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1.United States PostmodernJukebox28,110,883
2.Brazil SUPER PADS23,558,919
3.United States Tommee Profitt18,037,445
4. Mnet K-POP11,657,344
5.Turkey Closer10,447,855
6.Brazil Lucas Rangel10,413,229
7.Canada AgentJayZ9,376,357
8.United States GQ9,154,579
9.United States WrestlingNewsNow8,887,851
10.United Kingdom The Closer Look8,764,251

Channels With The Most Videos

1.Korea, Republic of . Lura5,133
2.Korea, Republic of 카나데린 KanadeLynn3,172
3.Korea, Republic of cs09961,812
4.Taiwan, Republic of China 筱筱740
5. Setsuko Ohara708
6. Noe Shot395
7.Canada Tsubasa Yozora Ch.320
8. Closer268
9.Indonesia zed4fun indonesia201
10.Korea, Republic of 4 ddollars Ryona197

Latest Let's Plays For Closers

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2021-09-11Spain video_gamehdAfter the Fall - Closer Look: Enemies & Combat | PS VR PlayStation2:443
2021-07-12United States Rem Villiers[Let's Play] CLOSERS as Eunha - A $$$ Collector 😅54:0333
2021-07-10United States NoahFromYoutube - PlaysOne Step Closer...1:02:444,215
2021-04-21 FORMULA 1A Closer Look At Alpine's Advancements | F1 TV Tech Talk | 2021 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix7:26192,081
2021-03-08United States Modern Vintage GamerA closer look at Street Fighter Alpha 2 on the Super Nintendo | MVG13:43335,308
2021-02-21South Africa The Beard PlaysAncient Cities [EARLY ACCESS] - A Closer Look Part 4 | The Beards Thoughts5:332,183
2021-02-02France Challenger HighlightsT1 CLOSER PLAYS IRELIA MID VS ZOE17:21284
2020-11-27Greece Vasilis UltraGamePs5 Closer Look ''Playstation 5''25:39691
2020-11-25 NeosekkenThe Devil on G-String (Pt 6): While Neo Gets Closer to Tsubaki, 'Maou' Puts a Plan Into Action1:45:0569
2020-11-13 Louis HoungPlayStation 5 & DualSense Controller 🎮 | A Closer Look7:17226
2020-11-05Canada ET CanadaRalph Tresvant Talks New Docuseries 'A Closer Look' | ETC VIBES4:1221,944
2020-10-16United States New York JetsBALDY BREAKDOWN: A Closer Look At The Dolphins Defense | New York Jets | NFL1:26430
2020-10-06United States Nintendo SpherePlayStation 5 Everything You Need to Know & PS5 Breakdown | A Closer Look16:50347
2020-10-02United States Nonstop NewsGame News: Sony giving PlayStation fans a closer look at the PS5 this weekend3:0939
2020-09-24Turkey CloserCLOSER | 1200 LP OLDUK!13:15101,386
2020-08-24United States LoL play like himT1 Clozer plays Akali vs Katarina | KR SoloQ Patch 10.1723:1534
2020-08-20Korea, Republic of 채널 NCT DAILYTouching&Sincere Way to Get Closer!💗A Handwritten Letter💌 | Step TWO | Help! JOHNNY MARKY6:33732,923
2020-01-15India BeebomMi Mix Alpha: A Closer Look! 🔥6:441,371,242
2019-12-28India DigitA Closer Look At The MSI Alpha 15 Gaming Laptop Powered By AMD Ryzen 7 #ad5:07102,849
2019-12-06 英雄聯盟 LPL賽事頻道【2019全明星賽】1v1單挑賽 16強 Caps vs Closer | Uzi vs Bang16:079,741
2019-12-03United States InachiSasukeOnly Closer | Let's Play Pesterquest #0533:1852
2019-10-21United States Soopa-Dave GamingMLB 19 RTTS Playthrough Ep.10 Elite Closer PS46:5410
2019-09-12United States Christian The DragonLet's Play The Darkness - Part 12 - Closer To The Darkness13:336
2019-07-01 RPG KingdomkidGetting Closer-Let's Play Zanki Zero Last Beginning Part 871:09:3022

Latest Reviews For Closers

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2021-09-12United States ToyotaJeff ReviewsWhoa! 2021 RAV4 TRD Off-Road: A Closer Look at the Forgotten RAV416:484,446
2021-02-20United States Robles JuniorPSP Extended Battery Pack & Memory Review - Closer look at Strange Accessories!19:345,077
2021-01-22United States DPCcars2021 BMW M3 and M4 Detailed Closer Look5:063,727
2020-12-10United States Pickup Truck Plus SUV TalkJeep Gladiator Rubicon vs GMC Canyon AT4, Closer than You Think?23:505,816
2020-10-20United States EngadgetApple iPhone 12 review: Closer to a Pro than ever13:06149,036
2020-08-28Colombia Mr. Kran Games[Review] Closers: MMO Free To Play estilo anime Review 20205:05268
2020-08-18United States TFLnowIs The 2020 Subaru Outback Still The Gold Standard Adventure Car? I Take A Closer Look!12:0136,098
2020-05-31India The QuintEvery Puff of Cigarette Takes You Closer to Paatal Lok: Jaideep Alhawat | The Quint3:0915,540
2020-03-06India DigitAmazon Echo Flex: A Closer Look At This Entry Level Device for Home Automation1:32794
2019-12-27United Kingdom Saviour 3.0A Closer look at Spotify 2020 good or bad? Review - Music Producer12:55156
2019-09-05Thailand TonPalmMy Closers review 23:17443
2019-07-20United States BofnerGley Lancer (Megadrive REPRINT) | A Closer Look Review7:401,054
2019-06-10Philippines MEMA GAMINGCloser Mobile-Android Review GamePlay7:56107
2019-05-19United States Righteous CultureCloser Look @ Method of Sections - Truss Analysis - [FE REVIEW - STATICS]19:1127
2019-05-14Czech Republic Elder Vampirius► Closers Online {클로저스} | "review" | CZ Let's play / Gameplay [1080p] [PC]9:44426
2019-05-05Indonesia Japster 28Closers ada di mobile??!! | review dan main closers mobile23:4851
2019-04-26 Mr H ReviewsCloser Look At Mysterio In Spider-Man Far From Home New Image4:314,043
2018-09-02United States SolitaryGamer2High School Of The Dead Anime Review, Eliminating Zombies While Also Getting Closer To Girls6:1590
2018-06-08Australia Time+Tide WatchesA Closer Look At the Latest Cartier Santos de Cartier | Time & Tide Review2:06115,392
2018-05-13 Animeguy300Close the Beat. Kamen Rider Build DX Beat Closer Unboxing Review7:499
2018-04-14United States Chibi ReviewsLuffy is One Step Closer To Being The Next Pirate King | One Piece Chapter 90112:0232,446
2017-12-20United States GG RELOADEDClosers Review / First Impressions - NEW "Action Combat MMORPG" 20175:432,255
2017-11-18Indonesia BINUSTV ChannelRE-LOAD: Games On Review - Audition: Ayo Dance, Closers, Counterstrike Online (with Megaxus)54:02162
2017-10-29Indonesia FyurithHalloween Event Tips & Review | Closers Online Guide24:06670