Top 100 Channels From United Kingdom With The Most Views

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from United Kingdom based on the most views on their videos. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelViewsLatest Video
1.United Kingdom DanTDM19,584,503,013I Had Emergency Surgery10:07
2.United Kingdom Jelly14,235,283,933Ultimate ICE CREAM Tierlist!1:00
3.United Kingdom Slogo8,309,135,574Minecraft NOOB vs PRO Build The BEST HOUSE Challenge!21:38
4.United Kingdom Ali-A6,193,172,474He CHEATED At The Fortnite World Cup...0:58
5.United Kingdom KSI5,882,780,399KSI, Bugzy Malone, R3HAB - Easy (Official Lyric Video)2:41
6.United Kingdom Sidemen5,841,501,960SIDEMEN HUNTED ACROSS THE UK2:10:11
7.United Kingdom Linh Nhi Family5,203,006,013LNF - Tù nhân xui xẻo vượt ngục || Unlucky Prisoner Escape #shorts0:42
8.United Kingdom Mrwhosetheboss4,651,777,407They strapped me to a LIE DETECTOR!0:59
9.United Kingdom RubyandBonnie4,572,348,603Ruby and Bonnie Best Things To Do for Family and Kids in Dubai43:34
10.United Kingdom The Yogscast4,541,211,386You Laugh You Lose with Sarah & Friends | CAMP YOG '24 DAY 20:00
12.United Kingdom MoreSidemen4,025,127,626BIGGEST CLUTCH IN SIDEMEN HISTORY0:43
13.United Kingdom Top Gear3,905,782,296FIRST LOOK: Zagato AGTZ Twin Tail – £650k Coachbuilt Alpine A110!9:22
14.United Kingdom 442oons3,607,883,180Chelsea look for a new boss! #shorts #chelsea #football0:47
15.United Kingdom BBC Radio 13,586,517,330Joel Corry - Head & Heart vs Better Off alone (Radio 1's Big Weekend 2024)4:03
16.United Kingdom Morgz3,424,662,332Wearing APPLE VISION PRO in the GYM Challenge🏋️#shorts0:52
17.United Kingdom EthanGamer3,301,193,822It's the BRAND NEW sticker hunt Roblox game! #ad17:40
18.United Kingdom LDShadowLady3,269,553,181My wEiRd Pet | Ep. 9 | Minecraft S0S15:27
19.United Kingdom F2Freestylers - Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel3,248,488,133MAN CITY TRAVEL SECRETS REVEALED! 😳🛫 #etihad #mancity #football #shorts #travel #mcfc #soccer1:00
20.United Kingdom Tiana3,229,039,010my everyday makeup + skincare routine...grwm12:33
21.United Kingdom Mumbo Jumbo2,939,348,836Where do I hide my Minecraft Diamonds?0:32
22.United Kingdom iBallisticSquid2,856,054,601Get yours now! or not? love you.0:45
23.United Kingdom SidemenReacts2,710,159,331Funniest UK Snapchats8:19
24.United Kingdom Daz Games2,578,992,273If She Catches You She Hangs You31:47
25.United Kingdom Fireman Sam2,575,588,468A bad hair day for Norman! | Fireman Sam Official | Cartoons for Kids1:21:31
26.United Kingdom TheGamingBeaver2,558,280,008The Most Intense Back and Forth Game of Halo Wars48:04
27.United Kingdom Nought2,445,461,437I Opened a RESTAURANT in GTA 5!35:49
28.United Kingdom Grian2,363,649,441Hermitcraft 10: Episode 16 - WHAT DOING?36:54
29.United Kingdom MessYourself2,356,372,110Why I Quit YouTube17:57
30.United Kingdom TommyInnit2,216,808,114#ad I’m in Minecraft??? #Minecraft150:07
31.United Kingdom Syndicate2,110,199,446Grand Theft Auto 6 Official Trailer Reaction!3:12
32.United Kingdom Clay Artisan JAY2,076,154,592Clay Artisan JAY :Transforming Clay into YiliClay Sculpture0:54
33.United Kingdom Vikkstar1232,023,526,236Vibes 🎶0:34
34.United Kingdom SkinSpotlights2,005,401,976Infernal Olaf Skin Spotlight - Pre-Release - PBE Preview - League of Legends2:13
35.United Kingdom MC Naveed - Minecraft1,998,654,014Minecraft DONT ENTER STRANGE SHAPED HOUSE IN THIS VILLAGE MOD! DANGEROUS CREATURES! Minecraft Mods1:02:03
36.United Kingdom Tomorrowland1,970,942,890Tomorrowland presents: CORE Medellín 20241:01
37.United Kingdom Rooster Time1,886,151,038Who Will Reach Rank 9999? Chicken Nuggets Or Skibidi Toilet? 🤔️ (Perfect Outlines)0:44
38.United Kingdom jackfrags1,846,803,668So Battlefield added an Insane Sharknado Easter Egg...18:13
39.United Kingdom Man City1,815,595,408FULL TIME AT WEMBLEY - MANCHESTER CITY 1-2 MAN UTD | MATCHDAY LIVE - WEMBLEY15:40
40.United Kingdom Gorgeous Movies1,789,028,231Avengers - ♫ The Musical! ♫15:56
41.United Kingdom GameSprout1,786,498,673Just Chillin' in Total CHAOS! (Game Fails #433)10:40
42.United Kingdom UKF Drum & Bass1,707,850,718BCee & FARLEY - Makes Me Feel Alive [UKF15 Release]3:29
43.United Kingdom colinfurze1,699,577,61880yrs since THE GREAT ESCAPE so Tunnelled OUT the Garden!!11:03
44.United Kingdom Checkpoint1,685,563,777The Story of Minecraft's SCARIEST LEGENDS28:11
45.United Kingdom 8-BitRyan1,636,414,533THE FINAL NIGHTMARE DOPPLEGANGER CHANGES EVERYTHING.. | That's Not My Neighbor (UPDATE)31:34
46.United Kingdom WhatCulture Wrestling1,576,661,630Ups & Downs: WWE SmackDown Review (May 24)16:02
47.United Kingdom Jaze Cinema1,566,110,863Nightmare FNAF Voice Lines Animated0:41
48.United Kingdom Jarvis1,557,631,130I Spent 50 Hours Only Eating Junk Food0:57
49.United Kingdom ChrisMD1,537,234,276The Best Goal of This Video Gets Hung in The Louvre21:03
50.United Kingdom SB7371,488,883,948I played HARDCORE Minecraft for 24 Hours STRAIGHT...1:48:34
51.United Kingdom Smyths Toys Superstores1,486,639,231Little Live Pets My Baby Monkey Mango is the cutest! PRE-ORDER NOW! Code 🔎235686 #smythstoys #monkey0:21
52.United Kingdom Element Animation1,454,973,593VILLAGER NEWS: BREAKING NEWS! 🩲 BUT EVERYONE IS IN THEIR UNDERWEAR 🩲5:00
53.United Kingdom Comedy Central UK1,450,526,830Rosie Jones learns the fine line between motivation and degradation 😅😂0:56
54.United Kingdom mashed1,449,480,366Sonic: The Incredible Shrinking Hedgehog5:35
55.United Kingdom TGFbro1,445,220,735How The Police Ended TGFbro...7:29
56.United Kingdom TanqR1,422,297,860It's been 3 Years of Roblox Bedwars...9:08
57.United Kingdom Broken Finger Paradise1,410,854,032Learn Your Lesson #Shorts #duolingo0:44
58.United Kingdom outsidexbox1,382,941,895The Best Looking Game on Xbox is Hellblade 2: Senua's Saga13:37
59.United Kingdom OfficialNerdCubed1,330,048,750Welcome to the U.S.S. Resolute | Star Trek: Resurgence | Nerd³ Live3:49:37
60.United Kingdom Fudgy1,319,368,979XENOMORPH Raids My Bunker Base - Teardown Mods Gameplay11:42
61.United Kingdom Insanegaz1,305,899,690BeamNG Drive Mount Danger v1.3 Update4:29
62.United Kingdom Bax1,301,681,172ERA 8 AURAS!! (Sol’s RNG)11:00
63.United Kingdom Typhoon Cinema1,299,185,950skibidi toilet zombie universe 28 ( New Virus)2:16
64.United Kingdom AFGuidesHD1,266,945,187Battle of Pearl Harbor - Air Conflicts Pacific Carriers14:02
65.United Kingdom SETC1,266,808,338Amazing World of Gumball transforms into Smiling Critters Catnap #gumball #smilingcritters #shorts0:43
66.United Kingdom Memeulous1,249,691,893I'm being scammed (serious)14:35
67.United Kingdom SovietWomble1,177,202,781Random Arma 3 Vietnam Bullshittery (without intro)10:37
68.United Kingdom Zero.Miz-Kun1,170,518,023Nightcore - Cursed (Lyrics)2:27
69.United Kingdom EpicLBPTime1,120,543,629When PlayStation Shut Down The LittleBigPlanet Servers | EpicLBPTime #shorts0:10
70.United Kingdom Universal Pictures UK1,116,342,221WICKED - Official Trailer (Universal Pictures) - HD3:30
71.United Kingdom Timeline - World History Documentaries1,115,180,185Hitler, 1940-1945: The Fall Of The Führer | The Hitler Chronicles3:18:49
72.United Kingdom Vikkstar123HD1,107,708,255FINAL PIXELMON BATTLE VS JEROMEASF (Minecraft Pokemon Mod)19:40
73.United Kingdom Blue Monkey1,103,506,383Alex and Steve vs. House Fire0:42
74.United Kingdom ZerkaaPlays1,094,831,031I Played The 5 Best Games On Steam...46:42
75.United Kingdom Adam B1,093,917,279M3GAN threw him in the POOL!! 😱🦾 #shorts0:08
76.United Kingdom Chicago Official1,091,549,170Lost Boy Intrigues a Suspicious Fireman | Chicago Fire9:18
77.United Kingdom Tottenham Hotspur1,083,902,248EVERY HEUNG-MIN SON GOAL OF THE SEASON9:47
78.United Kingdom B/R Football1,075,761,997Manchester United's season was a bit underwhelming 😬0:55
79.United Kingdom Arsenal1,074,656,194MATCHDAY AT THE ARSENAL | Thank you, Gooners! See you in N5 soon ❤️1:00
80.United Kingdom Elanip1,070,889,792Killdozer Destroying Cops in GTA 5 RP1:13:46
81.United Kingdom Adult Swim UK1,068,016,150Robot Chicken | Biblical Breakfast | Adult Swim UK 🇬🇧3:26
82.United Kingdom JOLLY1,055,724,616British Highschoolers try Girl Scout Cookies for the first time!12:50
83.United Kingdom Shirrako1,024,508,776DARKSIDERS 2 REMASTERED Gameplay Walkthrough FULL GAME (4K 60FPS) No Commentary9:25:33
84.United Kingdom Doni Bobes1,020,089,127Fooling My Friend with Real Life Pain Mod in Minecraft...51:54
85.United Kingdom Thoughty21,007,845,040Do Smart Drugs Actually Work?29:44
86.United Kingdom Wisp1,006,346,899Surviving An Infected Zombie Apocalypse in Minecraft Hardcore2:07:50
87.United Kingdom Yammy985,793,998I CRY Tears of MONEY, My Parents Force Me To (TRUE Story Animation)35:01
88.United Kingdom Dan Bull973,896,389Lucy MacLean my beloved ☢️💘 #fallout0:12
89.United Kingdom JackSucksAtLife971,911,638This Youtube Shorts trick gets MILLIONS of subscribers0:40
90.United Kingdom Calixo960,845,716We Found AREA 51 in Brookhaven RP.. (Roblox Movie)11:37
91.United Kingdom MrDalekJD957,299,621OFFICIAL CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS 6 REVEAL9:30
92.United Kingdom Tapliasmy956,500,381NEW INDIGO PARK MASCOTS AND JUMPSCARES In Garry's Mod!11:35
93.United Kingdom DotaCinema951,363,32810-slotted Techies, 7.36 Dota 21:51
94.United Kingdom JinnaGaming949,161,296Mario Party 10 - Can Waluigi Win These Minigames? (Hardest Difficulty)37:03
95.United Kingdom NepentheZ946,556,639Season 4 Rogue | @NepentheZ4:13:44
96.United Kingdom Futcrunch937,614,9521 Save = Get $10015:24
97.United Kingdom CGP Grey936,566,740🎄 Grey Grades Canada's Flags! (And Merry Xmas!) 🎄9:02
98.United Kingdom WildBrain Fizz936,386,510LARVA VS RAT! (ON ICE) | LARVA | Cartoons For Kids | WildBrain Fizz2:30:06
99.United Kingdom Wrzzer928,252,502When Players Lose Control…0:47
100.United Kingdom Aaron Fraser-Nash912,632,392Proximus Caesar Sings A Song (Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes Parody)3:38