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Latest Let's Plays For Baldur's Gate

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
4 days ago BringItDonDreadful Drow Politics - Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition - Shadows of Amn - Let's Play - 7136:1766
5 days agoUnited States The RPG ChickLet's Play Baldur's Gate EE (Blind), Part 181: Duke Eltan37:5918
6 days agoUnited States Alzorath GamingMustard with a Side of Jelly - Baldur's Gate [22] [ Gameplay | cRPG | Sorcerer ]33:0124
2020-07-01United States Travis WhitsittLet's Play Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear Part 6: Starting Chapter 93:26:2935
2020-06-28Greece VlodrilFinale - Let's Play Baldur's Gate 2 Part 7532:517
2020-04-25Germany diechilligengamer🏰 Ein toter Bagalut und ein Alptraum | Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Edition #02518:1213
2020-04-20 KhadBaldur's Gate [Episode 44] Durlag's Tower SUCKS2:46:3211
2020-04-20United States The Laughing SkullsLet's Play Baldur's Gate Coop #4 - Journey to Beregost17:0334
2020-04-17France AvorpalBaldur's Gate : Visite guidée à Bérégost | Let's Play fr #339:51101
2020-04-14United States Gamer_1745Let's Play Baldur's Gate Trilogy Mega Mod Part 485 - Jaheira Cursed!35:53128
2020-04-13United Kingdom AgatheisElf Defence - Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition 033 - Let's Play33:3411
2020-03-28Canada Ronin JeremyBaldurs Gate 2 First Play-through Normal PT 1 Let's give it another shot2:07:4488
2020-03-25Canada ShinoSeven Let's PlayLet's Play Baldur's Gate (Core/Modded) | Episode 143 | ShinoSeven22:146
2020-03-11Malaysia GamerZakhI NEVER played Baldur's Gate 2! ► Classic Infinity Engine RPG Gameplay - [Nostalgiasm]2:31:515,033
2020-03-02 Dr_happyLet's Play Baldur's Gate 2: Throne of Bhaal (Insane Difficulty) with Dr_happy - Episode 4427:553
2020-03-02Ukraine PlayStation Ukraine65. PlayStation Україна LIVE. Baldur's Gate III, ціни PlayStation Plus та Світ Гри Death Stranding1:20:16171
2020-03-01Netherlands lactobacillusprimeMark Plays.... Baldur's Gate - Dark Allience - 1st Cellar Mission (PS2)(1920x1080)(1080p)(PCSX2)30:13115
2020-02-27United States Work To GameBaldur's Gate 3 Game footage Revealed!! | Reaction to Live Let's Play from PAX 20206:291,554
2020-02-02 ManggsLPsMangg Plays Baldur's Gate 2: EE - Part 241:01:3527
2020-01-09New Zealand HazVsRPGBaldurs Gate Full Playthrough PS4 PRO - LONG PLAY: PART 163:48:11467
2020-01-02Germany RafinoffBaldur's Gate | № 95 [Finale] | Playthrough53:0547
2020-01-01United States Jesse CulpBaldurs Gate by Jesse Culp Figuring Out What To Do Next Nighttime Chill1:00:164
2019-12-31Germany WujiGamesFinale Entscheidung ☯ Let's Play Baldur's Gate 2 EE #1291:14:0181
2019-12-22Poland Mivsan_NT[BG2:EE #175] Baldur's Gate Saga SCS Completionist Playthrough - The End of a Saga1:10:242,265
2019-12-08Germany JohnMcCloudInfo: Need Help, bis dahin pausiert: Baldur's Gate II - 100%iger Crash im Tempelbezirk5:37318

Latest Reviews For Baldur's Gate

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-07-02United States ColdBeerThe Way Of Wrath (Beta) REVIEW - Baldur's Gate inspired Indie Game6:471,194
2020-03-06United States pReview'dWell Met, Adventurer | Baldur's Gate 3 Opening Cinematic Reaction11:264,062
2020-03-02Switzerland Lawrence's BeyondBALDUR'S GATE 3 - Official Opening Cinematic REACTION + REVIEW11:361,796
2020-02-27United Kingdom Trusted ReviewsBaldur's Gate 3 Cinematic Trailers6:271,975
2020-02-27United States ACGBaldurs Gate 3 Exclusive Gameplay Impressions and Preview Reveal30:35113,409
2019-11-03United States theMCGuiRE reviewBaldurs Gate Descent into Avernus INFERNAL WAR MACHINE Review11:39297
2019-10-14United Kingdom God is a GeekBaldur's Gate I & II Enhanced Edition review | Nostalgia trip4:30103,838
2019-09-08United States Kras MazovBaldur's Gate Review11:51533
2019-08-21United Kingdom Scubas GamingBaldurs Gate hardest difficulty review4:59368
2019-08-09 Click4GameplayBaldur's Gate 3 - Would Obsidian Entertainment Be a Better Choice?5:273,515
2018-03-17 MrZekeBlowsteinBaldur's Gate Review Bhaalin' (Mister Caption Mirror Re-Upload)43:218,019
2017-01-23Germany MaximBaldurs Gate | Nostalgie Montag [Review]9:15162,231
2016-04-06Romania Romanian TVeeDiscussing Sargons review on baldurs gate20:0710,899
2016-01-20 Dr. JayBaldur's Gate Review | Through the Looking Glass28:3318,384
2014-09-12 christiangeekcentralBaldurs Gate Review For Console Gamers - I LIKE GAMES14:55180
2014-05-16United States CupCodeGamersCupCode Spotlight - Baldurs Gate: Enhanced Edition29:467
2014-02-25United States RetrospectiveGamingBaldur's Gate Review10:5220,954
2013-12-16Netherlands HaasGamingBaldur's Gate (1&2): Enhanced Edition - REVIEW: Why Get Them?9:28280,859
2013-07-09Hungary FilmGamerGameWorld Show 18. - Baldur's Gate I. Enhanced Edition review and presentation39:4493
2013-01-27 The Box SocialBaldur's Gate Enhanced Edition - Video Review [HD] 1080p - PC Gameplay7:3286,167
2012-12-15Germany BadBeard - Videospiele und anderer BlödsinnBaldur's Gate Enhanced Edition Review [Deutsch] [HD]4:42550
2011-07-30United Kingdom DefenderofHyrule(Slightly Different) Winged Review: Baldur's Gate: Dark Allience prt 111:01122