Top 100 Channels From Canada With The Longest Duration

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from Canada based on the highest total video duration on their channel. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelDurationLatest VideoLiked
1.Canada Guillaume Brien224:14:55:26Farcry 5 Arcade - Goldeneye 007 Dam4:51
2.Canada DanQ8000220:04:28:21NBA 2K19 - My Career - Let's Play - Part 88 - "Nose Picker" | DanQ800050:3397.78%
3.Canada 5tat192:04:52:21LIVEGAME.SHOW \\ MOBILE CHALLENGE \\ COME JOIN !livegame2:01:5791.00%
4.Canada Strikernofear187:23:26:37Monster Hunter World March 07 2019 part 22:08:45
5.Canada Typical Gamer183:17:17:31Finding SECRET TREASURE in Fortnite! // Pro Fortnite Player // 2000 Wins (Fortnite Battle Royale)4:49:1997.67%
6.Canada ★WishingTikal★181:13:42:31Ghost of a Tale Walkthrough Part 5 (PS4, XB1, PC) No Commentary1:00:21100.00%
7.Canada ARavingLoon175:02:38:04Graveyard Keeper - 84:55:28100.00%
8.Canada cabooble170:16:31:16PSA: I'm Not Dead1:00100.00%
9.Canada Ronin Jeremy149:17:55:44DOS 2 DE alzheimer run, no memory stats. Modded + difficulty. Part 6 Act 2 Riker to Oil Pits4:38:0187.50%
10.Canada BanAnERpH0N3148:19:21:59Im A Man Of Many Talents Just Cause 4 Part 3 Bonus Twitch Stream4:40:18
11.Canada Newfie Bangaa145:20:41:07Let's Play Mega Man X: Command Mission #19 - Laser Focus31:03100.00%
12.Canada BumpyMcSquigums144:17:02:34Let's Play Final Fantasy Tactics: War Of The Lions - Part 6 - Gustav Got Got!37:06100.00%
13.Canada 420 GAMING142:15:18:14420 GAMING - Practicing WoW...Smoke weed every stream! - #bonghits4Follows2:40:28100.00%
14.Canada Were1974135:07:49:08Super Mario Maker (WII U) Another 100 Mario Course Normal39:14100.00%
15.Canada Azralynn132:12:40:43MAKE PRESTIGE GREAT AGAIN 🔪 Dead by Daylight: Discussion 🔪4:1997.69%
16.Canada RjC84 Gaming131:11:25:55ARK SURVIVAL PVPFuntime Cluster Rag & Extinction JOIN US! NEW SERVERS X20 X103:37:5483.33%
17.Canada BaseTradeTV131:07:42:44Masa vs Cham - Friday Night Fight24:48100.00%
19.Canada ChristopherOdd126:05:43:041 Hour 22 Minutes Remaining - The Occupation - Part 8 Walkthrough Gameplay Lets Play44:2397.83%
20.Canada Mike Tessier124:04:06:56CALL OF DUTY MODERN WARFARE - PARTIE 21 - ONLINE - QC_-MIKE-_TH1:07:53100.00%
21.Canada Upshall124:01:39:43Playing With No Crosshair Made My Aim Better? (Fortnite Battle Royale)13:1597.61%
22.Canada UnoriginallyChrisLPs116:11:24:01Twilght Princess HD: NIGHTMARE MODE || Part 8 || T SERIES GORON2:01:4566.67%
23.Canada gameface115:11:58:27TOO MUCH TO DO | Planet Coaster2:05:01100.00%
24.Canada Galadriex114:13:34:11RUST: Rust Grind!!! // PVP Multiplayer Survival Game // Live Interactive Gameplay2:36:0892.63%
25.Canada JaydeXMicky113:01:42:17Let's Play Swtich Games Splatoon 2 2019-03-154:21:31
26.Canada Meghan Yeah111:13:16:18The final hours of Metro Exodus 🚇4:30:2493.08%
27.Canada YourGibs Gaming108:06:53:11Elder Scrolls Online [36] Xeonetea Series - Templar Stamina Imperial - Part 3630:37100.00%
28.Canada YouAlwaysWin108:06:07:16OH LOOK, ANOTHER BOX MAP! (Call of Duty Zombies)25:4697.77%
29.Canada Shadow of Neo108:06:06:14Warframe - Let Them Eat Clem2:26:01
30.Canada Lingyan203105:15:07:25Mano Laikas: A Road to Gamzatti - Level/Niveau 1119:00100.00%
31.Canada miniwargaming103:15:34:38The Happening - Wrath and Glory Warhammer 40k RPG Ep 23:40:3696.45%
32.Canada Mah-Dry-Bread - Gameplay & Streams!103:11:57:48Disciples Sacred Lands Empire Saga Gameplay - Part 1 - Let's Play Walkthrough30:0795.45%
33.Canada Silver Dragon Gaming103:02:03:04Satisfactory Shenanigans Part 32:31:50100.00%
34.Canada Novaura Autism101:21:32:06Let's Play Hollow Knight (Live) - Night 12: 3/17/20192:05:41100.00%
35.Canada Blitzwinger101:04:57:19LEGO Movie 2 Videogame - LBA - Episode 1319:5698.57%
36.Canada TheSaraGames99:11:01:16Speedrun Dark Crusade Tau 100% 4h 08m 54s This Is Nice4:09:21100.00%
37.Canada WESG98:15:35:33Top 5 Plays on WESG 2018-2019 World Finals Group Stage CS:GO1:5692.86%
38.Canada The Astropath97:23:17:41StarCraft Remastered (Part 2)4:35:02
39.Canada spanishdude97:08:52:50Sonic Mania Pt 3/ Pick SNES game with me2:35:4297.06%
40.Canada VintageBeef97:03:03:38Pixelmon: Let's Go! - EP33 - BOSSES EVERYWHERE! (Minecraft Pokemon) #PixelmonLetsGo47:0899.04%
41.Canada GameDropswithPops Gaming97:01:44:37Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn on the Citra 3DS Emulator Pt 2 Hot Land1:16:2790.91%
42.Canada Rayofpandas96:07:49:57Claire Bigger/Thicc, Solid Snake & Stuffed Doll X mod! - Resident Evil 2 Remake (BIOHAZARD 2) LIVE🔴1:55:2794.74%
43.Canada The Hidden Object Guru94:17:59:08What is Hypnospace Outlaw?54:26
45.Canada Trauma93:17:42:24THE SLIPPERY WIZARD PLAYING APEX0:33100.00%
46.Canada Kombowz92:13:04:09GONNA SWITCH IT UP ON EM - Super Mario Bro U Deluxe Gameplay3:30:33100.00%
47.Canada PlayingBoardGames92:02:08:12LEGENDARY: MARVEL | Maria Hill | SOLO #3423:51
48.Canada BlueAnkylo91:22:04:2719. Let's Play Wargroove - Here Be Monsters49:56100.00%
49.Canada DaSquad Gaming90:03:44:52Battle Royale Gameplay // Ring of Elysium1:34:17100.00%
50.Canada BlueInferno89:06:55:06Apex Legends, Crushing it on Sunday1:24:46100.00%
51.Canada Kate LovelyMomo88:23:12:48Meow Box [February 2019] with Northernlion - Legendary Tomo Video15:5299.17%
52.Canada Papa Jake87:21:22:0224 Hour PAUSE CHALLENGE! Coke And Mentos Prank (REVENGE)14:4397.03%
53.Canada MegaHarv86:03:15:13Fire Pro Wrestling LIVESTREAM - Viewer CAW CPU vs CPU 03/10/20193:39:29100.00%
54.Canada DFuxa Plays84:05:04:13DFuxa Showcases - Moss Destruction24:10100.00%
55.Canada SoyBomb84:03:54:52DRAWING MY CAT | Drawing SoyCat | Art Alive with Soy!10:35100.00%
56.Canada Toxic Timewaster (Ryan123220)84:01:41:21[8] Moving Into Vegetable Production | Rise Of Industry39:0392.11%
57.Canada Defying Films82:21:18:40N8 is a CS:GO Pro3:21
58.Canada Code Channel81:21:45:44Dissidia FFNT (Gauntlet Mode) -- Story Trial V28:47
59.Canada Sophie Breca80:20:24:42► Shadow of the Tomb Raider ◄ EXTRA-LIFE: 01- Cozumel | Sophie Breca LIVE3:30:2199.45%
60.Canada mrsmee3080:15:13:41Many Shenanigans and FUN!(Mar 8/2019)3:35:22
61.Canada Blazing Glaceon80:12:50:45OFF (Semi-blind) ~ Day Four1:36:05
62.Canada HesitatedCobra80:05:12:02Kingdom Hearts 3 Blind Live Stream Part 133:59:31100.00%
63.Canada Team Ryan80:03:54:52I'm leaving YouTube after 8 Years..1:03:0294.52%
64.Canada The Canadian Ginger79:20:21:36(Aqua) RADIANT GARDEN | Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix #1424:38
65.Canada Mark Liotta79:17:05:18Nighttime Wheel Of Fortune Season 1 Tournament Of Champions23:16100.00%
66.Canada mrAverageJack77:13:44:17Mustardio - Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions Pt. 83:32:39
67.Canada GameEdged76:09:12:16Wagon Fleet | Outlaws of the Old West Gameplay | S1 EP929:22100.00%
68.Canada OmniToXiC76:04:50:08♌♛☢🔴Grinding🔴☢♛♌ (✅✅)5:39:33
69.Canada BurningDogFace75:15:30:15Let's Both Play Resident Evil 5 039 - Into the Sunset19:14100.00%
70.Canada Shizblacka75:03:11:03Halo 5: Guardians - Part 2 (FINALE) (Xbox One X)2:03:22100.00%
71.Canada Angry Gaming73:13:19:22Modern Warfare Remaster "Gaming with friends" 063:08:09
72.Canada Dzaran73:04:20:41Kirby's Adventure Part 2 - Ice Cream Island24:13100.00%
73.Canada Daryl Marcelino72:22:44:11Darmar88 Plays Ragnarok Online Mobile Exploring Payon Cave Hunting Munak, and Bongun1:34:15
74.Canada Scythe Plays72:19:52:36GIANT KING CRAB! 🤺 Scythe Plays Dark Souls 3 #0539:0386.96%
75.Canada Ultimatefighter34372:08:25:24Decisive Battle II (Boost) Super Extended - OCTOPATH TRAVELER Arrangements -Break & Boost-1:03:04100.00%
76.Canada SonKnuckLP72:06:23:45Let's Play Billy Hatcher and The Giant Egg - Part 14 & Finale - ALL OF IT... For Nothing!29:22100.00%
77.Canada MALICEDOLL7972:05:14:52THE DIVISION 2 PART 155:10100.00%
78.Canada XenoSlayerConvoy72:01:58:37WWE 2K19 Total Divas MegaShow S01 E08 (Universe Mode PS4)(Reno, Navada)42:03100.00%
79.Canada Game Boomers71:16:00:51Octopath Traveler #54 -- Dev's Beard! -- Game Boomers27:59
80.Canada The NyanCave71:09:43:24【 PERSONA 4 GOLDEN 】 My Little Yuki CAN'T Be This CUTE! | BLIND Gameplay Walkthrough | Part 32:07:14100.00%
81.Canada santa963271:07:28:35Lets Play The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine Part 2255:26
82.Canada Nuddweiser 1171:07:05:35OFFICIAL MORTAL KOMBAT 11 REVEAL TRAILER😱2:2598.44%
83.Canada Whoop71:05:36:15APEX (SEASON PASS) *WAITING ROOM* - LIVESTREAM2:08:26100.00%
84.Canada Krendar's Adventures70:13:01:00Mushroom 11 Ep1 - Glorping My Way Around26:16100.00%
85.Canada Kenny The Neokid70:07:44:44Super Smash Bros Smashing3:29:09100.00%
86.Canada RLYoshi69:15:25:57[Highlight Reel] Dead By Daylight (Ep 1-36)42:58100.00%
87.Canada cHiLLs - Daily Early Access Games!68:21:17:28cHiLLcraft Vanilla Server Minecraft 1.13.1 Ep. 11 "Finished Sheep Farm & New Chicken Cooker!!" PC1:15:32100.00%
88.Canada TheMaster900068:20:12:30Trials Rising Creating An UnRavel Track BuildStream 54:38:13100.00%
89.Canada savjazz2167:20:02:55The Division 2: NoobAgent Level Up Grind Yall! #13:49:05100.00%
90.Canada MacGhriogair67:10:42:01The Font Of Summer, Bonuses For All Of Our Citizens - Let's Play Stonehearth ACE Mod Gameplay Ep 131:14:52100.00%
91.Canada Materwelonz66:18:33:16Let's Play Red Dead Redemption 2 Part 55 - American Fathers [Blind PS4 Gameplay]41:3596.72%
92.Canada Luckless Lovelocks66:01:57:28Pandora's Maiden Voyage - Sunless Skies Part 19 - Full Release Let's Play Blind Gameplay [1440p]1:08:47100.00%
93.Canada BabaYetu64:13:45:37Civ 5 Game 172: Russia 64:23:2687.10%
94.Canada Kane Hart - Let's Plays64:04:45:11RuneScape 2019 - Part 2 - Getting Started & The Blood Pact Quest24:31100.00%
95.Canada TheNorthernAlex63:10:02:32Euro Truck Simulator 2 | Achievement Hunting Online on TruckersMP |Stream from 03/11/195:04:2994.81%
96.Canada mikelat63:06:47:24Let's Play Plutonia 2 - Part 18 [COOP & BRUTALITY DOOM]26:08100.00%
97.Canada Nimious Plays62:14:29:43Forget High Pity Rates... Never Stop Believing in 5⭐ Pulls! (✯◡✯) | FEH Summons 【Fire Emblem Heroes】57:3190.48%
98.Canada CBC News62:12:41:03Six members of one Brampton family among those killed in Ethiopian Airlines crash5:5088.97%
99.Canada Vujo Gaming62:09:50:50Crusader Kings II Game of Thrones - Daemon Blackfyre #4 - The New Lords23:3480.00%
100.Canada Mavsyyy62:05:36:13SUPER EPIC CHAMBA COMEBACK | MOBILE LEGENDS17:4399.65%