Top 100 Channels From United Kingdom With The Most Subscribers

This list represents the top 100 YouTube video game-related channels rankings from United Kingdom based on the most subscribers. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelSubscribersLatest VideoLiked
1.United Kingdom DanTDM21,563,108DanTDM Presents 'The Contest' (Official Trailer)1:4497.43%
2.United Kingdom KSI20,225,951ODDS ON13:2992.03%
3.United Kingdom Ali-A16,430,376Fortnite added SUPPLY DRONES! (INSANE LOOT)14:5897.24%
4.United Kingdom BCC Trolling10,253,338*NEW* MINI SUPPLY DROPS ARE EPIC! - Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF Moments! #56510:1497.41%
5.United Kingdom F2Freestylers - Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel10,100,078HILARIOUS WOULD YOU RATHER WITH GIGI WIJNALDUM! 😂 | Liverpool 4-0 Barcelona15:1097.02%
6.United Kingdom TheSyndicateProject9,911,231Where have I been.. IMPORTANT UPDATE!19:4890.61%
7.United Kingdom Morgz9,789,064I Spent 24 Hours In Virtual Reality - Challenge27:1987.62%
8.United Kingdom colinfurze8,007,250Pulls Levers in Bedroom, Makes Tea in Kitchen7:2297.16%
9.United Kingdom Caspar7,378,967TAKING A GCSE SEX EDUCATION EXAM w/ My Girlfriend11:5898.51%
10.United Kingdom YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon7,228,017MY BRAIN HURTS! | Minecraft Diversity 3 | Part 1324:5997.60%
11.United Kingdom BBC6,255,742The pregnancy test was negative... then I gave birth in a hotel toilet! 😱 - BBC7:2996.84%
12.United Kingdom MessYourself5,794,859REACTING TO THE BEST ROLLER COASTERS ON EARTH12:4597.53%
13.United Kingdom Vikkstar1235,621,609Season 9 RAINBOW DROPPER in Fortnite (Creative Mode)14:5997.15%
14.United Kingdom Slogoman5,294,799SNITCH or LOSE! *NEW* Hide & Seek Gamemode in Fortnite Creative17:2697.97%
15.United Kingdom LDShadowLady4,582,038Sims 4 Breed out the Weird Challenge.... fail.15:1398.94%
16.United Kingdom FRESH Movie Trailers4,068,744NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2019 (This Week's Best Trailers #30)13:3785.54%
17.United Kingdom TheGamingLemon3,910,760Steep but I can't do it10:0498.93%
18.United Kingdom FRANKIEonPC3,515,593Getting Started in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds!21:2096.27%
19.United Kingdom SovietWomble3,419,999The Dancing Lich2:3197.48%
20.United Kingdom Memeulous3,397,313MORGZ MUM MUST BE STOPPED10:0298.93%
21.United Kingdom GameSprout3,393,119Don't Try This At Home! (When Idiots Play Games #119)10:2497.96%
22.United Kingdom DanAndPhilGAMES3,108,145DIL'S FAMILY WINTERFEST - Dan and Phil Play: Sims 4 #6328:4899.71%
23.United Kingdom Mumbo Jumbo3,104,104Making Things from REAL LIFE in Minecraft! #210:3198.22%
24.United Kingdom Behzinga3,102,812I TRIED ROCK CLIMBING WITH AyyOnline17:2298.69%
25.United Kingdom Grian3,048,8901.14 Minecraft Build Hacks13:2298.90%
26.United Kingdom Vikkstar123HD3,029,846Minecraft UHC #4 (Season 19) - ULTRA HARDCORE20:1398.88%
27.United Kingdom NoughtPointFourLIVE2,909,856GTA 5 - Michael's Family Isn't REALLY His! (Easter Egg)12:5395.98%
28.United Kingdom jackfrags2,872,558I give up PUBG14:2497.78%
29.United Kingdom Daz Games2,771,891Daz Watches Cheapest Parents12:1699.49%
30.United Kingdom Element Animation2,644,353Wild Diamonds - Episode 3 - Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy (Animation)8:3493.53%
31.United Kingdom OfficialNerdCubed2,593,469Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack - Nerd³ Switched13:1998.81%
32.United Kingdom Master Ov2,583,738Its Good To Be Back6:1096.86%
33.United Kingdom JMX2,564,404BRUTAL JMX vs Viddal Pro Boxer *KSI's Coach* (2 Knock Outs)...15:3692.26%
34.United Kingdom Thoughty22,518,815Why You Can't Win An Argument With an Idiot13:0498.17%
35.United Kingdom NerdOut!2,493,545Pokémon Detective Pikachu Song | Team | by #NerdOut (Unofficial Soundtrack)3:2098.12%
36.United Kingdom outsidexbox2,405,128A Plague Tale Innocence Gameplay: A THOUSAND RATS (Let's Play A Plague Tale)53:5098.85%
37.United Kingdom TheGamingBeaver2,346,722A Dino Crisis Spinosaurus! - Jurassic World Alive | Ep48 ( Jurassic GO )25:0199.16%
38.United Kingdom MattHDGamer2,327,562GUARANTEED PREMIER LEAGUE TOTS PACK!!!5:2996.81%
39.United Kingdom Mrwhosetheboss2,290,891OnePlus 7 Pro vs Samsung S10 Plus / Huawei P30 Pro - SPEED Test!9:5396.03%
40.United Kingdom MaximBady2,191,100Girl Explains Why She is Nothing Without Instagram5:5799.02%
41.United Kingdom MrDalekJD2,153,519Call of Duty Mobile BATTLE ROYALE is HERE... (NEW COD Mobile Battle Royale Gameplay)13:5093.23%
42.United Kingdom Alex2,136,732DANCE BATTLE IN ROBLOX!!15:3397.65%
43.United Kingdom SkinSpotlights2,090,600Malphite Visual Effect Update Comparison - All Affected Skins | League Of Legends15:2597.31%
44.United Kingdom GRM Daily2,066,375RG The Baron - I'm a Barist [Music Video] | GRM Daily2:3589.44%
45.United Kingdom Yammy2,040,718Trying To Die as Fast as Possible in BitLife11:0498.97%
46.United Kingdom 8-BitRyan1,967,992HE IS LITERALLY RIGHT IN MY FACE. || SCP: Containment Breach (UNITY UPDATE)17:3299.42%
47.United Kingdom ZerkaaPlays1,962,433I Found A Village In Minecraft! (Minecraft #2)26:5699.29%
48.United Kingdom I Hate Everything1,944,363Uwe Boll's CRAZY Letterboxd Reviews14:2098.56%
49.United Kingdom MC Naveed - Minecraft & Roblox and MORE!1,926,312FIND MARK OUR FRIENDLY ZOMBIE SECRET BASE HIDDEN IN THE FORREST !! Minecraft Secret House Mod9:0494.50%
50.United Kingdom Sjin1,921,692THE GREATEST KILL STREAK (Mordhau)10:1698.86%
51.United Kingdom Sparkles1,913,139Apex Legends moments that make me happy7:0494.86%
52.United Kingdom Sips1,867,666Prison Architect - 500 Strong - PART #7325:1496.83%
53.United Kingdom Duncan1,830,253Don't Starve Hamlet - I'M A BEAVER!15:0197.86%
54.United Kingdom NepentheZ1,804,445EA ARE RUINING TOTS! - FIFA 19 Ultimate Team14:0794.64%
55.United Kingdom COPA901,793,351One v One Skill Challenge with Allan Saint-Maximin! | Timbsy Vs The World11:4399.57%
56.United Kingdom WhatCulture Wrestling1,770,404Update On Alexa Bliss' Concussion Issues, WWE Money In The Bank 2019 Main Event Revealed3:5094.90%
57.United Kingdom ChaBoyyHD1,757,222my rank after 43,871 hours playing csgo (5 years)6:4697.21%
58.United Kingdom mashed1,753,392Donkey Kong's Bizarre Banana Adventure1:5697.57%
59.United Kingdom GONTH1,705,23111 VERY WEIRD PENALTY KICKS IN FOOTBALL10:3696.95%
60.United Kingdom ObliviousHD1,704,719BLOX WATCH - A Roblox Horror Movie (Trailer)2:3398.61%
61.United Kingdom Football Daily1,597,847WORST Team Of The Season XI12:2996.55%
62.United Kingdom Dan Bull1,596,013DETECTIVE PIKACHU RAP: The Movie Remix | Dan Bull2:5797.67%
63.United Kingdom Blue Monkey1,575,615😱 BEWARE GIANT STEVE?! | The Minecraft Life of Alex & Steve | Minecraft Animation2:2397.70%
64.United Kingdom Beh2inga1,544,679Teaching My MUM How To Play FORTNITE10:0598.84%
65.United Kingdom TSMC - Minecraft1,514,772Minecraft Tutorial: How To Make A 2 Player Ultimate Wooden Survival House 201946:4798.51%
66.United Kingdom ThnxCya1,506,306NEW *OP* CODE & ALL POTION CRAFTING RECIPIES! | Roblox Unboxing Simulator11:2295.98%
68.United Kingdom ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides1,483,465Skyrim 5 Secret Unmarked Locations That Are Not What They Seem11:1097.99%
69.United Kingdom Clare Siobhan1,462,324🌿🌳 GARDEN FLIPPER DLC! 🌿🌳24:1598.41%
70.United Kingdom Emma Blackery1,454,615Why I left...12:1395.49%
71.United Kingdom AJ31,452,398FIFA 19 SQUAD BUILDER SHOWDOWN!!! 94 TOTS BERNADO SILVA!!! The Squad Builder Showdown Project36:5197.64%
72.United Kingdom Olli1,445,826Building a Roller Coaster I Would Actually Want to Ride in Planet Coaster10:5398.36%
73.United Kingdom Drewsmc1,439,129Minecraft : We Found JOHN WICKS SECRET BASE! (Ps3/Xbox360/PS4/XboxOne/PE/MCPE)16:2192.94%
74.United Kingdom KickThePj1,422,407RANKING NINTENDO CONTROLLERS12:3699.51%
75.United Kingdom DotaCinema1,402,058Dota 2 Headshot - Ep. 1643:2797.07%
76.United Kingdom Insanegaz1,398,270BeamNG Drive Vehicles Vs Trains4:1689.19%
77.United Kingdom MrRoflWaffles1,391,878THE HARDEST PARKOUR MAP EVER MADE24:4296.89%
78.United Kingdom ashens1,373,338Videomaster Enterprise | Ashens10:3798.13%
79.United Kingdom Only Human1,367,539The Compulsive Overeating Disorder | Kids with Prader-Willi Syndrome | Only Human10:5193.29%
80.United Kingdom InTheLittleWood1,349,130NEW Hot Spots Loot Carriers (Drones) Added! - Fortnite Battle Royale12:0895.86%
81.United Kingdom TrueMOBSTER1,336,405Buying Girlfriend 50Cal Machine Gun (GONE WRONG)16:5794.30%
82.United Kingdom Zero.Miz-Kun メ Nightcore Records1,319,940Nightcore - Paranoid [Steve Void & Midsplit ft. Anna Yvette]2:2898.77%
83.United Kingdom TheBurntChip1,303,632WORLD CUP FORTNITE FOOTBALL!21:3894.99%
85.United Kingdom YogsLomadia1,235,566A Plague Tale: Innocence #31:00:1999.50%
86.United Kingdom iCrazyTeddy1,185,599*WATCH NOW* Red Dead Online UNLIMITED MONEY GLITCH - EASY GOLD!! (THE TRUTH)10:2733.91%
88.United Kingdom Primal Gameplay1,155,962PARASOL ZOMBIE in Plants vs Zombies 2 Every Plant Power-Up!14:5188.00%
89.United Kingdom Chaotic1,125,099NEW GTA 5 Online Garage Map in Call of Duty Zombies!!!11:35
90.United Kingdom OpTic Spratt1,109,994ANGRY GAMER RAGES When I Snipe Him!12:0299.36%
91.United Kingdom ibxtoycat1,091,468Literally Just Mining A Very Long Tunnel1:55:0396.27%
92.United Kingdom Bucks1,083,225OMEGLE'S RESTRICTED SECTION 147:5299.01%
93.United Kingdom Doni Bobes1,074,186So I set up a troll race for 300 of minecrafts biggest noobs...25:3597.86%
94.United Kingdom 8-BitGaming1,069,211IF SONIC WAS IN NAZI ZOMBIES | YouTube Haikus (Episode 2000)11:0099.35%
95.United Kingdom The Minebox1,068,922🥊 GOLEM FIGHT | Minecraft Life | Minecraft Animation1:2296.52%
96.United Kingdom Razzbowski1,047,459FNAF VR: SECRETS & EASTER EGGS that will BLOW your MIND... (Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted)21:4599.49%
97.United Kingdom Iron Maiden1,045,707Iron Maiden - Flight Of Icarus (Live from the Legacy Of The Beast Tour)4:1499.42%
98.United Kingdom Elanip1,028,064GTA 5 Roleplay - Chevy 454 SS Drag Truck Crashed Drag Racing | RedlineRP #43417:1098.02%
99.United Kingdom iDeactivateMC1,027,682100 Things Added in Minecraft 1.14 Update17:4997.78%
100.United Kingdom VikkstarPlays1,021,9190:00 GOAL! - Rocket League26:0997.68%