Top 100 Channels From United Kingdom With The Longest Duration

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from United Kingdom based on the highest total video duration on their channel. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelDurationLatest Video
1.United Kingdom zxspectrumgames41711:16:43:02Archon (video 350) (Ariolasoft 1985) (ZX Spectrum)35:33
2.United Kingdom Forizen11209:08:49:05​​[3] Forizen1 Smash ID: C49B3 💧 1v1 Omega Stage9:44:00
3.United Kingdom Totej451:09:00:14Julius Dreisig & Mandrazo - Swalla [Extended Remix]15:01
4.United Kingdom Yogscast Live368:20:12:40MASS MINING! - Elite Dangerous! - w/ Smithy - 21/01/21 #AD1:55:41
5.United Kingdom TreeboyDave348:13:43:08[Level 12249] Tracer's Terrific Time Travelling Terrorising Teams!6:04:16
6.United Kingdom LoL LCS LCK LPL VODs KazaGamez306:13:10:51Team Liquid vs FlyQuest Game 2 Full - LCS Spring 2021 W2D3 - TL vs FLY31:03
7.United Kingdom Silverplays304:14:48:43DESTINY 2 LIVE for a wee bit on me bday yeea2:29:50
8.United Kingdom Shirrako302:13:36:59SHADOW OF THE TOMB RAIDER (PS5) Gameplay Walkthrough FULL GAME (4K 60FPS)6:01:05
9.United Kingdom Anita028275:00:50:02MHW Iceborne, The Guiding Lands Let's Play 1153:53:07
10.United Kingdom TheRhysWyrill270:22:01:31Persona 5 Playthrough | Part 10432:25
11.United Kingdom SquirrelPlus247:10:14:41iRacing | 24th January 2021 | 6/6 | SquirrelPlus1:08:21
12.United Kingdom Brooker0013 gaming245:18:17:40Call of duty Warzone1:10:31
13.United Kingdom oOGhostintheMachineOo241:18:19:06Cyberpunk 2077 - Corpo Hacker playthrough part 1711:49
14.United Kingdom TwasByDesign239:07:56:20Iceborne | MR 999 Helping/ Coaching New Players !lobby8:57:08
15.United Kingdom Birdiex94x233:10:41:04TOTY 12TH MAN VOTE IS HERE!!! MESSI, SON & THIAGO 12TH MAN PLAYER PICK!!! - FIFA 21 Ultimate Team10:17
16.United Kingdom Kingflipper225:11:45:20FIFA 21 Live - Objective Grind For TOTY Packs!!2:01:15
17.United Kingdom LifeOnTheGrid220:06:34:02Let's Play Assassin's Creed: Odyssey Legacy of the First Blade DLC Part 11:43:35
18.United Kingdom Flik's Gaming Stuff218:09:05:27Noita with Twitch Integration | Part #2131:37
19.United Kingdom Roman plays.217:20:56:20Hitman VR. H1 and H2. Base PS43:03:23
20.United Kingdom DDRJake209:19:09:19Patreon Game - Yaga2:05:46
21.United Kingdom Reecy21205:15:52:52OG CAMPAIGN OF SNIPER ELITE 4 [FINALE PART 2] + DLC 1 | SNIPER ELITE 4 🔴 LIVE [ROAD TO 1.1K Subs]1:25:37
22.United Kingdom Aromatic Beast197:15:04:55Rust - Day 2 Raiding Oil Rig PvP Heli?6:28:51
23.United Kingdom byArteer196:18:02:07New Fortnite CREW SKIN Revealed - Vi! Solo Arena Grind LIVE (20,000 Arena Points)2:45:03
24.United Kingdom kattcool192:04:21:22F1 2020 (PC) The Home Of British Motorsport (My Team Episode 13)42:35
25.United Kingdom Tealgamemaster192:02:08:13The Cursed Game Of Life on PS1 (Party Hard Ep 212)1:16:18
26.United Kingdom Olizandri187:06:52:54Trails Of Cold Steel 4 - The Reunion To End All Reunions! Pantagruel Mingling - Episode 841:05:44
27.United Kingdom Pixel Tree185:03:23:52Cloudpunk Part 3 Finale The Big Choice..1:00:49
28.United Kingdom Cragite Archive182:10:34:17Inter-City Transfer Trip | Yakuza 0 (part 21) (Stream 27 Nov '20 s1 of 2)2:21:11
29.United Kingdom Bretttheninja177:03:06:10PS3: Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation (Blind) (Members Active Available From £1.99)3:43:54
30.United Kingdom grimjim666176:15:39:38Total War Warhammer II Trees Company1:18:29
31.United Kingdom Adam Bigwood176:10:11:39Xenoblade Chronicles 2 100% pt124:11:38
32.United Kingdom OG Dota 2 Team175:09:50:45OG.7ckngMad & Xcalibur -VS- iLTW - Ranked Match - OG Dota 2.34:17
33.United Kingdom Old Man Gaming UK173:06:32:03Let's Play Cyberpunk 2077 #32:59:25
34.United Kingdom Sips - Live!172:16:39:00Sips Plays Escape From Tarkov - (6/1/21)1:28:27
35.United Kingdom FreeDom171:11:59:17Hitman 3 "Apex Predator" | Playthrough Part 32:47:48
36.United Kingdom Gothica MistressOfDarkness166:17:20:28COD COLD WAR BIG JOKE NEW CLOWN SKIN7:38:47
37.United Kingdom David W3802165:21:34:17Vigor friend or foe1:52
38.United Kingdom DeiLux77164:09:34:41Minecraft Live #28 w/Ochara And Memeboii | Building A Sky HUB3:06:21
39.United Kingdom Over Powered Gamers164:00:43:54FORTNITE TERMINATOR Giveaway Live OPEN Lobbys w/ SUBS3:12:26
40.United Kingdom Blue Beard Clan163:08:28:09EFT | Shooter Born In Heaven Wipes Customs Solo!44:26
41.United Kingdom Millbeeful161:13:26:56Hot stuff coming through | Demon's Souls Remake #5 (Full Stream Playthrough)2:43:42
42.United Kingdom Dragonson160:11:22:20Assassin’s Creed Valhalla #49 Incitement To Rebellion27:31
43.United Kingdom lionheartx10160:11:00:31FOR GLORY AND GOLD! Total War: Attila - Western Roman Empire Campaign #151:06:04
44.United Kingdom Shadowfighterpro158:10:20:59Let's Play Cyberpunk 2077 Street Kid Part 4531:26
45.United Kingdom sikander555156:03:17:54MK11 ONLINE #366 - Kombat League 17 EVERYONE IS MASHING ON HIT.... ABSOLUTE SCRUBFEST!!!6:24:55
46.United Kingdom ECKOSOLDIER155:06:58:39Item Durability MOD in Minecraft PE/Bedrock (MCPE, Xbox, PC, Switch, PS4)13:07
47.United Kingdom Hellsmaster Kight153:20:52:35ONI Episode 7 Building our bathroom41:08
48.United Kingdom Aavak152:04:59:31What Happens If You Cross Factorio and Planetary Annihilation? – Dyson Sphere Program – Part 143:21
49.United Kingdom menames cho150:18:14:23💥FORTNITE ITEM SHOP - STW Machinist Mina Pack - LIVE - 25th January 2021 (Fortnite Battle Royale)1:09:58
50.United Kingdom Mordred Viking148:23:48:35Naval and Exploration | Humankind - 150 Turns | Lucy OpenDev Gameplay | 1829:50
51.United Kingdom Never Game Nova148:22:04:04Quantum Break Walkthrough Part 9 "Deception"32:17
52.United Kingdom AlpaxLP147:06:25:15Reorganising - Khill Kru - Let's Play Crusader Kings 3 [No War, What Nepotism?, West Africa] - 5833:29
53.United Kingdom Benny Harvey146:19:55:18Limmy Twitch Archive // Ableton: Gym Jingle, American Truck Simulator & Overwatch // [2021-01-22]4:50:03
54.United Kingdom Evil Deedz146:14:22:56Roblox Dungeon Quest AT NM11:18:45
55.United Kingdom Blackeye games146:00:37:47Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord permanent death story of Yaki ep 14 Master pike crafting2:36:08
56.United Kingdom Red Inside145:13:46:51World of Tanks - [G-ON] CW Renaissance Day 10 "Povesti nemuritoare"4:34:01
57.United Kingdom Harmful VoDs144:03:51:51Some Games. I dunno.8:07:27
58.United Kingdom Fendalware143:14:27:26Minecraft Survival Longplay Part 55 No Commentary50:44
59.United Kingdom TrU3Ta1ent143:08:37:29Dead by Daylight WEEKLY COMPILATION! #7515:22
60.United Kingdom Gajbotron141:20:58:51🐺Novi VUKODLAK stiže na PC! (test-play) /1440p-ultra1:34:56
61.United Kingdom Gemuwa141:11:14:46Heavensward starting to get a little intresting3:11:31
62.United Kingdom Steejo139:04:38:30FINALLY HERE - Cyberpunk 2077 PS5 Part 17:51:44
63.United Kingdom doorz00785139:03:27:33Minecraft creative live server52:03
64.United Kingdom John Suitepee138:05:41:06Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition part 123:52:58
65.United Kingdom Sky News136:08:44:23COVID-19: Brazil crisis like 'medieval plague' as patients suffocate without oxygen2:17
66.United Kingdom Fizhy134:08:57:56The Murder Rave (Hitman 3)9:18
67.United Kingdom damo2986132:22:08:16Let's Play Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire - Part 7259:27
68.United Kingdom Ir Win132:16:37:29Dirty Lyle - It Comes Around6:57
69.United Kingdom Tiny Tina131:16:41:04Call of Duty | Warzone | Live | PS4 #GSLegion3:25:38
70.United Kingdom HeroVoltsy131:05:29:49Pokemon The Last Fire Red Part 5 YAH ITS GMAX TIME! Pokemon Rom Hack Gameplay Walkthrough28:51
71.United Kingdom ExcaliburTF93130:15:42:29Forza Motorsport 7 Walkthrough Part 2442:48
72.United Kingdom hypticnosis gaming130:11:43:26LIVE GT SPORT TRACK RACING WELCOME TO JOIN LIVE2:15:23
73.United Kingdom Hofn3r130:05:16:20Cyberpunk 2077 PC Nomad Part 6 - Braindance1:05:17
74.United Kingdom Guardian News129:07:18:18Thousands gather for Invasion Day rallies across Australia1:56
75.United Kingdom MrW01FY128:06:01:13Firewatch - Livestream VOD | Playthrough/Let's Play | Cam & Commentary | FULL4:29:19
76.United Kingdom Rival Zone Gaming128:02:34:06Elite: Dangerous - It's The MF-BLACKWATCH!3:09:42
77.United Kingdom One Jee127:10:40:54Let's Play - Fortnite: Battle Royale EP31:39:37
78.United Kingdom TheTwitGamer126:19:27:08Trails Of Cold Steel 2 | Glacial Shrine | Part 92 (PS4, Let's Play, Replay)54:25
79.United Kingdom RayKit126:18:11:53Scum | 0.5 Leaks | Oculus Rift S Giveaway + GAMEPIRES Q+A ANNOUNCEMENT!5:21
81.United Kingdom GamerGirl Blue125:04:26:46Conan Exiles DLC - New Map - Doing Stuffs!!2:11:13
82.United Kingdom Sensation122:08:00:40GIFTING FOOTBALL CLUB SKINS IN FORTNITE6:24
83.United Kingdom bradie channel121:17:41:3418+Fifa 21 ps41:28:17
84.United Kingdom STEVIEDVD inVR&HD121:13:25:09WARZONE CALL of DUTY. Locked Down Gaming Live. PS4 PRO. STEVIEDVD 20212:15:04
85.United Kingdom Jestertainment120:16:24:04The Final Video of the Channel?0:47
86.United Kingdom Euge120:09:23:38🔴Trio Cash Cup LIVE! (Fortnite Battle Royale)5:27:11
87.United Kingdom GadgetGirlKylie119:20:27:03PALAMUTE MODE! PALAMUTE MOUNTED ATTACKS ONLY! - Monster Hunter Rise Demo - Rathian Gameplay35:54
88.United Kingdom FragManSaul118:20:01:18Cyberpunk 2077 Crafting Spec HJKE 11 Yukimura Smart Pistol6:41
89.United Kingdom hooch2003118:10:26:11Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary stream #31:33:21
90.United Kingdom GametechUK117:20:07:29GT Sport - Working on my driver rating!2:29:39
91.United Kingdom KruGames117:04:06:37Dragon defender: Epic dragon war Gameplay Walkthrough #1 (Android, IOS)12:04
92.United Kingdom EnterElysium116:23:08:11Huge Lasers and Better Shields | United Earth | Aurora 4x C# Episode 441:06:43
93.United Kingdom TheKie25116:12:57:29Assetto Corsa Competizione - Removing The Rust At Silverstone CP Server Race3:54:57
94.United Kingdom The Forge Network HQ116:09:21:41Battle 8 - Gladius Music *1 HOUR EXTENDED*1:01:07
95.United Kingdom Platform32116:04:56:56Let's Play Hitman VR Gameplay Part 2 - SAPIENZA/MARRAKESH/BANKOK3:39:36
96.United Kingdom Ballio’s Channel115:10:16:39Its a zombie night / Chilled LiveStream ( ^_^ ) PS4/PS55:20:31
97.United Kingdom Quebber114:11:46:28Bloons TD 62:10:15
98.United Kingdom EpIc. Game113:21:38:03HACKERS Are Ruining Games in Warzone3:42
99.United Kingdom FN Shop112:11:50:38Fortnite Item Shop *NEW* ORIN SKIN! [January 26th, 2021] (Fortnite Battle Royale)2:59
100.United Kingdom HellfireComms112:10:57:30The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild playthrough [Part 15: The Mysteries of the Duelling Peaks]39:31