Top 100 Channels From United Kingdom With The Longest Duration

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from United Kingdom based on the highest total video duration on their channel. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelDurationLatest Video
1.United Kingdom zxspectrumgames41596:05:38:08College Football USA '97 (video 3,423) (Sega Megadrive / Genesis)10:00:01
2.United Kingdom Forizen11055:14:23:19​​[3] Forizen1 Smash ID: G0HJP 👑 Don't Lose 1v111:55:00
3.United Kingdom Totej457:02:59:22AMONG US Theme Song (Cryptesium Dubstep Remix)3:38
4.United Kingdom Yogscast Live386:11:22:54WORMS OF WAR! - Worms w/The Armchair Admirals - 19/10/201:32:23
5.United Kingdom Treeboydave328:06:44:29[Level 11799] Mystery Heroes Must Have Many Hours! (21/10/2020)3:56:43
6.United Kingdom LoL LCS LCK LPL VODs KazaGamez321:09:48:17G2 Esports vvs Gen.G Full Game 3 - Quarterfinals Worlds 2020 Playoffs - G2 vs GEN G333:34
7.United Kingdom Silverplays286:19:21:55MINECRAFT LIVE NEW WORLD NEW LIFE PT27 4 A LIL Come Chill Chat An Enjoy :)1:01:17
8.United Kingdom Shirrako286:09:01:55ASSASSIN'S CREED VALHALLA Gameplay Walkthrough PART 13 (PC 4K 60FPS) No Commentary18:10
9.United Kingdom Anita028265:07:30:33Deus Ex Mankind Divided Let's Play 07 END (PS4)1:11:51
10.United Kingdom TheRhysWyrill250:23:35:01Kingdom Come: Deliverance Playthrough | Part 7631:54
11.United Kingdom oOGhostintheMachineOo242:10:00:09The Division Survival PvP - Practising for upcoming matches5:00:27
12.United Kingdom SquirrelPlus236:06:24:02Microsoft Flight Simulator | 18th October 2020 | 6/6 | SquirrelPlus1:14:24
13.United Kingdom Brooker0013 gaming videos230:20:30:53ACC Online practice3:34:13
14.United Kingdom TwasByDesign223:11:57:12Monster Hunter World: Iceborne (PC) | Zin, Safi, Fatty & Friends ! MR 999!6:50:10
15.United Kingdom Birdiex94x222:08:52:47*LIVE* HUGE RULEBREAKERS PACK OPENING - FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Live Stream - FUT New Promo 120k FP6:53:30
16.United Kingdom Flik's Gaming Stuff212:03:47:54Spelunky 2 | Part #1659:32
17.United Kingdom LifeOnTheGrid208:20:45:48Let's Play Amnesia: Rebirth Part 43:53:04
18.United Kingdom Roman plays.208:11:00:59Red Dead Redemption 2. Part 9 Campaign. Short Stream. Bad Ears :(3:45:52
19.United Kingdom Kingflipper205:05:07:25Rulebreakers Pack Openings Live - Who Will be In It?? - Fifa 212:13:33
20.United Kingdom Owen Adams197:22:37:40We Hit 20 Thousand Subs! Thank You5:21
21.United Kingdom DDRJake197:18:55:01Stronghold Crusader Longplay 03 - Historical Campaign - King's Crusade5:34:33
22.United Kingdom Aromatic Beast191:02:57:35Rust - Solo Rust Massive noob4:18:48
23.United Kingdom Tealgamemaster187:13:02:37Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time Walkthrough - Part 53: N.SANELY PERFECT!1:37:31
24.United Kingdom Pixel Tree186:08:54:30NEW WW1 FPS GAME | BEYOND THE WIRE2:48:15
25.United Kingdom kattcool185:19:03:17Formula 1 Championship Edition (PS3) 🚗Fall From Glory !!! (Career Mode Episode 52)33:08
26.United Kingdom Ballio’s Channel183:13:09:16Earths Dawn | PlayStation 4 Pro21:07
27.United Kingdom byArteer181:19:01:30Fortnite Item Shop *NEW* SKULL SQUAD BUNDLE! (October 23rd)3:10:36
28.United Kingdom Olizandri177:10:31:14Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse - 2/8 Moon, Gaston's Crusaders, The Radar & Midtown - Episode 181:05:08
29.United Kingdom OG Dota 2 Team176:23:32:25OG.7ckngMad & Xcalibur -VS- iLTW - Ranked Match - OG Dota 2.34:17
30.United Kingdom Bretttheninja172:07:35:34PC: Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time (Blind) (Members Active Available From £1.99)1:39:34
31.United Kingdom Cragite Archive171:22:04:00FINALÉ | Batman Telltale Series (Episode 5: City of Light) (Stream 23 Sep '20 s2 of 2)1:39:02
32.United Kingdom FreeDom171:14:26:07Rocket League Doubles | (Family Of Gaming Friends)11:38
33.United Kingdom Old Man Gaming UK168:19:20:58Let's Play Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 TEST STREAM2:00:51
34.United Kingdom David W3802166:19:47:25Remnant from the ash on Apocalypse difficulty with James Wright. The Ent Boss1:15:40
35.United Kingdom Adam Bigwood166:17:57:19Wild Arms 2 pt52:50:56
36.United Kingdom Over Powered Gamers165:11:21:18FORTNITE With Subscribers !!! Road 2 Rainbow OPEN Lobbys Come Join55:15
37.United Kingdom grimjim666164:13:09:16Star Citizen 3.11.0 Space Trucker!6:01:14
38.United Kingdom Blue Beard Clan163:11:02:30PUBG Highlights #6 | You Can See My Face?!11:00
39.United Kingdom DeiLux77159:13:12:12Aria Chronicle With DLCS On Normal Difficulty #4 Side Questing1:26:59
40.United Kingdom Sips - Live!157:17:14:28Sips Plays Phasmophobia with Hatfilms - (13/10/20)3:02:33
41.United Kingdom HeroVoltsy155:03:53:25Pokemon The Crown Tundra DLC Part 4 THE TRUE CALYREX Pokemon Sword Shield Gameplay Walkthrough26:42
42.United Kingdom Hellsmaster Kight154:18:11:07ONI Episode 7 Building our bathroom41:08
43.United Kingdom Shadowfighterpro154:17:44:36Let's Stream Baldur's Gate III Early Access Drow Rogue Part 1434:51
44.United Kingdom lionheartx10154:16:25:11THE UNWINNABLE VICTORY! Total War: Warhammer 2 - Repanse de Lyonesse - Mortal Empires #1058:53
45.United Kingdom ECKOSOLDIER153:21:27:22MCPE BETA RAID CHANGES! Minecraft Pocket Edition UI Improvements!7:21
46.United Kingdom Millbeeful153:07:57:21Grab or Be Grabbed | Fall Guys - Season 2 | Episode #5926:39
47.United Kingdom Dragonson150:04:06:37Live Farming Simulator 19 (100% Fun And Relaxation) #PC #PL #ENG2:31:17
48.United Kingdom Aavak149:05:52:42Solving the Prisoner Problem – Rimworld Royalty 1.2 – Part 3343:14
49.United Kingdom sikander555143:07:17:52MK11 ONLINE #298 - Kombat League 15 and Rambo Trailer Reaction/Breakdown (At The Beginning) + MKX6:10:06
50.United Kingdom menames cho142:17:16:33💥FORTNITE ITEM SHOP Update Countdown Live - 22nd October 2020 (Fortnite Battle Royale)2:07:54
51.United Kingdom Mordred Viking140:16:33:01Lone Star | Old World Blues 3.0 | Hearts of Iron IV | 428:47
52.United Kingdom Red Inside139:01:21:36WoT - Update 1.10.1 - Ce e nou?52:53
53.United Kingdom Steejo138:19:21:35Fall Guys With Suzy Lu | Fall Guys PS4 | Fall Guys Gameplay2:40:11
54.United Kingdom AlpaxLP136:11:56:46Persona 5 Royal Bonus Stream - AMA with Tycoon - Minimal Spoilers - Also On Twitch2:01:35
55.United Kingdom TrU3Ta1ent136:04:25:54THESE GUYS ARE SOME PRO HEALERS! - Dead by Daylight!13:41
56.United Kingdom Never Game Nova135:23:50:56Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Fate of Atlantis Walkthrough Part 27 (No Commentary)30:31
57.United Kingdom Sky News134:18:04:12Coronavirus: Stephen Barclay 'not aware' of a flaw in tracing app14:05
58.United Kingdom Hofn3r133:21:35:18Doom Eternal Ancient Gods Part 1 DLC - Part 3 - That Ending Is F**King Nonsense1:39:06
59.United Kingdom Fendalware133:15:36:23Crash Bandicoot Its About Time2:56:16
60.United Kingdom Evil Deedz133:13:53:24#1 Def Jam Vendetta4:58:08
61.United Kingdom Benny Harvey132:10:50:14Limmy Twitch Archive // Improv, Red Dead Redemption 2 (11) & Dead by Daylight // [2020-10-21]5:24:13
62.United Kingdom Ir Win132:05:59:20Dirty Lyle - It Comes Around6:57
63.United Kingdom Fizhy128:05:18:06My Concerns for Assassin's Creed Valhalla15:21
64.United Kingdom Blackeye games127:20:11:48Fallout: New Vegas ep 3 vault 111:14:02
65.United Kingdom damo2986127:07:51:39Let's Play Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire - Part 451:00:53
66.United Kingdom John Suitepee126:21:35:54Amnesia: Rebirth part 13:49:47
67.United Kingdom A R E E B O N A R Y126:09:07:14GENSHIN IMPACT | GAMEPLAY #142:45:00
68.United Kingdom Gajbotron126:08:51:26🔴 [BALKAN] Sklapamo live KEEBIO 40% TASTATURU (gost-majstor: PROKA!) /1440p2:50:56
69.United Kingdom doorz00785124:21:27:56Fortnite live now (Item shop 1AM BST)1:48:23
70.United Kingdom Tiny Tina124:02:55:22Haunting of Verdansk | Call of Duty | Warzone | Live | PS4 #TeamTina4:23:39
71.United Kingdom GamerGirl Blue124:02:55:19Mist Survival - Day 2 - I Found All The Car Parts!!!11:27
72.United Kingdom Jestertainment121:11:15:02The Final Video of the Channel?0:47
73.United Kingdom Sensation121:08:00:55ARENA TRIOS CLUTCH VICTORY ROYALE4:10
74.United Kingdom GadgetGirlKylie119:09:54:51Fright Fest Spooky Halloween layered armour And Hub REACTION VIDEO9:56
75.United Kingdom Rival Zone Gaming119:00:27:36Rival Plays - Horizon: Zero Dawn - 21 - Meridian46:53
76.United Kingdom Harmful VoDs118:08:11:47Sherlock Ending, Mechanicus, Noita8:04:43
77.United Kingdom MrW01FY118:05:11:42Resident Evil 4 - Livestream VOD | Playthrough/Let's Play | Cam & Commentary | P34:47:16
78.United Kingdom TheTwitGamer117:23:03:25Xenoblade Chronicles X | Misery Of Moimoi | Part 64 (PC - Cemu, Let's Play, Blind)29:22
79.United Kingdom Vsat117:11:30:11Fortnite | Daily Item Shop Reset | 23/10/201:02:59
80.United Kingdom The Forge Network HQ116:17:31:35BigMan Plays Classic WoW2:35:53
81.United Kingdom Guardian News116:07:20:35'Kills all the birds': Trump and Biden spar over climate in TV debate4:10
82.United Kingdom EnterElysium115:02:07:38Shirt Trade | Port Royale 444:16
83.United Kingdom DecimalPunkt114:16:17:48RAGE! First time first run. GO!2:36:07
84.United Kingdom EpIc. Game114:05:16:00⭕ Escape From Tarkov // Шо Опять, На Американо Серверах 🪓💸🧯 [ 💢[СТРИМ] 🎙️🎥 🔞[RU/ENG]42:02
85.United Kingdom RayKit113:13:39:20Scum - SURVIVAL TIME!4:41:10
86.United Kingdom Gamepad Emulator Guy113:00:15:06Me Moving Over To Twitch! Watch For More Details!2:05
87.United Kingdom FN Shop112:07:29:08Fortnite Item Shop *NEW* BLINDING LIGHTS EMOTE + SKULL SQUAD PACK! [October 23rd, 2020]3:03
88.United Kingdom Platform32112:00:38:29Let's Play Population: One gameplay and PUBG Community Customs - POPULATION SAUSAGE!3:56:57
89.United Kingdom GametechUK110:04:47:53Red Dead Redemption 2 | WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE!1:04:37
90.United Kingdom KruGames109:13:43:53Jumping Retro Gameplay Walkthrough #1 (Android, IOS)9:49
91.United Kingdom Max Fox109:10:27:13THE BIG HOUSE OVER THERE! 7 Days to Die A19 - Episode 1256:23
92.United Kingdom HellfireComms109:10:00:12Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time playthrough [Part 5: N.Verted Mode]25:54
93.United Kingdom The Darkside Gamer109:09:10:27Red Faction PS2 Part 2 ( PS2/PS4 #2 ) #RedFaction23:23
94.United Kingdom Gaming With Jee109:08:48:58🎃Halloween Bunker Series in GTA 5 Online2:09:01
95.United Kingdom ShadowHawk2012107:23:28:53Tiles of Confusion - 16th October 2020 [Riichi Mahjong on Soul - Vs Chat]1:49:04
96.United Kingdom masamune347107:16:22:19The Last Promise playthrough with live commentary Chapter 241:04:42
97.United Kingdom The 1nteger107:08:11:21Watch Dogs 2 Gold Edition Part 8 [SELFIES ARE DANGEROUS IN THIS GAME!]6:09:13
98.United Kingdom Neero107:00:55:16Mass Effect: Andromeda | Twitch Stream - Part 20 - Finale [PS4]4:54:48
99.United Kingdom XTRG106:22:00:14WITP: AE - First Strike At The Homeland - Episode 121 - Turn 99 - Reap the Whirlwind1:01:20
100.United Kingdom Frithgar106:03:14:34Factorio BAT Challenge #102: Bronze Plates!29:16