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Hey I'm Jammer! I'm just a guy with an enthusiastic passion for video games and Nintendo. I'm here to make a good meme, have fun, and make people laugh!

If you want to contact me directly, the absolute best way would be to send an email to the address provided below.

I make my videos because I LOVE to do it. I love the creation process and the best part is talking with YOU guys in the comments. I do not do this for the money or for the views; I do this for fun! This little bit here is really just to remind me why I do what I do whenever I feel down. If you took the time to read this, I'm glad I got to share that with you :)

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Who's the BEST Newcomer in Smash Bros Ultimate??
The newcomers in Super Smash Bros Ultimate are great and all but in the end all we want to know is who are the best characters! It's time to...
2019-01-10 2:06:26 PM ● 4,304 views ● 16:11 91.94% liked
Everything NOT in Super Smash Bros Ultimate!!
Everyone is here in Super Smash Bros Ultimate but NOT everything! Let's take a look at the stages, modes, costumes, and more left behind in smash...
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They Could be DLC Fighters for Super Smash Bros Ultimate!
Since Joker is the first DLC character to come with the Fighter Pass for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, this opens up the door to TONS of different...
2018-12-19 5:51:08 PM ● 18,635 views ● 11:43 86.75% liked
Life as a Pichu Main - Super Smash Bros Ultimate
After searching far and wide for a new main in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, I stumbled on perhaps the greatest fighter in series history...Pichu....
2018-12-17 4:55:00 PM ● 1,196 views ● 10:08 94.53% liked
HOW TO SMASH: The Basics! Tips, Tricks, and Techniques
Super Smash Bros Ultimate brings many new fans to the series as as well as long time fans who haven't played since their childhood smash games!...
2018-12-12 3:19:17 PM ● 984 views ● 11:34 100.00% liked
HOW TO MARTH ...but he's extra blue
Some of you have asked what skin for Marth will give you the best competitive edge in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Well the answer is simple, EXTRA...
2018-12-10 3:36:16 PM ● 883 views ● 10:11 98.75% liked
Sakurai is pulling all the stops with the teaser trailer for the first DLC fighter for Super Smash Bros Ultimate! Get hype for Joker from Persona...
2018-12-07 11:28:46 AM ● 12,765 views ● 10:09 91.59% liked
How to Pick Your Main in Smash Bros Ultimate!
Picking a new main can be intimidating especially if you are new going into Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Whether your a casual or a pro, picking...
2018-11-29 2:24:22 PM ● 14,329 views ● 10:06 93.80% liked
How to  Pokemon Let's Go
A brand "new" adventure begins as Jammer starts his journey as a Pokemon trainer. Time to revisit the Kanto region yet again to buddy...
2018-11-26 3:09:43 PM ● 737 views ● 11:32 90.67% liked
Alternate Costumes in Super Smash Bros Ultimate
Through the shop in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, players can purchase Spirits, Music, and Mii Fighter Costumes. One glaring omission was the option...
2018-11-15 3:41:05 PM ● 23,219 views ● 10:05 93.54% liked