Top 100 Channels From Canada With The Longest Duration

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from Canada based on the highest total video duration on their channel. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelDurationLatest Video
1.Canada Mojo's World365:01:46:22S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Role Play / Billy Rising / StalkerZ Hardcore Survival Footage6:51:04
2.Canada BanAnERpH0N3346:17:45:53Really Want To Beat Mafia 2 PS4 Part 4 Twitch Stream3:17:31
3.Canada Typical Gamer329:10:42:40🔴LIVE! Typical Gamer PLAYS New FORTNITE Update then WARZONE!6:27:01
4.Canada DanQ8000322:23:57:01Kena: Bridge Of Spirits - Gameplay Walkthrough - Part 3 - "Toshi" (Ending)3:22:38
5.Canada ★WishingTikal★305:17:44:35Lost in Random Walkthrough Part 6 (PS4) No Commentary1:49:50
6.Canada Space Duck279:19:22:09When Kokomi Confronts Barbara!0:41
7.Canada Guillaume Brien279:04:30:31Roblox Flat Terrain - The Apparition3:41
8.Canada Merlinskeeper278:07:45:05Kingdoms Reborn: Another Kingdom to be built5:58:31
9.Canada ARavingLoon260:12:05:08Final Fantasy III Pixel Remaster - 14:36:40
10.Canada Ronin Jeremy249:10:26:42Last Stream for a few months Let's finish DOS 2 EUO +1 , Conflux.7:18:07
11.Canada Mike Tessier242:15:36:06TALES OF ARISE - PARTIE 20 - MODE DIFFICILE - FARM -6:47
12.Canada MonsterMatt Gaming232:22:35:44Summoning Monsters From Cards? No, It's Not Yu-Gi-Oh! | Lost Kingdoms | Gamecube |5:35:40
13.Canada Meghan Yeah222:20:12:55Fallout 4 - Ultra Modded Playthrough: 65+ Mods4:08:14
14.Canada STUPCAT YT222:13:44:59CREATOR'S SHOWCASE15:24
15.Canada Hesitated Cobra Gaming218:14:33:43Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Live Stream Online Races Part 562:10:14
16.Canada The NyanCave212:15:33:58【 NINTENDO DIRECT - SEPTEMBER 2021 】 Live Reaction Commentary Co-Stream Stream2:08:22
17.Canada The Hidden Object Guru211:22:26:42Golf Club Wasteland is a Meditation on the Climate Apocalypse25:54
18.Canada Blitzwinger209:18:42:44THIS LEGO GAME NEEDS A SEQUEL!3:06:31
19.Canada JaydeXMicky201:03:43:46Let's Play Tales Of Vesperia Defintive Edition Part 2 Is this the smartest idea you have?16:26
20.Canada MegaHarv200:11:25:51Undertale Fangame - Ink Sans Phase 3 Stage 2 Clear #shorts1:00
21.Canada Newfie Bangaa197:02:43:59I'm Streaming Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Randomizer! Link in Description0:16
22.Canada RjC84 Gaming195:02:40:37VALHEIM HEARTH AND HOME5:40:42
23.Canada gamedropswithpops gaming194:09:42:09Let's Play a Super Awesome #indiegame Kena: Bridge of Spirits Pt 152:58
24.Canada BumpyMcSquigums191:08:54:14Let's Play Ys VIII Lacrimosa Of DANA - Part 105 - She's Evil But Not Evil?!35:37
25.Canada ChristopherOdd190:11:37:00SURPRISINGLY, IT COULD HAVE BEEN WORSE // XCOM 2 WOTC 2021 MODDED // Part 46 // COVERT INFILTRATION2:03:23
26.Canada Kever M.190:05:48:54Super Smash Bros Ultimate Live Stream Online Matches Part 188 2 More Days till Tournament Weekend3:45:43
27.Canada Were1974180:20:43:41Grandia Extreme (PLAYSTATION 2) Part 77 AFTERWARDS VORTEX CORRIDOR 15 To 2057:16
28.Canada The Astropath180:11:37:45Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages (Replay) (Part 1)3:07:57
29.Canada 420 GAMING179:07:52:37420 GAMING - WoW - 420 GAMING - Time to go full ree ree!!5:30:01
30.Canada Shizzy Hollywood174:18:42:21Lost Judgment - Part 12:53:46
31.Canada Shadow of Neo173:06:06:44No Man's Sky - Fear Inoculum55:48
32.Canada cabooble171:05:20:52Vanilla Factorio Megabase - 303,400 satellites launched!3:47
33.Canada DryBones271168:07:42:25The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword Ep 3526:14
34.Canada Kenny The Neokid165:10:46:29Slow climb is still a climb? (Monster Hunter Stories 2)4:50:33
35.Canada Code Channel165:10:06:33Metallic Child (First Playthru) Ep.3 -- Ice Cold Killa3:05:30
36.Canada UnoriginallyChrisLPs164:10:27:14I Gave Them Too Much Power... #shorts0:57
37.Canada Rubhen925160:16:44:32Death Stranding Director's Cut - PS5 4K HDR 60FPS Gameplay20:03
38.Canada FrAvatar158:12:16:15Warframe ep199 - Zephyr & Equinox Prime, Lich Hunting. - [Gameplay][PC]1:12:44
39.Canada TetraNinja157:17:09:11Life Is Strange True Colors Gameplay Walkthrough Part 4 - LARP1:01:25
40.Canada CoolGunner156:18:16:00HIVE MINIGAMES LIVE! | Playing With Subs | Minecraft PE (Win10/Xbox/PS4/Switch) !Discord1:49:19
41.Canada SoyBomb156:14:23:07WarioWare: Get It Together (Nintendo Switch) - Part 2 | SoyBomb LIVE!2:24:05
42.Canada CbassPlays155:07:30:00[LIVE] THE NUMBERS REVEALED | COD Warzone Season 5 Reloaded | PS4 PlayStation43:40:21
43.Canada Jon Sa-Hali155:04:57:28Call of Duty Cold War ZOMBIES! ×LIVE On PlayStation 5×! Mauer Der Toten High Rounds! Part 2!6:28:43
44.Canada Dota 2 Top MMR Ranked Full Gameplay153:20:50:32Dota 2 Storm Spirit 6892 MMR 26/8/16 (Kills/Deaths/Assists) Ranked Full Gameplay1:02:07
45.Canada GameEdged152:06:16:40Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland Survival | Sheltered 2 Gameplay | First look38:38
46.Canada SuperMrAmazingPants150:19:58:10Summoners War Special 1v1 Siege Tournament May 25 2021 Guild TeamRaid5Star Vs Death Watch Day 13:17:50
47.Canada xxDrAiNxx150:04:12:49Sea of Thieves: Season Four with DrAiN1:43:30
48.Canada KingRoflLobster149:11:55:27S6E4 - Zelphis and I crawl about pipes - Aliens Fireteam Elite2:05:49
49.Canada YouAlwaysWin148:03:13:16FELSENNEST - HITLER'S HEADQUARTERS (Call of Duty Zombies)20:45
50.Canada jayvz1148:01:06:24Pool of Sapphire Grace (fish Pond) in Serenitea Pot | Genshin Impact1:38
51.Canada SimplyPressStart147:23:48:45Let's Play: My Time at Portia - Ep. 16 - Haunted Cave?2:21:59
52.Canada vanstreetbattle147:22:40:19Bashfest 2020 Smash 64 Round Robin BIGW33D420 VS Roshi12:35
53.Canada Spyrokid147:08:08:12TY the Tasmanian Tiger_202109221256290:30
54.Canada BoomBeatle3147:05:06:53Pokemon Unite - Road To 1k Snorlax Wins - Mobile Has Been Released- !patchnotes7:14:24
55.Canada Xechis146:17:06:14Black Ops 4 | Ice Cream And Chicken Wraps Are Life | Playing With Subs !member6:31:03
56.Canada Youbitubical TV146:01:47:03Larry Chang Mature Audience PS5 Gameplay #Larry #Chang #Giveaway Episode#3647:43
57.Canada Vals NoisyToys145:00:49:49Today's SQUIRREL - Rambling & Building in All of Fabric 3 :: 05Aug21 ✅2:44:38
58.Canada PlayingBoardGames144:23:02:37Our 3 Favourite Investigator and Event Pairs | ARKHAM HORROR: THE CARD GAME16:24
59.Canada MWG Studios143:09:28:21Can You Be TOO Warhammer Immersive? | Dirty Harry - Warhammer 40k Expendables Season 2 - Game 31:15:16
60.Canada TimeTravelAstronaut143:04:25:50Let's Play Lufia 2: Part 2321:05
61.Canada Matthia Gryffine142:00:39:03Let's Play Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers - Episode 208: In Bloom (The Rising 2021)30:52
62.Canada Jorf139:05:16:49Magic Ball / Out Of This World for Enterprise 64 Full Playthrough1:33:30
63.Canada gameface138:11:29:01Planet Coaster: Everyland Wonderpark (troubled waters)2:39:43
64.Canada Grimpen Gaming137:20:09:59Streets of Rage + Cooking Mama + Scribblenauts - This Week In Gaming History1:58:46
65.Canada Silver Dragon Gaming137:07:33:01X4: Cradle Of Humanity Part 52:31:52
66.Canada Loopy Longplays137:01:05:42Stardew Valley - Relaxing Longplay Summer (No Commentary)8:18:43
67.Canada taelios streams136:11:08:46Taeliosrune35:19
68.Canada Game Boomers136:03:03:02Subnautica #181:18:36
69.Canada santa9632135:20:46:14Lets Play World of Warcraft (WoW-Mania) Part 42 or Brewfest35:50
70.Canada BlueInferno135:09:47:49[CAN] Centurion Testing time part 444:03
71.Canada Blind135:02:58:42Dwarf Fortress - Steam News - Desert Gameplay (First Look)12:37
72.Canada Indigodye133:04:42:10What not to do... How to suck... How do die like a boss... Pick One!1:02:03
73.Canada Blazing Glaceon132:19:28:38Axiom Verge 2 (Blind) ~ Day Two4:24:18
74.Canada Day Dreamin Dave132:12:10:31Story of Seasons (Game Trial)3:01:59
75.Canada BaseTradeTV Archives132:08:59:51The Last Video3:45
76.Canada Toronto TopTiers130:14:27:41Cyber Stun City 77 09/20/2021: Tekken 7 Online Steam Tournament3:36:54
77.Canada mrJuck128:09:17:57seeing what's up with Leon - Pokemon Shield [Crown Tundra] Pt. 212:15:29
78.Canada Conman167128:08:12:24Temporary Solution: WWE 2K Conman Universe Mode |Season 2 Ep: 65|2:26:33
79.Canada SSBMontreal128:08:00:30SL Ultimate #66 - Polar (Diddy Kong) vs HandballNat (ROB) - Grand Finals37:20
80.Canada Fiendzy128:04:03:29Twitchy Doom Madness [ RAMP ] session 132:42:02
81.Canada Mah-Dry-Bread - Gameplay & Streams!127:12:52:38MDB's Birthday Stream 2021🎂🎉🎁2:08:34
82.Canada Upshall127:03:14:40This Controller Upgrade Gave me PRO BUILDS AND AIM (Fortnite Tips and Tricks)17:27
83.Canada Bonemasher126:09:03:18Coming Together - 3D Dot Game Heroes Part 34:00:37
84.Canada Niveau Suivant126:03:12:56Gitaroo Man - Le stream à MaD - 16 septembre 20211:57:20
85.Canada Riverrain123126:02:59:34Hive Skywars With My Favorite High Res PvP Pack!1:05:15
86.Canada CrypticFox125:20:30:06On the Brink of Starvation - State of Decay 2 Homecoming3:01:34
87.Canada BlueAnkylo125:19:47:559. Let's Play Star Tropics - Chapter 733:54
88.Canada BILLSTMAXX125:02:55:19Bill Question and answer #26 billqa@yahoo.com14:15
89.Canada Luckless Lovelocks124:17:43:40Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Part 10 // Ley Line Witch // Evil Let's Play Playthrough1:08:40
90.Canada spanishdude124:16:22:59Sony Exclusive's Reactions11:00
91.Canada 39daph vods124:15:36:3839daph Plays GTA IV: Part 51:01:23
92.Canada AcousticHarmonia124:02:52:40SPAMTON, W1LD PR1ZES, HOTSINGLE, 100 CUSTOMER - Part 11 -💚Deltarune [PC]31:09
93.Canada Eric Barkman123:18:48:43Eric Plays Episode 1132: Animal Crossing Part 3573:12:32
94.Canada ShinoSeven Let's Play123:18:17:57Let's Play Kena: Bridge of Spirits [Expert] | Episode 6 | ShinoSeven36:11
95.Canada Paulie Esther123:15:57:59Dead By Daylight| Stream highlights! Silly Zombie REALLY likes his Spirit pillow...12:15
96.Canada CptCanada123:08:14:56X-Plane 11 LIVE | Enhanced Skyscapes *FIRST LOOK* | Toliss A319 | Juneau to Seattle4:03:59
97.Canada ChaseTheBro123:03:25:32Dark Souls 3: Invading The Same Squad Multiple Times!13:44
98.Canada N8TheGr8N8121:20:48:02CoD Vanguard Open Beta! (PS4)1:09:29
99.Canada Jet Sunstrider121:04:10:50Halo MMC Campaign w/ Jet Sun Part 5: Livetsream Archive1:41:42
100.Canada XenoSupremeCanadian120:22:48:39Bus Simulator 21 Episode 13 (OC Transpo Edition)(Route 2)38:53