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I review all the latest games, do a Top 10 every Thursday, and just talk about how great gaming is!

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Will PS4 Be The Best Selling Console EVER? Not Quite... - Sony Rant
With the crazy sales numbers of the playstation 4 this generation I wanted to dig into the data and rant about if I think it's possible for the...
2018-08-15 8:13:36 AM ● 6,221 views ● 11:26 93.40% liked
Skyrim In Your Pocket or Mobile Trash? - Elder Scrolls Blades Impressions
At Quakecon 2018 Bethesda let me go behind closed doors and play through a demo of Elder Scrolls Blades and record it. While Im a huge fan of...
2018-08-14 8:06:15 AM ● 11,614 views ● 7:05 96.27% liked
My Final Word on Filip Miucin, Stolen Reviews, and IGN Plagiarism - Rant Video
The last week has been a total mess but I wanted to rant to sum up my final thoughts on everything involving my friend Filip and everything that...
2018-08-13 8:01:27 AM ● 22,251 views ● 11:07 95.16% liked
Does Dragon Ball FighterZ SUCK On Nintendo Switch? - Beta Review
Last night we got the Nintendo Switch BETA of Dragon Ball FighterZ! The servers kept crashing but I managed to wins some rounds before it all...
2018-08-10 8:15:01 AM ● 20,699 views ● 5:39 88.07% liked
Dragon Ball FighterZ
TOP 10 BEST Nintendo Switch E-Shop Games!
We all love physical games but sometimes the coolest projects are digital only. This week let's dive deep into the library of awesome Nintendo...
2018-08-09 3:31:25 PM ● 4,817 views ● 13:22 95.57% liked
Was I WRONG about Super Smash Bros Ultimate? - Nintendo Direct Rant
That direct was crazy good and showed us so much new information. Was I wrong to think that Smash Bros Ultimate wouldnt be a HUGE deal? Let's...
2018-08-08 9:30:58 AM ● 30,367 views ● 11:17 91.30% liked
IGN STOLE a Review and It's a Dumpster Fire! - Dead Cells Angry Rant
TIME FOR AN ANGRY RANT ABOUT STOLEN REVIEWS!! Boomstick gaming's awesome video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKF6xnvaCsE Share and subscribe...
2018-08-07 9:00:55 AM ● 20,367 views ● 11:12 95.75% liked
Dead Cells
Dead Cells (2018)
Overcooked 2 Review! THIS Broke My Controller?! (PS4/Switch/Xbox One)
The best co-op cooking game ever is BACK but this one is much harder! Be ready to burn some dishes, earn some points, and try not to break anything...
2018-08-07 7:02:02 AM ● 5,014 views ● 8:13 95.77% liked
Overcooked (2016)
Why I'm MAD at Activision and Their BAD Games!! - Spyro/Destiny Rant
The biggest and most powerful gaming company on the planet, Activision, keeps digging deeper into their pit of greed. Let's talk Spyro, Destiny,...
2018-08-04 12:31:30 PM ● 19,813 views ● 11:52 93.33% liked
Destiny (2014)
Does Call of Duty Black Ops 4 SUCK?! (PS4/Xbox One) Beta Review
One of the most controversial and talked about games of 2018 is coming soon and we are getting an early BETA. Is this slice of CoD Black Ops...
2018-08-03 2:34:40 PM ● 12,327 views ● 10:47 88.26% liked
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4