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1.United Kingdom Cussan8,743,938
2.Thailand HEARTROCKER7,185,424
3.Russian Federation RusGameTactics7,022,284
4.United States ONE Media5,342,407
5.Russian Federation iVideos5,254,475
6.United Kingdom Lomadiah4,275,063
7.United States DEATH BATTLE!4,253,495
8.Brazil VenomExtreme4,149,538
9.United States I AM WILDCAT3,481,881
10.United States FRESH Movie Trailers3,463,450

Channels With The Most Videos

1. LaraCroft MP397
2.Switzerland EpicStuffForYou309
3.Spain All Video Games Trailers251
4.United States Benchmark PC Tech138
5.Canada TWEEDSUCKS132
6. UneditedGaming94
7.United States Video Games Source79
8.Germany ScaryMaskLP73
9.United States Xendemo72

Latest Let's Plays For Tomb Raider

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2 days agoGreece Shakm GamingCity of Khamoon - Tomb Raider 1 (1996 original) - Part 1319:335
2020-10-14United States Platform JunkieTomb Raider PS1 Playthrough 15 + Ending21:285
2020-08-25United States OHMYRICHARDOHMYRICHARD plays Tomb Raider (1/2) || LOW-POLY HORROR || 2018 Twitch Stream VOD7:33:1226
2020-08-23France Razmeh60[𝐅𝐑] 𝐋𝐞𝐭'𝐬 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐲 𝐝𝐞 𝐓𝐨𝐦𝐛 𝐑𝐚𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐫 (𝟏𝟗𝟗𝟔) 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐢𝐞 𝐟𝐢𝐧𝐚𝐥𝐞13:285
2020-08-14France AkimajinLet's play fr Tomb Raider #132:5616
2020-07-24United Kingdom MrjacharlesMy Mum Interrupts My Let's Play! - Tomb Raider 1 Part 931:3310
2020-07-22Canada TombirinoTomb Raider (1996) || The Midas Touch || Part 23:47:5010
2020-05-12United States Super Reaction Bros.SRB Gaming | Tomb Raider (1996) | BONUS11:3525
2020-04-23United States Look Back GamingTomb Raider (1996) Playthrough (No Commentary)4:27:49343
2020-04-14Spain BooHardwareTomb Raider 1996 Playstation vs Sega Saturn Comparación diferencia gráfica15:171,098
2020-03-31Ireland Kawaii GamesTomb Raider PS1 LIVE PLAYTHROUGH 2/23:42:422,189
2020-02-19Germany TanzapfLets Play Tomb Raider 1 alle Geheimnisse Deutsch/German Folge#23 Die Große Pyramide29:3313
2020-02-17Netherlands MalesurOnlineLet's Play: Tomb Raider (1996) Part 1! #nostalgia #projectoneday #backloggaming3:00:023
2020-02-07 ChristianBMonkeyThese Pointy Nips Can Possibly Make You Blind | ChristianBMonkey Tries Tomb Raider [1996] [PSX] Demo9:55143
2019-12-30United States KidMattersTVTomb Raider 1, part 2 | Old still GOLD | Before I was Born - Retro Gaming20:5131
2019-11-10United States Kentucky Game GuyLets Play Tomb Raider (1996) PC : Palace Midas39:452
2019-08-03Kuwait Alninio9Tomb Raider 1 (1996) Playthrough #43:32:0647
2019-05-28Germany ScaryMaskLPTOMB RAIDER II (PS1) [German] #069 - Langsam nerven die Feinde19:065
2019-05-23Australia CJ CarterTOMB RAIDER | Cry For Help9:452
2019-04-29Ireland MagickCoreDreams: Tomb Raider 1 Caves Level in Dreams [PS4 PRO] Part 51:00:53121
2019-04-07Belarus Storm Let's PlayTomb Raider ⭕ Storm Let's Play. ⭕ Стрим.26:279
2019-04-07Canada NoveriaTomb Raider 5: Chronicles Let's Play #2 - Russian Submarine | Ireland - Stream4:19:09137
2019-04-04United Kingdom Strongbow S.BLet's Play Tomb Raider 4 The Last Revelations #02 No Med Pack Challenge.3:41:4584
2019-04-03United States Crimson WolfAnthem LP | Pt. 16: No Tomb Raider34:582
2019-04-02Germany HuddyvonschlandCAVES OF KALIYA - Let's Play - Tomb Raider III - Part 5 - PC - Blind14:18105

Latest Reviews For Tomb Raider

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-08-09United Kingdom MrjacharlesA Brief Review of Children's 2000s Shows... - Tomb Raider 1 Part 1329:284
2020-08-03 LaraCroft MPTomb Raider 1 - All enemies and Bosses | Reviewed19:31546
2020-02-01Spain Agujeros de Guion🗿 Agujeros de Guión: TOMB RAIDER 1 (2001) (Errores, review, crítica, análisis y resumen)14:47273,290
2019-10-24Philippines GamExcite PHTOMB RAIDER - (1996 | SEGA SATURN)2:154
2019-03-04 Jlink Master ArchiveTOMB RAIDER PS1 REVIEW0:5611
2018-10-10Russian Federation ArtzКрестовый поход Лары! Shadow of Tomb Raider Part _2:58:230
2018-08-10 HolzklotzProductionsTomb Raider Komplettlösung / Level Review - Die Kavernen / Caves | Holzklotz Productions5:4727
2018-04-09United States Background BuzzTomb Raider Spoilers Movie Review - Background Buzz Reviews10:5322
2018-04-02Sweden EgonEagleKritikerRecension av Tomb Raider (2018, Swedish review)2:0169
2018-04-01Germany LhûgionTomb Raider (2018) Ω ProDoUp Review19:5420
2018-03-29United States Kaori TakeeTomb Raider (2018) | Review4:51102
2018-03-28United States Nerd Problems GamingTomb Raider Review6:14175
2018-03-27 Entertainment BuddhaTomb Raider: The Art and of the Making of the Film Book Review4:15274
2018-03-24United States 3TopicsGamerTomb Raider (2018) - Movie Review | 3TR6:19227
2018-03-23 Mr.CatfaceMinute Movie Reviews- Tomb Raider 2018 (NO SPOILERS)4:3813
2018-03-23United Kingdom Brass TaxTomb Raider 2018 Movie Review (SPOILER FREE)4:241,448
2018-03-22United States Greyshot ProductionsTomb Raider (2018 Film) Review - Greyshot Productions Film Review/Reaction25:5598
2018-03-20 Black Jade FalconTomb Raider Reviewed3:479
2018-03-20Bulgaria Geri GreviewsTomb Raider - Live Movie Review19:06168
2018-03-20United States Matthew Davis MediaTomb Raider (2018) Movie Review aka After I Saw7:52414
2018-03-19Australia A 90s kidLet's Review YAKUZA 6, Tomb Raider (the movie), and more - GameThinkTalk LIVE1:02:0291
2018-03-19 8bittothefutureTomb Raider - Movie Review2:5899
2018-03-19United States Mustached TomMustached Tom Reviews Tomb Raider (2018 Reboot)16:249
2018-03-18United States Tyrone MagnusTomb Raider MOVIE REVIEW!!!5:3532,992
2018-03-18United States GuishmonsterTomb Raider Movie Review11:171