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Hey I'm Jammer! I'm just a guy with an enthusiastic passion for video games and Nintendo. I'm here to make a good meme, have fun, and make people laugh!

If you want to contact me directly, the absolute best way would be to send an email to the address provided below.

I make my videos because I LOVE to do it. I love the creation process and the best part is talking with YOU guys in the comments. I do not do this for the money or for the views; I do this for fun! This little bit here is really just to remind me why I do what I do whenever I feel down. If you took the time to read this, I'm glad I got to share that with you :)

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Do They Have a Chance as DLC?? Super Smash Bros Ultimate
It was pretty rough watching the Assist Trophy section of the Smash Bros Direct as one after another of many peoples favorite characters we're...
2018-11-06 4:23:46 PM ● 909 views ● 10:02 97.16% liked
The FINAL Smash Bros Direct has concluded with a full reveal of the new Spirits mode as well as three newcomers! Ken, Incineroar, and...PIRANHA...
2018-11-01 1:05:47 PM ● 16,915 views ● 16:22 94.34% liked
Spooky Smash Bros!! ft. Dedede
Happy Halloween! Join Jammer and Julie as we play the spookiest Nintendo game I know...Super Smash Bros! Haha yes not the MOST thematic but I...
2018-10-31 6:32:09 PM ● 1,239 views ● 12:13 98.90% liked
FINAL Smash Bros Ultimate Direct... PREDICTIONS!
The FINAL Nintendo Direct for Super Smash Bros Ultimate was just announced this morning and will air this Thursday. This is it! We will finally...
2018-10-30 4:09:54 PM ● 9,165 views ● 15:12 95.16% liked
The Final Roster has been leaked... Super Smash Bros Ultimate
So I guess the final roster for Super Smash Bros Ultimate has been leaked...? A SnapChat user who apparently works at a signage shop for promotional...
2018-10-24 12:34:59 PM ● 9,868 views ● 10:24 92.04% liked
I Play with Items On... Super Smash Bros Ultimate
I have a confession to make...I play Super Smash Bros with Items turned on. I have been a filthy "casual" fan my entire life and everything...
2018-10-16 3:09:32 PM ● 6,665 views ● 10:08 96.32% liked
Super WARIO Party WAHAHA!!
It's a WARIO PARTY but this time its super! The Mario gang is back to party in Super Mario Party for Nintendo Switch. Jammer and Julie go head...
2018-10-10 3:58:57 PM ● 264 views ● 21:39 96.77% liked
Who I will Main in Super Smash Bros Ultimate!
Some of you have been asking who I plan to main when Super Smash Bros Ultimate releases. Well you can find out here as i list out every single...
2018-10-08 5:48:49 PM ● 20,923 views ● 14:47 86.19% liked
Newcomer Reveal Next Week? Super Smash Bros Ultimate
There have been hints that a newcomer trailer for Super Smash Bros Ultimate may come as soon as next week. This is NOT a leak but more of a theory...
2018-10-07 2:53:22 PM ● 10,386 views ● 10:05 95.73% liked
This is Your Starting Roster... Super Smash Bros Ultimate
Everyone is predicting and talking about the final roster for Super Smash Bros Ultimate but we're gonna talk about the STARTING roster...gottem!...
2018-10-02 4:34:25 PM ● 3,286 views ● 12:02 94.22% liked