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Middle-earth: Shadow of War

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Latest Let's Plays For Middle-earth: Shadow of War

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViewsLiked
4 days ago AK36AW ReplaysMiddle-earth: Shadow of War Let's Play VOD Partie 42:21:3414
2019-02-08Canada Celtic WarbandSEARCHING FOR BARANOR! Shadow of War Gameplay (PART 13)46:4442100.00%
2019-02-01United Kingdom MarkGFL Let's PlaysLet's Play Middle-earth: Shadow of War #92 - Ending and Credits20:5767100.00%
2019-01-30United States angry_m3nkeyShadow of war playthrough1:07:503100.00%
2018-12-30 Shadow of WarShadow of War Top Fortress of 2018 (6/6): Ghuls by "LPGTAO" on PS47:154,20397.28%
2018-12-01United States Michael ReinertShadow of War definitive edition episode 19:Donation if able will help for Christmas! Goal $2003:11:5827100.00%
2018-10-12Canada Silaninil PlaysLet's Play Middle Earth's Shadow of War with Sil- Pt 19 [SHAME]10:472
2018-10-05United States TDKPyrostasisLet's Play Shadow of War - Stealth focus Nemesis Difficulty Ep 4936:04132100.00%
2018-10-04United States Nova Nate [THE REAL ONE]34 | "INFURIATING CAPTAIN" | Shadow of War (SHADOW WARS) | Playthrough | PC12:225100.00%
2018-09-03 Dad's Gaming AddictionDGA Plays: Middle-earth: Shadow of War (Ep. 1 - Gameplay / Let's Play)24:35198
2018-08-31 PlayStation EuropeShadow of War | Definitive Edition Trailer | PS41:1311,25384.27%
2018-08-13United Kingdom MrBowlerHatLet's Play: Shadow of War #40- The End of the War (FINAL)28:286100.00%
2018-08-08Australia Player2.net.auPlayer 2 Plays - Middle Earth: Shadow of War35:409100.00%
2018-08-07United States Ruen GamingShadow of War Lets Play 59 Trouble in Nurnen33:1338100.00%
2018-07-27 komakalaLet's Play Shadow of War - Part 02: Lots of Story37:595100.00%
2018-07-23United States NoVa IceShadow of War Stealth & BrutalKills Gameplay Bright Lord Armor (playstation 4)8:441,12793.48%
2018-07-21 Chad' OzTuer ces tout un art (shadow of war) let's play ep 2 partie 226:40950.00%
2018-07-17United Kingdom Craig MasonSHADOW OF WAR: BLADE OF GALADRIEL Full Playthrough2:25:4357100.00%
2018-07-16 grandmaster mattMiddle-earth: Shadow of War let's play part 57 - THE END15:004
2018-07-13United States Ls1NinjaMiddle Earth : Shadow Of War Hardcore Let's Play5:28:2710100.00%
2018-07-10United States A Whimsical StatueMiddle-Earth: Shadow of War (PC) - Playthrough Part 3: Nazgul Arena1:04:261950.00%
2018-06-29 zombiekillerhereShadow of war lets play part 112:02:575
2018-06-25New Zealand TheGamesEntertainerMiddle Earth Shadow of War Watch Follower Defeat Captain Without Helping Him1:492
2018-06-20United States Chaosinthesky13Middle Earth: Shadow of War PS4 Pro Playthrough with Chaos part 84: Vs Sauron23:295966.67%
2018-06-16 Mashta PapacitaPapa Squantum Plays Shadow of War14:105100.00%

Latest Reviews For Middle-earth: Shadow of War

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViewsLiked
2019-01-09United States Kinglink ReviewsMiddle-Earth: Shadow of War - Last Look and Review - Taking over Mordor one orc at a time, again.14:2640
2018-12-30United States UproarDesignShadow of War DLC 6 High Level Boss Fights TRIBAL WARBAND Mission GORGOROTH Region8:141
2018-07-16Australia DanticsShadow of War Final Major Update - Should You Play Now? (Quick Review)9:30104,55991.53%
2018-06-28Pakistan Solaris Tech TipsGaming - Middle earth: Shadow of War - Review - ULTRA WIDE15:358066.67%
2018-06-19United Kingdom Craig MasonShadow Of War Gameplay Walkthrough Part 7 Including A Game Review FULL PS4 Game1:05:5937100.00%
2018-05-16Belgium TuYasRecordsMiddle earth: Shadow of War Gold Edition - Critique Review34:223,13277.27%
2018-05-11 IGNMiddle-earth: Shadow of War - The Desolation of Mordor DLC Review2:20199,77390.75%
2018-04-20 TechEpiphanyAMD Ryzen 3 2200U Vega 3 Review - Middle-earth: Shadow of War - Gameplay Benchmark Test2:371,913100.00%
2018-04-07United States Gundam ReviewReview – Middle-earth: Shadow of War (PS4) is the best LOTR game yet| kapacking.club9:491
2018-03-06 Young SalvationistYoung Salvationist Reviews Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Video Game2:2130100.00%
2018-02-26 Sony Gaming DadMiddle-earth: Shadow Of War Un Honesto Analisis / Review7:24120100.00%
2018-02-17United States grandw0lfOh this is such a mess | Shadow of War 3615:0011100.00%
2018-02-03 Barbells & JoysticksMiddle Earth: Shadow of War Review14:3023100.00%
2018-01-10Romania ByCoxX GamesMiddle-earth: Shadow of War | CIRITH UNGOL New REGION13:524
2018-01-10 Inside The GameMiddle Earth Shadow of War Review8:1012
2018-01-05United Kingdom Drunken Kelts GamingShadow Of War - Review6:5374100.00%
2017-12-23United States GuysWithAChannelA Thoughtful Review of Middle-earth: Shadow of War6:5335100.00%
2017-12-16 Nino's Play4FunMiddle Earth Shadow of War Critical Review 21:910:3129100.00%
2017-12-15 Androidpipe.comMiddle Earth Shadow of War Review (Motorola Moto Z2 Play Gameplay) - Androidpipe.com5:2644100.00%
2017-12-06United Kingdom The Unusual SuspectMiddle Earth: Shadow of War [Critical Review] | The Unusual Suspect25:4727,04498.80%
2017-12-04Netherlands G2A.COMShadow of War in 10 Seconds | Funny reviews0:133,61692.31%
2017-12-02 McGrubsMiddle Earth: Shadow of War review14:387100.00%
2017-12-01United States Ace & Sunny Tech & GamingMicrosoft Surface Book 2 13 Inch GTX 1050 Gaming Review.(PubG & Shadow Of War!)32:4515,32781.82%
2017-11-30United Kingdom PlaytendoGuyMiddle Earth: Shadow of War Review5:5810100.00%