Top 100 Channels From Canada With The Most Videos

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from Canada based on the most published videos on their channel. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelVideosLatest Video
1.Canada CBC News18,797More schools taking virtual field trips4:44
2.Canada DanQ800014,328AK-47 AR | Season 1 | Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War3:05:23
3.Canada ★WishingTikal★13,185Sackboy A Big Adventure Walkthrough Part 9 • Co-Op • (PS4, PS5)1:00:07
4.Canada LY203 Productions12,687Hocus Pocus (3D) Doom (HocusDOOM) - E3M410:00
5.Canada Newfie Bangaa12,409Let's Play Super Mario 3D World #10 - Souped Up Stages28:36
6.Canada AdiGames11,408Kylo Ren Assaults The Resistance Cruiser | STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 211:47
7.Canada ksehd (Imperial Garden Sports)11,305BREAK #2367 : 10 BOX CASE BREAK 20-21 ARTIFACTS HOCKEY NHL25:17
8.Canada Were197411,115WWE2K19 (PC) Princess vs Alicia Fox Last Man Standing4:05
9.Canada TetraNinja10,477Demon's Souls Remake Stream #22:47:35
10.Canada vanstreetbattle10,212Bashfest 2020 Smash 64 Round Robin BIGW33D420 VS Roshi12:35
11.Canada Coouge10,036Spirit Trail Tunnel3:07
12.Canada Blitzwinger9,832LEGO Marvel Collection: We Are in The END GAME Now!2:05:25
13.Canada VS Videos9,745Wild Rift: Vayne vs Darius - Taste of Good Team18:31
14.Canada Mark Liotta9,4662021 Birthday Special For Matt Bingel Part 1221:32
15.Canada YourGibs Gaming9,271Dark City 5: Budapest CE [07] Let's Play Walkthrough - Part 716:05
16.Canada YouAlwaysWin9,021What the Heck happened to this Zombies Map? (Call of Duty Zombies)12:07
17.Canada Guillaume Brien8,977Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - En Ligne Commenté1:11:28
18.Canada Edmonton Oilers8,804PRACTICE | at Vancouver 02.24.211:00
19.Canada Strikernofear8,671World of Warships Legends February 22 20211:35:50
20.Canada The Review Spot8,636MEGO IT Pennywise 8" Action Figure | Video Review16:29
21.Canada MALICEDOLL798,510CYBERPUNK 2077 PART 1458:00
22.Canada BumpyMcSquigums8,344Let's Play Valheim - (Early Access) - Part 1 - Lost In The Woods!33:48
23.Canada MickVideoGames8,319Door Kickers: Action Squad │ Générique de fin │ PS4 PRO1:00
24.Canada DryBones2718,062Yooka Laylee Ep 2026:14
25.Canada Matthew the Music Fan 20217,988(Warning: Loud) 1995 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment in Wind Blower Squared0:22
28.Canada DeoxysPrime7,434Sonic Board Podcast: Episode 42 - Games of the Year 2020 (Part II)2:10:21
29.Canada BaseTradeTV Archives7,306The Last Video3:45
30.Canada ChristopherOdd7,151TIME FOR BIG BRAIN - Return of the Obra Dinn Part 1039:18
31.Canada The Hockey Guy6,969Sharks Don't Practice, Won't Play Friday, NBCSN Has Record Ratings on Weekend5:19
32.Canada Devonttaie McCarthy6,961Smash Remix 9.5 Jigglypuff isn't easy15:21
33.Canada MWG Studios6,709We're Giving Away 2 Painted Warhammer 40k Boxed Sets!4:52
34.Canada Keywii Plays6,682Hiatus Announcement4:42
35.Canada Albino Rhino6,624Fanta Apple : Albino Rhino Non Alcoholic Review2:48
36.Canada The Hidden Object Guru6,552Neptunia Virtual Stars is a Music-Intensive ARPG!39:56
37.Canada Justin Lynch6,481Snow Runner - Raw Game Play 140 - DLC 31:55:12
38.Canada Mike Tessier6,477BAYONETTA - PARTIE 7 - SOUVENIR -56:25
39.Canada Clayton Howe6,419Detroit Become Human Part 5 Partners24:20
40.Canada BurningDogFace6,097Let's Play Darksiders III 004 - Haven22:40
41.Canada VintageBeef6,076PIXELMON DIAMOND - Choosing My Team Captain! - EP0422:24
42.Canada Electric Playground Network - EPN6,062Crazy Big PlayStation News & A Huge Giveaway - The Rundown - Electric Playground14:13
43.Canada JoBlo Movie Trailers6,028BEST UPCOMING SCI-FI MOVIES of 2021 (All Trailers) HD25:23
44.Canada TWEEDSUCKS5,940Batman: Arkham City Walkthrough Part 24 Quincy Sharp15:21
45.Canada Mah-Dry-Bread - Gameplay & Streams!5,927Getting Stronger! ▶ Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team Gameplay 🔴 Part 8 - Let's Play26:21
46.Canada CBC5,813How do I work with a distributor? | One Stop Business31:44
47.Canada 2007killa5,802FIFA 21- Ultimate Team: The Poznan SBC Reward #5092:16
48.Canada Comic Book University5,674Amazing Spider-Man #60 Review | COMIC BOOK UNIVERSITY10:09
49.Canada ShinoSeven Let's Play5,664Let's Play Control | Episode 22 | ShinoSeven35:59
50.Canada TheMaster90005,650Trials Rising House Of Waters (Ninja lvl. 2) Custom Track Run1:24
51.Canada Game Boomers5,634Zack And Wiki #61:07:18
52.Canada OptimusGamer19815,437Yakuza Kiwami 115YakuzaKiwamiCH13I 2017 11 09 06 38 322:20:42
53.Canada TAG TV5,414MP's Endorses Nadirah Nazeer for Oakville2:58
54.Canada TGN5,29510 NEW Heroes to Anticipate for Overwatch 2 (as a Rap)2:59
55.Canada Birdyroxas5,260Tales Of The Rays Nazar Overray Mirrage Arte Joukou Majinken0:08
56.Canada Vujo Gaming5,238CK3 Flemish Realm #6 Young Lord - Crusader Kings 3 Let's Play20:20
57.Canada Dzaran5,233Cold Fear Part 8 - Time To Run34:08
58.Canada MaskedMetaKnight45,224Elite Smash | Super Smash Bros. Ultimate [Stream 482]50:38
59.Canada theWIMAstation5,197DNCE "Cake by the Ocean" Mini Bass Lesson1:03
60.Canada DJAK47 Tha Hustler5,142NBA 2K21 | NBA 2K21 MyTeam | Double Take Pack - Scored a 94 Hakeem Olajuwon Rare Card!0:58
61.Canada GameEdged5,121Touch Of Glass | The Infected Gameplay | S2 EP7530:39
62.Canada TannerOfTheNorth5,092Let's Play Fate / Extra ~Perfect Patch~ [Blind] - Part 61:17:34
63.Canada Learn Windows 10 and Computers5,022Windows 10 will push new features through Windows experience packs in future builds3:07
64.Canada Anthnwam5,014The Invasion Of Bolivia || Ep.6 - Kaiserreich Argentina Lets Play23:27
65.Canada SLAPTrain4,979Forza Horizon 4 - Auction House Roulette Ep2 - 6 NEW Mystery BUILDS Off The BOAT!!18:00
66.Canada wbangca4,837All New Characters 30th Anniversary DEADPOOL | Marvel: Future Fight14:54
67.Canada Kate LovelyMomo4,799Endless Death Run [Episode 5]14:43
68.Canada hodge podge4,788Stardew Valley - Let's Play Ep 823 - PIRATE PARTY33:58
69.Canada Canucks4,743Canucks Reverse Retro Jersey Symbolizes Rebirth1:01
70.Canada All Nintendo Music4,726The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time : Bonus - Fire Temple (v1.0)1:48
71.Canada Kripparrian4,702IS TICKATUS OP NOW?! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds19:02
72.Canada DFuxa Plays4,699DFuxa Plays - Star Trek Armada - Omega Mission 4 Part 147:01
73.Canada Krendar's Adventures4,698Sinking the Compass | AC Valhalla | Part 331:07:45
74.Canada xXGamerDudeXx134,681Destiny 2 Remastered Strike Mission: Fallen S.A.B.E.R.13:21
75.Canada Total Timewaster4,674[9] Hitting The Core Jackpot! | Valheim Single Player44:23
76.Canada MrSpecies74,637Black Mesa: Definitive Edition Gameplay pt.3 Gordon gathers a crowd !1:02:55
77.Canada kintips4,615Kintips Boxing Cross Code ININ IMPORT English Nintendo Switch1:04
78.Canada Stone Legion - Let's Play4,601Factorio - Space Exploration - Part 10 - Train Outposts for Coal, Copper & Iron48:50
80.Canada TheCampingRusher - Fortnite4,567Season 6 "DARK MATTER": Battle Pass, Dark Devourer, Floating Island!10:59
81.Canada santa96324,480Lets RePlay West of Loathing Part 15 or The End1:15:50
82.Canada BlueAnkylo4,45620. Let's Play Champions of Krynn59:47
83.Canada Media Graveyard4,433Sony Entertainment Network - The Ultimate Digital Entertainment Portal Promo0:42
84.Canada gamedropswithpops gaming4,426Game Cleared!!! AnShi What a Superb indie game Gameplay and Walkthrough Pt 21:18:30
85.Canada Indurok4,420RESCUING CORTANA | Halo 3 #1034:34
86.Canada CthuLoops4,407V for Vebris - Part 63 - Cyberpunk 207737:39
87.Canada Cody_King19944,373Grand Theft Auto V0:30
88.Canada PlayingBoardGames4,313Lonzel is Looking For Trouble | D&D 5E Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden | Episode 4130:25
89.Canada Blk Pig4,255Red Dead Redemption 2 Online PS4 Pro, Pig Tales pt.18 - Ahh, Harriet.. Yes!20:20
90.Canada TheSaraGames4,237Update, Sick16:44
91.Canada Mike Martins4,226Common wealth For common Folks - #uneducatedeconomist #Bondmarket #mikemartins2:02:21
92.Canada FrAvatar4,214No Man's Sky 2021: ep08 [Permadeath] [Gameplay]53:54
93.Canada Shadow of Neo4,181No Man's Sky - Euclid Highway2:46:31
94.Canada 2BCProductions2BC4,135new gm mode edits with the fans (laid back video)2:02:13
95.Canada GRINN4,088NEW WEB EVENT + KFC COLLAB!!! | Genshin Impact | [NEWS RUNDOWN]18:06
96.Canada BanAnERpH0N34,085Change Of Plans Alan Wake Xbox 1 Part 3 Twitch Stream2:43:15
97.Canada SonKnuckLP4,049Let's Play Spark The Electric Jester - FINALE(?) - Happy New Year45:38
98.Canada RockaPeteDX4,044Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time [Part 35] A Rare Blue Cucco!14:55
99.Canada Nicholas Derk4,022Fallout 76 Part 477 Wastelanders Ally One Small Step, Strange Bedfellows Start 60fps First Time12:02
100.Canada dragon_blade4,005Paper mario : The origami king : Part 7 : Overlook mountain : ( Nintendo switch )14:47