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Hi! My name is Joey! I upload every single day! Check out my gaming channel HERE and order the third & final installment in the EDEN series, "Rebels of Eden" NOW!

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ASMR - Cutting Open Satisfying Stress Toys!
I take cutting open super satisfying stress toys to a whole new level with ASMR. from squishy tingle slime sounds to crunchy sand sounds i cover...
2019-03-20 1:15:00 PM ● 65,342 views ● 17:40 96.95% liked
1 Star VS 5 Star Psychic!
In today's video, I compare a 1 star VS 5 star Psychic! I was literally SHOOK with what they had to say, even though I was skeptical, they really...
2019-03-16 3:30:12 PM ● 158,865 views ● 24:51 98.52% liked
Boyfriend's Mom Picks My Outfits!
My Boyfriend's Mom Maria goes shopping for me and picks my outfits. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE if your not already! SUBSCRIBE:
2019-03-09 3:15:02 PM ● 184,352 views ● 19:03 99.15% liked
Buying My Dogs Everything They Touch!
Today I take my husky dogs to the pet store and buy them everything they touch. We then go home and play with our giant pet haul. Who was your...
2019-03-06 2:15:20 PM ● 2,790,045 views ● 21:26 96.21% liked
Mixing Every Face Mask From Sephora Together!
Today I mix together every single face mask from Sephora to create the ultimate $1000 face mask! What should i combine together NEXT?! ORDER...
2019-03-02 3:15:06 PM ● 776,464 views ● 25:55 97.01% liked
I wore ONLY  WISH clothes for a WEEK Challenge!
I challenged myself to wear cheap WISH clothing for an entire week and heres what happened...Thanks to Wish for sponsoring this video! Download...
2019-02-23 1:15:02 PM ● 246,608 views ● 15:30 97.85% liked
Letting You Go - Joey Graceffa (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)
Official Music Video for "Letting you go" along with the release of my NEW album "Kingdom" is out TODAY! DOWNLOAD & STREAM...
2019-02-14 1:00:06 PM ● 1,231,470 views ● 4:15 98.78% liked
I tried cheap $4 chocolate vs expensive $100 chocolate in todays Valentines Day special food taste testing video! I GAVE A SUBSCRIBER A HOLLYWOOD...
2019-02-10 1:45:00 PM ● 414,800 views ● 10:08 98.36% liked
I Gave A Subscriber An Extreme Hollywood Makeover!
Today I give one of my subscribers an EXTREME Hollywood makeover! This was seriously so much fun and I hope you guys love this style of video,...
2019-02-03 1:15:00 PM ● 2,650,070 views ● 24:13 98.03% liked
NAME BRAND vs. STORE BRAND - Target Edition
Today I get blindfolded and try to guess Name brand vs store brand. In this video i compare Target brand to the name brand. So crazy how packaging...
2019-01-27 3:15:27 PM ● 376,584 views ● 16:46 98.73% liked