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1.Greece A Ghost Without a Past4,269,540
2. NinjaRyuPL3,295,497
3.Mexico El Fedelobo3,195,733
4.Germany ObitoTube3,096,938
5.Russian Federation CJake33,096,894
6.Argentina Bayonetta Stuff3,051,395
7.United States IGN3,002,509
8.Philippines CreativeHandle2,974,784
9.Japan おついちTube2,853,640
10. Nintendo España2,783,401

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1. dark luigi1,127
2. Aaron Garza472
3.United States Polarity427
4. SAK Gaming371
5.United States PushBlock Smash VoDs355
6.United States Colorado Smash346
7.Mexico Cactusyack Estudios313
8.Argentina Bayonetta Stuff301
9.Chile Comunidad Super Smash Bros. Biobio300
10. UGS Gaming281

Latest Let's Plays For Bayonetta

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2023-11-17Germany a Hat of Media LiveBayonetta @SirPommes zweit Lieblings Spiel? (Full Playthrough) | a Hat of Media live10:09:1315
2023-11-12 MochapandakupoBAYONETTA IS TOO EASY JACKPOT BABY - Bayonetta playthrough part 42:41:0412
2023-11-09 SlightlyIrritatedThesampleman Plays Bayonetta (Part 3) - The Finale1:15:0922
2023-11-08United Kingdom Retro Cheating :DBayonetta (Easiest) One Level Playthrough with no Cheats on the Wii U :D #Bayonetta #WiiU #Nintendo24:3724
2023-10-31United States Lightning FarronBayonetta | Playthrough Part #4 Finale ⚡ Live Stream2:50:45178
2023-10-27Indonesia D'FlayerBayonetta with Photorealistic Ultra Graphics Mod Full Game - Playthrough Gameplay7:35:181,095
2023-10-13Ireland Blood ProductionLet's Play: Bayonetta - Part 51:04:157
2023-10-01United States Modern Classic GamersNintendo Fanboy Plays Bayonetta 2 for the First time!4:40:45153
2023-09-21Germany Süti konzolbirodalmaBehalok! Mi ez a beteg pöcsös/pisilős Junge-szobor kivégzés?! (: | Bayonetta #08 [NSwitch]47:286
2023-09-20Philippines Strider VMBayonetta Blind Playthrough Part 3B42:292
2023-09-07 Dane SerugaBayonetta Platinum Playthrough part 442:402
2023-09-05United States Play Beat DeleteBayonetta: The Witching Hour - Let's Play Epilogue & BONUS Post Credits #firstplaythrough39:5226
2023-09-04United States ARWEI0BAYONETTA || 4 || Virtue of Fortitude19:4751
2023-09-04United States PissedoffKristofBayonetta (PC) THEY CLONING ME !?! #632:10215
2023-08-30 HaeskyLet's play Bayonetta Ep 1116:513
2023-08-23France Plasma CorpLet's Play Bayonetta - Episode 161:01:4315
2023-08-23France Doc_Revoluyattaque ultime du #phoenix de #bayonetta #shorts #youtubeshorts #letsplay #cereza #platinumgames0:159
2023-08-21 JefflezZzIM A BAD WITCH! YOU CANT KILL ME!! - Bayonetta Part 12:51:2115
2023-08-20 The_KingdomKeyBayonetta: Live Let's Play Feel free to stop by and chat🙂1:14:19111
2023-08-20United States MrJacqKingVANQUISH Playthrough Part - 2 - Storming Grand Hill1:07:0416
2023-08-13 D’ron ‘Haars’ HarrisCollision 2023 - Amaryllis (Bayonetta) vs. Whirlpool (R.O.B.)9:5613
2023-08-12United States MegajonMy Friend Plays BAYONETTA For The FIRST TIME Memes & Highlights23:46697
2023-08-11 Justin HamlinLet's Play Bayonetta Part 2517:574
2023-08-10 Project 24Warten auf Gottes Instrument. [Bayonetta] GER / DE Folge # 134:113
2023-08-08 Shinobu Ninfox VOD Ch. ENVtuber[Bayonetta 1] Angels? Check. Guns?. Check. Hot woman with Demon Hair Powers? Yes!!! ~Part 2~5:06:480

Latest Reviews For Bayonetta

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2023-10-17United States SoftwareAgentsHQSpecial Halloween Review | Bayonetta9:2531
2023-09-14United States GHOST PLAYROOMBayonetta l GamePlay l No Commentary l Game Review l Scores: 4.6/5 ⭐️🎮👻👽15:301
2023-08-19United States DManGaming18Is Bayonetta 3 a GOOD GAME!? - Nintendo Switch Review11:0188
2023-08-13Brazil TakanimeO FILME DA BAYONETTA KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK | Bayonetta - Destino Sangrento (review).18:58599
2023-08-12United States Daniel SheppardBayonetta Is Not Straight! - A Video Game Review10:41247
2023-08-11United Kingdom Obsessive Compulsive GamingBAYONETTA ORIGINS: CEREZA AND THE LOST DEMON is amazing! | REVIEW10:5824
2023-08-06United States YouLoveNicktanaWe NEED to Talk About BAYONETTA 3 ... | Review11:36629
2023-08-04United Kingdom Madam Bella CosplaysCereza (Bayonetta) Cereza and the lost Demon - Cosplay Review [Aliexpress]8:01216
2023-07-27Australia RakunxI visited the building where Bayonetta 3 was made.12:461,448
2023-07-22 The 90s DoggoA Bayonetta Review from a Devil May Cry Fan Part 235:40110
2023-07-14 MechaOtakugamerBayonetta origins surprised me so much!! Switch game review11:4820
2023-07-09Mexico VGEzone Live GameplaysReview Bayonetta 3 ENG ¿Can we recommend it? (2/3)0:5958
2023-07-07Viet Nam Rankno1 TVHọc Viện Bá Vương - Nạp 4M Roll Tướng Mới Bayonetta & Nâng Bayonetta 8 Sao Review Test Sức Mạnh35:043,005
2023-06-26Mexico VGEzone Gaming & MoviesAquí te dejamos nuestro Review Bayonetta 3 (4/4) #bayonetta3 #bayonetta #nintendoswitch0:57175
2023-06-20United States Brian SolowBayonetta Origins: Cereza and the lost Demon Review15:5331
2023-06-04Australia HJ ReviewsBayonetta (Gametrailers Review) (PS3/Xbox 360)8:403
2023-05-29Mexico Aby CopBayonetta 3 VALE LA PENA? | Análisis | EL mejor juego de Bayonetta | REVIEW8:30145
2023-05-23Thailand CONSOLE GAMER STATIONBayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon รีวิว [Review] – จุดเริ่มต้น ที่เต็มไปด้วย ความแตกต่าง!9:045,408
2023-05-14United States FLEEKAZOIDbayonetta is so GREAT it lets you be a busty anime woman (feat. JFJ)7:03152,854
2023-05-09Brazil YagoRegisBayonetta - Impressões Finais/Review3:352
2023-05-06United States ZeroPrimeZero Review: Bayonetta3:080
2023-04-28Brazil eucomosushiVale a pena jogar Bayonetta? | REVIEW3:03255
2023-04-27Saint Lucia Gamer Vibe WorldTrading in the Sexy Witch? - Bayonetta Origins Review6:3839
2023-04-26United States Niche GamerBayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon Review7:30272
2023-04-26United States ActinTuffGamingWitch, Please | Bayonetta Review10:10188