Top 100 Channels From United Kingdom With The Most Subscribers

This list represents the top 100 YouTube video game-related channels rankings from United Kingdom based on the most subscribers. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelSubscribersLatest VideoLiked
1.United Kingdom DanTDM21,027,896THIS TOOK ME TWO HOURS.. | Fortnite Custom Map16:2698.19%
2.United Kingdom Ali-A16,061,131We waited 2 MONTHS for this...10:0397.92%
3.United Kingdom TheSyndicateProject9,941,829Where have I been.. IMPORTANT UPDATE!19:4893.03%
4.United Kingdom F2Freestylers - Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel9,479,796F2 VS JESUS & SILVA! | INSANE TEQBALL MATCH!17:4099.13%
5.United Kingdom BCC Trolling8,946,411*NEW* DRIFTBOARD IS INSANE! - Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF Moments! #47510:0897.87%
7.United Kingdom YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon7,242,051RC CARS in GTA 516:1099.04%
8.United Kingdom colinfurze7,060,915Workshop Hydraulic System/Press conversion11:5599.24%
9.United Kingdom BBC5,690,292Nature dates with Jack Fincham & Chris Packham - BBC8:4693.10%
10.United Kingdom Vikkstar1235,550,535The FLOOR IS LAVA CHALLENGE in Fortnite19:4797.93%
11.United Kingdom MessYourself5,417,117kids who do ANYTHING for LIKES (Tik Tok Memes)13:3398.41%
12.United Kingdom Morgz5,151,306Who can SPEND the MOST MONEY in 24 Hours - Challenge21:0292.21%
13.United Kingdom Slogoman4,743,322100 Players NO KILLING Custom Lobby! BUILD to SURVIVE the Horde! - Fortnite Custom11:0296.63%
14.United Kingdom LDShadowLady4,471,388The Danger House | Ep. 15 | Minecraft One Life 2.010:3999.13%
15.United Kingdom TheGamingLemon3,895,021WHAT IS GOING ON?! - Resident Evil 2 Remake Funny Moments20:5799.39%
16.United Kingdom GameSprout3,349,490You Have Been Spotted! (When Idiots Play Games #107)10:0199.28%
17.United Kingdom Wrzzer3,265,95650 Goal Line Saves ⁞ Heroic Goalkeepers10:3096.30%
18.United Kingdom SovietWomble3,261,624Random Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Bullshittery (part 1)10:1799.05%
19.United Kingdom DanAndPhilGAMES3,131,243DIL'S FAMILY WINTERFEST - Dan and Phil Play: Sims 4 #6328:4899.76%
20.United Kingdom Behzinga3,032,424TIK TOK TRY NOT TO LAUGH CHALLENGE vs KSI13:4499.25%
21.United Kingdom Vikkstar123HD3,019,578SANDBOX MODE! - Jurassic World Evolution #1134:1292.58%
22.United Kingdom Memeulous2,987,421I PAID A STRANGER TO BE MY GIRLFRIEND FOR A WEEK13:0998.61%
23.United Kingdom jackfrags2,816,708Best looking First Person Shooter10:0293.81%
24.United Kingdom Grian2,793,569Hermitcraft 6: Episode 51 - GRIAN DOES REDSTONE21:5099.36%
25.United Kingdom Mumbo Jumbo2,790,815Hermitcraft 6: Episode 78 - FARMS and PROGRESS!19:5999.41%
26.United Kingdom NoughtPointFourLIVE2,701,249Playing as a PRISON GUARD in GTA 5!14:1495.42%
27.United Kingdom Daz Games2,620,292Daz Watches Girl Who's Marrying Zombie Doll14:1499.53%
28.United Kingdom OfficialNerdCubed2,612,708Minesweeper Genius - Nerd³ Switched8:0698.61%
29.United Kingdom Master Ov Gaming & Challenges2,587,750First Match CHAMPION & Founders Bloodhound Legend - Apex Legends Gameplay Part 1 (4K PS4/PC/XBOX)19:2097.23%
30.United Kingdom JMX2,570,539BRUTAL JMX vs Viddal Pro Boxer *KSI's Coach* (2 Knock Outs)...15:3692.57%
31.United Kingdom Element Animation2,546,312Wild Diamonds - Episode 3 - Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy (Animation)8:3493.37%
32.United Kingdom Thoughty22,500,809Is Masculinity TOXIC? (RE: Gillette)18:3295.34%
33.United Kingdom outsidexbox2,351,8797 Bosses Who Nearly Quizzed You to Death14:2998.75%
34.United Kingdom MattHDGamer2,308,715DID EA FORGET THESE UPGRADES?!4:2296.71%
35.United Kingdom NerdOut!2,290,418Apex Legends vs Fortnite Rap Battle w/ FabvL | #NerdOut4:0396.54%
36.United Kingdom TheGamingBeaver2,223,254NEW INDOMINUS REX TOY!! - Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Toys15:1299.20%
37.United Kingdom MrDalekJD2,112,748The NEW Zombies Perk Is Surprisingly GOOD! (New Ethereal Razor Perk)5:2097.99%
38.United Kingdom MaximBady2,060,907No One Loves Jesus Like This Man4:2097.65%
39.United Kingdom Alex2,034,139PLEASE HELP!! I'M TRAPPED...21:0099.11%
40.United Kingdom SkinSpotlights2,024,080Aether Wing Kayle Skin Spotlight - Pre-Release - League of Legends5:1596.11%
41.United Kingdom Sjin1,930,031Leaving Bristol12:2595.53%
42.United Kingdom ZerkaaPlays1,923,718I Spent £160 on Apex Legends Packs and This Is What I Got...34:5097.75%
43.United Kingdom Sparkles1,916,672Eyetracker Challenge Overwatch 221:2888.75%
44.United Kingdom Yammy1,911,728Going To The POLICE 🚨 | Envy | Episode 68:4599.45%
45.United Kingdom I Hate Everything1,898,338The Most HATED YouTube Videos25:1295.84%
46.United Kingdom Sips1,880,844Prison Architect - 500 Strong - PART #7325:1496.73%
47.United Kingdom Duncan1,838,250NO RAGE ALLOWED - Fortnite Cizzorz Deathrun 3.010:2274.14%
48.United Kingdom ZaiLetsPlay1,832,979MY SISTER GOT REVENGE & LOCKED ME IN THE HOUSE FOR 24 HOURS! - Roblox Roleplay15:1798.29%
49.United Kingdom Mrwhosetheboss1,804,886Why OnePlus 5 is the Best Cheap 2019 Smartphone.5:0098.14%
50.United Kingdom 8-BitRyan1,801,481SO THERE'S A SECRET LAB IN THE FOREST.. || The Forest (Part 8) FULL RELEASE25:3699.58%
51.United Kingdom NepentheZ1,769,35762nd IN THE WORLD REWARDS! - FIFA 19 Ultimate Team17:0896.90%
52.United Kingdom COPA901,746,630Will An Underdog Win This Season’s FA Cup? | Comments Below21:5498.68%
53.United Kingdom NoahsNoah1,721,649Trying to BUSH CAMP in 2019...10:4196.69%
54.United Kingdom ChaBoyyHD1,719,502i sold my lamborghini to buy my last csgo case5:3990.63%
56.United Kingdom Jaze Cinema1,690,780[SFM FNAF] Old Memories: Missing Animatronics - Episode 4 Season 33:0491.70%
57.United Kingdom WhatCulture Wrestling1,681,240Why WWE Was RIGHT To Add Charlotte To WrestleMania 35 Main Event10:4567.44%
58.United Kingdom GRM Daily1,671,818Remtrex - Girl I Want [Music Video] | GRM Daily3:2897.91%
59.United Kingdom Extreme Trends1,665,039Homeless Man Finds Paper Bag On Ground Stuffed With $17,000. Where He Takes It Will Make You Tear.3:5797.03%
60.United Kingdom MC Naveed - Minecraft & Roblox and MORE!1,622,504Minecraft DONT CHOOSE THE WRONG BLOCK OR YOU WILL DIE !! SURVIVE THE FALL !!10:0197.65%
61.United Kingdom mashed1,572,776Rayman's Phantom Limb Freakout2:0997.70%
62.United Kingdom ObliviousHD1,568,575ROBLOX BACON STORY - Warriors (Imagine Dragons)5:3598.30%
63.United Kingdom Dan Bull1,561,119OVERWATCH RAP: D.VA | Dan Bull & OR3O3:0497.83%
64.United Kingdom Beh2inga1,536,462My FUT CHAMPIONS REWARDS Videos Are BACK11:1698.13%
65.United Kingdom Football Daily1,523,59410 Underperforming Premier League Stars!9:0596.53%
67.United Kingdom ThnxCya1,468,357ALL ROBLOX SLAYING SIMULATOR CODES! | Roblox Slaying Simulator16:5398.04%
68.United Kingdom Emma Blackery1,446,668February Album Club | 3 albums to listen to 💿15:2288.40%
69.United Kingdom ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides1,435,441I LOSE IT AND BREAK MY CONTROLLER - Dark Souls Upset24:2296.35%
70.United Kingdom AJ31,433,077FIFA 19 SQUAD BUILDER SHOWDOWN!!! INFORM CRISTIANO RONALDO!!! 95 Rated CR7 SBSD34:3098.18%
71.United Kingdom TSMC - Minecraft1,432,369Minecraft Tutorial: How To Make A Pizza Hut (Restaurant) "2019 City Tutorial"48:0598.17%
72.United Kingdom DotaCinema1,417,753Dota 2 Symphony of Rampage 573:1492.15%
73.United Kingdom Blue Monkey1,416,905🤢 ALEX GETS SICK?! | The Minecraft Life of Alex & Steve | Minecraft Animation1:4496.99%
74.United Kingdom KickThePj1,415,962DRAWING YOUR SPACESONA11:0099.74%
75.United Kingdom Olli431,403,440i built an incredible river rapids ride in planet coaster..10:4998.24%
76.United Kingdom MrRoflWaffles1,376,395NEW ZOMBIES WOLF KING ARTHUR EASTER EGG IN BLACK OPS 4 (2 New Easter Eggs)10:3596.13%
77.United Kingdom Clare Siobhan1,359,063BITLIFE CONTROLS MY SIMS! 😱 - So many babies! 😅27:5699.37%
78.United Kingdom ashens1,347,417Poundland Valentines Day Special 2019 | Ashens15:4798.90%
79.United Kingdom Insanegaz1,324,292BeamNG Drive New Rally map coming soon5:2594.39%
80.United Kingdom TheBurntChip1,311,946WORLD CUP FORTNITE FOOTBALL!21:3895.10%
81.United Kingdom YogsLomadia1,252,077Kingdom Hearts 3 #91:04:0299.10%
82.United Kingdom Zero.Miz-Kun メ Nightcore Records1,226,403Nightcore - Are You Mine [Typical & Prisma ft. Sabrina Sentina]3:1997.09%
83.United Kingdom bateson871,213,221FINALLY A WALK OUT! | FIFA 19 DRAFT TO GLORY #10420:1492.03%
84.United Kingdom iCrazyTeddy1,198,151*WATCH NOW* Red Dead Online UNLIMITED MONEY GLITCH - EASY GOLD!! (THE TRUTH)10:2735.56%
85.United Kingdom Drewsmc1,170,675Minecraft : DO NOT CHOOSE THE WRONG TRAPDOOR!(GUMBALL,PENNYWISE,DARWIN)(PS4/XboxOne/PE/MCPE)10:0795.70%
87.United Kingdom Chaotic1,129,214Red Dead Online - Release Date Details, NEW Updates & MORE! (RDR2 Online Beta)5:3581.72%
88.United Kingdom OpTic Spratt1,095,068They BUFFED SNIPERS... (NEW SPECIALIST!!)12:2699.24%
89.United Kingdom Amy Lee1,073,789SAVING TOOTHLESS! | Amy & Max! Ep.64 | Minecraft14:2598.31%
90.United Kingdom 8-BitGaming1,053,143THE BIGGEST JUMPSCARE EVER!! | SCP:02212:1899.77%
91.United Kingdom TrueMOBSTER1,027,514GTA 6 In REAL LIFE Gang War | Ep1 (Grand Theft Auto 6)11:5296.30%
92.United Kingdom The Minebox1,025,156🥊 GOLEM FIGHT | Minecraft Life | Minecraft Animation1:2296.42%
93.United Kingdom CapgunTom1,023,751OMFG BASE ICON PACK OPENING!!! FIFA 19 OTW & Rating Refresh!!!11:5497.61%
94.United Kingdom VikkstarPlays1,011,858THE UNSTOPPABLE DUO! - Shellshock Live26:2498.98%
95.United Kingdom Doni Bobes996,814So I disguised a HACKER as the OWNER to TROLL my mods!12:4998.49%
96.United Kingdom iDeactivateMC985,187NEW Foxes Added in Minecraft 1.14 Update10:1298.43%
97.United Kingdom Razzbowski977,189SENPAI BURNED in FIRE TRAP Elimination! 🔥 - Setting Traps in Yandere Simulator (NEW Update)19:0999.56%
98.United Kingdom DPJ972,018Destiny 2 - RAGING AT FRIENDS EXOTIC LOOT DROPS - Top 5 Funny Reactions / Ep 1315:4394.25%
99.United Kingdom Primal Gameplay968,1571 Million Subscribers - Thank You! - Plants vs Zombies 2 Battlez and Ail Mint Level 10 PVZ 25:0696.35%
100.United Kingdom ibxtoycat965,966Super Bomberman R - FREE THIS MONTH, Is It Worth Playing?1:19:4594.31%