Top 100 Channels From Canada With The Most Views

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from Canada based on the most views on their videos. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelViewsLatest VideoLiked
1.Canada SIS vs BRO3,431,183,420Our Baby Sister is Finally Here!!!!!!12:5497.93%
2.Canada Linus Tech Tips2,539,693,868Does having a good camera matter?? - Pro vs Amateur CHALLENGE38:0997.20%
3.Canada AzzyLand2,522,717,811Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Survival Skill w/ Gloom13:4897.89%
4.Canada JoBlo Movie Trailers2,474,757,853THE WITCHER Trailer (2020) Henry Cavill Netflix Fantasy Series2:0996.44%
5.Canada Typical Gamer2,073,811,667ROBOT vs MONSTER EVENT is HAPPENING NOW!! (Fortnite Battle Royale)1:17:2897.15%
6.Canada GunVsGun1,604,596,799NERF GUN WAR 10 | NERF Fortnite BLASTERS10:0493.36%
7.Canada Blitzwinger1,554,028,360YOLOCRAFT WE ARE LOST? Episode 4 | Season 829:4699.11%
9.Canada YouAlwaysWin1,353,679,081ZOMBIE SUBURBS (Call of Duty Custom Zombies)32:2799.00%
10.Canada ExplodingTNT1,352,018,546If Minecraft Had Voice Chat10:0698.20%
11.Canada Papa Jake1,280,956,084Real Life MINECRAFT Box Fort! 24 Hour Challenge DAY 7 - Building A Nether Portal21:5998.68%
12.Canada FaZe Rain921,699,612Am i toxic for this?11:5198.52%
13.Canada ronaldOMG754,359,076LOOKING FOR A CAT AND FINDING DIAMONDS INSTEAD!!!15:5595.79%
14.Canada MattShea736,149,160I Had 100 Babies in BitLife (DESTROYED by Child Support)18:1199.33%
15.Canada Kripparrian726,254,601NEW RENO + BRANN + ELISE + FINLEY LEGENDARY CARDS! - Saviors of Uldum Card Review - Hearthstone10:5097.81%
16.Canada CBGames669,930,874C'EST L'HEURE DE SAUVER L'UNIVERS ! | Marvel Ultimate Alliance 324:1798.55%
17.Canada TheSmithPlays653,122,430RANKING EVERY GUN WRAP IN FORTNITE (fortnite weapon camos yeet)10:1097.50%
18.Canada SpeirsTheAmazingHD605,373,241I Put a Turbo on My Race Car, and it Blew up - My Summer Car20:2098.89%
19.Canada FaZe Pamaj584,765,594The 1v1 You're all asking about...6:1698.22%
20.Canada CBC News574,961,043U.K. warship warned Iranian military against seizing tanker in recording4:4683.62%
21.Canada SMii7Y566,265,810EXPIRED MILK #9 (Leftover Funny Moments)10:1399.50%
22.Canada SLAPTrain532,319,810FIA European Truck Racing PC - Worth $43?? (First Wheel Impressions)14:5898.60%
23.Canada Drae531,301,324Did Dolores Kill Our Neighbours? - A New 60 Seconds Game - 60 Seconds Reatomized Gameplay36:0198.76%
24.Canada Troydan516,896,394just a regular NBA 2K19 Draft23:0698.82%
25.Canada Redmercy503,752,984Pantheon Rework LEAKED On PBE! Rework Coming SOON! New In-Game Assets - League of Legends2:0590.83%
26.Canada the Hacksmith503,600,399TESLA COIL TURRET! (Apex Legends)23:1497.92%
27.Canada Gloom495,894,173Azzyland Reacts to My Funny Tik Tok Memes10:1699.05%
28.Canada VintageBeef488,749,475Team Canada Plays DIVERSITY 3 - EP28 (Custom Minecraft Map)16:2799.54%
29.Canada SpyCakes468,885,021HUGE TORNADO DESTROYS BRIDGE! - Garry's Mod Gameplay - Gmod Tornado Survival13:0197.93%
30.Canada Shroud458,939,601APEX RANKED IS TOO EASY11:5398.41%
31.Canada Nick Pro448,078,332Spiderman Parkour POV In Real Life (Far From Home)2:0695.08%
32.Canada AR12Gaming430,551,159Forza Horizon 4 : The Hardest Car To Drive!! (Koenigsegg CCX Customization)18:1198.32%
33.Canada TheSportster420,152,74810 Facts The WWE Won't Tell Us About Their Women's Roster10:1992.17%
34.Canada ZaziNombies LEGO Creations410,994,942LEGO Scottish Resistance - Team Fortress 24:1498.13%
35.Canada CarbotAnimations401,702,156Creator Commentary (S1 E1-5) StarCrafts18:2197.81%
36.Canada TheCampingRusher - Fortnite395,635,148*NEW* Fortnite Update! | Early Event Leaks, S10 Skin Styles, RIP Loot Lake!11:4297.29%
37.Canada MrTLexify390,392,984THIS ENDING CUTSCENE WAS WRONG...11:0598.29%
38.Canada TGN350,925,630ANA TIPS for EVERY Overwatch Map from a GM Player29:4298.44%
39.Canada Kibitz and The Captain308,381,068CUTTING OFF THE MINECON WRIST BAND!5:2781.60%
40.Canada Nick Eh 30301,701,965This game mode was removed by Epic Games after 2 hours of it being in Fortnite...10:1297.57%
41.Canada Fortnite Focus294,690,164Tfue PROVED Pump is BEST WEAPON Until This Happens...13:0392.92%
42.Canada TGN Minecraft289,312,754Top Hacker vs PsychoGirl Songs! Best Minecraft Animations (Top Minecraft Songs )15:5092.70%
43.Canada Smike287,368,190Fallout 76: A dilemma (also happy holidays and sorry about not uploading in over a year)4:4896.58%
44.Canada Nabil 'Aiekillu' Lahrech272,486,469J'ai « piloté » une aubergine géante... 🍆11:4397.58%
45.Canada ★WishingTikal★269,923,678Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland Walkthrough Part 34 (PS4, Switch) English1:22:18100.00%
46.Canada Pokimane269,429,832Pokimane gives SURPRISE GIFT to random 12 YR OLD! Fortnite Duo Fill!10:0498.74%
47.Canada TDBarrett267,307,849We Finally Won It! MLB The Show 19 Road To The Show #12028:1997.97%
48.Canada Pants are Dragon256,127,047WE FINALLY DID IT!! - Challenger to RANK 113:3485.23%
49.Canada ItsYeBoi252,647,175I Only Ate Food UNDERWATER For 24 Hours!! *IMPOSSIBLE FOOD CHALLENGE*12:1195.52%
51.Canada yoyomax12 - the diet free zone238,003,483July 2019 Munchpak and Chat54:0195.92%
52.Canada Peter McKinnon237,817,211Silently editing photos on an iPad9:4796.26%
53.Canada HardwareCanucks231,871,171How To Find & FIX Ryzen 3000 Boost Problems10:1797.00%
54.Canada Skallagrim221,234,404The Kailash Mutiny - Most Lively Khukuri I've Handled!12:5099.64%
55.Canada Will Power213,116,761Michael Jackson - Rock With You (Cover by Will Power)8:3798.36%
56.Canada MrFudgeMonkeyz212,142,081Annoying Villagers 38 - Minecraft Animation15:0098.59%
57.Canada TrillPhonk210,838,359LVCID - OUTWEIGH2:3593.15%
58.Canada ZephPlayz210,628,018MAKING MY AREA 51 ALIEN a ROBLOX ACCOUNT10:1794.20%
59.Canada Disguised Toast210,028,203NEW BUFFED AATROX IS OP!? | Teamfight Tactics | TFT | League of Legends Auto Chess29:2695.49%
60.Canada Agent 00203,501,230*NEW* NBA 2K OLYMPICS Game Mode ADDED TO NBA 2K2012:4297.57%
61.Canada Gam1ngNinja200,256,020ALL DINOSAURS Vs ALL DINOSAURS - Jurassic World Evolution Vs Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis26:3795.90%
62.Canada theScore esports198,573,883The Worst Streamer House Ever7:4689.05%
63.Canada ChristopherOdd195,546,236The Villa of Terror - Part 52 - They Are Billions CAMPAIGN MODE Lets Play Gameplay32:1499.56%
64.Canada Hub Cinema186,281,896Muffet NEEDs some MTT Money!10:1597.44%
65.Canada JoBlo TV Show Trailers183,830,364MAYANS M.C. Season 2 Official Trailer (HD) Sons of Anarchy Spinoff1:55100.00%
66.Canada daretobestupidshow182,186,712Rick & Morty Vs Barney The Dinosaur9:5096.97%
67.Canada wbangca179,203,487Battle with Ezekiel Stane | Ep.3 | Iron Man 3: The Official Game6:0792.86%
68.Canada SomeOrdinaryGamers178,471,487About My Sleep Paralysis...8:2599.21%
69.Canada Forky176,033,796worst mailman ever...1:4623.90%
70.Canada DanQ8000175,874,618Star Wars: KotOR 2 (Modded) - Let's Play - Part 20 - "Docks" | DanQ800044:59100.00%
71.Canada Fortnite Rare174,351,846Streamers GET The *NEW* "BREAKPOINT" SKIN BUNDLE In Fortnite! (ANIMATED) Fortnite Moments10:3588.59%
72.Canada Anthomnia157,226,101ALL THINGS AQUATIC START HERE! - Deinosuchus Dev Reveal & Honky Bois - The Isle Gameplay24:1797.17%
73.Canada DooM49156,242,634Top Plays and Toxic Peeks of the Week in Rainbow Six Siege8:0994.57%
74.Canada GreenGoblinHD156,060,624How to Get BETTER at BLACK OPS 4 Tips and Tricks! - How to Get More Kills in COD Black Ops 4!11:5297.93%
75.Canada The Review Spot154,834,041Chronicle Collectibles Fallout Dog Meat 1:6 Scale (Exclusive Version) Statue Review15:26100.00%
76.Canada Double154,139,275HOW TO BE BREAD - I Am Bread Funny Moments19:4698.39%
77.Canada DeoxysPrime149,426,596SM3DW Desert Theme (Maker Ver.) - Super Mario Maker 2 [OST]2:1266.67%
78.Canada ToProForuGames - Atom147,327,937REVELATIONS EASTER EGG IN 2019 🤣☄️1:49:4796.85%
79.Canada ProHighlights144,567,370TOP 50 MOST VIEWED 72HRS FORTNITE TWITCH CLIPS OF 201922:1796.27%
80.Canada TwiistedPandora143,368,212This Flood Escape 2 map has ZERO GRAVITY?! (Roblox)15:5297.46%
81.Canada Im Suda141,581,767if you miss Black Ops 2 watch this video..15:1998.79%
82.Canada 2BCProductions2BC140,776,071F1 2019 - Career ep. 11:01:5998.38%
83.Canada annapantsu134,435,331I’m Still Standing (Sing) 【covered by Anna】3:0999.58%
84.Canada miniwargaming133,096,087Slime in the Machine - Heroes of Harinburg Dungeons and Dragons Season 2 Ep 73:42:2092.00%
85.Canada Brittyy44130,252,200I Went To A Haunted Restaurant.. BEWARE OF TABLE 1317:0299.30%
86.Canada Caboose129,709,633Marvel's Avengers Game - Alternate Suits Confirmed, New Gameplay Details and More!8:1094.23%
87.Canada DjEphixa126,845,178Ephixa & Going Quantum - Let's Roll [Drum & Bass]3:5099.47%
88.Canada MatMicMar126,555,927I GOT BLACKJACK & ALL OTHER NEW ITEMS! (BO4 Supply Drop Opening) NEW WEAPONS! #MatMicMar19:4691.35%
89.Canada Steelorse125,320,875Je vais me faire défoncer par ce jeune homme! ( celui à gauche )14:1898.33%
90.Canada EricVanWilderman124,974,374ALMOST BROKE MY PC // Geometry Dash RECENT Levels (13)14:0898.27%
91.Canada Aculite123,732,289Ranked Apex is Getting Intense!25:1999.03%
92.Canada VarsityGaming118,592,606A Noob Plays His Favorite Operator - Rainbow Six Siege12:2198.66%
93.Canada PaperBatVG117,236,766PBat Live: Weekly Highlights - Valentines (WEEK 7)43:3285.03%
94.Canada ScereBro PSNU115,713,360Assassin's Cree 3 Remastered - Edward Kenway Outfit Gameplay (NO HUD)36:4787.10%
95.Canada DangerouslyFunny109,630,573I Became The Dark Lord And Did THIS in Reventure17:4898.73%
96.Canada Woofless105,825,162I got banned from Rocket League15:3795.73%
97.Canada Vegan Gains105,267,702Carnivore vs Vegan Strong Man2:31:0485.64%
98.Canada ClementJ64104,652,420Clement's Off For Summer Break!4:2398.88%
99.Canada War3Star104,370,270Mega Knight & Sparky! New Troops Attack On Trap VS Troops Series24:4392.49%
100.Canada YoutubableHD102,368,168BEACH DAYS ARE THE BEST DAYS 😎15:1092.47%