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Latest Let's Play Channel Activity for Descent

This list represents YouTube let's play channels for Descent based on recent uploads. This only includes channels that have created let's play videos. Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new let's play for Descent will appear at the top of the list.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
2023-07-31United States Gameplay and Talk13,800Retro PC Games - MS-DOS and Windows 95 (variety stream) | Gameplay and Talk Live Stream #4578:21:53
2023-07-15Russian Federation Yuri Tutik16Division 2. Descent. Playstation0:08
2023-06-11Venezuela Andres Bravo Sim141Descent [PSX - 1996] - Main Theme [MX9 PlayStation Remix by Andres Bravo]3:52
2023-02-08 VyseOfLegends9001201Let's Play Descent 1 BONUS VIDEO The Cheat Codes12:15
2022-12-11Norway FluffyQuack30,600Descent Co-op Playthrough with Gar! (Part 2 / 2)4:09:36
2022-11-08Brazil VGDB Play1,460Descent (intro) - Sony PlayStation - VGDB3:50
2022-08-21United States Ace1000ks197510,900Descent (1996) Playstation8:29
2022-07-01Germany Einfach Videospiele1,190Descent 1 (PS1) Gameplay - Angezockt (1996)11:08
2022-05-25United States Danbearpig Extra551Descent (PC) Live Playthrough: Levels 21-274:10:16
2022-05-07United Kingdom Gamertag VR56,100OVERLOAD is the PlayStation classic DECENT VR!10:45
2022-05-04 Inhalants For Christ127[PSX-0095] Descent47:49
2021-12-11Poland Stare gry i konsole - RETRO ARCHIWIZACJA7,000Demo Official UK PlayStation Magazine CD 8 SCES-001862:00:59
2021-09-26Germany Bsycko133DESCENT (1995) Let's Play #28 - FINALER KAMPF - Captain Einauge - D1X Rebirth15:58
2021-08-08 Oli (Jeux vidéo et des bas)445Descent (test PlayStation - Micro Kid's 1996)1:15
2021-04-19United Kingdom Piece of Pie LIVE1,260PS - Descent [26] - FINAL35:28
2021-02-18Brazil IDKG - I Don't Know Games4,610Dicas e Cheats - Descent (Versão Playstation) | Stargame Multishow1:59
2021-01-25Brazil Now Loading Please Wait2,110Descent USA - Playstation (PS1/PSX)0:36
2020-11-22 berryjon440Let's Play Descent - Level 1, Lunar Outpost (No Commentary)11:31
2020-11-20Brazil The Tenth Art737PlayStation 'US Commercial - Descent - Jenny McCarthy'0:16
2020-09-24United States Retrohedron37Descent - PlayStation - 1996 - Credits2:36
2020-09-06United Kingdom The Retro Perspective2,040Official Playstation Magazine UK Demo 8 | July 199623:06
2020-09-03United States Iido's Gaming Den1,010Let's Play Descent (Blind) #28 - Final Showdown in the Charon Volatile Mine! ~The End~29:02
2020-08-28United States WookieFragger2,400Descent - Six degrees of Playstation - Retrogame Hangout PART 24:48:29
2020-06-02Canada Oheao2,900PlayStation Classic Gameplay - Descent9:08
2020-04-10United States StormStrikerSX9471StormStrikerSX9 Plays | Descent [PC 1994]26:08
2020-04-09Canada Gaming Jay6,010Descent (DOS) - Let's Play 1001 Games - Episode 48536:37
2020-04-02United States videogamegenius54,600Descent PlayStation 1 Intro【4🅺】👑3:59
2019-08-31United States Tesseract Unfolded397August 2019 1B - Peripheral Focus: PlayStation Analog Controller2:00:53
2019-06-16Greece petsasjim115,800Descent HYPERSPIN SONY PSX PS1 PLAYSTATION NOT MINE VIDEOSUSA0:36
2019-06-12United States Saint Guy422Descent: Ace difficulty playthrough "Part 1"1:38:42
2019-05-08 rkohnj189Let's Play Descent, Part 26 (END)19:21
2019-01-31Russian Federation Game Master802OCEAN DESCENT VR / Опасное погружение ( Встреча с акулой)17:33
2018-12-29Brazil WKurth564QuickPlays #3: Descent [MS-DOS]33:06
2018-10-22Switzerland Lord Deydrihm141let's play Descent level 1059:03
2018-07-18United States Gameplay, No Talk619Retro Gameplay #129 - Descent (Sony PlayStation | PS1) [HD]16:24
2018-07-06United States GHostLPs5,570Stream Play - Descent - 05 It Is Done28:05
2018-06-27 John Satterwhite1,470RiotShieldMan Plays Descent - Level 220:23
2018-04-18 Andy Bowman342Let's Play Descent Part 1467:24
2018-03-07Spain Lets play Indie Games Channel4,570Juguemos - Descent (1995) y Overload (Español)19:23
2017-12-27Argentina Lucas emanuel yañez1,680DESCENT sony playstation gameplay 1996 CD-ROM20:01
2017-10-11 Grumble P4K20Let's play...Descent (but only a test)10:14
2017-09-25 RetroGameTV1,500Descent (Intro) - PS 13:51
2017-09-25New Zealand EB Games NZ1,470PlayStation Store Presents Descent1:04
2017-08-08United States Circuitcultist29Let's Play Descent Final18:05
2017-04-13Brazil VGDB - Videogame Database15,700Descent (gameplay) - Sony PlayStation - VGDB12:18
2016-11-06Germany Bruugar185,000VR Ocean Descent - Nochmal hinab ins Meer (Let's Play PSVR German Deutsch Gameplay)9:07
2016-09-06 PhilInTheBlanks Gaming804Let's Play Descent - 1 - Lots Of Drunk Phil!19:22
2016-07-27 Nametag758Descent (D1X-Rebirth) playthrough Part 42:10:52
2016-03-17United States Cubeface1,570Descent Playthrough -- Part 33:43:17
2016-03-13 Entroper180Let's Play Descent! Level 01-0326:49
2016-01-23United States LovelyCheesePizza5,660Let's Play Descent #30 - Penultimate Chaos17:15
2015-04-20United States Gambit01761Let's Play: Descent Part 113:02
2015-03-31United States Headhunter Gaming1,860Hunter Plays: Descent [Welcome To DOS]32:35
2015-02-22 Calmarius201Descent 1 LOTW, SETI alpha V, insane difficulty, no death, full rescue, 112HP at exit12:30
2014-10-31United States L-1011 Widebody5,340Let's Play Descent 1+ Level 27 - Charon Volatile Mine24:14
2014-08-10 10min Gameplay42,900Descent ... (PS1) Gameplay10:00
2014-05-09Canada mikelat25,500Let's Play Descent - Part 25 [CO-OP]15:45
2014-03-26United States Lokoklouse352Let's Play Descent Part 33 The Final Push25:45
2014-03-12 Lawnboyspost1975 (The Home Of Dave)6,910Descent On Playstation One8:12
2014-03-07 Negatratoron66Let's Play Descent: Ironman Attempt 1 - Level 3/5?13:45
2014-02-11 Leecros81The Let's Play That Never Was: Descent35:28
2013-12-01United States Encyclopegames643Playstation - Descent .flv0:41
2013-07-19 LoserTalkShow100Loser Talk [310] - Descent (Playstation)7:42
2013-02-16Italy SuperNerdBros83129Descent Playstation Gameplay retrospettiva retrogame supernerdbros24:12
2012-11-26Germany De-M-oN786Let's Play - Descent 2: Vertigo @ Ace -- Level 04 { PTMC Heavy Water Abyss } [2/2]12:28
2012-09-24 Crits Happen9,860Critical Plays - Descent 2nd Edition - Encounter II of "A Fat Goblin"57:51
2012-06-23 PSoneChannel239Descent sur Playstation2:01
2011-07-24 Ryason551,100Lets Play: Descent 1 - 106 - Level 27 Part 212:36
2011-05-29Germany Honki Tonk1,230Lets Play Descent 1 (D1X-Rebirth) (Blind) Schwierigkeitsgrade - Von Trainee bis Insane26:27