A Magnificent Crossover! - Fire Emblem Lost Heroes! Dragalia x FEH Crossover | Nimcast #13 【Podcast】

A Magnificent Crossover! - Fire Emblem Lost Heroes! Dragalia x FEH Crossover | Nimcast #13 【Podcast】

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Welcome to the Nimdom Podcast #13! This is a special podcast episode as it is our first ever Dragalia Lost Podcast! Joining me in this podcast is Ampz, ThyGamePlaya, and new guest Zambo!

For this podcast we talk about the Dragalia Lost x FEH Crossover: Fire Emblem Lost Heroes! We cover the event's story, the crossover characters (Alfonse, Fjorm, Marth, Veronica, Loki), and the new gamemodes (Repel The Empire, The Alberian Front, Alfonse/Veronica Trials)!

I hope you guys enjoy this podcast! We will be back again next week with another Dragalia Lost Podcast covering the rest of the event's story and talking about things FEH could have done on their end to feature the Dragalia Lost characters!
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