Top 100 Channels From United Kingdom With The Longest Duration

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from United Kingdom based on the highest total video duration on their channel. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelDurationLatest Video
1.United Kingdom zxspectrumgames41496:21:01:30The Fantasm Soldier Valis (MSX)38:24
2.United Kingdom Forizen1902:17:03:49👑 Don't Lose - Ganondorf - JSkorp33:42
3.United Kingdom Totej451:03:51:51Nightcore - Slow - (Lyrics)2:48
4.United Kingdom Yogscast Live378:05:21:37SQUAT GOALS! - Ring Fit Adventure! - Colony Crew w/ Leo & Pedguin! - 01/08/202:48:05
5.United Kingdom Treeboydave319:15:08:56Get MORE exp in LESS time! Complete Overwatch exp guide 202027:17
6.United Kingdom LoL LCS LCK LPL VODs KazaGamez315:19:32:23Evil Geniuses vs Golden Guardians Full - LCS Summer 2020 W9D2 - EG vs GGS41:26
7.United Kingdom Shirrako276:15:43:21HORIZON ZERO DAWN - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Prologue (PC/PS5) 4K 60FPS ULTRA36:43
8.United Kingdom Silverplays274:13:47:14Destiny 2 An Chill3:11:52
9.United Kingdom Anita028255:15:39:29Metro 2033 Redux Let's Play 03 PS42:28:56
10.United Kingdom oOGhostintheMachineOo241:07:03:48Horizon Zero Dawn - PC - Part 2 From the proving1:16:47
11.United Kingdom TheRhysWyrill236:10:37:42Monster Hunter: World Playthrough | Part 6232:07
12.United Kingdom SquirrelPlus228:22:01:30The Long Dark: Winter's Embrace | 26th July 2020 | 6/6 | SquirrelPlus1:22:11
13.United Kingdom Owen Adams220:20:25:45How to Use the Smithing Table in Minecraft Bedrock Survival - 20202:04
14.United Kingdom Brooker0013 gaming videos218:05:46:44UFC 3. Online ranked championship1:08:59
15.United Kingdom Birdiex94x212:11:10:1694 RTTF MASON GREENWOOD SBC! - FIFA 21 UNLOCKS!!! - PRE SEASON PROMO - FIFA 20 ULTIMATE TEAM8:58
16.United Kingdom Flik's Gaming Stuff206:09:08:13Ghost of Tsushima | Part #101:10:10
17.United Kingdom Roman plays.201:04:32:41Fallout 76. Wastelanders/Story/Weeklies/ PSN Summer Sale4:43:07
18.United Kingdom LifeOnTheGrid200:07:32:10Let's Play Beyond A Steel Sky Part 159:17
19.United Kingdom Aromatic Beast185:14:12:56Rust - Back On Mars!! Harsh But Fun!!6:46:48
20.United Kingdom Pixel Tree180:20:09:43Valorant Act 2 - Lets Get Back To Plat - New Battle Pass New Agent2:50:37
21.United Kingdom Tealgamemaster178:10:48:56Paper Mario The Origami King - Part 28: The Heart of the Great Sea34:08
22.United Kingdom OG Dota 2 Team177:00:06:26OG.7ckngMad & Xcalibur -VS- iLTW - Ranked Match - OG Dota 2.34:17
23.United Kingdom kattcool176:09:32:45F1 2020 (PC) Our First Qualifying & Race @ Austrailia (My Team Episode 2)36:12
24.United Kingdom DDRJake175:22:54:00Carthage Chaos 2531:49
25.United Kingdom Ballio’s Channel174:16:07:57DIRT RALLY VR - PSVR44:55
26.United Kingdom Olizandri170:09:08:34Paper Mario: The Origami King - Hammer, Club, Moon & Spade Islands, Origami Origins - Episode 191:05:13
27.United Kingdom FreeDom169:13:35:22🔴 LIVE Rogue Company | PS4 Gameplay4:08:32
28.United Kingdom Bretttheninja169:09:32:20PC: Crash Bandicoot 2 Trying To Get All Gems (Members Active Check Description)3:17:38
29.United Kingdom Old Man Gaming UK169:06:51:45Let's Play Kerbal Space Program Career Mode #23:18:46
30.United Kingdom byArteer168:20:15:09Fortnite Item Shop Update Countdown - August 6th, 2020 (Fortnite Item Shop LIVE)2:08:34
31.United Kingdom David W3802166:18:31:45Cod warzone1:30:55
32.United Kingdom Blue Beard Clan163:13:43:56PUBG Stream Highlight #311:29
33.United Kingdom Over Powered Gamers162:11:46:04FORTNITE FREE Galaxy Skin 😍 Creative OPEN LOBBYS + How To Get A Free Galaxy SKIN4:33:49
34.United Kingdom DeiLux77159:06:52:06Grim Dawn #401:04:05
35.United Kingdom grimjim666155:12:52:54Star Citizen 3.101:02:36
36.United Kingdom Cragite Archive154:23:04:07Land Empire Business | Yakuza 0 (part 8.3) (Stream 19 Jul '20 p3 of 3)2:47:40
37.United Kingdom Hellsmaster Kight154:18:14:46ONI Episode 7 Building our bathroom41:08
38.United Kingdom ECKOSOLDIER152:18:19:59Insane Iron Farm In Bedrock! - Minecraft Underground Survival Guide (74)33:31
39.United Kingdom Millbeeful151:12:00:11Dark Souls II: SOTFS (Episode #28) - Twitch Highlight4:29:26
40.United Kingdom HeroVoltsy150:11:00:43Pokemon Daybreak Part 3 MUCH EASIER Pokemon fan game gameplay Walkthrough27:58
41.United Kingdom Aavak148:21:33:24Channel Update – Stay Awhile And Listen!18:57
42.United Kingdom Shadowfighterpro148:19:15:41Let's Play Europa Universalis IV Emperor God's Favourite Kingdom Part 5820:49
43.United Kingdom lionheartx10148:02:41:06THE COST OF UNITY! Total War: Warhammer 2 - Knights of Caledor - Imrik Mortal Empires Campaign #1654:24
44.United Kingdom Sips - Live!147:19:17:13Sips Plays Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - (3/8/20)1:44:01
45.United Kingdom Steejo138:19:36:57#137 One Year On - Factorio Seablock - Factorio Seablock Gameplay55:21
46.United Kingdom Red Inside137:03:45:11World of Tanks - Road to tier CS-634:20:03
47.United Kingdom Mordred Viking134:23:54:15Kaiserreich Weekly 2020 Tournament| Finals | Kaiserreich | Hearts of Iron IV | 428:22
48.United Kingdom menames cho134:21:07:29💥Fortnite Item Shop Update 🔵 AXO Gameplay ⚡ LIVE - 8th August (Fortnite Battle Royale)2:52:24
49.United Kingdom sikander555134:04:38:31MK11 ONLINE #250 - RANKED SWEAT - Fall Guys Gameplay4:41:19
50.United Kingdom Ir Win132:19:04:18Dirty Lyle - It Comes Around6:57
51.United Kingdom Hofn3r132:08:53:40Backlogged Games Days Gone Part 66:02:38
52.United Kingdom TrU3Ta1ent130:15:55:31I GOT A BIG FOOKIN AXE!- For Honor!10:01
53.United Kingdom Never Game Nova129:17:43:32THE FOREST Walkthrough Part 10 "Exploring the Coast" (No Commentary)31:07
54.United Kingdom Fendalware126:05:36:15DRIVER PS1 Survival Mode Cheats Invincibility Super Cops New York Los Angeles28:17
55.United Kingdom Fizhy125:08:59:58Ghost of Tsushima: A Beautiful Tale (My Review)37:57
56.United Kingdom AlpaxLP125:03:41:31When Does Cloud Show Up? - Final Fantasy IX (Moguri Mod) - Blind Stream - Also On Twitch2:50:01
57.United Kingdom damo2986121:12:25:26Let's Play Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire - Part 161:00:55
58.United Kingdom Jestertainment121:11:15:02The Final Video of the Channel?0:47
59.United Kingdom John Suitepee121:11:02:55Dragon Quest Heroes part 64:34:50
60.United Kingdom GamerGirl Blue119:06:34:01Rust trio. Can We Survive On Mars?????? Base Building + Farming + Loot A Tooting + PVP Baby!!!!4:24:34
61.United Kingdom GadgetGirlKylie119:01:53:16The Frostfang Barioth First Time Experience Monster Hunter World Iceborne Hunt REACTION23:57
62.United Kingdom The Forge Network HQ116:18:32:11BigMan Plays Classic WoW2:35:53
63.United Kingdom Tiny Tina116:13:53:36Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout | Live | PS4 #TeamTina2:16:30
64.United Kingdom Gajbotron115:20:55:43🔴 TOKYO 42 (main Boss!) walkthrough 3.deo - KRAJ! /1440p-ultra1:08:11
65.United Kingdom Evil Deedz115:18:31:55Dungeon Quest VC NM ONLY Grinding for loot so no dead wight3:51:31
66.United Kingdom Benny Harvey115:03:30:22Limmy Twitch Archive // Fall Guys // [2020-08-05]1:39:48
67.United Kingdom EnterElysium114:18:25:43Civilization 6 | Ethiopia Update - Vampires! | New Frontier Pass Pack 28:47
68.United Kingdom EpIc. Game114:08:50:05⭕ Escape From Tarkov // Шо Опять, На Американо Серверах 🪓💸🧯 [ 💢[СТРИМ] 🎙️🎥 🔞[RU/ENG]42:02
69.United Kingdom DecimalPunkt113:23:29:45Teemo TOP! On Duty!2:39:29
70.United Kingdom Gamepad Emulator Guy113:00:15:06Me Moving Over To Twitch! Watch For More Details!2:05
71.United Kingdom Blackeye games111:21:09:42DARK SOULS 3 the Deprived knight ep 23 enteting The Ringed City56:20
72.United Kingdom Rival Zone Gaming111:12:57:27Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 Live Stream 413:00:15
73.United Kingdom TheTwitGamer110:04:34:21Arc en Ciel Sell Out Performance! | Crossbell Times Issue 3 (Trails From Zero)4:09
74.United Kingdom Platform32108:08:06:31TERRORflopoff - Singularity Part 41:23:19
75.United Kingdom Max Fox107:12:36:12NEW TOWN, NEW TRADER! 7 Days to Die (A19E) - Episode 171:06:23
76.United Kingdom HellfireComms106:20:12:01The HFC Super Nintendothon [Bonus Block #9: Super Mario 64] *MARATHON FINALE*2:43:54
77.United Kingdom Vsat106:17:38:16If you gift me this emote i will shout you out0:18
78.United Kingdom Neero106:02:47:19Ghost of Tsushima | Twitch Stream - Part 10 - Finale3:47:19
79.United Kingdom ShadowHawk2012105:21:31:29Tiles of Confusion - 7th August 2020 [Riichi Mahjong on Soul - Vs Chat]3:12:13
80.United Kingdom masamune347105:20:37:46Dark Souls 2 SOTFS playthrough part 19 tricky statues in drangleic castle and boss 2 dragon riders1:13:38
81.United Kingdom CMDR Pain105:12:29:03Finally making it to Diamond?! [ENG]19:57
82.United Kingdom EscapeRoute104:18:11:08Summer Slam No.3 || SushiBites!14:47
83.United Kingdom RayKit104:15:21:34Scum - Let's Explore 0.4 - Day 10 | IT'S FRIYAY!5:08:36
84.United Kingdom KruGames104:12:35:31The Powerpuff Girls Smash Gameplay Walkthrough #1 (Android, IOS)11:25
85.United Kingdom GametechUK104:03:40:22Fall Guys with members!2:23:07
86.United Kingdom Frithgar103:15:22:09Let's Play Two Point Hospital #110: Lazy Research Scientist!29:42
87.United Kingdom XTRG102:22:53:24Grand Tactician: The Civil War - Confederate States of America 1862 - Episode 129:51
88.United Kingdom MrAndersonLP101:00:07:35Let's Play Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor Expansion DLC BLIND (Gameplay / Walkthrough) [Part 7]36:50
89.United Kingdom Smash GaminG!! - Frazzz100:07:08:13Unleashing The Sheer Brute Force Of The Grapeshot Cannon | Forts18:35
90.United Kingdom IFreeMz99:14:43:48Deathbloom Gameplay - Full Chapter 1 - An Awesome Indie Horror Game3:10:38
91.United Kingdom Finest Fellaz99:01:18:42WARHAMMER 40K SPACE MARINE - EPISODE 231:05
92.United Kingdom Mithrie – Gaming Guides & Tutorials97:16:46:12FFXIV 5.2 1448 Resistance Weapon Unlock Guide3:02
93.United Kingdom Jimmy Broadbent97:15:45:30Can I Survive 2.4 Hours Of Bathurst4:23:17
94.United Kingdom Northern PC Gamer97:08:50:46Big Changes To My Youtube Channel - English 1080p10:52
95.United Kingdom Conker8796:02:55:54🔵 Conker Plays Rimworld: Tribunal Township – River Town (#01)20:36
96.United Kingdom Kenny Okafor95:03:18:50#STREAMING MOSTLY IN #4K with #HDR/#6Mbps Upload speed@ 720@60fps OUTPUT ON THE OG Console #XBOX #O1:07:07
97.United Kingdom Sheepdog Gaming94:22:34:58V:tM 5E | Sun Kissed Extra - Snackshots Episode 859:06
98.United Kingdom RecoilProduction94:21:58:49► World of Tanks - Epic Games: AMX 50 Foch 155 [4 kills, 11524 dmg]7:55
99.United Kingdom Stephen Harris94:19:21:21Fifa 20 - PC - Part 3 - England v Egypt8:40
100.United Kingdom RidGaming94:13:23:45Pokemon Sword Sleeplocke stream, 4 Year streaming anniversary [LIVE NOW]1:10