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Edgelord Zack Arsane Plays

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About Edgelord Zack Arsane Plays

I mainly do no commentary gameplay videos on this channel and shitposts on random stuff I feel like uploading. A lot of it related to FFXIV. Mostly covering the genres that I love like JRPGs and platformers. A lot of playthroughs I plan on doing are going to be first time playthroughs, however some playthroughs down the line may in fact be games that I already played.

I plan to upload daily at least three times a day along with random videos that are not part of the daily three uploads, but I won't upload spam like I usually do. Trying to make it so that I upload once in the morning, once in the afternoon and once in the evening. Times may vary.

Hoping to do some streams which will be archived here and again not be counting as part of the daily uploads.

Current Playthroughs:

Trails of Cold Steel
NieR Replicant

Continuous Playthroughs:
Final Fantasy XIV
Genshin Impact

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