Top 100 Channels From Canada With The Most Videos

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from Canada based on the most published videos on their channel. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelVideosLatest Video
1.Canada AutoMotoTube23,852Lincoln Nautilus 2020 - Walkaround Exterior Interior Tour4:17
2.Canada SSBMontreal16,529SL Ultimate #66 - Polar (Diddy Kong) vs HandballNat (ROB) - Grand Finals37:20
3.Canada DanQ800014,587Kena: Bridge Of Spirits - Gameplay Walkthrough - Part 3 - "Toshi" (Ending)3:22:38
4.Canada ★WishingTikal★13,750Kena: Bridge of Spirits Walkthrough Part 3 (PS5) 100%1:27:57
5.Canada Newfie Bangaa12,826I'm Streaming Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Randomizer! Link in Description0:16
6.Canada LY203 Productions12,765Pokémon GO: Azelf Raid - 3 people/joueurs8:43
7.Canada AdiGames12,057The Empire Defends The Death Star | STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 29:15
8.Canada Were197411,952Grandia Extreme (PLAYSTATION 2) Part 77 AFTERWARDS VORTEX CORRIDOR 15 To 2057:16
9.Canada Radio-Canada Info11,078Le gingembre québécois, rosé, juteux et savoureux - L'épicerie6:08
10.Canada Coouge10,892Moth Infestation0:26
11.Canada TetraNinja10,569Life Is Strange True Colors Gameplay Walkthrough Part 4 - LARP1:01:25
12.Canada Guillaume Brien10,219Roblox Flat Terrain - The Apparition3:41
13.Canada Blitzwinger10,188THIS LEGO GAME NEEDS A SEQUEL!3:06:31
14.Canada Mark Liotta9,921Sonic Colors Ultimate For The Nintendo Switch: Episode 1716:56
15.Canada vanstreetbattle9,869Bashfest 2020 Smash 64 Round Robin BIGW33D420 VS Roshi12:35
16.Canada VS Videos9,745Wild Rift: Vayne vs Darius - Taste of Good Team18:31
17.Canada DryBones2719,466The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword Ep 3526:14
18.Canada YouAlwaysWin9,449FELSENNEST - HITLER'S HEADQUARTERS (Call of Duty Zombies)20:45
19.Canada YourGibs Gaming9,344Mystery Trackers 19 - Forgotten Voices #HOPA3:09:25
20.Canada The Review Spot9,017NECA Toys King Kong Concrete Jungle Version Figure Review23:18
21.Canada BumpyMcSquigums8,702Let's Play Ys VIII Lacrimosa Of DANA - Part 105 - She's Evil But Not Evil?!35:37
22.Canada MALICEDOLL798,701NI NO KUNI 2 PART 343:46
23.Canada MickVideoGames8,597Uncharted 3: L'illusion de Drake │ Générique de fin │ PS4 PRO12:47
24.Canada Matthew the Music and Hot Wheels Fan 20218,391My Hot Wheels cars in a 10-pack I got from Shoppers Drug Mart in Meadowvale all by myself7:20
25.Canada Scyushi7,908WHAT IF FORTNITE + ROBLOX DID A COLLAB? | Crayta Gameplay (Free to Play)20:37
26.Canada OddshotBot7,891m0e isn't nervous about ESEA Lan0:40
27.Canada The Canadian Press7,869Vaccine certificate system launches in Ontario1:52
29.Canada Devonttaie McCarthy7,547SMASH REMIX - Smash Clash Warz5:26
31.Canada The Hidden Object Guru7,372Golf Club Wasteland is a Meditation on the Climate Apocalypse25:54
32.Canada DeoxysPrime7,330Cloggy Dance - Sonic Shuffle [OST]2:03
33.Canada BaseTradeTV Archives7,306The Last Video3:45
34.Canada Keywii Plays7,234Keywii Plays KeyWe (8) W/Ebony Sable22:26
35.Canada Mike Tessier7,210TALES OF ARISE - PARTIE 20 - MODE DIFFICILE - FARM -6:47
36.Canada Albino Rhino7,073Bud Light Mango : Albino Rhino Beer Review3:18
37.Canada MWG Studios6,895Can You Be TOO Warhammer Immersive? | Dirty Harry - Warhammer 40k Expendables Season 2 - Game 31:15:16
38.Canada Justin Lynch6,843DRAGON BALL FighterZ - Just A Good Battle4:14
39.Canada Clayton Howe6,637Star Wars Battlefront 2 Heroes Vs Villains 11429:09
40.Canada BurningDogFace6,474Let's Play Tesla vs. Lovecraft 014 - The Going Gets Tough22:11
41.Canada JoBlo Movie Trailers6,461QUEENPINS Clip - "Your Trophy" (2021) Kristen Bell4:11
42.Canada 2007killa6,455FIFA 22- Ultimate Team: Let's Keep Going SBC Rewards #16 (PS5)6:28
43.Canada Kévin Lucario6,401Transmettez le message aux joueurs suivants dans la vidéo - Mon jeu a gelé au mauvais moment.9:03
44.Canada Electric Playground Network - EPN6,277DEATHLOOP (PS5) - Reviews on the Run - Electric Playground11:58
45.Canada ShinoSeven Let's Play6,200Let's Play Kena: Bridge of Spirits [Expert] | Episode 6 | ShinoSeven36:11
46.Canada VintageBeef6,158Mindcrack UHC 31 - EP08 - The Finale!15:42
47.Canada Mah-Dry-Bread - Gameplay & Streams!6,006MDB's Birthday Stream 2021🎂🎉🎁2:08:34
48.Canada CBC5,942How to Search for Content on the Gem App for Apple TV3:30
49.Canada TWEEDSUCKS5,940Batman: Arkham City Walkthrough Part 24 Quincy Sharp15:21
50.Canada Game Boomers5,915Subnautica #181:18:36
51.Canada TheMaster90005,813Ghost of Tsushima | Let's Play Livestream [8] - Hero Tales9:13:08
52.Canada Comic Book University5,812Death of Doctor Strange #1 Review | COMIC BOOK UNIVERSITY11:13
53.Canada DeaconFrostDota5,795Raven [Phantom Assassin] Insane Farm As Per Usual 892 GPM ► Dota 2 7.28a12:57
54.Canada MaskedMetaKnight45,735My Hero One's Justice 2 (PC) Story Mode - The Big Three [07]14:41
55.Canada Tsubasa Yozora Ch.5,733Magia Record Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story Kushu Irina Doppel Hepialidae0:44
56.Canada Anthnwam5,695The Third Pillar Of Europe || Ep.10 - Kaiserreich Yugoslav Bulgaria HOI4 Lets Play24:20
57.Canada TheEuropeanCanadian5,688Big BR Decompression - Naval - Planned BR Changes - September 2021 - War Thunder11:51
58.Canada Cine-Techno5,686[Critique Combo 4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray] – In the Heights (D'où l'on vient)5:57
59.Canada Dzaran5,645Darkwood Part 34 - Twists And Turns38:26
60.Canada GameEdged5,611Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland Survival | Sheltered 2 Gameplay | First look38:38
61.Canada Windows, computers and Technology5,530Windows 11 Release Candidate has been chosen for October 5th 2021 launch 220001944:03
62.Canada hodge podge5,497Kitaria Fables - Let's Play Ep 1830:09
63.Canada DJAK47 Tha Hustler5,453Florida Panthers @ Vancouver Canucks | NHL 2021 Season | NHL 21 Shootout Game - Full Game3:51
64.Canada OptimusGamer19815,437Yakuza Kiwami 115YakuzaKiwamiCH13I 2017 11 09 06 38 322:20:42
65.Canada TannerOfTheNorth5,432The Road to KOF15 - The King of Fighters EX2: Howling Blood Arcade Mode Playthrough46:05
66.Canada theWIMAstation5,382Lauren El Awadi - Chaplin "All Falls Down" Vocal COVER1:39
67.Canada TGN5,29310 NEW Heroes to Anticipate for Overwatch 2 (as a Rap)2:59
68.Canada Vujo Gaming5,248Imperator Rome - Armenian Empire #1025:54
69.Canada SLAPTrain5,219Forza Horizon 5 - Window Stickers / DRIFT Tires / Bodykits / Livery Editor !!11:37
70.Canada Kripparrian5,125ELEMENTALS? PLAYABLE! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds25:38
71.Canada CHUCKBALLER5,114WAR OF RIGHTS - Game 7/8 - Ryzen 9 / Evga 3090 On ultra22:03
72.Canada Dota 2 Top MMR Ranked Full Gameplay5,070Dota 2 Storm Spirit 6892 MMR 26/8/16 (Kills/Deaths/Assists) Ranked Full Gameplay1:02:07
73.Canada xXGamerDudeXx135,039Destiny 2 - End Of Wayfinder's Voyage V Quest - New Savathun Dialogue2:47
74.Canada kintips4,938Kintips Boxing Tales of Arise Sony Playstation 4 PS4 Bandai Namco1:21
75.Canada MrSpecies74,926Farming Simulator 19 Minibrunn Farm pt.78 A fine weed crop indeed!!34:39
76.Canada Media Graveyard4,923(PC) Half Life: Black Mesa - Teaser Trailer1:01
77.Canada DFuxa Plays4,918DFuxa Plays Birth of the Empires - Khaoron Empire - Ep 10 - Abrupt Invasion Fail48:30
78.Canada Kate LovelyMomo4,917Kena: Bridge of Spirits - Magic-Based Action Adventure [September 21, 2021]2:49:18
79.Canada Indurok4,916TRYING TO SAVE MY FRIENDS | Mr. Hopp's Playhouse 2 #249:25
80.Canada Krendar's Adventures4,909First Person Golfer (FPG) | What the Golf? | Part 41:00:17
81.Canada Stone Legion - Let's Play4,904RuneScape | Part 18 | Priest in Peril Quest & Slayer Master Mazchna42:20
82.Canada wbangca4,900Shang-Chi Update All Characters | Marvel: Future Fight8:11
83.Canada gamedropswithpops gaming4,848Let's Play a Super Awesome #indiegame Kena: Bridge of Spirits Pt 152:58
84.Canada santa96324,841Lets Play World of Warcraft (WoW-Mania) Part 42 or Brewfest35:50
85.Canada Total Timewaster4,808Reassembly & Testing The Auto-Saw | The Buildy Bench34:01
86.Canada Blk Pig4,772Project Cars3 PS4 Pro, Corvette Stingray '20 "The Grill Tour"5:16
87.Canada Canucks4,749Coach Green Gives Welcome Speech at Training Camp2:05
88.Canada All Nintendo Music4,726The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time : Bonus - Fire Temple (v1.0)1:48
89.Canada Cody_King19944,714Grand Theft Auto V0:18
90.Canada Polo4,699CE JEU RESSEMBLE TROP À UN FILM DE PIXAR !1:00:47
91.Canada PlayingBoardGames4,697Our 3 Favourite Investigator and Event Pairs | ARKHAM HORROR: THE CARD GAME16:24
92.Canada TheCampingRusher - Fortnite4,693The Naruto Update has a BIG Map Change, Fortnite Mobile BANNED!10:42
93.Canada Sherwood Park Toyota4,6822017 Mazda CX-9 AWD Review4:21
94.Canada Johnzza4,665Johnzza's and Hunter2rd's mincraft world 4 (we go to the Nether or something IDK)2:09:25
95.Canada awsomoo80004,612Shadow of the Colossus (Remake) Playthrough Part 16 - The Last Colossus1:09:27
97.Canada CthuLoops4,548Jungle Vikings - Post Mortem - Crusader Kings III: Northern Lords1:14:44
98.Canada BlueAnkylo4,5249. Let's Play Star Tropics - Chapter 733:54
99.Canada Zeromaster & Power Plays4,519[VTUBER] Samurai Movies & Toku Heroes | #ZeroStreams 9-21-2021 | No More Heroes (Wii)2:29:40
100.Canada FrAvatar4,430Warframe ep199 - Zephyr & Equinox Prime, Lich Hunting. - [Gameplay][PC]1:12:44