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1.Japan しのぐch9,946,351
2.United States Spartan Elite439,034,532
3.United Kingdom pgrapidz7,573,344
4.United States World of Warships: Legends6,398,854
5.United States Tbull2,707,151
6.United States TOMMYBOY6011,517,087
7.Australia VII HIPPER1,512,569
8.Germany MarcAkAwHiTe1,402,003
9.United States PlayStation1,384,706
10. Xarkun1,002,721

Latest Let's Plays For World of Warships: Legends

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
1 day agoCanada Vazz VegasLet's Play Kiev | World of Warships: Legends PS4 XBOX PS5 | 107K & 2 Kills in the Birthday Comeback!15:5954
2 days agoJapan Matt Eudaimonia#109 World of Warships:Legends▶V 25 Ⅴ駆逐艦 PS4戦闘記録動画6:284
2023-03-24 USCG veteran Christian gamer 1977Military veteran plays World of Warships Legends ps5 #Ps5live2:57:1414
2023-03-24 DrDevStrike2 X Predicted Dev Strikes #game #playstation #livestreaming #instagram #wowslegends #youtubeshorts0:5069
2023-03-23 conqueror3569World of Warships: Legends at least i had cover while waiting for help15:410
2023-03-18Canada SpottedGeckoGamerNaval Battles Live - Let's play Schlieffen - Atlantico - Carnot - WoWs Legends2:53:18220
2023-03-07Taiwan, Republic of China BreezeWeiTwo solo warrior turn the tide gameplays World of warships Legends28:36102
2023-03-07United States Spartan Elite43Cant Sleep So Lets Play Some Ships! (World of Warships Legends)4:24:124,575
2023-03-05 Legendary_V19Diagnosed With Skill Issue Syndrome! (World Of Warships Legends) Help!4:06:35287
2023-03-05Mexico Cimmerio gamingworld of Warships Legends trofeo golpea dónde duele #playstationtrophy #worldofwarshipslegends0:3022
2023-03-03United Kingdom De Black WidowLets Play Ships, #WoWsLegends #wowsl #live #gaming #PS51:36:4497
2023-03-03United States Let Um PeekSweaty COUNT INS - Smart Plays Only5:08:043,032
2023-02-19 Beautiful_MuseWorld of Warships legends: Weekend boats, lord help us1:06:5059
2023-02-06United States LakiTheGreatLIVE | අලුත්ම විදිහෙ ආතල් එකක් තියන මේ game එකත් ගහල බලමු | OPUS CASTLE #livestream1:46:1451
2023-02-04United States TheLegendStriker21Striker plays Ranked? Can we Survive 5v5 Warships Legends!22:5514
2023-01-14 OldmanPlayStation 5 is Heidio world of warship legend35:508
2022-12-11Japan かびぃ【PS5:WoWS】Hello,PlayStation 53:42:001,691
2022-12-07 BullBitesCreating Scoring Plays in World of Warships Legends3:38898
2022-11-09 smudgyPrism'sWorld Of Warships Legends Online Gameplay on PS4 With PlayStation Friend Part 31:41:381
2022-10-12United States the-jaguarBig-time 20% Doubloon Sale for PlayStation/PSN | World of Warships Legends1:05371
2022-10-08 swissteam6772World of Warships: Legends Buffalo T8 im Alptraum aber wir wehren uns17:0716
2022-10-07 OG GAMMING Content Creator By ZoeBrownWorld of Warships.LEGEND.Lets play26:430
2022-10-04Philippines Spoils of WarshipsRussian TIER V Battleship IZMAIL (World of Warships: Legends Playstation 4)8:11204
2022-09-16Japan もび夫のゲームプレイ倉庫World of Warships:Legends 「戦艦 扶桑 入手! 連勝目指して出撃だ!!」【PS4】【Playstation4】【WOWSL】10:4322
2022-09-08 AnInfernalDeviceGeorgia Outplays Shimakaze in Mid on Two Brothers - World of Warships Legends #wowslegends #gaming1:071,805

Latest Reviews For World of Warships: Legends

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2023-03-25Canada SpottedGeckoGamerBulletproof (the Racing Legends Destroyer)- WoWs Legends Review10:28111
2023-03-25United States Transcendent Studios LLCWORLD OF WARSHIPS Disorderly Review (FREE DOWNLOAD Get it while its hot) EPIC GAMES6:062
2023-03-20 Legendary_V19Seal Of Approval Ft TheStriker & BULLETPROOF review (World Of Warships Legends)6:38:33485
2023-03-18United States the-jaguarTiger '59 "St. Patrick's Ensemble" Premium Skin 360 Review | World of Warships Legends1:18204
2023-03-14United States TOMMYBOY601Celtic Review: A Better Baltimore? | World of Warships Legends | 4k22:111,773
2023-03-13 The_Monk52Celtic Live Review! Lets see what she can do!2:13:47365
2023-03-08United Kingdom TheHive_HoundWorld of Warships Legends Schlieffen Review #wowslegends #schlieffen14:56609
2023-03-06United States Let Um PeekHonest Review of the MINNESOTA | WOWSL17:526,826
2023-02-06United States TbullNorthern Dragon Destroyer Review Guide World of Warships Legends13:303,016
2023-02-05United States Fat Guy GamingScuzi scuzi Napoli dropping HoT into Leg. Is this my new Favorite Cruiser. Review/voiceover game28:3762
2023-02-02Australia VII HIPPERShip Review - Napoli (World of Warships: Legends Xbox Series X 4K)11:211,509
2023-01-16United Kingdom BlaymeisterRochester 6 Pack - Not A Review - Live Stream Highlight #wowslegends13:5770
2023-01-07United States DarkArchitect18IJN Yoshino Review | World of Warships Legends20:27167
2022-11-10United States Dr Ghost GamesD. Alighieri B - Review & Gameplay || World of Warships: Legends16:55649
2022-11-03United Kingdom BackToThePortNovember Patchnotes Review - World of Warships: Legends1:48:21155
2022-09-14 Cowboy TorryFubuki Review4:383
2022-09-06United States WitsEndFLWorld Of Warships Legends: One Take Review: Dimitri Donskoi!17:1568
2022-08-05India Gamerz FunzoneWorld Of Warships Legends | PS4 | Review & GamePlay17:3916
2022-08-03Switzerland NarikoK.M.S München: Ur Bro at Work (World of Warships Legends) Re-Review20:0095
2022-06-04Germany DiggenDieksUNCUT 01.06.2022: Dämmerschippern, Review AZUR LANE Welle | REPLAY 012 | WORLD OF WARSHIPS LEGENDS3:37:46165
2022-04-25 Brandy’s ArmyHYÛYA REVIEW/World of Warships Legends22:104
2022-02-24Russian Federation userneluserWorld of Warships Legends Xbox Series S 1080p 60 FPS11:013,828
2021-12-07United States metajerkDECLASSIFIED: Kii Review | World of Warships: Legends12:092,343
2021-05-17 XarkunGodzilla & Kong Commander Review | World of Warships: Legends15:281,707