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Ys VIII Review! BEST Unknown RPG?! (Nintendo Switch/PS4/Vita)
Great RPGs are rare but this one truly managed to grab my imagination. With it's combination of good action and a cool island, it's certainly...
2018-06-19 8:01:37 AM ● 6,767 views ● 10:40 95.42% liked
Is The Xbox One DOOMED Because of "Project Scarlet?" - Microsoft Rant
This year at E3 Microsoft revealed they are working on the next generation of consoles. Currently codenamed Project Scarlet this will certainly...
2018-06-18 8:36:56 AM ● 11,836 views ● 11:09 90.89% liked
Atari Called Us Out?! WTF!! - Atari VCS Angry Rant
The Atari VCS team has sunk to a new low by attacking youtubers themselves. Here is a much calmer video by RGT85 talking about his side of the...
2018-06-17 12:31:02 PM ● 17,485 views ● 10:23 96.64% liked
TOP 5 BEST Games and WORST Fails of E3 2018!
E3 2018 has finally drawn to a close so it's time to look at the greatest moments, both good and bad. This week we are counting down the Top...
2018-06-14 3:22:52 PM ● 12,261 views ● 10:08 92.08% liked
FINALLY We Have REAL Voice Chat On Nintendo Switch!! - No App Voice Test
The number one feature I have wanted on Nintendo Switch is native voice chat. The abililty to just plug in a mic and talk directly with friends...
2018-06-14 12:31:33 PM ● 9,915 views ● 6:48 94.96% liked
Is THIS Now the BEST Nintendo Switch Game? - Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion DLC Review
Splatoon 2 is my most played Nintendo Switch game, but is this first big piece of DLC worth buying? Let's dive into the Octo Expansion and find...
2018-06-14 7:03:42 AM ● 1,692 views ● 9:08 92.35% liked
Splatoon 2
Splatoon 2 (2017)
Does Fortnite SUCK On Nintendo Switch? - Battle Royale Review
The biggest game in the world right now has randomly been released for Nintendo Switch. Let's check out Fortnite battle royale in both handheld...
2018-06-12 2:38:27 PM ● 22,530 views ● 10:16 88.82% liked
Fortnite (2017)
Did Nintendo Just SMASH E3 2018 Hopes? - Nintendo Direct Reaction
Nintendo just ended E3 with their own Direct. The main focus was Super Smash Brother Ultimate, but some other stuff snuck in there as well. Was...
2018-06-12 11:39:15 AM ● 22,293 views ● 10:09 76.99% liked
Did Sony Just WIN E3 2018? Maybe...- Ps4 Press Conference Reaction
We at last saw all the projects that sony has been hiding. Resident Evil 2 remake, Spider-Man, and even Death Stranding were shown off, but was...
2018-06-11 9:35:26 PM ● 37,913 views ● 11:23 71.93% liked
I was WRONG about Ubisoft E3 2018?! - Press Conference Reaction
As someone who has never really loved Ubisoft, I have to admit I was wrong. This was a great showing in general. The new gameplay of Assassins...
2018-06-11 5:06:17 PM ● 12,308 views ● 11:37 92.93% liked