Top 100 Channels From Canada With The Most Views

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from Canada based on the most views on their videos. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelViewsLatest VideoLiked
1.Canada SIS vs BRO3,119,181,073Shopping for Our Baby Sister Challenge!!!24:5696.82%
2.Canada JoBlo Movie Trailers2,421,523,014THE HUMMINGBIRD PROJECT Trailer (2019) Drama Movie HD2:4895.91%
3.Canada Linus Tech Tips2,366,646,312Can We Fix It?21:4497.19%
4.Canada Typical Gamer1,978,843,410NEW Ice Queen & Ice Storm Challenges! *Pro Fortnite Player* // 1900 Wins // Fortnite Live Gameplay4:52:5097.65%
5.Canada AzzyLand1,268,183,450Things Found in Thrift Stores THAT MADE LUCKY PEOPLE RICH10:0899.02%
6.Canada GunVsGun1,658,333,234BIG BAD ZOMBIE NERF GUNS!!5:3690.21%
7.Canada Blitzwinger1,556,228,685LEGO Harry Potter - Part 15 - Year 3! (Years 1-4 Gameplay Walkthrough)19:4898.48%
8.Canada YouAlwaysWin1,387,983,561THE "AMAZING" CHALLENGE MAP (Call of Duty Custom Zombies Map)23:3898.34%
9.Canada ExplodingTNT1,318,067,323Minecraft Players THEN vs. Minecraft Players NOW10:3297.36%
10.Canada Papa Jake1,245,584,495BIGFOOT CAPTURED & EXPOSED!! Advanced Spy Trap Gadgets (Sasquatch)13:0297.67%
11.Canada FaZe Rain1,002,539,143INSANE NO SCOPE ACROSS TILTED TOWERS (255m)10:0798.11%
12.Canada Kripparrian727,939,570124 Two-Drops And THIS HAPPENS?! - Rastakhan’s Rumble Hearthstone16:1396.07%
13.Canada MattShea700,641,058Breaking Bad: THE GAME (Family Man)18:2099.28%
14.Canada ronaldOMG525,349,076New Scoped Revolver Gameplay!17:1093.08%
15.Canada CBGames679,880,176KIRBY DEVIENT UNE BOULE REMPLIE DE VIRUS !21:0897.30%
16.Canada TheSmithPlays638,332,7466 LOCATIONS IN FORTNITE THAT WILL BE REMOVED IN 2019!11:3395.04%
17.Canada OpTic Pamaj552,523,816FaZe Pamaj Accepts 1v1 against a trashtalker....24:1797.58%
18.Canada SpeirsTheAmazingHD594,153,897MY NEIGHBOR IS WATCHING ME - Who Is This Man19:0299.15%
19.Canada SLAPTrain520,217,044The Grand Tour Game - EP2 Hammond Crash Scene in GAME...11:4798.28%
20.Canada Redmercy510,691,149NEW CRIT ITEM CHANGES ARE THE WORST I'VE SEEN! Riot Is Destroying ADCs - League of Legends12:1294.26%
21.Canada Draegast503,531,504Hacking Into A Heavily Guarded Mansion Fortress - The Largest Mansion Yet! - Thief Simulator20:2798.78%
22.Canada VintageBeef481,690,261Minecraft VintageCraft Season 2 - EP18 - Shop Open And Pet Theft! (Gameplay Video)31:0699.56%
23.Canada BassBoosterz426,236,146MCTR - BLACK [Bass Boosted]3:4297.40%
24.Canada SMii7Y484,766,802Mini Golf Sitcom! - Golf it10:4999.73%
25.Canada Troydan443,022,029NBA 2K19 Undercover Draft23:3399.06%
26.Canada TheSportster468,638,25910 Facts The WWE Won't Tell Us About Their Women's Roster10:1992.21%
27.Canada ZaziNombies LEGO Creations408,215,013LEGO Scottish Resistance - Team Fortress 24:1498.21%
28.Canada CarbotAnimations391,766,008DiabLoL 1 Ep 3 "Scapegoat"2:1998.13%
29.Canada MrTLexify385,951,124Why Black Ops 4 Zombies has Failed40:0396.25%
30.Canada AR12Gaming386,182,818Forza Horizon 4 : MITSUBISHI IS BACK!! (Mitsubishi Customization & Gameplay)16:1498.55%
31.Canada TGN341,349,625Overwatch - 1 TIP For EVERY Hero on ILIOS17:5498.23%
32.Canada Gloom375,449,893RECREATING THE FUNNIEST TIK TOK MEMES5:2098.67%
33.Canada the Hacksmith341,483,051We Made the Buggy from PUBG Mobile! (Vikendi in Real Life!)12:0197.35%
34.Canada TheCampingRusher - Fortnite355,401,683*NEW* Fortnite Update! | Double Pump Info, Next Event, New Weapon!10:1497.75%
35.Canada Shroud322,027,333so I messed up.14:1698.20%
36.Canada SpyCakes348,771,193POLICE PATROL RESULTS IN CITY BATTLE! - Brick Rigs Multiplayer Gameplay - Fan Session!20:2697.54%
37.Canada Kibitz and The Captain289,298,904CUTTING OFF THE MINECON WRIST BAND!5:2782.05%
38.Canada TGN Minecraft289,193,175TOP MINECRAFT HACKER SONGS! BEST MINECRAFT ANIMATIONS 201913:2595.12%
39.Canada Nabil 'Aiekillu' Lahrech264,287,438J'ai reçu un colis mystère...13:3598.24%
40.Canada Nick Pro248,100,109Stunts From Broly In Real Life (Dragon Ball Super)6:5896.98%
41.Canada ★WishingTikal★259,305,483Tales of Vesperia Walkthrough Part 6 (PS4, XB1, Switch) No commentary | English ♫♪1:04:55100.00%
42.Canada Pants are Dragon250,054,989UPCOMING CRIT ITEM CHANGES REVEALED!? FUTURE OF ADCS MIGHT BE RUINED | League of Legends10:2192.73%
43.Canada Fortnite Focus129,621,386ALL Season 7 Double Pump Clips While It Lasted...12:3797.93%
44.Canada ItsYeBoi247,987,3511 Point = $1 DOLLAR ($1000 MINI BASKETBALL ARCADE CHALLENGE!!)22:3999.17%
45.Canada Nick Eh 30265,287,512My chat told me to get a 20 kill game so I did...KIND OF! 😅16:0298.45%
46.Canada yoyomax12 - the diet free zone234,552,311January 2019 Munchpak and Chat :)43:5695.41%
47.Canada TDBarrett240,147,675I Transferred to a Top 25 School... NCAA 14 Road To Glory #426:1997.91%
48.Canada HardwareCanucks225,563,318Why AMD Ryzen 3rd Gen & Zen 2 Should Get You VERY Excited!7:5696.84%
49.Canada Skallagrim211,470,567Injury, Changes, Patreon, and the Future of the Channel9:5698.50%
50.Canada TrillPhonk263,956,844$UAVI GUALLA x LIL LOWLIFE - ALL NEW SWAG!1:5186.57%
51.Canada Will Power204,959,637Will Power - Best of 201858:5698.40%
52.Canada MrFudgeMonkeyz188,416,482BALDI'S BASICS VS Herobrine - Funny Minecraft Animations12:2296.60%
53.Canada ZephPlayz197,566,615Don't Say ANYTHING To Win 10,000 ROBUX (Roblox)12:2096.99%
54.Canada Hub Cinema173,267,329ROUXLS, that was really EASY!10:4897.14%
55.Canada ChristopherOdd187,784,8192 Missions 1 Frost Bomb - XCOM 2 War of The Chosen Part 23 Modded Legend1:00:4299.43%
56.Canada daretobestupidshow174,476,080Big Bird Box3:3794.94%
57.Canada wbangca169,299,997THING Unlocked from Fantastic Four | Marvel: Future Fight7:19100.00%
58.Canada DanQ8000172,770,721NBA 2K19 - My Career - Let's Play - Part 63 - "Nearing All-Star Voting Completion" | DanQ80001:06:0096.34%
59.Canada Fortnite Animal22,914,036SYPHERPK BEST FORTNITE GAME OF ALL TIME22:0790.56%
60.Canada JoBlo TV Show Trailers160,025,822BLACK EARTH RISING Official Trailer (HD) Michaela Coel, John Goodman Series2:1778.57%
61.Canada Agent 00135,398,282nba 2k19 has passed the point of no return...9:2598.69%
62.Canada Disguised Toast161,815,282TRICKING MY OPPONENT INTO CONCEDING! | Mecha'thun BluffLock | Rastakhan's Rumble | Hearthstone10:1297.92%
63.Canada Gam1ngNinja158,844,994VELOCIRAPTOR - Jurassic World The Game Vs Jurassic World Alive Vs Jurassic Park Builder11:0097.01%
64.Canada SomeOrdinaryGamers166,254,230THIS WEBSITE "BROKE" ME...39:5498.43%
65.Canada DooM49154,679,055Battlefield V New Update Got me Seeing Sound11:3196.36%
66.Canada Double154,063,997HOW TO BE BREAD - I Am Bread Funny Moments19:4698.64%
67.Canada TheReviewSpot146,250,732TOY SPOT | NECA The Predator Target Exclusive Thermal Vision Fugitive Predator Figure15:5098.88%
68.Canada GreenGoblinHD151,973,332BO4 1.11 PATCH NOTES! NEW UPDATES COD BLACK OPS 4 1.11 PATCH NOTES PS4/XBOX ONE/PC!10:4398.44%
69.Canada ToProForuGames - Atom144,991,04610 Things PRO PLAYERS Do in Blackout ~ Black Ops 4 Blackout10:3892.13%
70.Canada theScore esports162,867,029The Story of Tokido32:0599.28%
71.Canada DeoxysPrime133,677,067Luckycast! Episode 34 - 2018 Year in Review4:10:1790.00%
72.Canada 2BCProductions2BC138,238,675Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown Campaign ep. 126:1298.62%
73.Canada Anthomnia144,939,402THE RULES OF COMBAT CHANGED! - The Isle - Type-H Monsters Are Evolving, Incoming Update! - Gameplay37:0997.49%
74.Canada miniwargaming127,635,753Outriders - Yogvir and Tor Ep 9 - Age of Sigmar Narrative Campaign37:3497.48%
75.Canada TwiistedPandora136,329,696HOW TO GET THE POWER GLOVES!! (Roblox POWERS EVENT 2019 - Pirate Simulator)6:2196.89%
76.Canada DjEphixa127,477,887Ephixa - Dreamstate [Future house]3:1999.39%
78.Canada PaperBatVG122,871,602PBat Live: Weekly Highlights - Valentines (WEEK 7)43:3284.83%
79.Canada Steelorse122,133,371On marchande pour un trésor! | DÉFIS MC ULTIMATE | #1131:1899.21%
80.Canada ProHighlights105,475,608TOP 50 MOST VIEWED CLOAK FORTNITE TWITCH CLIPS OF 201820:0097.60%
81.Canada annapantsu105,012,883Escapism (Steven Universe) 【covered by Anna】1:1399.06%
82.Canada Caboose100,670,826Spider-Man: Far From Home - TRAILER REACTION!7:3195.27%
83.Canada Fortnite Rare121,066,263Tfue Reacts To "HUNTING RIFLE" *BUFFED* & "MINI SHIELDS" *NERFED* In Fortnite! (Fortnite Moments)10:4692.05%
84.Canada EricVanWilderman111,179,294I EAT GODS FOR BREAKFAST // Geometry Dash GOD EATER by Knobbelboy (Practice Mode)14:1298.65%
85.Canada ScereBro PSNU116,241,482Alexios vs Kassadra's Baby (Comparison) - Assassin's Creed Odyssey15:1396.85%
86.Canada Woofless104,605,860This SEXUAL HEALING lesson is beyond CRINGE.8:5092.78%
87.Canada ClementJ64102,786,850Let's Play Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice! (Extra)11:2598.67%
88.Canada YoutubableHD112,308,997Kid Sings Baby Shark For Fake Girl on Fortnite5:0288.74%
89.Canada Vegan Gains102,444,102Jasmin's Streaming Zelda Breath of the Wild!0:2562.79%
90.Canada Aculite101,602,158Trusty Revolver! - Battlefield V + Giveaway12:0699.30%
92.Canada IFHT Films96,525,665How to Buy a Mountain Bike5:2599.39%
93.Canada Samara Redway101,955,193Fortnite ICE STORM Event HAPPENING NOW! (LIVE)1:30:5398.10%
94.Canada Solo Feed93,902,313This is... Iron IV10:1888.09%
95.Canada War3Star107,814,299C&C Rivals | 10 Tips For Every New Player7:1080.65%
97.Canada Jethrotex91,944,383Evolution Of Rayquaza35:0691.70%
98.Canada VarsityGaming77,810,463Copper To Diamond: Complete Destruction - Rainbow Six Siege18:4999.03%
99.Canada Fortnite Best Moments45,328,889Ninja ADMITS He's NEVER Got Anyone BANNED and Needs Your Help After LOSING Fans!10:1494.73%
100.Canada nKuch82,454,977Sniping With The Izanagi's Burden! Destiny 2 Crucible Highlights!10:1697.97%