Top 100 Channels From Canada With The Longest Duration

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from Canada based on the highest total video duration on their channel. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelDurationLatest VideoLiked
1.Canada Mojo's World247:11:09:22SCP Containment Breach - Unity - First Playthrough4:50:31
2.Canada Guillaume Brien241:08:10:06Prominence Poker En ligne Commenté1:19:04
3.Canada DanQ8000230:11:35:55Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Remastered) - Let's Play - Part 7 - "Lost Island" | DanQ800043:07100.00%
4.Canada Typical Gamer220:12:14:34FORTNITE BLACK HOLE EVENT LIVE!! New Season 11 Battle Pass & Map Leaked! (Fortnite Battle Royale)3:13:5395.47%
5.Canada Strikernofear212:03:03:08Monster Hunter World Iceborne October 10 2019 part 52:55:52
6.Canada ★WishingTikal★212:00:03:16A Knight's Quest Walkthrough Part 3 (PS4) Gameplay No Commentary - Grind Boots1:32:20100.00%
7.Canada BanAnERpH0N3206:07:02:26You Damn Freaker Days Gone New Game+ PS4 Part 1 Twitch Stream5:24:07
8.Canada ARavingLoon202:18:25:18Europa Zero - The Grand Campaign - 53:43:48100.00%
9.Canada cabooble171:05:00:02[NSL Open #2] Grand Finals - MoreMoralThanPhoen VS V@nquish1:08:180.00%
10.Canada Ronin Jeremy159:22:18:33Battle Brothers New to game, Part 2 starting to get rough1:54:23100.00%
11.Canada 420 GAMING158:18:33:10420 GAMING - Reign - The new shift rocks ...Smoke weed every stream! possible giveaway - #METAL#bo4:02:27
12.Canada Newfie Bangaa158:06:35:13Let's Stream The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning #6 - Cynder's Lair52:34100.00%
13.Canada BumpyMcSquigums157:14:11:00Let's Play Falnarion Tactics - Part 19 - More Care Must Be Made!36:38
14.Canada Mike Tessier154:14:34:25BORDERLANDS 3 10th anniversaire -PARTIE 17 - AVEC JEANPOUPI - QC_-MIKE-_THC15:31
15.Canada RjC84 Gaming152:08:49:127 DAYS TO DIE ALPHA 18 EXPERIMENTAL build it loot it grind it6:52:15
16.Canada STUPCAT YT151:01:06:51GTA 5 MONDAY MADNESS WITH STUNT CREW COME AND JOIN US [ PS4 1080P HD 60 FPS ]5:58:4697.22%
17.Canada Azralynn147:05:25:12Friday Night 🔪 Dead by Daylight 🔪4:16:1398.33%
18.Canada JaydeXMicky146:02:41:20Let's Play Super Smash Bros Ultimate 2019-10-113:43:15
19.Canada Were1974140:04:45:44Resting This Holiday Weekend0:08100.00%
20.Canada Meghan Yeah138:02:36:52The Robo-Boogie4:57:1896.84%
21.Canada ChristopherOdd138:02:22:206 NEW Classes, NEW HIVE Faction, MOCX All-Stars - XCOM 2 War of the Chosen Legend Modded - Part 11:33:1399.14%
22.Canada FrAvatar137:16:51:21Kenshi - e25 - . - [Gameplay]51:48
23.Canada gameface135:06:29:13Breathedge - Chapter 2 | A New Chapter!15:19100.00%
24.Canada Shadow of Neo133:12:06:13Gran Turismo Sport - Shadow's Drift School1:09:23100.00%
25.Canada vanstreetbattle132:05:31:35VSB Stream4:36:16
26.Canada BaseTradeTV131:11:30:41The Last Video3:4597.99%
27.Canada UnoriginallyChrisLPs127:07:35:09Link's Awakening BLIND Hero Mode!2:11:48100.00%
28.Canada Upshall124:09:57:53Tilted Towers Being Replaced! Brand New Map **Fortnite Chapter 2 Reveal**6:5198.27%
29.Canada Novaura Autism119:09:42:22Final Fantasy XIV - The Praetorium Synced World Record: 43:4945:29
30.Canada spanishdude119:08:03:41Resident Evil 2 Spooktober (Late Night With Spanishdude)1:52:51100.00%
31.Canada MegaHarv118:19:03:11Watch a Canadian play Binding of Isaac4:34:28100.00%
32.Canada The Astropath118:06:17:20Policenauts (Part 4)3:19:02
33.Canada The Hidden Object Guru117:17:59:05War Thunder! The HOGuru Stream October 13!1:54:40100.00%
34.Canada GameDropswithPops Gaming117:05:08:12Lets Play Super Mario Odyssey Yuzu 2019 10 12 Patreon Nintendo Switch Emulator Seaside Kingdom1:12:06100.00%
35.Canada YouAlwaysWin116:09:35:09DOWNFALL ZOMBIE MAP (World at War Zombies)(Call of Duty Zombies)35:1399.30%
36.Canada miniwargaming116:02:18:04Sit and Talk Live with Vito - October 10 20191:03:2587.10%
37.Canada Galadriex114:11:28:10It's been exactly one year since I played Fortnite, so...4:1697.80%
38.Canada Silver Dragon Gaming113:18:36:477DTD Alpha 18 Experimental Shenanigans1:16
39.Canada Mah-Dry-Bread - Gameplay & Streams!112:20:46:52Hearts of Iron 4 Gameplay ► China & India Multiplayer 🔴 Part 31:00:48100.00%
40.Canada Gingy112:14:40:59Here Comes The Boom In Crackdown 3 #4 (END)1:11:04
41.Canada TheSaraGames110:07:10:46Let's Replay Hardcore Minecraft S5 - Short Video Why10:26
42.Canada YourGibs Gaming108:06:53:11Elder Scrolls Online [36] Xeonetea Series - Templar Stamina Imperial - Part 3630:3785.71%
43.Canada Blitzwinger107:13:37:47Batman Arkham City - Part 1 - Welcome to the City!23:5599.18%
44.Canada LY203 Productions106:13:12:49Eviltech: Soul Of The Megawad - Niveau/Level 3354:56100.00%
45.Canada Blue Span104:21:22:55Blue Span Immortal RANK Dota 2 ROAD TO TOP 5004:49:3872.88%
46.Canada The NyanCave103:12:42:02【 I LOVE YOU, COLONEL SANDERS! 】 All Endings! 💘💋 | Blind Live | Finale1:23:0498.15%
47.Canada BlueInferno103:09:06:22Factorio, Drilling for oil3:02:47100.00%
48.Canada PlayingBoardGames103:00:52:40CTHULHU: A DECK BUILDING GAME #5 | October 3rd, 201958:37
49.Canada WESG102:13:16:42WESG 2018 2019 Season GrandFinals Aftermovie2:53100.00%
50.Canada Hesitated Cobra Gaming101:07:22:29Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology Blind Live Stream Part 173:10:00100.00%
51.Canada Code Channel100:23:53:39MHW: Iceborne (Rajang Update) -- Monkeys & Horses (Oct 9th 2019)4:43:30
52.Canada VintageBeef100:08:28:07INTRODUCING THE B-LEAGUE! - Minecraft Pixelmon Evolved! - EP01 (Pokemon In Minecraft)23:3298.99%
53.Canada mrAverageJack99:09:38:46Dunking on the Donkey Kong - FE8 Slightly Faster Finale1:58:52
54.Canada Jorf99:07:02:34Lunar: Silver Star Story Day 5.5 with Mith!7:15:40
55.Canada BlueAnkylo98:20:15:122. Let's Stream Lord of the Rings (Snes) - Wolf Forest1:02:02100.00%
56.Canada SoyBomb98:14:32:54Final Boss + Ending - DoReMi Fantasy: Milon's DokiDoki Adventure (Super Famicom)6:18100.00%
57.Canada Whoop97:14:01:07MAKE YOU A BETTER GAMER | #FatelGrips - #ApexLegends1:36:15100.00%
58.Canada Shizblacka94:14:42:07Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Part 102:03:00100.00%
59.Canada Kombowz94:03:47:21KOOKIN' & TALKIN' 5HIT WITH KOMBOWZ1:41:03100.00%
60.Canada Blazing Glaceon94:02:27:36Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story (Remake) ~ Day Four2:26:13
61.Canada Total Timewaster93:18:00:19Factory Tower Defence | Mindustry30:4399.62%
62.Canada Trauma93:17:42:24THE SLIPPERY WIZARD PLAYING APEX0:33100.00%
63.Canada XenoSlayerConvoy93:15:35:03American Truck Simulator Episode 14 (Big Map)(Happy Thanksgiving)22:48100.00%
64.Canada Game Boomers92:17:38:12Man Of Medan FINALE59:30100.00%
65.Canada Kate LovelyMomo91:21:08:04Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney [Episode 18] Red Scarf34:50100.00%
66.Canada GameEdged91:19:05:44For Science | Green Hell Gameplay | S4 EP3035:0297.26%
67.Canada Kenny The Neokid91:13:52:12Mini smash bros stream.3:41:5892.31%
68.Canada Defying Films89:12:49:24Anniversary Month! Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts! (SNES Mini)33:49
69.Canada DaSquad89:03:32:32How to suck at PUBG Episode 21:14:23100.00%
70.Canada Papa Jake88:15:37:1624 Hour LAMBORGHINI Vs JEEP Challenge! $10,000 Vs $300,000 CAR Overnight22:2096.63%
71.Canada DFuxa Plays87:13:17:17DFuxa Plays - Birth of the Empires - Omega Alliance - Ep6 - Power of Subterfuge34:35100.00%
72.Canada Mark Liotta85:01:45:48NHL 20 Be A Pro: Episode 1715:10100.00%
73.Canada MALICEDOLL7984:18:39:56PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch – Satin Chrome Link UNBOXING3:55100.00%
74.Canada Dzaran84:16:46:17Dino Crisis (Livestream) Part 1 - The Mission Begins!36:01100.00%
75.Canada mrsmee3084:00:23:28Soldier 76 + Baptiste = Quint!0:25
76.Canada Daryl Marcelino81:21:25:33Darmar88 Plays World of Final Fantasy ep 061:35:56
77.Canada Gunshot81:06:18:47Officer Tripathi EXECUTED. Bhura's Adult Entertainment Is here, GTAV Roleplay on INDIA Servers9:4398.32%
78.Canada Angry Gaming YT80:23:04:16Black Ops 4 Zombies with friends Series Ep. 011:17:42
79.Canada OmniToXiC80:22:24:46♌♛☢🔴Grinding🔴☢♛♌ (✅✅)6:06:59
80.Canada Materwelonz80:19:06:56HEADCANON CONFIRMED - Let's Play Neo Cab Part 5 - Blind PC Gameplay46:33100.00%
81.Canada SonKnuckLP80:14:03:39Let's Play Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse - Part 2 - Wrong Memories20:21100.00%
82.Canada CthuLoops80:04:59:57Band of Degenerates - Part 60 - Battle Brothers33:49100.00%
83.Canada Team Ryan80:03:54:52I'm leaving YouTube after 8 Years..1:03:0294.10%
84.Canada BurningDogFace79:16:19:15Let's Play Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy 052 - Clearing a Path22:16100.00%
85.Canada TimeTravelAstronaut79:11:57:10Jydge | Stream #23:27:22100.00%
86.Canada Scyushi79:08:25:20My First Time on PLANET TITAN in DESTINY 2! | Destiny 2 Free to Play - Part 428:0095.00%
87.Canada Krendar's Adventures78:08:51:38Leaping into the Unknown - Hollow Knight P2431:09
88.Canada Ultimatefighter34378:05:04:16EX Final Game Fight (PSP) Super Extended - Persona 2 Eternal Punishment OST1:00:01100.00%
89.Canada CBC News78:02:40:15Justin Trudeau on the campaign trail | Day 3220:2640.17%
90.Canada TheNorthernAlex77:02:03:30Emergency 4 #567 | Did they let the turkey burn? 🦃 | Bieberfelde Mod29:4198.31%
91.Canada TheMaster900076:20:59:25Trials Rising [BK] Ninja Contry Custom Track Run1:56100.00%
92.Canada santa963276:19:26:52Lets Play Star Wars The Old Republic - Shadow of Revan - Sith Warrior Part 54.B57:44
93.Canada savjazz2174:15:08:33Ghost Recon Breakpoint: NoobGhost Squad Geknip Ghosts Yall! Part 64:05:42100.00%
94.Canada MacGhriogair74:08:34:49RECLAIMING DWARVEN TERRITORY - Clan Angrund - Total War: WARHAMMER II Mortal Empires Ep 636:04100.00%
95.Canada cHiLLs - Daily Early Access Games!73:20:18:36Lucius 3 Ep. 3 "Getting to know the town!" PC Gameplay Horror Game Walkthrough26:06
96.Canada Luckless Lovelocks71:11:23:21Nightly Noita - Night 15 New Patch!42:5895.00%
97.Canada Nuddweiser 1171:07:05:35OFFICIAL MORTAL KOMBAT 11 REVEAL TRAILER😱2:2598.65%
98.Canada MrSpecies771:07:03:54NF Match map MP server pt.40 FS19 patchy seeding29:18
99.Canada BabaYetu71:01:34:49Civ 5 Game 206: Egypt 93:13:37100.00%
100.Canada omen eno70:20:00:50Dragon Age: Inquisition (PS4) - Live Stream 13:45:27100.00%