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Latest Let's Plays For Beholder

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2019-12-23Germany VexanLet's Test - Beholder 2 #06: Ein Dieb im Ministerium24:5212
2019-09-26Portugal CO-OP Gaming DuoLet's Play - Beholder10:3018
2019-03-18 Bazar du GrenierLet's Play - Beholder (Suite et fin ?)48:55411,052
2019-01-11France Pixl PixlUNE SORTIE FRACASSANTE (Beholder 2)22:452,454
2018-09-03United States Odin the UnderwhelmingLet's Play Beholder 2 (Beta) ONE-SHOT Part 2/230:1584
2018-08-06Poland MarvoloBeholder #9 - Francja-elegancja (Gameplay, PL, Let's play)28:39707
2018-05-21United Kingdom Timothy BabblehumpI can't save myself! - Beholder - Part 2928:2110
2018-05-03United Kingdom Lazy DragonGeorge Orwell Called, He Wants His Game Back | Let's Play Beholder21:034
2018-02-10United States AmberFrmThVault GamingBeholder Complete edition Full First Playthrough!1:30:3919
2018-01-25United States Ostuni PlaysBRUTAL BEHOLDER! | DOOM | Part: 1017:0048
2018-01-05New Zealand Moonlight JinxCan I help you? | Beholder #225:2711
2018-01-01Belgium Awfully CasualBeholder #9 - Trust No One - Awfully Casual - Let's Play18:5767
2017-11-09United States PrettyKoolCatBeholder - The Matchmaker (#2)14:4026
2017-10-10 Game Rating ReviewBeholder Let's Play Part 1 (Intro)10:2612
2017-07-31Italy QuelTaleAle GamesBeholder - Gameplay ITA - Let's Play #05 - Prevedo una brutta fine2:17:415,713
2017-07-19India Low Budget GamingBeholder Gameplay | Let's Play #13 | Bribe Or Escape ?42:1286
2017-06-27France - GLITCH -Let's Play Beholder - "Un connard oui, mais pour la patrie" Episode 517:1739
2017-06-13United States Wahooz GamingBeholder pt6 (Final): Robbery gone wrong14:55180
2017-05-13United Kingdom HybridPandaDON'T TRUST ME - New series? BEHOLDER Let's Play Gameplay + Commentary23:3310,268
2017-05-10United States Yippee Ki Yay Mr FalconBeholder: Blissful Sleep - Glory to The Ministry! Euthanasia Please? | Beholder Gameplay DLC22:2018,266
2017-05-09Canada Me-Time GamerHELPING OUT THE NEIGHBOORS | Beholder - #217:383
2017-04-15United States MetalCanyonLet's Play Beholder (part 25 - Stuck In Limbo?)16:013,855
2017-04-05Norway Lowbrow GamingBeyond Repair - Let's Play Beholder - ep520:2250
2017-03-01 PruBEHOLDER Angezockt #02 Apartment 2 Lets Play Beholder Deutsch German19:3834

Latest Reviews For Beholder

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2018-02-16Canada TheGreenLingBeholder Review With Gameplay24:3059
2018-01-16Canada Inside The GameBeholder Complete Edition Review6:222,576
2017-08-21United Kingdom A Gamedev Plays...Beholder - Let's Play Review17:23248
2017-01-28United States Bang Bang PotatoSpying On YOU! | Beholder PC First Impression / Review23:3314
2016-11-26United States PhunkyBeholder Review2:433,004
2016-11-12United States VG PuristBeholder - Gameplay Review25:45938
2016-11-09United States The Game PR GuyBeholder Review9:5536,906
2016-10-12United Kingdom norespawnsIndie Spotlight - Beholder (PC Demo/Beta)9:163,333
2016-09-07United States CapTonTYRANNY IS KING | Beholder (Beta)16:2217