Canucks4,666Train Like A Canuck | Stickhandling With Progression2:06
57.Canada Learn Windows 10 and Computers4,565Windows 10 May 2020 update gets New File Recovery tool in the Microsoft Store June 27th 20203:04
58.Canada ShinoSeven Let's Play4,554Let's Play Fell Seal: Missions & Monsters (Veteran) | Episode 13 | ShinoSeven20:37
59.Canada GameEdged4,534Beyond Blue Gameplay | First Look43:16
60.Canada theWIMAstation4,479Jake O - Red Hot Chili Peppers "Under the Bridge" Guitar Cover2:05
61.Canada Birdyroxas4,465Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story Magia Record Chapter 10 The Last Magia End of Arc 131:21
62.Canada MaskedMetaKnight44,459Golden Week - Semi-Blind Run Part 4 | Let's Play Persona 4 Golden [Stream 390]3:03:41
63.Canada Krendar's Adventures4,458Die Young #9 - Finally the Pisces55:13
64.Canada DFuxa Plays4,435DFuxa Showcases - Space Colony HD - Ep 16 - Neizel Missions28:59
65.Canada TheCampingRusher - Fortnite4,433*NEW* Birthday Update, Dragon Shotgun Gameplay, Old Map & Loot LTM!12:50
66.Canada Total Timewaster4,425[47] The First Harvest | RimWorld 1.1 Royalty Empires Of The Rim42:15
67.Canada Mike Martins4,302⛔300$ / month property tax HIKE 🔴11:31
68.Canada Bajan Canadian4,291Dream joined my Minecraft TnT Cannon Competition and this happened...10:10
69.Canada Stone Legion - Let's Play4,276RuneScape 2020 - Part 17 - Missing, Presumed Death Quest Part 2 of 259:14
70.Canada Kripparrian4,248PURE GOLD MENAGERIE! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds25:23
71.Canada BlueAnkylo4,204100 Xenonauts X Division Streamed1:23:14
72.Canada MrSpecies74,174Farming Simulator 19 No Mans Land map pt.29 Log Trailer32:10
73.Canada Polo4,173JOEL UTILISE UN AIMBOT ! | The Last Of Us Part 2 (Partie 16)33:05
74.Canada santa96324,168Lets RePlay Sacred 2 Gold Part 654:27
75.Canada Anthnwam4,160Fall Of The Chinese Empire || Ep.1 - Kaiserreich Qing Empire HOI4 Lets Play22:09
76.Canada FrAvatar4,158Ark: SE - Ep120 - Ice Cave, Artifact of the Strong (pt2). - Gameplay [PC] [2020]1:29:35
77.Canada TheSaraGames4,148Let's Re Replay XCom 2 WotC S26 - Lacking Focus41:04
78.Canada 2BCProductions2BC4,061SPIN O RAMA MASTER - NHL 20 - Be A Pro ep. 5434:45
79.Canada kintips4,055Kintips Duke Nukem 3D World Tour Nintendo Switch Online Dropping Issues!7:54
80.Canada Shadow of Neo4,033Mindustry - Belt Drive54:40
81.Canada SonKnuckLP4,004Let's Play Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Part 9 - Others24:37
82.Canada GameDropswithPops Gaming3,969Game Cleared!! What Masterpiece The Last of Us Part II Seatle Day 3 , Santa Barbara Completed4:49:49
83.Canada CthuLoops3,933Fabrosi's Big Day - Part 59 - Pathfinder: Kingmaker32:44
84.Canada Media Graveyard3,922Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (2007) - Trailer (HD)2:27
85.Canada hodge podge3,893Summer in Mara - Let's Play Ep 10 - EDEGAN'S MUSCLE23:34
86.Canada cHiLLs - Daily Early Access Games!3,885SeaBlock Rustic Waters Ep 8 New storage stuff! Minecraft 112 Gameplay Walkthrough37:06
87.Canada dragon_blade3,874South park Fractured butt whole ( pc ) ( odd glitch ) *read description*0:59
88.Canada RockaPeteDX3,874Frogger He's Back Music - Tropical Trouble Extended10:01
89.Canada PRO Hockey3,863Ottawa Senators vs Los Angeles Kings | Mar.11, 2020 | NHL 19/20 | Game Highlights | Обзор матча9:00
90.Canada UnoriginallyChrisLPs3,824Battle for Bikini Bottom: Rehydrated || Part 7 || Fried Fish23:16
91.Canada Indurok3,804MY FRIEND IS SCREWED | My Beautiful Paper Smile (Demo) #3 [END]9:51
92.Canada MacGhriogair3,775How To Use The ANT And How To Build A Base In PlanetSide 2 - How To Guides And Tutorials8:32
93.Canada TDBarrett3,774I used the worst playbook in madden, and tried to beat the best player!23:07
94.Canada WESG3,769(EN) WESG 2019-2020 | North EU qualifier | GamerLegion vs Heroic | map 2 | By @LingonCSGO59:25
95.Canada Chiak Adventures3,767Deus Ex: Human Revolution S2 - Steatlhy When Not Needed3:44:00
96.Canada Nimious Plays3,750BIG July Update! ⚔️ IS Kills Stat Vids! Hero Check + Auto-Dispatch! | FEH News 【Fire Emblem Heroes】16:28
97.Canada GRINN3,729Archwing In Free Roam Baby!!!! | WarFrame | [Plains of Eidolon Bounties]22:44
98.Canada PlayingBoardGames3,711Cipher's Death | D&D 5E Curse of Strahd | Episode 5430:40
99.Canada KaboomGoesMaximus3,698Bug Fables [1] Forming the Team39:09
100.Canada JaR Dev3,696Cursed Blighttown - Dark Souls Enemy & Item Randomizer #914:12