Imperator Rome Timelapse 1.0 Sulla Full Map

Imperator Rome Timelapse 1.0 Sulla Full Map

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Imperator: Rome
Duration: 8:43
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This video includes the full map of Imperator Rome, and took 7 and a half hours overnight to record at full speed on observation mode at 1fps, and then x64 speed to create the timelapse. This cuts the video down to just over 7 minutes, then a little extra for culture and religious map modes. This time I've recorded in 1080p, it was a mistake last time leading to only 720 being recorded.

If you like these kinds of videos please give it a like and I can always do more. I feel like the game has yet to fully capture an audience, which is a shame as the original EU:Rome is not generally playable anymore on most people's computers, but also benefits from obvious graphical, engine and other benefits.

This is played with the deluxe edition, featuring all the DLCs.

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