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1.United States GameGaki9,963,057
2. Tower of Fantasy8,269,196
3.Australia Volkin4,662,329
4.Japan Tower of Fantasy(幻塔)公式3,797,226
5. gateoo3,671,176
6.Thailand HEARTROCKER3,005,402
7.United States Sethphir2,915,057
8.United States Asmongold TV2,566,553
9.United States Level Infinite2,401,765
10.United States Vulkan2,381,294

Latest Let's Plays For Tower of Fantasy

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2 days ago TofuTower of Fantasy - Rudolph Raid Heroic Solo11:19552
3 days agoUnited States Jeremiah-Senpai. ジェレマイア-先輩GAVE RUBY THE BEST BDAY, OF HER LIFE! | Tower Of Fantasy (Part 15)34:371
4 days agoPhilippines JFMSTRList of Targets Scalpel Harris Location Confounding Abyss Tower Of Fantasy 2.10:5253
5 days agoIndonesia NielioTower of Fantasy Live 4K Wallpaper #3 + Download Link0:2011
5 days agoGermany VeGohanGamingLets Play Tower of Fantasy Folge 1410:141
2022-11-16United States FlamingGnatsTower of Fantasy Playthrough - Part 21:05:557
2022-11-10Australia ZelgrazRudolph Boss Location - Sandstorm Grounds - Tower Of Fantasy1:045
2022-11-10United States Skuld's RecordsSAKI'S RELEASE STREAM! - Pull, testing, AMA, Helping Viewers & MORE! Tower of Fantasy GLOBAL!1:11:3734
2022-11-06 Random PlaysGet Weapon Augment Materials FAST | Tower of Fantasy | TIPS by Random Plays6:40375
2022-11-06Indonesia Awal RedzTenangkan Subjek Rudolph Hilang Kendali Tower Of Fantasy5:4433
2022-11-05United States BTacticsTVHelping Raiders with Fortitude / Benediction Resonance in Tower of Fantasy4:10:3266
2022-11-04Indonesia NanGamiTower of Fantasy - Raid Battle Test Area (Rudolph)12:1137
2022-11-02Spain AirXander Game FantasyRudolph world boss Vera - Tower of Fantasy - gameplay4:4069
2022-10-30Indonesia JIUNRudolph Raid - Tower Of Fantasy6:417
2022-10-29Indonesia AnhendartBattle Test Area - Raid Lv73 : Rudolph⚡ - Tower of Fantasy5:0527
2022-10-29 TW KhooTower of Fantasy - 8-Man Raid: Battle Test Area - Normal (Rudolph)9:0478
2022-10-29Philippines DaemonCrossTower of Fantasy - Story Playthrough (VERA) Day 1 [LIVE] | [SEA/Aeria] | [ENG/TAG]2:25:2713
2022-10-29Indonesia Daftar Gameplay IDTIPS RAID LEVEL 73 RUDOLPH! AUTO EZ - Tower of Fantasy5:52459
2022-10-28United States NoukonNeko[Tower of Fantasy] Vera Main Story2:20:0633
2022-10-28Indonesia Kevin P.P OFFICIALMelawan boss rudolp di map vera 2.0 + mencari hadiah equipment #shorts #toweroffantasy #tof1:0142
2022-10-28Indonesia UncleNormZBattle Test Area [ Normal ] Rudolph Raid Level 73 | Tower of Fantasy Indonesia9:4458
2022-10-28Brazil Saika💥Tower of Fantasy #99 - Área de Testes de Batalha - Rudolph12:3956
2022-10-28Spain Khrey ChanRUDOLPH ✅ GUÍA ASALTO | Tower of Fantasy Español2:301,761
2022-10-28United Kingdom NoqrufahTower of Fantasy Main Story Playthrough Part 22 | Mirroria21:360
2022-10-27 Lemon PieJe me fais carry en raid Rudolph sur Tower of Fantasy...5:5837

Latest Reviews For Tower of Fantasy

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
3 days ago Yudis Funday【TOWER OF FANTASY】 REVIEW UPDATE TERBARU 2.1 #151:34:376
3 days agoMalaysia TorteliniSenseiLIN PVP - Overpowered Aberration Character | Tower of Fantasy Rank 1 Crown of Stars REVIEW11:51266
6 days ago Kyrios YuudaiLINYE DEEP DIVE REVIEW - Stars, Rotation & More BREAKDOWN [ Tower of Fantasy ]15:4912,788
6 days agoViet Nam toàn megaLive Review nhân vật Fenrir Tower of Fantasy2:40:53494
2022-11-15United States Playtime with LanaTower of Fantasy: Mirroria City tour Guia. Black nuclei ubication. Saki Fuwa review weapons skills6:4729
2022-10-30United States Emmen GamingTower of Fantasy Review25:0988
2022-10-23Australia allennplays[DROPS on Twitch] BYGOD reviewing accounts2:34:598
2022-10-21United Kingdom ChaosprimeZ YTTower of Fantasy | QUICK RUBY REVIEW AND GAMEPLAY2:071,285
2022-10-20Thailand นายไข่นุ้ย Channel🔴Live. Tower of Fantasy EP60 : New update 2.0 กาชา Ruby C6+Review คอนเท้นใหม่อีกเพียบ อะไรบ้างมาดู!5:14:559,635
2022-10-18Spain EstigeToF 🏝️ VERA REVIEW🏝️ Lo que no te contaron13:324,334
2022-10-13United States TheoBeanIs Tower of Fantasy good? Or is it just diet Genshin Impact? My Review19:05143
2022-10-08Indonesia MungkeyTONTON DULU BARU GACHA! F2P HATI-HATI! | Cobalt B Review & Gameplay [ Tower of Fantasy Indonesia ]10:0826
2022-10-06Thailand Kana Ibera Ch.Tower of Fantasy Review Alyss ผู้ที่ทำให้ทีมน้ำแข็งกลับมาลืมตากลับมาได้45:031,134
2022-10-04Argentina TrickDuckCobalt-B Review l Tower of Fantasy l Resonancia Fuego l La importancia de Cobalt en tu equipo fuego6:211,949
2022-10-02Thailand Wachi THLin Full review ตัวละครธาตุลมที่ทุกคนอยากได้ | Tower of Fantasy32:4516,765
2022-10-02Brazil Omega PlayQUEBRADISSIMA! ALYSS GAMEPLAY REVIEW - Tower of Fantasy13:322,336
2022-09-30Philippines ExnalAn Honest Review of Tower of Fantasy (Genshin player's perspective)20:203,759
2022-09-30United Kingdom MichuzakTower of Fantasy - COBALT B before you summon REVIEW11:00853
2022-09-24 Copy CatWeekly Android mobile game review : Tower of Fantasy - gameplay first look - How to play15:0234
2022-09-24United States NATOJIGoddess of Victory NIKKE, GLOBAL RELEASE! Game review & pre-registration and release date!0:51212
2022-09-21Viet Nam Wandering TOF🔴LIVE: Daily Và Review Acc Cực Khủng Của Người AE Phương Xa l Tower of Fantasy2:52:35441
2022-09-16United States White Noise ReactsMOVIE REVIEW *The Woman King* WAS IT BAD?? (60-second Movie Review)1:006,150
2022-09-15Indonesia Deffro GamesLIVE STREAM Ke 10 malam jumat review update 1.5 [Tower of Fantasy]1:59:0472
2022-09-15United States Ventus SGN PlaysCLAUDIA GUREN BLADE Day 1 Global Release REVIEW | Tower Of Fantasy PC Gameplay #ToF #toweroffantasy11:56784