Nintendo E3 2019 Thoughts and Reactions

Nintendo E3 2019 Thoughts and Reactions

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E3 has once again arrived and I thought it would be fun to give my thoughts on what has transpired throughout the week, with the main focus being on Nintendo's 2019 E3 Direct. With things like Pokemon Sword & Shield, Animal Crossing, Luigi's Mansion 3, and even an awesome new Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC character on the way, how did everyone else feel about this year's presentation?

I also joined in a video with Milesluigi and Evilpoptart discussing Nintendo's E3 announcements. Check that video out here:

The art of me used in the video thumbnail was a gift from Tealgamemaster, and it was drawn by Alyssa Foxah. Please check out her Twitter profile at the link below, she's an absolutely awesome artist!

Nintendo Directs are fun, but I still miss the good ol' days when the big 3 battled it out with full fledged press conferences. Now with Sony and the PlayStation not even being at E3 at all, things sure do feel like they're changing!

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