Top 100 Channels From United Kingdom With The Most Views

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from United Kingdom based on the most views on their videos. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelViewsLatest Video
1.United Kingdom DanTDM18,197,624,313WHY ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME?!18:43
2.United Kingdom Jelly13,149,119,153Playing the EASIEST ESCAPE Room in FORTNITE…11:38
3.United Kingdom Slogo6,728,972,893You Must Find The SECRET ESCAPE Spot To Survive! (Fortnite)12:47
4.United Kingdom KSI5,721,509,534THE KSI SHOW1:09:40
5.United Kingdom Ali-A5,527,502,830TILTED TOWERS is *BACK* in Fortnite Chapter 3!9:47
6.United Kingdom YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon4,226,208,752We get naked and unleash our FULL POWER! | GTA 512:24
7.United Kingdom Sidemen3,484,461,440SIDEMEN HIDE AND SEEK IN $20,000 HOLIDAY MANSION32:20
8.United Kingdom Top Gear3,450,013,414Chris Harris on... Off-Roaders | SUVs vs Serious 4x4s - Plus All-Electric Pick-Ups | Top Gear5:08
9.United Kingdom BBC Radio 13,326,235,384Peter Dinklage reacts to weird DMs4:14
10.United Kingdom JJ Olatunji3,181,660,131I HAVE COVID17:00
11.United Kingdom Tiana3,150,835,896ISLA GOT INJURED AND BROKE HER LEG! **Not A Prank**😢14:45
12.United Kingdom 442oons3,003,742,454🏆Messi vs Salah vs Lewandowski - Rap Battle!🏆 (The Best FIFA Football Awards 2021)2:21
13.United Kingdom LDShadowLady2,974,180,461🌷 Flowers & Roads 🌷 | Ep. 27 | Minecraft Empires 1.1712:06
14.United Kingdom F2Freestylers - Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel2,957,034,303MIKEL ARTETA PRANKED ME! 😱🤬9:13
15.United Kingdom iBallisticSquid2,821,681,683Merry Christmas!1:31
16.United Kingdom RubyandBonnie2,812,033,320Ruby and Bonnie - Best Pop It Toys Stories for kids15:50
17.United Kingdom Morgz2,680,738,219BREAKING 100 LAWS IN 24 HOURS! - Challenge14:29
18.United Kingdom Mumbo Jumbo2,538,386,14833 ways to hide your Items in Minecraft17:15
19.United Kingdom Sky Sports Football2,436,808,656What's the future for Anthony Martial? 💭 | The Transfer Show5:42
20.United Kingdom CBeebies2,365,670,506Andy and the Band Song | Party Time 🎉🥳 | CBeebies1:45
21.United Kingdom MessYourself2,290,651,932THE WORST INSTANT REGRET MOMENTS12:59
22.United Kingdom Crainer2,262,781,117When Your Best Friend Is The Scariest Hunter Ever...10:31
23.United Kingdom TheGamingBeaver2,232,675,715THEY FLY NOW!!! - Jurassic World Primal OPS | Ep7 HD37:54
24.United Kingdom Fireman Sam2,199,321,088Cat vs Dog Chase! | Fireman Sam Official | Cartoon for kids1:06:07
25.United Kingdom MoreSidemen2,190,154,076SIDEMEN REVERSE HIDE & SEEK IN MARBELLA MANSION15:55
26.United Kingdom Syndicate2,107,563,794A Minecraft Project - CREEPER ATTACK! (Ep.8)1:12:16
27.United Kingdom Vikkstar1231,948,709,059🔴 APEX LEGENDS DARK DEPTHS w/ iTemp & SooXfar2:18:42
28.United Kingdom Daz Games1,922,707,293DAZ WATCHES THE BACK ROOMS14:35
29.United Kingdom Grian1,852,947,176100 Hours In Minecraft Hardcore: Episode 125:02
30.United Kingdom SkinSpotlights1,707,847,759Lunar Legend Festival | Firecracker Jinx, Protector, Dango, Dowsie & Duckbill| Teamfight Tactics22:32
31.United Kingdom Nought1,692,159,930The Video Ends When a ZOMBIE Bites me... (GTA 5)44:54
32.United Kingdom GameSprout1,672,209,540I Could Use A Miracle! (Game Fails #346)10:03
33.United Kingdom jackfrags1,463,704,371Cheating in Call of Duty Warzone or is it...11:30
34.United Kingdom Mrwhosetheboss1,451,854,71121 HEAVENLY Inventions to save the WORLD.17:35
35.United Kingdom Gorgeous Movies1,451,006,247Spider-Man VS The Avengers!9:06
36.United Kingdom TommyInnit1,417,253,189Minecraft's Funniest YouTuber Hunger Games...33:22
37.United Kingdom colinfurze1,398,597,295TUNNEL PROGRESS #shorts0:41
38.United Kingdom UKF Drum & Bass1,392,707,242S.P.Y - You and Me (ft. Grimm)5:26
39.United Kingdom WhatCulture Wrestling1,387,604,436AEW Is PISSED Over Cody Rhodes? Truth Behind Contract Expiry17:16
40.United Kingdom Liverpool FC1,365,087,295'Bobby will leave a tip' | Alisson, Fabinho & Firmino sample 'The Joy of Eating'3:30
41.United Kingdom TGFbro1,345,212,614Worlds LARGEST Box Of McDonald's Chicken Nuggets11:33
42.United Kingdom OfficialNerdCubed1,311,141,656Year of the Tiger Anus | 15/01/22 | The Nerd³ Show10:22
43.United Kingdom Comedy Central UK1,303,015,488"Sue-Sun-Boil" Alan Davies & Roisin Conaty Play Say It Properly | Guessable?4:46
44.United Kingdom ChrisMD1,299,866,711The Best Goal of This Video Becomes an NFT15:10
45.United Kingdom Insanegaz1,285,794,712BeamNG Drive 2013 Vs 2022 Crash Testing11:28
46.United Kingdom Element Animation1,280,347,587CREEPER RAP | ENDING B | 🎵 Minecraft Animated Music Video 🎵 | REMIX3:02
47.United Kingdom outsidexbox1,241,250,7807 Creepiest Fighting Game Characters That Belong in a Horror Game10:41
48.United Kingdom MovieGasm.com1,232,272,403MOON KNIGHT Trailer (2022)1:58
49.United Kingdom 8-BitRyan1,199,306,349IF YOU GO DOWN A BACK ALLEY & SEE THIS, RUN OR YOU WILL DIE. (3RG)33:32
50.United Kingdom Memeulous1,143,649,073The Most Insensitive YouTuber12:11
51.United Kingdom Clay Artisan JAY1,122,667,615A Dog (Golden Retriever) handmade from polymer clay, the full sculpturing process【Clay Artisan JAY】3:51
52.United Kingdom Smyths Toys Superstores1,104,993,602LEGO 21180 Minecraft The Guardian Battle Underwater Fish Set - Smyths Toys0:12
53.United Kingdom SETC1,097,450,502Teen Titans Go! Color Swap Raven Five Nights at Freddys Security Breach SETC3:39
54.United Kingdom Vikkstar123HD1,094,959,131The MOST EPIC FINAL BATTLE - The Pack Pixelmon Showdown Finale43:28
55.United Kingdom Shirrako1,094,787,421GOD OF WAR PC Gameplay Walkthrough Part 5 (4K 60FPS ULTRA SETTINGS) No Commentary1:15:27
56.United Kingdom SovietWomble1,063,155,491Random Divinity: Original Sin 2 Bullshittery (part 2)9:35
57.United Kingdom Zanar Aesthetics1,062,196,680God of War - How ODIN Killed Himself Multiple Times - MIMIR Explains1:11
58.United Kingdom Zero.Miz-Kun1,060,501,020Nightcore - War Zone (Lyrics) Unknown Brain2:36
59.United Kingdom mashed1,049,606,321Mario and Luigi: Super Anime Bros (ALL EPISODES)16:38
60.United Kingdom SidemenReacts1,040,446,15640 THINGS YOU HAVE BEEN DOING WRONG!9:52
61.United Kingdom SB7371,020,503,382I Survived 2,900 Days in HARDCORE Minecraft...44:34
62.United Kingdom AFGuidesHD1,001,852,094Battlefield soundtrack becoming uncanny2:46
63.United Kingdom Manchester United990,886,661Manager's Press Conference | Brentford v Manchester United | Ralf Rangnick | Premier League8:13
64.United Kingdom Checkpoint985,069,011From HUMAN To GLAMROCK FREDDY In GTA 5!9:42
65.United Kingdom Man City950,929,488Ruben Dias and Kevin De Bruyne on their 'The Best FIFA Football Awards!'6:40
66.United Kingdom Universal Pictures UK950,032,489Marry Me After Love Music Video0:46
67.United Kingdom Jaze Cinema948,913,718Glamrock Chica caught feeding0:25
68.United Kingdom Jarvis943,879,823Taking A Punch From World's Strongest Man8:55
69.United Kingdom ZerkaaPlays934,323,318NoPixel CODENAMES With The Mandem!14:40
70.United Kingdom Adult Swim UK914,513,416Robot Chicken | Donut Mess with Me | Adult Swim UK 🇬🇧2:54
71.United Kingdom NepentheZ898,250,158SHOWDOWN UPGRADES & DAILY SBCS!8:07
72.United Kingdom Elanip886,924,604GTA 5 Roleplay - I Joined The Avengers & Annoyed Cops | RedlineRP17:26
73.United Kingdom Wrzzer871,608,284Cristiano Ronaldo - Disallowed Goals2:49
74.United Kingdom Blue Monkey868,737,092The Warden: Minecraft Movie | Minecraft Animation | Alex and Steve24:08
75.United Kingdom SACCONEJOLYs861,201,049AN EARLY CHRISTMAS SURPRISE (Going to LapLand)13:31
76.United Kingdom MrDalekJD834,991,225THIS is Black Ops Zombies on NINTENDO DS...11:01
77.United Kingdom MattHDGamer833,678,202FIFA 22 30 x Guaranteed Base or Mid Icon Player Pick Packs!10:14
78.United Kingdom WildBrain - Kids TV Shows Full Episodes826,806,286Activate FIREWALL! 🔥😎 Washimals Pets ✨ NEW Season 2 Episode 1 ✏️ Crayola Kingdom10:49
79.United Kingdom DotaCinema826,437,992This Void really hates Tinker0:51
80.United Kingdom Rooster Time826,271,668[SFM FNaF] Security Breach vs Lava Animatronics3:20
81.United Kingdom Yammy824,818,013The Hated Child Becomes a Famous YouTuber (Toca Life World)13:33
82.United Kingdom Aaron Fraser-Nash814,351,142J. Jonah Jameson Jr. Sings A Song (Spider-Man: No Way Home Parody NO SPOILERS!)(ALBUM COMING SOON!)4:06
83.United Kingdom Journeyman Pictures796,219,316Bearing Witness | Trailer | Available Now2:39
84.United Kingdom Dan Bull794,505,967"Ashe Like That" | Overwatch Rap2:39
85.United Kingdom Caspar784,653,624I Got The True Geordie A Brand Deal6:27
86.United Kingdom Primal Gameplay781,006,485Plants vs Zombies Heroes All SuperPower Tricks Primal Video Game PVZ16:12
87.United Kingdom Bax775,685,738UNLOCKING THE LONGEST DUNK POSSIBLE! - Roblox Dunking Simulator8:51
88.United Kingdom Wisp768,357,178Minecraft, But CHUNKS are ONE BLOCK!12:43
89.United Kingdom Football Daily760,746,09910 African SUPERSTARS Who Deserve More Respect!12:33
91.United Kingdom Chicago Official757,643,717Truck Runs Over The Crowd In Racist Attack | Chicago Med7:03
92.United Kingdom Chelsea Football Club755,663,158"We Will Bounce Back And Never Give In" | Brighton v Chelsea | Press Conference19:44
93.United Kingdom CGP Grey752,149,213This Journal Keeps Me Productive (and Maybe You Too)6:08
94.United Kingdom MasterOv Mobile Gaming751,853,725WORMS RUMBLE Part 1 - Deathmatch & Battle Royale! - Gameplay Walkthrough (PS5 Ultra 4K 60FPS)38:06
95.United Kingdom Timeline - World History Documentaries751,512,662The Story Of The Maliseet's Fight For Survival From The British | Nations At War | Timeline43:48
96.United Kingdom Cartoons Mee749,499,658Mario Party 9 - Kamek vs Mario vs Wario vs Peach Master Difficulty| Cartoons Mee24:23
97.United Kingdom Thoughty2744,047,685How a Mysterious Event Killed 95% of All Living Things16:28
98.United Kingdom Calixo - Roblox Adventures743,582,966My Parents Were SECRETLY ROYALE in Roblox BROOKHAVEN RP!!13:32
99.United Kingdom Eddsworld741,035,345Ellsworld - Slippery Slope3:34
100.United Kingdom TanqR729,979,358I trolled with FAKE BLOCKS in Roblox Bedwars..8:08