Top 100 Channels From Canada With The Most Videos

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from Canada based on the most published videos on their channel. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelVideosLatest VideoLiked
1.Canada DanQ800013,291Days Gone - Let's Play - Part 23 - "Ice Wind Lava Cave" DanQ800044:50100.00%
2.Canada CBC News13,188Canada hires company to bring garbage back from Philippines | Power & Politics7:3369.32%
3.Canada LY203 Productions12,298Mayhem 1500 (MAYhem 2015) - Level/Niveau 2613:0283.33%
4.Canada Guillaume Brien11,915Bendy And The Ink Machine Chapter 125:38
5.Canada ★WishingTikal★11,544Team Sonic Racing Gameplay Walkthrough Part 3 (PS4, XB1, Switch) Full Chapter 31:02:49100.00%
6.Canada Newfie Bangaa11,102Let's Stream Superstar Mario World #6 - Feeling the Heat21:1891.67%
8.Canada YourGibs Gaming8,942Elder Scrolls Online [36] Xeonetea Series - Templar Stamina Imperial - Part 3630:3787.50%
9.Canada Were19748,816Tera (PC) A Part 1 Lonesome Archer36:59100.00%
10.Canada Blitzwinger8,306Ben 10 | Rath LEGO Ben 10 Customs!20:0598.77%
11.Canada ksehd (Imperial Garden Sports)8,057ksehd (Imperial Garden Sports) Live Stream16:36
12.Canada Mark Liotta7,934Vs. Excitebike For The NES8:00
13.Canada The Review Spot7,668Disney The Sorcerer's Apprentice | Beast Kingdom D-Stage DS-018 PX Previews Exclusive Statue Review10:33100.00%
14.Canada YouAlwaysWin7,659CANDYLAND ZOMBIES - RANDOM GUN CHALLENGE (Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies)26:4597.59%
15.Canada AdiGames7,579Rage 2 GeForce RTX 2080Ti i9 9900k Gameplay Part 1 : THIS GAME IS SO GOOD!46:54100.00%
16.Canada Strikernofear7,559RAGE 2 May 20 2019 part 21:32:22
17.Canada Coouge7,4153058 - Tekken 7 - Coouge (Julia Chang) vs JackUnclean (Negan)3:00100.00%
19.Canada BaseTradeTV7,307The Last Video3:4598.80%
20.Canada Latest News Explorer6,938Terminator: Dark Fate Teaser Trailer | Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mackenzie Davis, Linda Hamilton2:29
21.Canada BumpyMcSquigums6,913Let's Play Druidstone The Secret Of The Menhir Forest - Part 1 - Cocoon People!36:01100.00%
22.Canada DeoxysPrime6,712Luckycast! Episode 36 - Winter 2019 Anime Season2:27:2075.00%
24.Canada Albino Rhino6,135Storm Stayed Washroom Review0:25100.00%
25.Canada miniwargaming6,022Fyreslayers vs Flesh Eater Courts Age of Sigmar Battle Report - Beat Matt Batrep S05E481:01:2997.38%
26.Canada Devonttaie McCarthy5,765LittleBigPlanet 3 Link vs. Donkey Kong, Luigi Assist Trophy in Hyrule Castle15:10
27.Canada ChristopherOdd5,707Sneaky Hugo De Rune - Part 16 - A Plague Tale: Innocence25:1598.15%
28.Canada VintageBeef5,668SKYBLOCK - EP10 - Moo-ving Forward (Minecraft Video)21:2899.10%
29.Canada OptimusGamer19815,438Yakuza Kiwami 115YakuzaKiwamiCH13I 2017 11 09 06 38 322:20:4275.00%
30.Canada Electric Playground Network - EPN5,227Electric Playground Live! - E3 Predictions and VR with Johnny Millenium - May 22, 20191:20:0698.53%
31.Canada BurningDogFace5,189Let's Play No One Lives Forever 008 - Espionage 10222:44100.00%
32.Canada JoBlo Movie Trailers5,184WESTWORLD Season 3 Trailer NEW (2020) Aaron Paul HBO Series1:5197.67%
33.Canada Clayton Howe5,125Star Wars Battlefront 2 Heroes Vs Villains 73412:5297.73%
34.Canada TGN5,096NEW Overwatch Anniversary Skins | A Stupid Review8:5397.17%
35.Canada TheMaster90005,034Trials Rising Black Belt Pass With Helium (Modifiers)2:38100.00%
36.Canada Mah-Dry-Bread - Gameplay & Streams!4,931Kenshi Gameplay ▶ Part 15 🔴 Let's Play Walkthrough34:58100.00%
37.Canada Vujo Gaming4,908Greyjoy Rebellion - Crusader Kings II Game of Thrones #12 - Harras Harlaw's Fetish25:09100.00%
38.Canada TWEEDSUCKS4,893Darksiders Part 49 Portal Problems15:09
39.Canada Justin Lynch4,878WWE 2K19 - Anna Marie VS Zatanna + Universal Championship Match11:55
40.Canada Dominodude554,766Keywii Plays Factorio (59) The Two Towns21:32
41.Canada The Hockey Guy4,746Top 10 Best Designed Third Jeserys In My Collection16:1199.29%
42.Canada Kate LovelyMomo4,667Bad North [Episode 10] War Hammer SMASH30:55100.00%
43.Canada Game Boomers4,612MINECRAFT 10TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION -- Minecraft Minigames With Friends!! -- Game Boomers1:11:37100.00%
44.Canada Linus Tech Tips4,587The Supercar of Gaming PCs - Aventum X Review8:1095.97%
45.Canada Canucks4,544Troy Stecher is Gifted Amazing Dog Painting by Fan3:2499.50%
46.Canada wbangca4,335The Evil Iron Man Ambush #2 | Ep. 13 | Marvel Ultimate Alliance 218:0090.00%
47.Canada SLAPTrain4,319How To Setup Next Level Racing GT Track Rig! - Featuring Miss FIN!13:0699.20%
48.Canada TheCampingRusher - Fortnite4,210*NEW* Fortnite Update! | TFUE Lawsuit Vs Faze, Banks, Nadeshot!13:2397.71%
49.Canada TannerOfTheNorth4,152Let's Play Spark the Electric Jester 2 - Part 231:47100.00%
50.Canada The Hidden Object Guru4,104War Thunder! The HOGuru Stream May 19!1:54:33100.00%
51.Canada DJAK47 Tha Hustler3,982Monster Hunter: World™ (PS4) | Gameplay Walkthrough Part 120:53
52.Canada Dzaran3,930StarTropics Part 4 - Shipwrecked!24:48100.00%
53.Canada 2BCProductions2BC3,885PLAYOFFS ROUND TWO - NHL 19 - Be A Pro ep. 361:12:2197.43%
54.Canada dragon_blade3,873Testing Nintendo switch online5:10
55.Canada Krendar's Adventures3,846Darksiders 3 P5 - Burning Questions33:42
56.Canada Toxic Timewaster (Ryan123220)3,831Everspace Glass Cannon Part 242:21100.00%
57.Canada BlueAnkylo3,82123. Let's Play Shining Force CD - Book 1 -46:18100.00%
58.Canada TheSaraGames3,819Time To Stream0:49
59.Canada Mike Martins3,810WATCH THIS BEFORE SELLING ON EBAY !7:04
60.Canada Kane Hart - Let's Plays3,786FTB: Interactions - Part 12 - LV Age Tons of New Machines & GT EU37:33100.00%
61.Canada Mike Tessier3,783DAYS GONE - PARTIE 87 - LA FIN - QC_-MIKE-_THC1:03:18100.00%
62.Canada CBGames3,752LE MOMENT LE PLUS TERRIFIANT DU JEU ! | Days Gone #721:3697.71%
63.Canada Shadow of Neo3,668Space Engineers - Foundation For Universal Cosmic Knowledge Union2:08:31
64.Canada SonKnuckLP3,650Let's Play Ty The Tasmanian Tiger - Part 7 - Boss Time!8:57
65.Canada DFuxa Plays3,603DFuxa Plays SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising - Episode 11 - Assassin Win Part 140:55
66.Canada RockaPeteDX3,585Super Mario Advance 2 [Part 4] Morton Koopa Battle!14:36100.00%
67.Canada Kripparrian3,584KRIPP #1 WORST DICE ROLLER - Dalaran Heist - Rise of Shadows Hearthstone8:5197.95%
68.Canada UnoriginallyChrisLPs3,564Minecraft SMP on the UnoriginalCraft Server!1:21:41100.00%
69.Canada Birdyroxas3,560Fate/Grand Order Cosmos in the Lostbelt OST End4:01100.00%
70.Canada cHiLLs - Daily Early Access Games!3,550Forager Ep 4 Big Upgrades!!! PC Gameplay walkthrough Sandbox28:13100.00%
71.Canada santa96323,539Lets RePlay Super Mario RPG Part 756:38
72.Canada Papa Jake3,527REAL LIFE AVENGERS PLANE BOX FORT! Iron Man, Black Panther & MORE!15:0997.51%
73.Canada GameEdged3,513Retribution | A Plague Tale Gameplay | EP334:51100.00%
74.Canada MaskedMetaKnight43,492Team Sonic Racing (Switch) | Team Adventure - Chapter 1: The Mysterious Invite [02]28:4983.33%
75.Canada Media Graveyard3,460(MOBILE) Marvel: Future Fight - Thor: Ragnarok Trailer0:32
76.Canada RLYoshi3,458A Hat in Time [28] Nyakuza Metro36:18100.00%
77.Canada Chiak Adventures3,450Syberia 3 S1 - Awake50:19100.00%
78.Canada kintips3,404Review Marooners Xbox games with gold free5:26
79.Canada MajorSlackVideos3,373Borderlands Claptrap's New Robot Revolution DLC Part 8: Steele Trap Boss Fight!25:48100.00%
80.Canada WESG3,362WESG 2018 2019 Season GrandFinals Aftermovie2:53100.00%
81.Canada VGS - Video Game Sophistry3,330A Plague Tale: Innocence - Chapter 5 The Ravens' Spoils // 100% Walkthrough36:39100.00%
82.Canada MacGhriogair3,310Super Long Range Heavy Turbolaser - Let's Play Cosmoteer Modded Gameplay Live Stream Ep 726:20100.00%
83.Canada TDBarrett3,302Fight With Former Teammate Before Game! MLB The Show 19 Road To The Show #6237:0897.95%
84.Canada JaR Dev3,261I Hate This Boss - Dark Souls 2: FISTED #1220:45100.00%
85.Canada mikelat3,260Motivational Update12:15100.00%
86.Canada AznKei13,235GTA San Andreas DYOM: [Martin Strada] Modern Frontlines (part4) (720p))16:09100.00%
87.Canada Canadiens de Montréal3,211Habs create New Yorker cartoon captions2:4498.82%
88.Canada GRINN3,210Australia, Beautiful But Horrifying!!!!! | TRY NOT TO GRINN15:09
89.Canada SpeirsTheAmazingHD3,209I Was Not Expecting That - Teeth Brushing Simulator8:2395.48%
90.Canada Nimious Plays3,200GORGEOUS Groom and Bride Heroes! (¬‿¬ ) Bridal Belonging Viewing! | FEH Art 【Fire Emblem Heroes】54:2393.20%
91.Canada GameDropswithPops Gaming3,039Hot!!! Test Fun Run of Cemu 1.15.7b Nintendo Wii U Emulator Multi Game Super Sunday Showcase1:43:05100.00%
92.Canada mechamind903,034Let's Play SMBX: Super RMN Bros. [Part 13] (Final)9:55100.00%
93.Canada Ramza411sb3,013The Wall of Flesh! - Terraria - Part 83:15:4883.33%
94.Canada loadingreadyrun3,002Dice Friends - After the Flood Ep22:46:4095.83%
95.Canada TheNorthernAlex2,968Vlogging Time - Goodbye Youtube Gaming Livestreams6:2195.18%
96.Canada BanAnERpH0N32,940Halo Legendary COOP Part 10 Ending & Halo 2 Attempt Twitch Stream2:11:26
97.Canada Jorf2,929Skies of Arcadia Day 2 with Mith5:45:04100.00%
98.Canada Code Channel2,898SteamWorld Quest (FP) Ep.6 -- Back to School!!2:11:15
99.Canada Novaura Autism2,853Let's Play Xenoblade Chronicles (Blind) - Episode 3: Three's Company33:48100.00%
100.Canada Average Gamer2,843Towns: Pt4 (More people...less work?)18:49100.00%