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Hey I'm Jammer! I'm just a guy with an enthusiastic passion for Nintendo and a healthy obsession for Smash Bros & Animal Crossing. I'm here to make a good meme, have fun, and make people laugh!

If you want to contact me directly, the absolute best way would be to send an email to the address provided below.

I make my videos because I LOVE to do it. I love the creation process and the best part is talking with YOU guys in the comments. I do not do this for the money or for the views; I do this for fun! This little bit here is really just to remind me why I do what I do whenever I feel down. If you took the time to read this, I'm glad I got to share that with you :)

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NEXT TOP TIER?? Joker is FINALLY in Smash!!
After a day of waiting, Joker has FINALLY arrived in Super Smash Bros Ultimate! And WOW does he play good! With him he brings the Smash Bros...
2019-04-18 7:17:02 PM ● 820 views ● 10:19 98.31% liked
THIS CAME OUT OF NOWHERE! Smash 3.0 and Joker Trailer REACTION!!
So i guess the Super Smash Bros 3.0 update releases tomorrow WITH JOKER!!! Let's check out the new trailer and react to it together! Also be...
2019-04-16 10:47:06 PM ● 3,197 views ● 32:46 95.28% liked
What Happened to Yoshi?
The Yoshi series has kind of been all over the place even though only having a few entries of games. But now all of a sudden our beloved dinosaur...
2019-04-09 4:34:40 PM ● 968 views ● 11:37 94.68% liked
Can water be legal this time? Smash Bros & Mario Kart!
Come play some #SmashBrosUltimate and #MarioKart8Deluxe with us! The room code for smash is on-screen and we reset every few matches. Only one...
2019-04-07 1:45:16 PM ● 647 views ● 2:34:08 96.88% liked
Super Smash Bros but the water is illegal
Come play some #SmashBrosUltimate with us! The room code is on-screen and we reset every few matches. Also be sure to join the JammerProHD Discord...
2019-04-07 1:20:10 PM ● 729 views ● 2:26:07 96.83% liked
Stage Builder might be coming to Smash Bros Ultimate 3.0
The 3.0 update to Super Smash Bros Ultimate is right around the corner and with a recent data mine, we may know what new modes could be coming...
2019-03-29 3:33:57 PM ● 2,695 views ● 12:05 97.24% liked
They're making a NEW Nintendo Switch?? Pro / Mini
New revisions of the Nintendo Switch may be on their way with the recent report from the WSJ that both a Nintendo Switch Pro and a Nintendo Switch...
2019-03-26 5:11:08 PM ● 1,168 views ● 12:09 92.77% liked
Captain Toad DLC...nope that'll never happen
Captain Toad is back and better than ever in a new Special Episode of DLC! This surprise bundle comes with 18 brand-new stages and is perfectly...
2019-03-25 5:59:25 PM ● 994 views ● 10:54 96.10% liked
Should ALL Wii U Games just port to Switch??
The Nintendo Switch has passed its second year and with each passing movement it makes the Wii U more and more irrelevant. With nearly all of...
2019-03-18 5:00:03 PM ● 1,256 views ● 15:27 94.64% liked
Custom Mii Fighter RETURNS: Season 2 All-Star Tournament
The moment you all have been waiting for...the EPIC return of Custom Mii Fighter Season 2!!! Episode 1 will feature some of the All-Star Mii's...
2019-02-28 2:58:14 PM ● 4,697 views ● 23:04 97.70% liked