Top 100 Channels From Canada With The Longest Duration

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from Canada based on the highest total video duration on their channel. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelDurationLatest Video
1.Canada Mojo's World359:22:09:31S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Role Play / Billy Rising / StalkerZ Hardcore Survival Footage22:25
2.Canada BanAnERpH0N3307:16:50:58Trying Before I Buy Stranger Things 3 Xbox 1 Part 1 Twitch Stream2:06:20
3.Canada Strikernofear299:14:06:55OUTRIDER demo February 25 20213:47:41
4.Canada Typical Gamer298:09:05:50Winning in Duos w/ My Girlfriend! (Fortnite Battle Royale)3:31:35
5.Canada DanQ8000291:03:41:13NHL 21 - Be A Pro Career - Part 31 - "You Can't Yandle The Truth! (Ejected Again)"1:09:46
6.Canada ★WishingTikal★272:15:28:29Garfield: Lasagna World Tour All Cutscenes | Game Movie (PS2, PC)16:46
7.Canada Merlinskeeper250:14:09:48Surviving mars4:23:19
8.Canada Guillaume Brien248:19:08:37Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Time Trials1:02:25
9.Canada ARavingLoon245:10:26:02Wild Arms - 61:35:39
10.Canada Ronin Jeremy234:21:24:04Let's Play BG 3 Patch 4 is out , Let's roll out! Likely Druid i guess, Part 4 Minotaur EX mode3:45:04
11.Canada Mike Tessier219:05:04:57BAYONETTA - PARTIE 12 - SOUVENIR -36:22
12.Canada Meghan Yeah200:04:24:33🔴 LIVE - Resident Evil HD Remastered - First Time Playing5:12:56
13.Canada STUPCAT YT199:17:26:54GTAV ONLINE COME AND JOIN US [ PS4 1080P HD 60 FPS ]4:47:24
14.Canada JaydeXMicky193:21:46:32Let's Play Super Mario Sun Shine Part 9 This part is the one before the end so get ready for a big21:55
15.Canada MonsterMatt Gaming193:21:01:20Friday Night Multiplayer Stream! Let's Play Some Games! | Nintendo Switch |6:34:23
16.Canada Hesitated Cobra Gaming190:00:05:37Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury Blind Live Stream Part 4 Extra Worlds and A Collab4:31:27
17.Canada Newfie Bangaa186:06:19:47Let's Play Super Mario 3D World FINALE - Champion's Road43:54
18.Canada The NyanCave185:07:14:17【Project Triangle Strategy 】Part 2 | First Impressions | Live gameplay reaction2:45:52
19.Canada Blitzwinger183:22:46:52Fortnite Customs! Epic Solo, Duos & Squads Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay!3:35:19
20.Canada RjC84 Gaming183:13:56:18VALHEIM farming and building what else6:34:41
21.Canada BumpyMcSquigums183:04:59:09Let's Play Ys VIII Lacrimosa Of DANA - Part 61 - Baja Tower!27:08
22.Canada The Hidden Object Guru180:00:14:49Girls Und Dinosaurs!!! The HOGuru Stream February 27!1:43:31
23.Canada MegaHarv179:11:32:44Earthbound Photo Guy Skip #shorts0:34
24.Canada 420 GAMING179:07:52:37420 GAMING - WoW - 420 GAMING - Time to go full ree ree!!5:30:01
25.Canada ChristopherOdd174:15:15:16INSERT DARKEST DUNGEON QUOTE HERE // Loop Hero // Let's Play Part 227:48
26.Canada gamedropswithpops gaming173:10:02:16Super Mario 3D World +Bowser's Fury Pt 9 Ryujinx Nintendo Switch Emulator 1.0.6562 W Mushroom Flower2:29:15
27.Canada cabooble170:06:17:26Vanilla Factorio Megabase - 303,400 satellites launched!3:47
28.Canada Shadow of Neo168:05:03:55No Man's Sky - Euclid Highway2:46:31
29.Canada The Astropath166:15:35:21Deus Ex Randomizer (with Crowd Control!) (Part 1)3:15:47
30.Canada Azralynn162:14:52:50😱 SO SCARY! 😱 VISAGE: Chapter 31:41:55
31.Canada Were1974161:23:24:51The Magical Land of Wozz (SUPER NINTENDO) Part 17 Bosses48:28
32.Canada TetraNinja153:12:08:37Demon's Souls Remake Stream #22:47:35
33.Canada UnoriginallyChrisLPs153:04:04:21How me and Duck Got Banned || Rust || Part 21:47:54
34.Canada Shizzy Hollywood151:11:57:24Pokemon Presents 2.26.2021 Reaction24:53
35.Canada SuperMrAmazingPants150:16:40:20Summoners War Special 1v1 Siege Tournament Feb 23 2021 Guild TeamRaid5Star Vs FireZtorM3:05:42
36.Canada vanstreetbattle148:15:17:48Bashfest 2020 Smash 64 Round Robin BIGW33D420 VS Roshi12:35
37.Canada jayvz1147:17:54:20Last day for Primordial Jade Staff and Sword Banner | Genshin Impact Wishing9:51
38.Canada FrAvatar147:15:16:09No Man's Sky 2021: ep12 [Permadeath] [Gameplay]53:52
39.Canada Kever M.146:13:07:34The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD Live Stream Playthrough Part 2 The Next Destination3:18:45
40.Canada PSYCHOMEGA146:08:35:51BEWARE THE DARK | Little Nightmares II | Ep.334:26
41.Canada Kenny The Neokid145:12:45:08I've been blasted off again... (Super Smash Bros Ultimate).3:01:21
42.Canada Vals NoisyToys144:08:41:18Today's SQUIRREL - Stardew Valley 1.5 - Valley Farm :: 30Jan21 ✅2:02:43
43.Canada KingRoflLobster143:16:30:31S5E106 - Forging towards the bronze age - Valheim1:52:50
44.Canada SoyBomb142:14:21:23Demetrios: The BIG Cynical Adventure (PlayStation 4) - Part 3 | SoyBomb LIVE!3:08:07
45.Canada DryBones271142:08:35:14Yooka Laylee Ep 2326:14
46.Canada Code Channel141:23:05:47Blue Fire (First Play) Ep.1 -- The Missing Link2:15:53
47.Canada Matthia Gryffine140:13:06:28Let's Play Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward - Episode 189: Settle In (The Firmament Last Bonus Quests)46:50
48.Canada xxDrAiNxx139:17:32:03Bowser's Fury with DrAiN (Part 3 - 100% Final Ending)2:32:00
49.Canada YouAlwaysWin138:00:35:36Stack Reimagined: Zombie Edition (Call of Duty Zombies)29:57
50.Canada Silver Dragon Gaming136:12:13:54X4: Split Vendetta Shenanigans1:54:46
51.Canada Rubhen925135:13:01:05Foregone - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 (No Commentary, PC/Steam)2:22:00
52.Canada gameface134:15:05:43The Thrill of the Apocalypse | Planet Coaster2:35
53.Canada MWG Studios134:11:07:25World Eaters vs Space Wolves Warhammer 40k Narrative Battle Report - Ep 1 Valrak Bladeborne1:00:25
54.Canada Spyrokid133:21:33:35S: (PS4 Pro) Hell Mode - Part 117:21:08
55.Canada GameEdged132:21:29:34Deep Space Survival | Breathedge 2021 Release Gameplay2:23:29
56.Canada BaseTradeTV Archives132:08:59:51The Last Video3:45
57.Canada PlayingBoardGames131:14:40:28Mystic Assets | RANKING EVERY PLAYER CARD IN ARKHAM HORROR: THE CARD GAME53:36
58.Canada Upshall127:00:51:33CONTROLLER DOMINATING in Arena Division 10 (Pro Fortnite Highlights)10:34
59.Canada mrJuck126:15:20:06learning a speedrun kinda - FE8 Speedrun [Learning] Pt. 15:17:10
60.Canada Jorf126:06:49:16Skyward Sword first playthrough with Mith!5:07:22
61.Canada Mah-Dry-Bread - Gameplay & Streams!125:23:52:19Mt Thunder! ▶ Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team Gameplay 🔴 Part 9 - Let's Play30:04
62.Canada CbassPlays124:07:21:12[LIVE] More COD Season Two Battlepass REVEALED + Cold War Zombie Outbreak! | PS44:00:47
63.Canada spanishdude124:05:21:12Final Fantasy 7 Remake YUFFIE, PS5 UPGRADES !!!!5:55
64.Canada SimplyPressStart124:00:35:55Let's Play: Stardew Valley (1.5 Update!) - Ep. 322:37:59
65.Canada Game Boomers124:00:01:41Pokemon Presents February 26th 202128:55
66.Canada Jon Sa-Hali123:07:49:53Rocket League *LIVE* on PlayStation 5 W/ Jon "Skywalker" Sa-Hali!2:27:53
67.Canada BlueAnkylo122:14:08:0920. Let's Play Champions of Krynn59:47
68.Canada BlueInferno122:13:55:23Battle brothers wind down stream2:47:56
69.Canada Day Dreamin Dave120:23:45:53Ninjala: Ranked Battle Royale #126:59
70.Canada Loopy Longplays120:18:28:06Valheim - Longplay Part 2 (The Black Forest) Full Game Walkthrough [No Commentary]12:00:01
71.Canada Blazing Glaceon120:04:42:18Resident Evil 3 Remake (Blind) ~ Day Three2:55:54
72.Canada TheSaraGames118:06:32:16Wow, More Health Problems9:13
73.Canada WESG116:17:20:51(EN) WESG 2019-2020 | North EU qualifier | GamerLegion vs Heroic | map 2 | By @LingonCSGO59:25
74.Canada BILLSTMAXX116:15:41:02Farm Sim Saturday.. Let's build the BIG storage building....Great crop of soybean today harvested2:01:55
75.Canada Grimpen Gaming115:14:00:39The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Randomizer (part 9) - Let's play our favorite games!1:17:23
76.Canada CBC News115:10:32:57D.O. Gibson spreads the knowledge of Black history through rap7:47
77.Canada XenoSupremeCanadian114:08:06:31GTA V FivePD Episode 105 (O.P.P)(Police)27:33
78.Canada Technical Genius113:15:45:09Just... Look at The Thumbnail... Enough Said. | One Piece World Seeker (Episode 4)12:33
79.Canada YourGibs Gaming113:08:55:20Dark City 5: Budapest CE [07] Let's Play Walkthrough - Part 716:05
80.Canada Total Timewaster113:05:41:21[11] Community Server Announcement & Quick Exploration | Valheim Single Player32:37
81.Canada Zen Starwalker112:20:01:14️Fornite Almost 2k! Predator Skin Giveaway!2:52:00
82.Canada Conman167112:04:57:08WWE Smackdown February 26th 2021 Live Stream: Full Show Watch Along2:12:31
83.Canada Riverrain123111:23:52:48LIVE ON MY MCPE SURVIVAL SMP SERVER! (Day 1) | Minecraft PE (Win10/Xbox/PS4/Switch)2:00:50
84.Canada santa9632111:21:05:00Lets RePlay The Witcher 3 Part 0 or Trail's Fresh52:18
85.Canada TimeTravelAstronaut111:18:15:06Let's Play: Shin Megami Tensei 22:23:14
86.Canada ShinoSeven Let's Play111:17:17:44Let's Play Control | Episode 28 | ShinoSeven30:48
87.Canada RebeccaEmilyVIPER111:11:05:46Checking out Elite Dangerous 1st experience2:55
88.Canada N8TheGr8N8110:20:20:28HITMAN 3 Elusive Target Then More! (Xbox One)2:47:27
89.Canada LY203 Productions110:09:57:41Hocus Pocus (3D) Doom (HocusDOOM) - E3M1012:53
90.Canada ChaseTheBro109:06:45:08Dark Souls 3: Meme Invasions!11:22
91.Canada Dzaran107:04:16:40Hearthstone Tavern Brawl - Cart Crash At The Crossroads with Rhyder1:00:59
92.Canada Scyushi107:03:10:32FORGET ABOUT CORRUXION? I KNOW I DID! ✪ Trove Dragon Merchant - February 26, 20214:21
93.Canada Materwelonz106:14:41:47Welonz's 50K Subscribers Q&A Part 1 - General Gaming & Would You Play... Questions31:42
94.Canada ksehd (Imperial Garden Sports)105:19:04:05BREAK #2103 : 8 BOX MIXER (PREM DERLUXE BUYBACKS,CHRONO, ENGRAINED, ICE, JERSEY BOX)24:58
95.Canada CrypticFox105:10:10:02Braving the Frozen Mountains - Valheim - New Viking Survival Game3:11:16
96.Canada VintageBeef105:09:44:41HERMITCRAFT 7 - The BEST Library Ever! - EP7435:29
97.Canada Luckless Lovelocks105:08:36:18Little Nightmares 2 Stream 3 - 4k 60fps Let's Play Blind Playthrough on Stream1:11:54
98.Canada Jet Sunstrider104:18:44:12Phoenix Point w/ Jet Sun Part 9: Livetsream Archive6:35:20
99.Canada Daryl Marcelino104:13:15:27Genshin Impact Ch 65 Lantern Rite Festival Requests Finale2:52:56
100.Canada Bonemasher104:06:27:27All Hands On Deck - Tales Of Monkey Island Part 24:06:17