Top 100 Channels From Canada With The Longest Duration

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from Canada based on the highest total video duration on their channel. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelDurationLatest VideoLiked
1.Canada Guillaume Brien219:19:11:38Friday The 13th The Game4:08:41100.00%
2.Canada DanQ8000216:15:12:50NBA 2K19 - My Career - Let's Play - Part 63 - "Nearing All-Star Voting Completion" | DanQ80001:06:0096.34%
3.Canada 5tat186:22:38:581 HP and a DREAM \\ BLACKOUT TOP PLAYS7:00100.00%
4.Canada Strikernofear180:18:05:03Monster Hunter World January 11 20191:31:39
5.Canada Typical Gamer176:01:11:18Fortnite Pro Scrims Live!! // Pro Fortnite Player // 1800 Wins (Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay)4:28:1597.70%
6.Canada ★WishingTikal★172:17:18:49Tales of Vesperia Walkthrough Part 6 (PS4, XB1, Switch) No commentary | English ♫♪1:04:55100.00%
7.Canada cabooble170:16:31:16PSA: I'm Not Dead1:00100.00%
8.Canada ARavingLoon166:12:56:08Stellaris - Cra'ab - 25:00:51100.00%
9.Canada Ronin Jeremy146:22:02:22Divinity Original Sin 2 DE 4 Glass Canon run Part 4 l Act 2 Gareth's farmstead.2:53:33100.00%
10.Canada Newfie Bangaa141:22:58:37Let's Play Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia #12 - Sacrifice27:05100.00%
11.Canada BumpyMcSquigums141:19:25:24Let's Play The Crew 2 - Part 11 - Hi Melvin!35:21
12.Canada 420 GAMING137:02:04:00420 GAMING - First time play through of The Fidelio Incident...Short stream today - #bonghits4Follo2:04:59100.00%
13.Canada Were1974134:09:26:46Urban Reign (PLAYSTATION 2) Gansta And Comrades5:45100.00%
14.Canada BanAnERpH0N3129:04:36:07Getting Down And Dirty Dragon Age Origins Xbox 1 Part 8 Twitch Stream3:49:55
15.Canada Azralynn128:14:23:04PS4 TONIGHT!! 🔪 Dead by Daylight 🔪6:46:3196.38%
16.Canada RjC84 Gaming127:19:50:39I Just Came To Say Hi :)4:09:3485.00%
17.Canada BaseTradeTV127:16:23:32Gumiho vs Reynor - TvZ - Youtube Exclusive (Recorded Jan 11, 2019)18:2594.37%
18.Canada STUPCAT YT127:05:21:37GTA V DIVERSITY MIX SUNDAY SPECIAL COME AND JOIN US [ PS4 1080P HD 60 FPS ]7:30:04100.00%
19.Canada Upshall123:18:38:36What Happens When You Don't Miss In Fortnite (Fortnite Battle Royale)11:0798.28%
20.Canada ChristopherOdd120:20:49:03Death is The True Essence of Bliss-Resident Evil 1 HD Remaster Gameplay Part 2 Let's Play[TwitchVod]56:3997.83%
21.Canada Galadriex114:13:34:11RUST: Rust Grind!!! // PVP Multiplayer Survival Game // Live Interactive Gameplay2:36:0893.62%
22.Canada Mike Tessier113:05:36:36ENTER THE GUNGEON LE ROBOT - PARTIE 29 - SAISON 2 - QC_-MIKE-_THC53:4680.00%
23.Canada gameface107:15:02:33YOUTUBE HAS NEVER HEARD OF THIS | Vane2:32:08100.00%
24.Canada JaydeXMicky106:17:57:50Let's Play The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild Part 645:34
25.Canada YourGibs Gaming106:12:23:57GIANT ALICE VERSUS QUEEN OF HEARTS - Alice: Madness Returns [37] Let's Play Walkthrough - Part 3731:35100.00%
26.Canada Shadow of Neo105:19:52:04The Long Dark - Wintermute59:31
27.Canada Lingyan203105:03:42:11Hexen 2 (PC) Walkthrough/procédure pas à pas - Part/Partie 388:18100.00%
28.Canada Meghan Yeah105:00:20:59Super YouTube Notification Odyssey3:40:5296.07%
29.Canada YouAlwaysWin104:08:08:10RETURN TO DAS HERRENHAUS (Call of Duty Custom Zombies Map)1:16:5098.62%
30.Canada Mah-Dry-Bread - Gameplay & Streams!100:23:06:277 Great Tips to Improve at Northgard - Tips & Tricks Strategy Guide4:1995.00%
31.Canada Silver Dragon Gaming100:05:09:59Starsector Shenanigans Part 53:26:41100.00%
32.Canada miniwargaming99:18:58:11The Mirror Pools - Yogvir and Tor Ep 7 - Age of Sigmar Narrative Campaign35:4797.86%
33.Canada Blitzwinger99:02:04:37LEGO Harry Potter - Part 15 - Year 3! (Years 1-4 Gameplay Walkthrough)19:4898.48%
34.Canada WESG98:14:34:20PELYUDA vs CRNfe WESG Female - Rest of Pacific Asia - Grand Final BO3 by @oversiard inferno55:4275.00%
35.Canada Novaura Autism98:11:35:45Final Fantasy XIV: A Day in the Life @ Tales of Eorzea (Corinne) 1/19/2019 - Blue Mage Level 402:38:10100.00%
36.Canada VintageBeef96:05:09:08Minecraft VintageCraft Season 2 - EP18 - Shop Open And Pet Theft! (Gameplay Video)31:0699.56%
37.Canada TheSaraGames95:08:35:12Speedrun Dark Crusade Necron 100% All Area 1h 59m 12m2:01:44
38.Canada Trauma93:17:41:51WORLDS ADRIFT1:44100.00%
39.Canada GameDropswithPops Gaming93:06:15:11Lets Play Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey Pt 9 Citra 3DS Emulator 11631:08:14100.00%
40.Canada The Astropath93:05:35:58EarthBound (Part 2)3:11:21
41.Canada Kombowz92:13:04:09WHERE HAVE I BEEN? - Rainbow Six Siege & Gameplay3:30:33100.00%
42.Canada The Hidden Object Guru90:09:46:21Girls Und Panzer!! The HOGuru Stream January 19!1:40:57100.00%
43.Canada spanishdude89:15:14:07Super Mario Maker Expert Run/Viewer Levels...Why So Many Trolls3:42:2996.30%
44.Canada BlueAnkylo89:04:39:182. Let's Stream Zelda: OoT - Wall of Deku28:26100.00%
45.Canada PlayingBoardGames88:23:17:28PATHFINDER: STRANGE AEONS | Episode 14, Part 437:29
46.Canada Kate LovelyMomo88:16:26:43Princess Maker 5 [Episode 50] Ryuunosuke Senpai42:02100.00%
47.Canada Papa Jake87:17:19:36I Found BIGFOOT in Real Life using SPY GADGETS 😱 (Sasquatch Evidence)13:5995.52%
48.Canada DaSquad Gaming87:11:20:58Season 2 in 2 days! // Ring of Elysium4:42:33100.00%
49.Canada BlueInferno85:12:20:52Escape from Tarkov live, life is like a box of lemons2:53:09100.00%
50.Canada TGN84:13:17:55Overwatch - 1 TIP For EVERY Hero on ILIOS17:5499.12%
51.Canada DFuxa Plays83:17:08:16DFuxa Showcases - Olea's Descent13:13100.00%
52.Canada SoyBomb82:19:08:58LAVA BOUNCE! - Soy Jumps While Toasty | Mario Maker Madness1:55
53.Canada Toxic Timewaster (Ryan123220)81:22:53:06[87] More Science, More Mortars, More Walls | Nomadic Rimworld30:4897.85%
54.Canada Rayofpandas80:21:15:42Many Milestones HIT VLOG. (THANK YOU!!) #132:19100.00%
55.Canada Sophie Breca80:20:24:42► Shadow of the Tomb Raider ◄ EXTRA-LIFE: 01- Cozumel | Sophie Breca LIVE3:30:2199.43%
56.Canada Team Ryan80:03:54:52I'm leaving YouTube after 8 Years..1:03:0294.61%
57.Canada Defying Films79:08:30:48More Fallout 76? (Xbox One)1:36:06
58.Canada MegaHarv78:04:38:22Fire Pro Wrestling LIVESTREAM - Viewer CAW CPU vs CPU 01/13/20192:55:55100.00%
59.Canada Blue Span77:21:15:05BLUE SPAN IMMORTAL ON CRUSADER (practicing Least Played Heroes) DOTA 27:03:1380.39%
60.Canada Mark Liotta77:19:30:30New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe For The Nintendo Switch: Part 1720:58100.00%
61.Canada Code Channel76:19:45:37SCVI (Arcade Mode) -- Keep Your Eye on the Gold14:47100.00%
62.Canada Blazing Glaceon76:12:00:26Dark Souls (Retextured everything)6:23:28
63.Canada mrsmee3076:11:23:40Many Shenanigans and FUN!(Jan 7/2019)4:09:46
64.Canada The Canadian Ginger75:06:38:25CASTLE OF DREAMS | Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix #318:54
65.Canada Angry Gaming71:20:31:51GTA 5 Online "Gaming with friends" Public Work Part 352:35100.00%
66.Canada Nuddweiser 1171:07:05:35OFFICIAL MORTAL KOMBAT 11 REVEAL TRAILER😱2:25100.00%
67.Canada GameEdged71:04:30:56Alpha 17 Special Day | 7 Days To Die | Alpha 17.1 Experimental S5 EP538:0999.69%
68.Canada Daryl Marcelino71:01:03:46Darmar88 Plays Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Part 3327:46
69.Canada Ultimatefighter34370:22:09:23Bleach OST - Encirclement Battle Extended10:4587.50%
70.Canada Dzaran70:12:53:25Hearthstone: Rastakhan's Rumble - Rumble Run #51:01:16100.00%
71.Canada OmniToXiC70:09:55:13♌♛☢🔴Grinding🔴☢♛♌ (✅✅)1:48:33
72.Canada Shizblacka70:05:13:23Resident Evil 2: 1-Shot Demo (Xbox One X)34:22100.00%
73.Canada Scythe Plays70:00:49:19FINISHING SKYBOUND PHASE 1 QUESTLINE! BRING ON PHASE 2!!! | MapleStory 21:20:2588.89%
74.Canada santa963269:19:36:19Lets Play Star Wars The Old Republic Sith Warrior Part 3536:23
76.Canada mrAverageJack69:09:08:0324h Stream #1 - FE81:12:10
77.Canada SonKnuckLP69:08:37:08Let's Play Mega Man Star Force - Part 38 - I'm So Blind!24:27100.00%
78.Canada RLYoshi69:07:11:07Minecraft Hardcore 4: Congregation [15 - Finale] The Woodland Mansion29:18100.00%
79.Canada Krendar's Adventures68:20:38:46Helldivers Coop Ep1 - FOR SUPER EARTH!!28:28
80.Canada cHiLLs - Daily Early Access Games!67:08:42:20Fallout Shelter Survival Mode Ep. 58 "Late Christmas Quests!" PC IOS Android walkthrough Tips Tricks26:35100.00%
81.Canada MacGhriogair65:03:54:373 New Missiles And The Flak Battery - Let's Play Cosmoteer Missile Prototype Gameplay27:49100.00%
82.Canada Kenny The Neokid65:02:27:46Last stream before pax! Let's smash5:17:53100.00%
83.Canada savjazz2165:01:27:19Atlas: NoobTreon At Sea(EU) - Exploring & Company Work Yall! Part 13:08:02100.00%
84.Canada No Talent Gaming64:17:26:54Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories #8 -- Get Thin Quick! -- Game Boomers1:12:34
85.Canada Whoop64:15:22:48FREE TO PLAY - BLACK OPS 4 - BLACKOUT -PRACTICE EVERYDAY1:59:11100.00%
86.Canada Luckless Lovelocks64:11:04:50The End - Kingdom Two Crowns Co-op END - Live on Stream with ChristopherOdd48:05100.00%
87.Canada JHC Gaming64:08:49:36MY 1ST UNKILLED CHEST: Good or Not?? - Unkilled Game GAMEPLAY11:25100.00%
88.Canada Materwelonz63:20:11:43Let's Play Wolfenstein: The New Order Part 4 - Oder Bridge [PC Gameplay]40:5097.67%
89.Canada Kane Hart - Let's Plays62:22:00:09Guild Wars 2 - Part 40 - The Battle of Claw Island Part 130:24100.00%
90.Canada The NyanCave62:20:02:30【 KINGDOM HEARTS 】Proud | There and Back Again | Pre Kingdom Hearts 3 Release | Part 42:03:44100.00%
91.Canada TheMaster900062:07:49:54Entwined | All 9 LifeTimes | Walkthrough1:20:56100.00%
92.Canada mikelat62:01:48:50Let's Play XCOM 2: War of the Chosen - Part 3624:5895.00%
93.Canada Vujo Gaming62:00:28:41Crusader Kings II Game of Thrones - Daenerys Targaryen #2 The Nephew & Army [ v1.8 ]20:47100.00%
94.Canada XenoSlayerConvoy61:23:58:36WWE 2K19 Smackdown Live MegaShow S01 E38 (Universe Mode PS4)(Long Island, New York)1:03:11100.00%
95.Canada BabaYetu61:23:15:19Civ 5 Game 159: Ethiopia 83:07:4187.50%
96.Canada TheNorthernAlex61:19:39:26Meeple Station | First Look | PC Gameplay20:5693.94%
98.Canada omen eno61:17:56:29Inside (PS4) - Live Stream 1 - ENDING3:54:51100.00%
99.Canada Nimious Plays60:22:49:4773 HP, 60 Res Mega Winter Fae Battle! (✧ω✧) - Aether Raids | Defense 【Fire Emblem Heroes】6:0788.16%
100.Canada The Shermanator60:02:34:213 GERMANS walk into a 101st BAR | Post Scriptum (WW2 SQUAD)12:16100.00%