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Rise of the Tomb Raider

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3. Xbox10,623,830
4.Thailand HEARTROCKER9,527,189
5.United States IGN9,399,440
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10.Russian Federation Marmok5,182,421

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1.Germany Eirlaron406
2.United States Video Games Source235
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4.United Kingdom Silens-Venatus182
5.Germany Goody149
6.United Kingdom Spedding143
7.Australia Ultima456139
8. Benchmarks121
9.United States IGN100
10.France Fredericma4595

Latest Let's Plays For Rise of the Tomb Raider

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2 days agoUnited Kingdom PureChaosXRise of the Tomb Raider - Part 251:435
3 days agoGermany BurnoutDVRise of the Tomb Raider - #11 - Alte Zisterne [Let's Play; ger; Blind]20:4971
4 days agoFrance Tous les trophéesRise of the Tomb Raider FR 4K UHD (52) : Endurance Coop Partie 1 (Mode Expédition)24:371
5 days ago Joker-D-GibsonLets Play Rise Of The Tomb Raider Part 11:09:301
5 days agoUnited States coxford GamerLet's Play Rise Of The Tomb Raider A Cold Welcome XB1 Replay Playthrough/Walkthrough.8:3133
2020-08-01Australia Retro Gamer GirlLIVE stream Rise of the Tomb Raider PlayStation Plus Monthly Game1:21:41845
2020-08-01 Omni PandaPanda plays Rise of the Tomb Raider Tomb 2 winter hellscape51:141
2020-07-27India Let's Play Droid(PS4) Let's Play Rise Of The Tomb Raider - Ending PS Plus free Game live (Stay Safe)48:4713
2020-07-26 DiddyBeast GamingRise Of The Tomb Raider - Playthrough Part 21 - The Lost City - The Devine Source (ENDING)13:450
2020-07-23Spain 16212 PEAHLet's play, Rise of the Tomb Raider1:04:3915
2020-07-21United Arab Emirates PlayStation ArabiaRise of the Tomb Raider | ثلاثة أسباب لتجربتها | PlayStation Plus0:321,853
2020-07-21Russian Federation PlayStation РоссияRise of the Tomb Raider | 3 причины загрузить с PlayStation Plus | PS40:325,979
2020-07-21France PlayStation FrancePS Plus | 3 raisons de télécharger Rise of the Tomb Raider | PS40:322,272
2020-07-21United Kingdom blade syncRise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration lets play #5 i will get the map2:08:1513
2020-07-17 TrueGamerMitchRise of the tomb raider Part 2 Blind Play through (Full Stream Ps4)2:23:201
2020-07-16 RageKiller140Let's Play / Rise of the Tomb Raider I Part 6 - Das Dorf Jacobs + Ankündigung39:584
2020-07-15Netherlands ZWGamemasterGame#03 From Russia with love, Rise of the Tomb Raider, PS4PRO, gameplay playthrough58:2222
2020-07-15United Kingdom PS Plus CentralExplore This Awesome Place Now In This Free Game With Playstation Plus | Rise Of The Tomb Raider21:443,437
2020-07-15Uruguay AlexGra GameplaysDIRECTO| #7 RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER| EL MEJOR DE LA SAGA???|AlexGra Gameplays1:04:4873
2020-07-14Germany Chris GeePlayStation Plus Juli 2020 #02 🎁 RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER 🎁 #PSPlus #PlayStation416:4686
2020-07-13United States Impured LiveStreamsPlayStation Plus Showcase - Rise of The Tomb Raider57:421
2020-07-12India BloodBotEnding | Scribbl | Rise of the Tomb Raider [7] | Live Playthrough | PS4 | Hindi | BloodBot #2321:41:49121
2020-07-09Germany AtantuoLet's Play Rise of the Tomb Raider - 39 - The Source1:01:4910
2020-07-09United Kingdom RespawningPlayStation Plus: Does free = Fun? (Rise of The Tomb Raider)1:25:1925
2020-07-08United States Kahliek ClemmonsRise of The Tomb Raider Ep. 1 #LIVE #GAMEPLAY #ExtremeSurvival #FirstPlayThrough #HardestMode2:10:3641

Latest Reviews For Rise of the Tomb Raider

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-06-19Canada RODX GamerRise of the Tomb Raider| ESCAPING THE ATLAS| play back 202032:0863
2020-02-20Canada THE VR GRIDRise of the Tomb Raider: Blood Ties | Review | PSVR/PCVR - A little Lara Croft in VR!5:28879
2020-01-09Netherlands Gamekings VaultRise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Years Celebration Review18:3341
2019-11-14United States Critiquing DogeGame Spotlight - Rise of the Tomb Raider5:2942
2019-06-08United Kingdom The VR ShopRise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration Review - PSVR (PlayStation VR) - Gameplay10:301,999
2019-05-04Germany TheMCMaffyxRise of the Tomb Raider Review-Lara Croft in Bestform28:0841
2019-04-01 GamePlay"Rise of the Tomb Raider" review (apskats latviski)5:16262
2019-03-11United Kingdom Rational GamersRISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER || Rapid Rundown (Review)3:49133
2019-02-13Canada Totally Objective ReviewsTotally Objective Review - Rise of the Tomb Raider0:3424
2019-01-12United Kingdom The Games ReaperRise of The Tomb Raider review, *excellent game*6:5246
2018-12-30Spain KhamulRise of the Tomb Raider #3 - Español PS4 Pro HD - Caverna glacial (100%)17:5119
2018-10-14 kai nokamiKai's game review ep 2. Rise of the tomb raider16:050
2018-09-11 N16 KAMIKAZERise of the Tomb Raider review parte final5:33:2527
2018-07-28India Technology PlatformRise Of The Tomb Raider (For PC) Gameplay, Review | हिंदी में4:1714,192
2018-07-11United Kingdom Dragoon770Rise of the Tomb Raider Part 10 - Snow snow and more snow20:397
2018-05-03Portugal Melgacius Annoying Accent ReviewsRise of the Tomb Raider Review - Exploring XBox's Game Pass6:1130
2018-04-29Netherlands ThorHighHeelsSo I've Been Playing: RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER [ Review PS4 ]13:406,650
2018-04-12Australia MrMacRightRise of The Tomb Raider (Mac Review) - Can You Run it?7:0129,798
2018-04-09United States BrainOfSodaEvery Rise has its Falls | Rise of the Tomb Raider (2015) Review6:5121
2018-04-06Brazil Canal GrognakRise of the Tomb Raider Xbox 36027:3711
2018-03-10 Humannequin MediaRise of the Tomb Raider (Super BS Backlog Chats)30:322
2018-02-22United States TechEpiphanyRyzen 5 2400G Review Rise of the Tomb Raider Gameplay Benchmark Vega 11 iGPU4:2910,177
2018-02-06United Kingdom PSVR WorldRise of the Tomb Raider Blood Ties PSVR Review6:4813,688
2018-01-13United States Mr. WeaverfaceRise of the Tomb Raider Let’s Play | PS4 | Episode #04 | Mr. Weaverface1:24:168
2018-01-03United States The Game StatisticRise of the Tomb Raider Review42:5517,566