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Channels With The Most Views

1.United Kingdom ObsidianAnt36,269,928
2.Latvia TheYamiks12,522,686
3.United States Scott Manley8,608,385
4.Kazakhstan Rimas5,886,642
5.Denmark Down to Earth Astronomy5,782,863
6.Norway ChaosWulff5,174,097
7.Latvia Kornelius Briedis4,336,859
8.United Kingdom UpIsNotJump4,208,180
9.Germany ALP3,188,672
10.Russian Federation GIF2,912,097

Channels With The Most Videos

1.Germany ALP1,135
2.United Kingdom ObsidianAnt907
3. ASMR Gaming813
4.Germany MisterFlagg806
5. csucsok576
6.United Kingdom CMDR PLATER547
7.Germany Let's Plays in Space538
8.United Kingdom Ricardo's Gaming495
9.Latvia Kornelius Briedis440
10.Norway ChaosWulff355

Latest Let's Plays For Elite: Dangerous

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
1 day ago The Siege with ChaosMoleMole Plays: First Time Elite Dangerous! I totally didn't crash into things!2:37:210
4 days agoNetherlands ZWGamemasterGame#89 The flying brick, Elite Dangerous, PS4PRO, Thrustmaster hotas 42:04:3045
2020-07-30Germany Zwerg TubeELITE DANGEROUS 🚀 [117] Buggy Spaß 🚀 Let's Play Elite Dangerous Horizons German Gameplay32:1673
2020-06-24Netherlands xGORRITLet's Play Elite Dangerous: Episode #26 - Illegal Black Box Salvages [XBOX ONE X]1:10:2286
2020-06-16United Kingdom SquirrelPlusElite Dangerous | 14th June 2020 | 6/6 | SquirrelPlus1:18:43804
2020-06-15United Kingdom CMDR PLATERElite: Dangerous - Helping a Neighbour- 15/06/20202:16:391,159
2020-06-14 The Bog 'OleRexx Says "Let's Play" - Elite: Dangerous - Episode 5 - Gently Does It1:08:341
2020-06-09Germany Sebastos GamingDie Vorstellung /Elite Dangerous PlayStation 4 Edition20:4820
2020-05-29Australia BoulderBumElite Dangerous with BoulderBum - Journey to 'Sunny Side Down' Continues [LIVE PC GAMEPLAY]2:40:1246
2020-05-16 Average Cox GamingLet's Play! Elite Dangerous Sourcing Dolphin1:03:49155
2020-05-13United States CivilCraft GamesElite Dangerous| PlayStation 4 Beta Fleet Carrier10:0885
2020-05-02 Francesc Antoni Bauzà MateuGameplay en PlayStation 4 de Elite: Dangerous1:46:053
2020-05-01United Kingdom Rival Zone GamingElite Dangerous - Live Stream - Helping Friends Part 21:30:4857
2020-04-26 Ryu VashRyu Vash Live in Elite Dangerous - Helping a friend2:47:1313
2020-02-13Germany KnebelDE? ELITE DANGEROUS | GAMEPLAY STREAM [Deutsch/German] ?1:55:342,666
2020-02-07New Zealand NocturnalOwlieLet's Stream: Elite Dangerous2:18:4139
2020-02-07United States VR EdwardElite Dangerous - Beginner Plays! Oculus Rift S Gameplay with HOTAS30:34410
2020-02-02Ireland Ireland DeityELITE: DANGEROUS Krait Mk II LP 410-81 System Escaped From 3 Interdiction Attempts 13.01.201:595
2020-01-28United Kingdom ObsidianAnt3306 Elite Dangerous - Mining Credits Analysis, EDTutorials, "Alpha" Voicepack5:5321,654
2020-01-20Ireland Alpha Pyxis?Elite Dangerous?Continuing Engineering!(PC) #174:18:3730
2020-01-09Germany Patter ZoneElite Dangerous [ HD+] #003 Achtung Sonne !!! [Test][Lets Play][Gameplay][German][Deutsch]20:32110
2020-01-01Ireland PS4sos21Elite Dangerous PLAYSTATION 4 Gameplay9:574
2019-12-28United States maturemindedgamersElite Dangerous - Saturday Stream1:16:4928
2019-12-16Germany ALPTHIS IS ELITE DANGEROUS 2.0 - HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY5:3715,527
2019-11-04United States Tony SkywalkerJEDI420s's Live PS4 VR Broadcast: Elite Dangerous VR7:05:3550

Latest Reviews For Elite: Dangerous

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
5 days agoUnited Kingdom Oscar CooperElite Dangerous 2020 PS4 PRO Review13:43268
2020-06-28United States XonebrosElite Dangerous Odyssey Announcement Review7:08547
2020-06-19Latvia TheYamiksFleet Carrier "review" [Elite Dangerous]23:0973,251
2020-06-03United States Hawkes GamingElite Dangerous Odyssey Trailer Update Reaction Review - The Story of Elite Dangerous Space Legs2:388,072
2020-05-19United States The PilotThe Federal Corvette [Elite Dangerous]10:03127,274
2020-02-25Netherlands Gamekings VaultElite Dangerous Review21:2328
2020-01-31United States Centerstrain01Thrustmaster HOTAS WARTHOG | Gameplay / Review W/ Elite Dangerous | CenterStrain0117:061,544
2020-01-20United States Mike BemissElite Dangerous Review by ChallengeYourself.blog (Video Debut!)6:231,655
2019-12-06Germany GametesterGametester Lets Play Elite Dangerous: Horizon [Ger|Review] (mit -=Red=-)38:4612
2019-11-30United States MandaloreGamingElite Dangerous Review21:331,153,216
2019-11-14United States The Sethioz ProjectElite Dangerous ► Type 10 Defender - Outfitting & Testing (Ship Review)28:28747
2019-10-06United Kingdom The VR ShopElite Dangerous (Steam VR) - Valve Index, HTC Vive & Oculus Rift - Trailer1:31720
2019-08-23United States DG360Elite Dangerous: Fleet Carriers Disappoint | Here's Why!7:451,771
2019-04-23Canada Uncomfortable Game ShortsQuick and Dirty ELITE DANGEROUS Review6:4011,639
2019-03-13United States The Gaming DiscourseMy Love/Hate Relationship With Elite Dangerous (An Informal Review)33:11318,999
2019-03-08United Kingdom GametechUKThrustmaster TPR Rudders | Review and demo (Elite Dangerous)8:373,635
2019-02-20 ASMR GamingDistant Worlds 3 - Raxxla Found Squad - Elite Dangerous E0242:1524
2019-02-19United Kingdom Ricardo's GamingElite: Dangerous Cobra Mk4 Review Any good?21:08916
2018-09-12United Kingdom CMDR PLATERElite: Dangerous - Crusader Review and FAOff Landing7:503,522
2018-07-11United States Stephen GirardLet's Play - Elite Dangerous - Krait Mk II review with some combat59:5578
2018-06-30Australia Seraphim190KRAIT MK II - Elite Dangerous - Beyond Chapter Two2:21:51168
2018-04-05United States Thac0 GamersElite: Dangerous | First Impressions | Is It Worth Playing | Gameplay & Review 201847:5320,190
2018-04-02United Kingdom Rational GamersELITE: DANGEROUS || Rapid Rundown (Review)2:43160
2017-12-30Denmark Down to Earth AstronomyX-56 Rhino review for Elite: Dangerous26:3049,789
2017-12-29United Kingdom ObsidianAntElite Dangerous - My Thoughts on a Year of Updates - 2017 in Review Part Two9:1725,264