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Hi my name is Colin and I am the voice for BSoD Gaming on YouTube. I am a gamer/streamer that will bring you the best gaming footage, guides and benchmarks possible. My focus is mainly in PVP Third/First person games, Emulation Guides and updates and Gaming News in General

If you have requests or any ideas for a video , don't hesitate to contact me

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Tutorials and guides for all your favorite PC and console games. Discussions on all things gaming related.

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Yuzu Emulator | CRAZY FPS Upgrades & Disk Shader Cache Added [ Nintendo Switch Emulation
Yuzu has gotten yet another Crazy Performance Update and has also added support for Disk based Shader Caches. We do have some odd side effects...
2019-01-15 3:28:12 PM ● 24,042 views ● 11:32 97.77% liked
Red Dead Redemption on PC | An Unbelievable Upgrade - Xbox 360 Emulation
Red Dead Redemption has gotten an Unbelievable Upgrade to Rendering and Performance on Xenia, The Xbox 360 emulator For the most up to date Xenia...
2019-01-13 5:53:04 PM ● 40,348 views ● 11:33 96.69% liked
Episode 2 of my First Ever Let's Play of Super Mario Odyssey on Yuzu Emulator and in this video I am going to be testing the new performance...
2019-01-11 3:14:48 PM ● 11,212 views ● 14:15 96.33% liked
Super Mario Odyssey
Yuzu , the Nintendo Switch Emulator has given us yet another insane Performance Update in almost every game, Lets take a look. Yuzu Discord :...
2019-01-10 5:05:00 PM ● 57,261 views ● 12:35 96.38% liked
Cemu 1.15.1 | The Ultimate Guide to Wii U Emulation
A Full and Complete Setup Guide for Cemu 1.15.1. Including Everything you could possibly need for Mods, The Best Performance and Visual Fidelity....
2019-01-07 6:31:07 PM ● 22,664 views ● 27:31 98.63% liked
Super Mario Odyssey | The Complete Emulation Let's Play - Episode 1
The Best Super Mario Odyssey Let's Play EVER Begins. Episode 1 of SMO on Yuzu Emulator ► Become a BSoD Gaming Patron Supporter
2019-01-05 4:38:24 PM ● 9,086 views ● 15:00 94.83% liked
Super Mario Odyssey
Let's Play
Nintendo Games at 6K Resolution | Zelda BOTW, Splatoon & Mario Kart 8 Upgraded
In this video we are going to see just how far the Graphical Quality of Breath of the Wild, Splatoon and Mario Kart 8 can be push while running...
2019-01-03 5:56:59 PM ● 29,531 views ● 10:13 96.08% liked
Cemu 1.15.1 Released | New Year, New Awesome Emulator Upgrades [Patreon Release]
Cemu 1.15.1 is now released for Cemu Patrons. Lets take a look at all the New Features and Updates present in this New Version Since this Patron...
2018-12-31 4:37:14 PM ● 45,910 views ● 10:28 97.43% liked
Yuzu Delivers a Holiday Miracle | Pokemon & SMO Fonts Fixed, Action Guide + More
Yuzu Emulator has gotten a brand new update that has fixed the rendering of Fonts in games like Pokemon Let's Go and Super Mario Odyssey. We...
2018-12-30 3:36:40 PM ● 18,691 views ● 11:28 96.46% liked
Cemu Emulator | Zelda BOTW Gets Two Massive Updates, FPS++ is Almost Perfect
Cemu Emulator and The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild has seen a Massive new Update. The most used Graphics Pack, FPS++ is now almost perfect...
2018-12-28 6:14:10 PM ● 63,560 views ● 17:56 94.15% liked