Top 100 Channels From United Kingdom With The Most Subscribers

This list represents the top 100 YouTube video game-related channels rankings from United Kingdom based on the most subscribers. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelSubscribersLatest Video
1.United Kingdom DanTDM23,500,000Quitting YouTube to become a Roblox Pro!16:09
2.United Kingdom KSI21,700,000Nathan Dawe x KSI โ€“ Lighter [Official Video]4:30
3.United Kingdom Ali-A17,200,000*NEW* NUKE EVENT in Fortnite is CRAZY! (BIG SECRETS)11:31
4.United Kingdom F2Freestylers - Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel12,200,000REAL MADRID FIVE BALL SHOOTING CHALLENGE!5:40
5.United Kingdom Morgz11,300,000Trapped in LEGO PRISON For 24 Hours! - Challenge20:55
6.United Kingdom BCC Trolling10,500,000*NEW* PLAY ROCKET LEAGUE IN FORTNITE!! - Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF Moments! #9988:30
7.United Kingdom colinfurze10,400,000WOOD POWERED LAWN MOWER12:23
8.United Kingdom JJ Olatunji9,970,000LAUGHING AT: JAKE PAUL & LOGAN PAUL23:07
9.United Kingdom TheSyndicateProject9,780,000THE MINECRAFT POWER STONE! - (Mianitian Isles) Episode 561:12:49
10.United Kingdom BBC9,070,000Unwind with 20 minutes in nature | Springwatch - BBC21:03
11.United Kingdom Sidemen8,650,000SIDEMEN $10,000 vs $10 TAKEAWAY37:39
12.United Kingdom Slogo8,400,000GUESS The MINECRAFT MOB Or LOSE! (
13.United Kingdom YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon7,200,000WE'VE BANNED GRUDGES in GMOD TTT!18:08
14.United Kingdom Caspar7,070,000Banned For Winning Too Many Toys9:21
15.United Kingdom MessYourself6,480,000this kid has TOO MANY COUPONS20:45
16.United Kingdom TomSka6,420,000Let Me In3:02
17.United Kingdom Vikkstar1236,410,000WINNING with SWORDS ONLY in WARZONE!19:16
18.United Kingdom Mumbo Jumbo6,210,000Hermitcraft 7: Episode 39 - I FINALLY DID IT...20:07
19.United Kingdom TGF5,710,000Exploring Creepy Locations Using Randonautica (DONT USE THIS)9:09
20.United Kingdom Grian5,690,000Hermitcraft 7: Episode 36 - NEW NETHER FRIEND!24:26
21.United Kingdom LDShadowLady5,200,000The Frog Prince Boutique | Ep. 10 | Minecraft X Life SMP10:23
22.United Kingdom ChrisMD5,000,000I Became the Healthiest Human Being in the World for 1 Week27:55
23.United Kingdom Liverpool FC4,920,000Best of: Andy Robertson 2019/20 | Premier League Champion3:42
24.United Kingdom Daz Games4,890,00060 PLAYER ULTIMATE ELIMINATION17:50
25.United Kingdom Mrwhosetheboss4,780,000Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 - The Big Problem.9:30
26.United Kingdom Memeulous4,160,000JAKE PAUL DID SOMETHING (LMTH)8:21
27.United Kingdom iBallisticSquid4,160,000FALL GUYS STREAM!!1:46:55
28.United Kingdom AmazingPhil4,090,000Trying To Catch And Rescue An Injured WILD Pigeon11:35
29.United Kingdom NoughtPointFourLIVE3,980,000GTA 5 - EVERY 5 MINUTES = LAVA RISES!12:55
30.United Kingdom TheGamingLemon3,980,000Hitman 2 Funny Moments! - #1 - LET'S GO TO THE RACES! - (Miami Gameplay)27:25
31.United Kingdom Behzinga3,940,000Sidemen Diss Track Season 212:18
32.United Kingdom SovietWomble3,820,000Landing my first carp - Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR1:06
33.United Kingdom Zerkaa3,710,000I Tried TIKTOK'S Weirdest Food Combinations...20:05
34.United Kingdom MoreSidemen3,680,000The Sidemen being awkward around girls for 12 minutes straight12:29
35.United Kingdom GameSprout3,560,000Accidental Win - You Have Arrived At Your Destination!7:06
36.United Kingdom FaZe Jarvis3,510,000I Got Beat Up10:08
37.United Kingdom Element Animation3,510,000EGTM - Behind The Scenes!10:47
38.United Kingdom FRANKIEonPC3,440,000Getting Started in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds!21:20
39.United Kingdom jackfrags3,370,000Call of Duty Warzone - How to Unlock the ENIGMA Easter Egg Gun!12:19
40.United Kingdom Vikkstar123HD3,210,000Minecraft BUT LAVA RISES Every MINUTE w/ The Pack20:04
41.United Kingdom Jaze Cinema3,140,000Five Nights at Freddy's Ending Cutscene3:56
42.United Kingdom GRM Daily3,120,000Mad Max - Misery [Music Video] | GRM Daily3:27
43.United Kingdom Thoughty23,000,000What Really Happened on the Set of the Weirdest Movie Ever?18:04
44.United Kingdom DanAndPhilGAMES3,000,000DIL'S FAMILY WINTERFEST - Dan and Phil Play: Sims 4 #6328:48
45.United Kingdom NerdOut!2,880,000Captain America Song | All Day | by #NerdOut (Unofficial Soundtrack)3:44
46.United Kingdom Marley2,800,000This video will get me banned in Rainbow Six Siege13:19
47.United Kingdom TheGamingBeaver2,780,000I wasn't ment to record this video!!! || Jurassic World - The Game - Ep 461 HD33:52
48.United Kingdom Drewsmc2,660,000DO NOT CHOOSE THE WRONG CAVE!(Sirenhead,CARTOONCAT,CARTOON DOG)(Ps3/Xbox360/PS4/XboxOne/PE/MCPE)11:07
49.United Kingdom Killem2,640,000Leaving YouTube for a While7:03
50.United Kingdom outsidexbox2,560,0007 Surprising Real-World Things Games Made You Do17:06
51.United Kingdom OfficialNerdCubed2,530,000Nerdยณ Plays... Hitman 227:17
52.United Kingdom NoahsNoah2,520,000Car.mp410:16
53.United Kingdom JMX2,510,000This is Why AnEsonGib WILL Beat Deji7:48
54.United Kingdom MasterOv Gaming2,500,000Join My Team! - LittleBigSnake LEGENDARY Skins *LIVE*5:59
55.United Kingdom mashed2,480,000Crash Bandicoot and Aku Break Up6:45
56.United Kingdom Yammy2,450,000Protected By The Alpha 2 ๐Ÿพ (Gacha Life Mini Movie Reaction)11:23
57.United Kingdom 8-BitRyan2,440,000THIS GUY BROKE INTO MY HOUSE AT NIGHT. | Scrutinized22:12
58.United Kingdom MattHDGamer2,380,000What do you get from 10 Guaranteed 86+ Player Pick Packs?10:45
59.United Kingdom MC Naveed - Minecraft & Roblox and MORE!2,380,000Minecraft SURVIVING 24 HOURS ON A SINGLE GRASS BLOCK / DON'T FALL OFF THIS BLOCK !! Minecraft Mods8:05
60.United Kingdom SkinSpotlights2,360,000Voice - PsyOps Sona [SUBBED] - English12:39
61.United Kingdom ZerkaaPlays2,350,000STARTING LAST ON THE GRID... (F1 2020 My Team #22)1:00:17
62.United Kingdom InTheLittleWood2,340,000LIVE NOW - Minecraft Speedruns!0:29
63.United Kingdom MrDalekJD2,310,000HOW TO UNLOCK STADIUM EASTER EGG in Call of Duty WARZONE!8:06
64.United Kingdom MaximBady2,300,000Lets Review: A DAY IN THE LIFE OF: KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN with Addison Rae9:45
65.United Kingdom Rooster Time2,280,000[SFM FNAF] FNaF 3 | Counter Jumpscares2:14
66.United Kingdom Alex2,190,000Five Nights At PIGGY'S Custom Map (Piggy Build Mode)11:29
67.United Kingdom Blue Monkey2,170,000STEVE STOLE HER DIAMONDS!! Minecraft Animation | The Minecraft Life of Alex and Steve4:44
68.United Kingdom Eddsworld2,160,000Eddsworld - Fan Service 22:50
69.United Kingdom Talisa Tossell2,120,000Famous TV Characters Into Slime Art// Spongebob, Rick + Morty, + more!10:01
70.United Kingdom I Hate Everything2,120,000Artemis Fowl, Scoob!, Capone, Trolls & Wakaliwood - The Quest For The Best #624:03
71.United Kingdom Oblivious2,080,000The Bacon Hair - A Roblox Movie Trailer1:46
72.United Kingdom Sparkles2,030,000Fracture CASE OPENING! (NEW CASE)8:55
73.United Kingdom Kaidoz2,010,000I Cheated in ULTIMATE $1,000 Fortnite Hide & Seek - Challenge13:08
74.United Kingdom Surprise Egg And Toy Collector1,970,000Rick and Morty Coloring Book Pages Colouring with Color Markers | SETC5:58
76.United Kingdom WhatCulture Wrestling1,940,00010 Wrestlers Who Refused To Work Together10:40
77.United Kingdom Timeline - World History Documentaries1,930,000Remembering VJ Day: Britain's War Against Japan | History Hit LIVE on Timeline38:14
78.United Kingdom Dan Bull1,910,000FALL GUYS RAP? fall guys rap.3:46
79.United Kingdom Gorgeous Movies1,890,000Godzilla Parody! Monster Scares Kids!!9:26
80.United Kingdom TSMC - Minecraft1,890,000Minecraft Tutorial: How To Make A Modern House 12 "2020 Tutorial"11:39
81.United Kingdom NepentheZ1,880,000CONFIRMED #FIFA21 ICON & 94 RTTF JOAO FELIX LIVE SBC! - FIFA 20 Ultimate Team12:33
82.United Kingdom Sjin1,860,000That's No MoonQuest #15 - WE MADE IT18:13
83.United Kingdom ChaBoyyHD1,850,000i open 50 new csgo FRACTURE cases and i got this..14:05
85.United Kingdom Only Human1,830,000Scorpion Sting Creates Hole in Manโ€™s Leg | Bugs, Bites and Parasites | Only Human43:49
86.United Kingdom FriendlyMachine1,820,000Welcome to Fortnite Season 412:30
87.United Kingdom Sips1,800,000a hideo kojima game0:24
88.United Kingdom COPA90 Football1,790,000LIVE: K League Football | FC Seoul vs Gangwon FC2:33:22
89.United Kingdom Duncan1,790,000Death by Farts in GROUNDED (Survival Game)22:08
90.United Kingdom Football Daily1,770,000WE PREDICTED EVERY CHAMPIONS LEAGUE RESULT! | #WNTT10:57
91.United Kingdom Clare Siobhan1,750,000FROZEN DISNEY PRINCESS CHALLENGE! ๐Ÿ‘‘ - Sisters reunited!! #521:37
92.United Kingdom Doni Bobes1,720,000I Spawned a REAL TORNADO on 100 Minecraft Players...13:24
93.United Kingdom GONTH1,700,000YELLOW CARD DIVES IN FOOTBALL10:01
94.United Kingdom Beh2inga1,700,000My Last FUT Champs Weekend Of 202015:18
95.United Kingdom ESO1,660,000Why Did Bethesda REMOVE This Quest From The Elder Scrolls Oblivion?12:06
96.United Kingdom ThnxCya1,640,000BANANA EATS ROBLOX..14:35
97.United Kingdom Tekkerz kid1,610,000HATERS WILL SAY I'M SPOILT!11:37
98.United Kingdom Elanip1,600,000GTA 5 Roleplay - FLYING CAR DESTROYING COPS | RedlineRP23:39
99.United Kingdom The Spiffing Brit1,560,000CIVILIZATION 6 Is A Perfectly Balanced Game With NO EXPLOITS - Pacifist Only Challenge IS BROKEN43:05
100.United Kingdom CBeebies1,540,000Learn letter "t" with the Alphablocks Magic Words | CBeebies2:36