Simfacts: The Real Mysteries in StrangerVille | The Sims 4

Simfacts: The Real Mysteries in StrangerVille | The Sims 4

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Hi there! my Fellow Chrillions today... Well, This is going to be an intense Simfact Mini-series divided into parts... this part lays pretty much the foundation of the basic stuff that is very important to know when you watch the other parts...

This was supposed and was first designed as one mega-long episode but I changed my mind later so it's a longer intro than it used to... I do hope you like it if you please like and share with your friends My Job is to make your Sims Happy ;)

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I get all my music from a royalty-free website called "Premiumbeat"

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I live in Sweden

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I use Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects

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