Top 100 Channels From Canada With The Most Videos

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from Canada based on the most published videos on their channel. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelVideosLatest Video
1.Canada CBC News17,422B.C. scales back COVID-19 symptom checklist for students2:22
2.Canada DanQ800014,011WWE 2K Battlegrounds - Campaign - Gameplay Walkthrough - Part 2 - "Boot Camp, Scotland"3:04:01
3.Canada ★WishingTikal★12,629Nexomon: Extinction Walkthrough Part 9 (PS4, Switch, XB1)1:17:01
4.Canada LY203 Productions12,561Planet Cloudius IX - Level/Niveau 123:53
5.Canada Newfie Bangaa12,043I'm Streaming Tecmo Secret of the Stars! Link in Description0:13
6.Canada Were197410,480Streets Of Rage 2 (SEGA GENESIS) Cammy_Re-Upped49:14
7.Canada AdiGames10,302Ketamine Yoda Mod by Claymaver2000 | STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 210:59
8.Canada ksehd (Imperial Garden Sports)10,254ksehd (Imperial Garden Sports) Live Stream22:09
9.Canada vanstreetbattle10,213Bashfest 2020 Smash 64 Round Robin BIGW33D420 VS Roshi12:35
10.Canada Blitzwinger9,428Marvel's Avengers - Marvel Hero Adventures - Episode 5 - Iron Man!42:25
11.Canada VS Videos9,361LOS ANGELES Gameplay in BID WARS STARS11:08
12.Canada Coouge9,313We ordered KFC from Skip0:59
13.Canada Mark Liotta9,050Daytime Wheel Of Fortune Season 4 Episode 121:36
14.Canada YourGibs Gaming8,987Edge of Reality 7: Call of the Hills CE [03] Let's Play Walkthrough - Part 316:13
15.Canada YouAlwaysWin8,610BUNKER 10: REVISITED (Call of Duty Zombies Map)36:02
16.Canada Edmonton Oilers8,501AWARDS | Franz Reindl 1-on-110:30
17.Canada The Review Spot8,350Kotobukiya Dark Knights Metal ArtFx Batman Who Laughs Statue | Video Review15:43
18.Canada Guillaume Brien8,330Payday 21:01:12
19.Canada Strikernofear8,272Monster Hunter World Iceborne September 17 2020 part 41:37:48
21.Canada MickVideoGames8,115Knack FR│#6│De l'autre côté du lac6:52
22.Canada BumpyMcSquigums7,954Let's Play Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars - Part 1 - Teach Me The Ropes!30:31
23.Canada DryBones2717,730Super Mario 64 Ep 926:14
24.Canada Matthew the Music Fan 20207,463Here's this little song I made up5:40
25.Canada DeoxysPrime7,372Cloggy Dance - Sonic Shuffle [OST]2:03
26.Canada BaseTradeTV Archives7,306The Last Video3:45
27.Canada Scyushi7,219BOWSER TIME IN MARIO GALAXY | Super Mario 3D All-Stars (Nintendo Switch) - Part 31:13:12
28.Canada The Hockey Guy6,912NOTD: Tanev Likely Leaving Canucks, Bubble Life, Boughner Staying as Sharks Coach17:28
29.Canada ChristopherOdd6,791Final Behemoth! - STAR RENEGADES - Part 1151:28
30.Canada Devonttaie McCarthy6,684THPS1+2 Hanger Goals Speed Run Splitscreen1:36
31.Canada MWG Studios6,534Iron Warriors vs Militarum Tempestus Warhammer 40k Battle Report Ep 411:59:51
32.Canada Albino Rhino6,319Smirnoff Sangria Rouge : Albino Rhino Cooler Review5:08
33.Canada Dominodude556,287Keywii Plays Billion Road (10) Season 2 W/The Friend Zone13:27
34.Canada Clayton Howe6,182Splatoon 2 Turf War 744:06
35.Canada Justin Lynch6,169SnowRunner - Apache VS The Zimnegorsk Mud Trail14:07
36.Canada Mike Tessier6,136THE LAST OF US PART II - PARTIE 35 - MODE SURVIVANT - 0 AIDE A LA VISÉE -43:28
37.Canada VintageBeef6,010Minecraft Pixelmon - Antique Or Phony?! - EP11 (Pokemon Mod)21:39
38.Canada The Hidden Object Guru5,918Ultra Despair Girls is Digital Madness!57:31
39.Canada Electric Playground Network - EPN5,911SUPER MARIO 3D ALL-STARS!! (Pt. 2) - LET'S PLAY & CHAT! - Electric Playground2:39:12
40.Canada BurningDogFace5,848Let's Play DOOM 073 - Until it's Done26:00
41.Canada CBC5,819The garage worth $130,000, 19891:58
42.Canada TWEEDSUCKS5,783Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Casual Dust 2 T 2020 09 145:23
43.Canada JoBlo Movie Trailers5,776BLOODY HELL Trailer (2020) Horror Movie2:50
44.Canada Mah-Dry-Bread - Gameplay & Streams!5,684Cool New Pokemon! ▶ Pokemon X A Journey 🔴 Part 13 - Let's Play Walkthrough28:29
45.Canada TheMaster90005,521My Breakdown Of My SSX World Record History Stats. On Merqury City !!4:37
46.Canada OptimusGamer19815,437Yakuza Kiwami 115YakuzaKiwamiCH13I 2017 11 09 06 38 322:20:42
47.Canada Game Boomers5,418Hollow Knight Steel Soul #2545:09
48.Canada TGN5,285What Your Overwatch Tank Main Says About You12:31
49.Canada 2007killa5,127FIFA 20- VOLTA FOOTBALL: Story #726:04
50.Canada Linus Tech Tips5,083Android 11 is here and I like it.10:28
51.Canada ShinoSeven Let's Play4,914Trivia Let's Play Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Blind) | Episode 27 | ShinoSeven39:23
52.Canada Vujo Gaming4,913Fascist Canada #10 Burning Washington - Hearts of Iron IV24:49
53.Canada Dzaran4,867Bioshock 2 Part 16 - Daniel Wales31:28
54.Canada DJAK47 Tha Hustler4,839WWE 2K Battlegrounds | Superstars | Unlocking R.Truth & Carmella4:57
55.Canada TannerOfTheNorth4,803Let's Play Fate / Grand Order - Part 90 [Battle in New York 2018 / Interludes]2:06:13
56.Canada SLAPTrain4,793GTA 5 FiveM - UnderCover Tandems In Widebody BMW Z4! (Velocity Underground)15:22
57.Canada Kate LovelyMomo4,784Spelunky 2 Co-op with Northernlion [Episode 2]28:24
58.Canada wbangca4,776Scarlet Spider & Dr. Strange, All Chars Update | Marvel: Future Fight14:48
59.Canada theWIMAstation4,723Justine D - Aladdin "Speechless" Violin COVER1:36
60.Canada Canucks4,718Quinn Hughes - Rookie Season Milestones2:20
61.Canada GameEdged4,676I Won't Back Down | Subsistence Gameplay | EP4524:35
62.Canada Learn Windows 10 and Computers4,665Looking forward after Windows 10 October 2020 update into 2021 Future Sept 21st 20207:51
63.Canada Birdyroxas4,642Fate/Grand Order Shadow Battlefront IV: Deadly Footsteps Erice Solo7:14
64.Canada MaskedMetaKnight44,567I Never Fear the Fall! | Fall Guys [Stream 419]58:10
65.Canada Krendar's Adventures4,514Entrusting Herself | Quantum Break | Part 853:53
66.Canada DFuxa Plays4,503DFuxa Plays Dark Reign: Rise of the Shadow Hand - Freedom Guard Xenite Mission 4a45:46
67.Canada Total Timewaster4,488[30] Securing The New Mines | Factorio 1.052:33
68.Canada TheCampingRusher - Fortnite4,464BIG 14.20 Update, FREE REWARDS, Llama Rama Trailer, Galactus VS Thanos11:16
69.Canada Mike Martins4,397🛑$2,290,000 – FOR THIS HOUSE !!! 100 BIDS !🛑9:08
70.Canada Anthnwam4,377The German Encirclement || Ep.12 - Kaiserreich Netherlands HOI4 Lets Play23:25
71.Canada Kripparrian4,336FINALLY A GOOD LORD BAROV RUN! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds23:24
72.Canada Bajan Canadian4,322I WILL PROBABLY REGRET THIS2:22
73.Canada Stone Legion - Let's Play4,289Dual Universe - Part 11 - Going into Space & Visiting Madis37:45
74.Canada Polo4,278MARIO PEUT DEVENIR UNE ABEILLE !? | Super Mario Galaxy #323:51
75.Canada MrSpecies74,270Medieval Dynasty early access gameplay pt.2 Farm Plots55:20
76.Canada BlueAnkylo4,265160. Xenonauts X-Division Streamed - Sebillian Carrier1:21:39
77.Canada santa96324,217Lets Play Coffee Talk Part 1043:58
78.Canada TheSaraGames4,172Let's Replay Elder Scrolls Arena 41 - Faster Then I Thought18:36
79.Canada kintips4,165Kintips Sega Genesis Classics Collection Nintendo Switch eShop SALE2:03
80.Canada FrAvatar4,164Stellaris Federations: Commonwealth of Man ep01: The Hyacinth.1:01:46
81.Canada hodge podge4,098Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town - Let's Play Ep 1520:43
82.Canada 2BCProductions2BC4,074PLAYOFFS YEAR 4 - NHL 20 - GM MODE COMMENTARY - SEATTLE ep. 1525:09
83.Canada Shadow of Neo4,061No Man's Sky - Cleanup Crew3:23:06
84.Canada GameDropswithPops Gaming4,052Game Cleared!! Titanfall 2 Campaign Run n Gun Game Done . Really Liked this Game1:21:27
85.Canada Media Graveyard4,051It's Punky Brewster (1985-1986) - Intro1:18
86.Canada CthuLoops4,046The Tiger King - Part 19 - Crusader Kings III32:32
87.Canada SonKnuckLP4,029Let's Play Alex Kidd The Lost Stars - Part 1 - First Half17:34
88.Canada Nicholas Derk4,022Fallout 76 Part 477 Wastelanders Ally One Small Step, Strange Bedfellows Start 60fps First Time12:02
89.Canada Indurok3,973ICKY PURPLE STUFF | DOOM Eternal #915:27
90.Canada Cody_King19943,921Friday the 13th: The Game11:49
91.Canada RockaPeteDX3,917Super Mario Galaxy 2 [Part 29] Whomp King Reunion!16:11
92.Canada cHiLLs - Daily Early Access Games!3,917Desperados 3 Ep. 7 "Town Cleared!" PC gameplay walkthrough tips tricks RTT22:22
93.Canada dragon_blade3,896Star ocean first departure r : Part 36 : Castle treasury : ( Nintendo switch )14:07
94.Canada UnoriginallyChrisLPs3,878Psychopath Kills for Fun || Part 2 || Among Us2:35:27
95.Canada PlayingBoardGames3,873Close to the Chest | D&D 5E Curse of Strahd | Episode 9141:28
96.Canada Blk Pig3,846Gran Turismo Sport® PS4 Pro, What I see! NSX (Gr.B) Fallout8:45
97.Canada TDBarrett3,828The final push to become a real pro player, I must finish in the Top 100! Road To MCS 420:49
98.Canada BanAnERpH0N33,812Megadimension Neptunia VIIR Part 837:02
99.Canada Chiak Adventures3,811Deus Ex: Human Revolution S10 - Tracking Isaias Sandoval2:03:15
100.Canada GRINN3,800FINALLY MADE IT TO FORTUNA!!! | WarFrame | Fortuna GAMEPLAY40:30