Top 100 Channels From Canada With The Longest Duration

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from Canada based on the highest total video duration on their channel. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelDurationLatest VideoLiked
1.Canada Guillaume Brien229:17:27:39Bendy And The Ink Machine Chapter 125:38
2.Canada DanQ8000223:06:09:16NBA 2K19 - My Career - Let's Play - Part 109 - "Half Court Lob Pass From Ariza! (NBA Finals Game 2)"48:52100.00%
3.Canada Mojo's World215:11:38:35Rage 2 Nightmare - Live Die Repeat Until Change - PC Max Settings - Part 45:07:35
4.Canada Strikernofear196:09:18:05RAGE 2 May 20 2019 part 21:32:22
5.Canada Typical Gamer194:17:28:17Winning in Solos!! *Pro Fortnite Player w/ 2200 Wins* (Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay)3:27:1798.12%
6.Canada ★WishingTikal★189:22:06:01Spider-Man: Friend or Foe Walkthrough Part 13 • 100% (X360, Wii, PS2, PC) Transylvania • Oldworld23:10100.00%
7.Canada ARavingLoon184:09:01:48Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin - 63:40:39100.00%
8.Canada cabooble170:16:31:16PSA: I'm Not Dead1:00100.00%
9.Canada BanAnERpH0N3167:06:38:13Halo Legendary COOP Part 10 Ending & Halo 2 Attempt Twitch Stream2:11:26
10.Canada Ronin Jeremy158:12:59:59Pathfinder Kingmaker M.Knight Chemalan Part 24 This is the end, Hopefully3:01:54100.00%
11.Canada Newfie Bangaa149:20:01:48Let's Stream Superstar Mario World #6 - Feeling the Heat21:1891.67%
12.Canada BumpyMcSquigums148:22:42:39Let's Play Druidstone The Secret Of The Menhir Forest - Part 1 - Cocoon People!36:01100.00%
13.Canada 420 GAMING146:19:42:24420 Gaming - Rage on stupid sparkle. Back to Wizard of Legend.2:07:55
14.Canada RjC84 Gaming138:03:16:18A PLAGUE TALE INNOCENCE / FIRST LOOK10:38:2162.50%
15.Canada Azralynn136:13:42:39Life is Strange 2: Episode 3 | Gameplay Walkthrough2:41:2598.39%
16.Canada Were1974136:13:31:33Tera (PC) A Part 1 Lonesome Archer36:59100.00%
17.Canada STUPCAT YT135:07:55:49LIVE - STUNTINGLINE 302 WITH STUNT CREW COME AND JOIN US [ PS4 1080P HD 60 FPS ]7:21:20100.00%
18.Canada Mike Tessier133:18:31:53DAYS GONE - PARTIE 87 - LA FIN - QC_-MIKE-_THC1:03:18100.00%
19.Canada BaseTradeTV131:11:30:41The Last Video3:4598.80%
20.Canada ChristopherOdd130:19:10:42Sneaky Hugo De Rune - Part 16 - A Plague Tale: Innocence25:1598.15%
21.Canada Upshall124:11:05:45I DON'T MISS WHEN I USE THIS **Fortnite Controller Tips**12:0698.17%
22.Canada gameface120:02:53:35LOT'S OF ROOM LEFT | Planet Coaster2:15:07100.00%
23.Canada UnoriginallyChrisLPs119:22:59:19UnoriginalCraft Minecraft SMP || Enchanted!2:04:05100.00%
24.Canada Meghan Yeah119:16:51:43Tonight on Game of Triss4:53:0596.91%
25.Canada JaydeXMicky118:16:22:18Splatfest Night Yall! (Stream) 2019-05-194:09:39
26.Canada Shadow of Neo118:04:53:21Warframe - Feeble Kinetics2:00:31
27.Canada Galadriex114:13:42:07Streaming on Twitch, Channel Changes, Etc!7:5691.39%
28.Canada Blue Span111:06:08:38BLUE SPAN IMMORTAL RANKED DOTA 2 STREAM8:05:0585.37%
29.Canada YouAlwaysWin111:02:43:35CANDYLAND ZOMBIES - RANDOM GUN CHALLENGE (Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies)26:4597.59%
30.Canada YourGibs Gaming108:06:53:11Elder Scrolls Online [36] Xeonetea Series - Templar Stamina Imperial - Part 3630:3787.50%
31.Canada miniwargaming107:23:00:19Fyreslayers vs Flesh Eater Courts Age of Sigmar Battle Report - Beat Matt Batrep S05E481:01:2997.38%
32.Canada LY203 Productions107:03:09:33Mayhem 1500 (MAYhem 2015) - Level/Niveau 2310:10100.00%
33.Canada Rayofpandas106:02:59:35Resident Evil 2 Remake Dr. Disrespect Outfit Mod3:33100.00%
34.Canada Mah-Dry-Bread - Gameplay & Streams!106:01:27:01Dam, Facility, & Runway ▶ GoldenEye 007 Secret Agent Gameplay 🔴 Part 817:55100.00%
35.Canada Novaura Autism105:20:23:12Let's Play Xenoblade Chronicles (Blind) - Episode 3: Three's Company33:48100.00%
36.Canada Silver Dragon Gaming104:23:35:39Graveyard Keeper Shenanigans2:09:26100.00%
37.Canada spanishdude104:22:36:57SEASON 9 Squad Domination ⚠️Fortnite⚠️ With Member/Viewers2:09:50100.00%
38.Canada The Astropath104:04:38:14Castlevania: Circle of the Moon (Part 3)3:26:27
39.Canada TheSaraGames102:18:30:13Warhammer 40k Gladius Relics of War Stream 1 Part 21:47:34
40.Canada Blitzwinger102:17:37:40Ben 10 | Rath LEGO Ben 10 Customs!20:0598.77%
41.Canada WESG102:13:16:42WESG 2018 2019 Season GrandFinals Aftermovie2:53100.00%
42.Canada GameDropswithPops Gaming101:16:18:16Hot!!! Test Fun Run of Cemu 1.15.7b Nintendo Wii U Emulator Multi Game Super Sunday Showcase1:43:05100.00%
43.Canada The Hidden Object Guru101:03:25:34War Thunder! The HOGuru Stream May 19!1:54:33100.00%
44.Canada VintageBeef97:22:28:02SKYBLOCK - EP10 - Moo-ving Forward (Minecraft Video)21:2899.10%
45.Canada BlueInferno96:22:31:15Risk of Rain, First impressions7:22:5685.71%
46.Canada PlayingBoardGames95:16:25:57LEGENDARY: MARVEL | Deathbird | SOLO #4222:40100.00%
47.Canada MegaHarv94:20:19:31MegaJolt Tag Team Live Stream - Terranigma - Part 81:03:16100.00%
48.Canada BlueAnkylo94:12:31:1723. Let's Play Shining Force CD - Book 1 -46:18100.00%
49.Canada Trauma93:17:42:24THE SLIPPERY WIZARD PLAYING APEX0:33100.00%
50.Canada Kombowz92:13:04:09GONNA SWITCH IT UP ON EM - Super Mario Bro U Deluxe Gameplay3:30:33100.00%
51.Canada The Canadian Ginger92:03:35:26KROM | Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition #443:41
52.Canada DaSquad91:21:33:08Treasure hunt Battle Royale // Ring of Elysium1:45:38100.00%
53.Canada mrAverageJack91:16:33:19LF Silph Scope - Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee! Pt. 54:03:22
54.Canada Jorf90:21:51:56Skies of Arcadia Day 2 with Mith5:45:04100.00%
55.Canada Kate LovelyMomo89:13:31:23Baba is You] 0 year old boomer completes puzzles while vocalizing her thought processes [Episode 8]47:23100.00%
56.Canada SoyBomb88:22:46:54Rockin' & Raven - Red Raven Stream Theme (Full Mix)3:58100.00%
57.Canada Papa Jake88:03:26:28REAL LIFE AVENGERS PLANE BOX FORT! Iron Man, Black Panther & MORE!15:0997.51%
58.Canada Code Channel87:15:41:47SteamWorld Quest (FP) Ep.6 -- Back to School!!2:11:15
59.Canada Toxic Timewaster (Ryan123220)87:09:23:32[1] We Got A Lot Of Work Ahead Of Us! | RimWorld 1.0 Atomic Robo-Hotel38:2099.61%
60.Canada HesitatedCobra86:05:21:58Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu Live Stream Part 42:38:32100.00%
61.Canada Defying Films85:20:32:07Star Wars Republic Commando Continued! (Xbox)50:12
62.Canada Blazing Glaceon85:15:06:40Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (Blind) ~ Day Three3:41:59
63.Canada DFuxa Plays84:19:56:51DFuxa Plays SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising - Episode 11 - Assassin Win Part 140:55
64.Canada GameEdged81:21:59:59Retribution | A Plague Tale Gameplay | EP334:51100.00%
65.Canada mrsmee3081:18:54:11Nova Drift: New Game Hype!(Mar 27/2019)3:40:28
66.Canada The NyanCave81:14:21:21【 Dokapon Kingdom : Story Mode】 NEW FRIEND + MARATHON LIVE STREAM! RPG Multiplayer Live5:05:06100.00%
67.Canada Shizblacka80:22:07:36A Plague Tale Innocence Part 3 Xbox One X3:06:53
68.Canada Mark Liotta80:19:48:49Vs. Excitebike For The NES8:00
69.Canada Team Ryan80:03:54:52I'm leaving YouTube after 8 Years..1:03:0294.51%
70.Canada Game Boomers80:03:37:21MINECRAFT 10TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION -- Minecraft Minigames With Friends!! -- Game Boomers1:11:37100.00%
71.Canada Whoop79:15:10:1720 BOMBS ALL DAY - APEX LEGENDS - 1080p1:40:32100.00%
72.Canada Daryl Marcelino78:16:46:53Darmar88 Plays A Plague Tale Innocence Ch 1552:36
73.Canada XenoSlayerConvoy78:11:18:15Forza horizon 4 E06 (Car Builds and Cruising)2:26:10100.00%
74.Canada OmniToXiC78:05:13:29♌♛☢🔴Grinding🔴☢♛♌ (✅✅)4:33:39100.00%
75.Canada BurningDogFace77:03:07:58Let's Play No One Lives Forever 006 - Smugglers' Run23:01100.00%
76.Canada Kenny The Neokid76:22:12:16Happy Mother’s Day (Splatoon 2)5:04:35100.00%
77.Canada Angry Gaming76:16:23:51Outlast 2 "Jump Scares" Part 129:40
78.Canada MALICEDOLL7976:15:51:23RAGE 2 PART 41:24:52100.00%
79.Canada Dzaran76:08:46:22StarTropics Part 4 - Shipwrecked!24:48100.00%
80.Canada Scyushi75:13:48:29REPTILIAN CONSPIRACY IS REAL!? (Roblox Disaster Dome)10:01100.00%
81.Canada SonKnuckLP74:15:29:48Let's Play Ty The Tasmanian Tiger - Part 7 - Boss Time!8:57
82.Canada TheMaster900073:23:02:35Trials Rising Black Belt Pass With Helium (Modifiers)2:38100.00%
83.Canada Ultimatefighter34373:14:58:09Power and Glory (International Version) Extended - Dynasty Warriors 2 OST30:01100.00%
84.Canada santa963272:21:18:26Lets RePlay Super Mario RPG Part 756:38
85.Canada Krendar's Adventures72:20:38:49Darksiders 3 P5 - Burning Questions33:42
86.Canada Nuddweiser 1171:07:05:35OFFICIAL MORTAL KOMBAT 11 REVEAL TRAILER😱2:2598.53%
87.Canada Materwelonz70:21:33:06Coronation Eve - Let's Play Dishonored Part 25 - Low Chaos Definitive Edition Gameplay47:0697.87%
88.Canada cHiLLs - Daily Early Access Games!70:14:02:42Forager Ep 4 Big Upgrades!!! PC Gameplay walkthrough Sandbox28:13100.00%
89.Canada savjazz2170:04:33:53Rage2: NoobRage - Bacon & Rage Time Yall!1:35:32100.00%
90.Canada Sophie Breca70:02:36:19► Shadow of the Tomb Raider ◄ EXTRA-LIFE: 01- Cozumel | Sophie Breca LIVE3:30:2198.40%
91.Canada RLYoshi69:22:59:51A Hat in Time [28] Nyakuza Metro36:18100.00%
92.Canada MacGhriogair69:07:30:10Super Long Range Heavy Turbolaser - Let's Play Cosmoteer Modded Gameplay Live Stream Ep 726:20100.00%
93.Canada Luckless Lovelocks68:14:11:11Sakura Bull - Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Part 48 - Let's Play Blind on Stream1:20:20100.00%
94.Canada TheNorthernAlex68:03:00:53Vlogging Time - Goodbye Youtube Gaming Livestreams6:2195.31%
95.Canada CBC News67:07:06:58How dirty money is driving up real estate prices | The Weekly with Wendy Mesley13:47
96.Canada Gunshot67:01:53:34PUBG MOBILE LIVE RANK PUSH W GAREEB !paytm, !nimo7:00:2795.54%
97.Canada BabaYetu66:17:33:42Civ 5 Game 182: Indonesia 26:59:5895.65%
98.Canada Kane Hart - Let's Plays65:20:42:40FTB: Interactions - Part 12 - LV Age Tons of New Machines & GT EU37:33100.00%
99.Canada Nimious Plays65:02:04:32GORGEOUS Groom and Bride Heroes! (¬‿¬ ) Bridal Belonging Viewing! | FEH Art 【Fire Emblem Heroes】54:2393.20%
100.Canada Vujo Gaming63:16:46:50Greyjoy Rebellion - Crusader Kings II Game of Thrones #12 - Harras Harlaw's Fetish25:09100.00%