Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

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Latest Let's Plays For Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleDurationViewsLiked
1 day ago Frankenstein Let's PlayBOJOVNÍCI ZA GONDOR ! - Middle Earth : Shadow of War / 1080p 60fps / Cz/Sk Lets Play / # 1042:10642100.00%
1 day ago outsidexboxLet's Play Shadow of War: SAURON GETS THE ONE RING - Episode 221:374,88497.75%
1 day agoUnited Kingdom Sheepdog GamingTHAT'S M'BOY! - Middle-earth™: Shadow of War™ Playthrough #2223:4219
1 day agoUnited States Insomnia KnightsLet's Play Shadow of War - Part 9 Nemesis - Ice to Defeat You!1:09:020
2 days agoCanada Mr Mayhem GamingLet's Play Middle Earth: Shadow Of War - Live Stream Playthrough Part 41:34:3937100.00%
2 days agoPoland NeodyinamiteShadow of War ORC HUNTING SEASON! The Hunter or the hunted? | Let's Shadow of War Gameplay15:464100.00%
2 days ago Fulguro GeekLet's Play FR #5- Middle-earth - Shadow of War PC37:241100.00%
2 days agoUnited States Chaosinthesky13Middle Earth: Shadow of War PS4 Pro Playthrough with Chaos part 21: Minas Ithal Complete21:211350.00%
2 days agoUnited States TWIOCHLet's Play Shadow of War - Part 6 - Rain of Arrows and Defeat the Warchief29:572
2 days agoGermany Dave GamingSchlacht gegen SAURON – MITTELERDE Schatten des Krieges Gameplay German #3 | Lets Play Shadow of War45:37172100.00%
2 days agoUnited Kingdom MrAndersonLPLet's Play Shadow of War (Gameplay / Walkthrough) [Part 6] Fortress Attack2:40:5715100.00%
2 days agoUnited States Wretch PlaysMiddle-Earth: Shadow Of War | Let's Play Ep.2 | Caught In A Web [Wretch Plays]28:3126100.00%
2 days agoUnited States 11th Hour GamingLet's Play: Middle Earth: Shadow of War Part 7- You Serve the Bright Lord Now43:251100.00%
3 days ago GoldGlove Let's PlaysMiddle Earth: Shadow Of War Gameplay Walkthrough - Part 7 "RISE TO POWER" (Let's Play)53:549100.00%
3 days ago TetraNinjaMiddle-Earth Shadow of War Walkthrough Part 35 - Necromancer (Let's Play Commentary)31:5280597.39%
3 days agoIndonesia GamegredientsCoba Mengumpulkan Ithildin | Middle-earth: Shadow of War Gameplay Indonesia #427:474100.00%
4 days agoSwitzerland WOWstoryGAMESMiddle-earth: Shadow of War - 4K - Let's Play - #13 - Violent Nature11:5926
4 days ago Pan PukavecMiddle-Earch: Shadow of War | # 2 | CZ (Český) let's play50:563
6 days agoCanada GawdlikeMattLet's Play | Middle Earth: Shadow of War [Part 1] @#&% SAURON!2:08:4060100.00%
6 days agoUnited States JerzLet's Play Middle-Earth: Shadow of War | Part 3 [PS4 Gameplay + Commentary]1:40:17215100.00%
2017-10-12United States DSPGamingMiddle-Earth: Shadow of War playthrough pt66 - Rescuing Baranor14:031,35716.44%
2017-10-12United States GrimscythLet's Play: Middle-Earth: Shadow of War | Part 330:0411100.00%
2017-10-12United States CohhCarnageLet's Play Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War With CohhCarnage - Episode 2936:082,60692.50%
2017-10-12United States AhmsoMIDDLE EARTH SHADOW OF WAR part 7 - Ring of Power, The Etten (No Commentary)22:2228
2017-10-12 ZeroPingBloodMiddle-Earth : Shadow Of War - L'Arène | LET'S PLAY #4 [FR]42:50193100.00%

Latest Reviews For Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleDurationViewsLiked
1 day agoAustralia Dan AllenMiddle-Earth: Shadow of War - Dan Allen Review19:4221100.00%
2 days agoUnited States Voodoo Whiskey GamingLate Review of Shadow of War7:461100.00%
3 days agoUnited States Tony MoMiddle Earth: Shadow of War Review | Nemesis or Nothing13:3043390.20%
3 days ago UltimateChanceMiddle-Earth Shadow of War - Review (PS4/XBOXONE)9:0817594.74%
2017-10-10United States DreamcastGuyShadow of War Review! Ruined By Loot Boxes? (PS4/Xbox One)7:0628,04292.49%
2017-10-10Portugal CeniusAnotha One!! | Middle Earth Shadow Of War Part 133:0279100.00%
2017-10-09United States Easy AlliesMiddle-earth: Shadow of War - Easy Allies Review6:3761,05994.45%
2017-10-08United States Smash JTShadow Of War DLC is a Slap in the Face to Gamers Everywhere.4:1853757.38%
2017-10-06United States GamingBoltMiddle-Earth: Shadow of War Review - The Final Verdict8:24101,10989.66%
2017-10-05 IGNMiddle-earth: Shadow of War Review4:45766,24888.99%
2017-10-05 GamesRadarMiddle Earth: Shadow of War Review7:0340,80460.10%
2017-10-05United Kingdom GodisaGeekMiddle-earth: Shadow of War review: The best game this year?12:2719,25155.65%
2017-06-08United Kingdom RuudDevilShadow of War Story Trailer Review + Theories!24:5310,95899.43%
2017-02-27 RickJoystickShadow of Mordor Review (Shadow of War coming 2017!)6:3252377.78%