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Zelda Breath of the Wild - Amazing New World Reversal Mode
A Brand New World reversing Mod for The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild allows you to play the games like you've never played it before. Want...
2019-04-14 1:35:51 PM ● 43,820 views ● 11:30 94.82% liked
Pokemon Let's Go Now Fullspeed on Yuzu Emulator - Switch Emulation Upgrades
Pokemon Lets Go has seen another performance upgrade, allowing it to now run at full speed 100% of the time on Yuzu, an Emulator for the Nintendo...
2019-04-12 10:50:38 AM ● 28,112 views ● 36:43 97.13% liked
The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild | 100+ FPS is Utter Perfection [Cemu 1.15.4]
The latest update to Cemu Emulator & the FPS++ Graphics Pack, has given users the ability to achieve Ultra High Framerates in The Legend...
2019-04-10 1:33:10 PM ● 75,132 views ● 11:01 95.94% liked
Cemu 1.15.4 | The Ultimate Setup Guide for Perfect Performance
The Definetive Guide for setting up and using Cemu Emulator at Maximum Performance levels on PC GUIDES FOR EVERYTHING YOU NEED -► Cemu Modding...
2019-04-09 10:33:43 AM ● 37,048 views ● 24:40 98.42% liked
Epic Emulation Updates | BOTW & Pokemon Let's Go - MAJOR Performance Upgrades
In this Episode of Epic Emulation upgrades , we are taking a look at two amazing new updates to Cemu and yuzu emulators. Zelda BOTW can now be...
2019-04-07 2:15:18 PM ● 42,366 views ● 11:26 96.27% liked
Zelda BOTW | New Light Shading, Grass Render Distance & Easy FPS Boosting Upgrades [Cemu 1.15.4]
A Selection of Awesome New Graphics Packs to Boost your Visuals and Performance levels in Zelda Breath of the Wild on Cemu Emulator Section Timestamps...
2019-04-06 10:07:40 AM ● 53,050 views ● 11:26 94.94% liked
Playstation vs Xbox Emulation | Red Dead Redemption | RPCS3 vs Xenia
Lets take a look at how well Red Dead Redemption is currently Emulated on both RPCS3 (Playstation 3 Emulator) and Xenia (Xbox 360 Emulator) Area...
2019-04-04 11:55:41 AM ● 28,285 views ● 11:18 96.12% liked
Red Dead Redemption
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EPIC Yuzu Update - Pokemon Let's Go & Dozens of Games Now Playable
Pokemon Let's Go and Dozens of other New Games are Now Playable on Yuzu, an emulator for the Nintendo Switch My Complete Yuzu Setup Guide
2019-04-01 5:56:14 PM ● 47,142 views ● 14:12 94.78% liked
Cemu 1.15.4 Released | A Step Towards Self Reliance - Update Report
Cemu 1.15.4 is Now Released, Lets take a look at what is new in this Updated Wii U Emulator Version Full Text Changelog:
2019-03-31 7:32:12 PM ● 39,044 views ● 14:46 95.99% liked
RPCS3 Major Updates | The Last of Us, Persona 5, The Uncharted Trilogy & More
Lets take a look at some Major Updates & Optimizations that have come to RPCS3 in the past Months. Game Timestamps The Last of Us 0:37 Persona...
2019-03-29 12:13:42 PM ● 54,844 views ● 13:11 96.28% liked