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Hi my name is Colin and I am the voice for BSoD Gaming on YouTube. I am a gamer/streamer that will bring you the best gaming footage, guides and benchmarks possible. My focus is mainly in PVP Third/First person games, Emulation Guides and updates and Gaming News in General

If you have requests or any ideas for a video , don't hesitate to contact me

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Tutorials and guides for all your favorite PC and console games. Discussions on all things gaming related.

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Super Mario Odyssey on Switch Emulator | Cloud Kingdom Boss Fight - Yuzu Emulator
Testing out some new areas in Super Mario Odyssey on Yuzu, The Nintendo Switch emulator ► Yuzu Patreon (Support Development)
2018-09-19 11:09:47 AM ● 5,423 views ● 2:24 96.59% liked
Halo 3 Running on an Xbox 360 Emulator on PC | Xenia Emulator
Xenia Emulator has seen a significant update that boosts compatibility and performance in many games. Lets take a look at Halo 3 ► Xenia Website...
2018-09-18 12:18:40 PM ● 13,693 views ● 5:02 98.59% liked
Halo 3
Halo 3 (2007)
Final Fantasy XV PE Booting in Yuzu ONE DAY after Release on Nintendo Switch
Final Fantasy XV pocket Edition HD is now Booting and Semi Playable on Yuzu Emulator only one day after it was released on the Nintendo Switch...
2018-09-15 2:40:31 PM ● 12,875 views ● 3:28 97.46% liked
CPU Showdown | Wii U CPU vs i7 8700K | Brand New Benchmark Tool for Cemu Emulator
Lets see how the CPU in a Wii U compares to the power of an i7 8700K Benchmark Tool Download
2018-09-14 4:15:32 PM ● 7,376 views ● 6:15 94.23% liked
Yuzu Emulator - SMO Graphical Upgrades Volume 3 | Nintendo Switch Emulation
Even more graphical fixes and upgrades for Super Mario Odyssey and Yuzu emulator. ► Yuzu Patreon (Support Development)
2018-09-13 4:42:35 PM ● 14,194 views ● 4:36 96.03% liked
RPCS3 - Awesome New Rendering Fixes | Uncharted Performance Tested
Testing some of the New Recompiler Rendering Fixes in RPCS3, The PS3 Emulator and Uncharted Drakes Fortune RPCS3 Patreon :
2018-09-12 1:30:25 PM ● 14,018 views ● 10:48 96.67% liked
Super Mario Odyssey | Emulator Rendering and Performance Testing [Switch Emulation]
Taking a look at the Performance levels and Render quality of Super Mario Odyssey running on the Nintendo Switch Emulator, Yuzu ► Yuzu Patreon...
2018-09-11 1:26:44 PM ● 16,167 views ● 12:27 96.82% liked
Yuzu Emulator | SMO Graphical Upgrades Volume II [Nintendo Switch Emulation]
Even more Graphical updates for Yuzu Emulator and Super Mario Odyssey. ► Yuzu Patreon (Support Development)
2018-09-10 1:58:32 PM ● 15,616 views ● 4:21 95.74% liked
Yuzu | Performance & Graphical Upgrades in Super Mario Odyssey [Switch Emulation]
Performance and Graphical Updates for Super Mario Odyssey on Yuzu Emulator ► Yuzu Patreon (Support Development)
2018-09-08 11:25:21 AM ● 16,624 views ● 10:04 93.79% liked
Graphical Improvements in Super Mario Odyssey on Yuzu Emulator [Nintendo Switch Emulation]
A Quick look at some Shader Improvements on Super Mario Odyssey on Yuzu, The Nintendo Switch Emulator. ► Yuzu Patreon (Support Development)...
2018-09-07 9:35:05 AM ● 16,688 views ● 2:52 96.01% liked