Top 100 Channels From United Kingdom With The Longest Duration

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from United Kingdom based on the highest total video duration on their channel. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelDurationLatest Video
1.United Kingdom zxspectrumgames42484:11:42:19College Football USA '97 (video 7,880) (Sega Megadrive / Genesis)2:33:21
2.United Kingdom Forizen11809:07:28:12[1] Forizen1 Smash Ultimate ID: 2MLNQ ⚡ 2v20:00
3.United Kingdom Yogscast Live437:19:06:36Overwatch 2 Nvidia Reflex Challenge! /w Ravs & Friends| (30/01/2023) #AD3:01:30
4.United Kingdom Shirrako425:02:00:21HARRY POTTER AND THE PHILOSOPHER'S STONE Gameplay Walkthrough FULL GAME (4K 60FPS) No Commentary4:33:42
5.United Kingdom SKILL DOWN1982411:04:12:46AMONG US PS51:16:42
6.United Kingdom Treephie408:03:35:34Kiriko Kitsune Kanezaka Kid Knocking Kneecaps! (29/10/2022)4:33:51
7.United Kingdom TwasByDesign395:02:31:18Monster Hunter: Rise | MR 999 TU4 Co-Stream! #MonsterHunter8:49:13
8.United Kingdom Anita028387:20:34:15Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, Let's Play 432:43:24
9.United Kingdom Kingflipper385:21:55:53Thank COD Its Friday Live - Warzini W/Subs!!2:04:50
10.United Kingdom Totej382:14:32:05SQUID GAME - Pink Soldiers (RemixManiacs Trap Remix)2:36
11.United Kingdom TheRhysWyrill381:09:23:22Dark Souls Playthrough | Part 1430:34
12.United Kingdom OneShot2Shot313376:09:41:56MW3 Survival Solo Off Shore Pt4 [18 As Specified By The Developers]0:00
13.United Kingdom Silverplays365:08:54:41Lolol bike ride!!15:27
14.United Kingdom FN Shop343:10:56:21*NEW* SLIPSTREAM UNITED BUNDLE! FORTNITE ITEM SHOP #shorts0:28
15.United Kingdom Brooker0013 gaming332:17:25:48Warzone 23:18:05
16.United Kingdom SquirrelPlus320:05:00:24Hunt: Showdown | 29th January 2023 | 3/3 | SquirrelPlus1:17:49
17.United Kingdom ItzUKGamer319:01:06:46The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes part 158:06
18.United Kingdom LifeOnTheGrid316:11:40:19Let's Play Vampire Survivors4:49:43
19.United Kingdom MistressOfDarkness309:09:54:54Modern Warfare 2| Egirl|1V1 Mistress11:26:33
20.United Kingdom DDRJake309:08:49:50Nya Uppdrag Från Tåga Token - Blood Under The Bridge3:32:46
21.United Kingdom Roman plays.303:03:05:13Dayz.1:13:20
22.United Kingdom Gilmore50293:21:15:13✅ 🅻🅸🆅🅴 | HAPPY NEW YEAR | Stunts and Mix | Grand Theft Auto 5 | PS5 | PS4 Version10:59:42
23.United Kingdom Jericho_mpm292:05:34:02KOF 2002 - Jericho vs LCE1:08:03
24.United Kingdom BlackEyeGames288:11:54:56Genshin Impact Ep 1 entering the World44:00
25.United Kingdom Sips - Live!284:03:51:29Sips Plays HITMAN World of Assassination! - (30/1/23)2:24:30
26.United Kingdom はおりや270:06:32:28🏆目指して MHRise8:48:01
27.United Kingdom V.O.R. Bros268:19:50:00Let's Play - Riddles of the Past - Chapter 4 - Stadium20:35
28.United Kingdom Flik's Gaming Stuff267:23:17:09Overwatch 2 | Season 2 | Moira 24-213:08
29.United Kingdom Ellie Phoenix267:14:09:45MEMBER STREAM | FUN MODES | ELLIE SAYS, BULLRUSH, HUNTED, SCRIMS AND WAY MORE!3:19:41
30.United Kingdom Quebber265:17:59:47Let's Chat about the HP/Trans situation while preparing food.47:53
31.United Kingdom DayoLight262:10:52:19Dragon Age: Origins pt153:23:35
32.United Kingdom Benny Harvey261:11:59:56LIMMY Twitch Archive | Fallout (6) & Improv [2023-01-31]4:06:43
33.United Kingdom Tealgamemaster258:15:06:06CHEATS in Simpsons Hit And Run ARE INSANE0:51
34.United Kingdom Octopimp Archive258:14:24:54Teamfight Tactics - Just Trying To Have A Good Time (20/03/22)5:02:16
35.United Kingdom Gaming Is Life.256:16:52:15FAR CRY 6. PLAYSTATION 4.1:39:53
36.United Kingdom Olizandri251:16:12:53Fire Emblem Engage - Chapter 7: Dark Emblem Battle, Grand Crossing Advance - Episode 2033:51
37.United Kingdom Rik Katt249:12:16:56Rfactor 2 | Low Fuel Motorsport Ranked Lobby Racing3:05:59
38.United Kingdom Birdiex94x247:11:01:52I PACKED A TOTY & PRIME ICON - FIFA 23 Collection Book #49:00
39.United Kingdom oOGhostintheMachineOo244:08:12:32New - Survival highest kill game ever - 665 kills2:18:43
40.United Kingdom PERICOL240:05:40:51AVEM INFORMATII NOI! ANDREI MINTE! • FIVEM2:23:23
41.United Kingdom Gemuwa232:04:57:09BLACK DESERT ONLINE | GAMEPLAY #4421:34:19
42.United Kingdom RayKit232:01:58:24NO ONE SURVIVED Part 1 - New Survival Game? Unreal 5 Gameplay!1:22:53
43.United Kingdom Wrestling Daze227:20:50:44🔴 WWE NXT Live Stream 1/31/23 - Full Show Watch Along2:40:16
44.United Kingdom Aromatic Beast227:19:39:03Rust - Rusty Rust Rust5:03:50
45.United Kingdom TheKie25227:18:02:49Gran Turismo 7 - 2 Million CR In 2 Mins The Ultimate Guide8:58
46.United Kingdom Cragite Archive226:17:46:07PIGGYBANK POACHING! | Payday 2 (Stream 22 to 23 Aug '22 p2 of 2)2:49:57
49.United Kingdom Ballio’s Channel220:00:16:51Down the rabbit hole vr LIVE on PlayStation 50:42
50.United Kingdom doorz00785219:20:11:41South park episode 3 reginalds grand day out37:13
51.United Kingdom Midgitwarrior219:19:28:49Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 100% Part 35:47:40
52.United Kingdom Gajbotron219:06:30:24💥[BALKAN] DREAD TEMPLAR 3.deo (SUTRA PODCAST!) /1440p /4K/RTX40903:10:05
53.United Kingdom bradie channel215:12:42:03🔞black ops 4 zombies ps52:30:15
54.United Kingdom Reecy21214:14:40:30ITS MY BIRTHDAY SO LET THE BIRTHDAY STREAM COMMENCE 🤣🎉🎂🎈0:00
55.United Kingdom Never Game Nova213:23:32:52FAR CRY 6 WALKTHROUGH - PART 9 - KNUCKLEBALL13:25
56.United Kingdom h00ch2003212:02:54:49Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor GOTY (Part 7) playthrough2:25:35
57.United Kingdom TRUE GAMER210:23:22:06FIFA23 LIVE WHATS NEW1:49:32
58.United Kingdom Occasional Beast210:20:44:18A great game..0:59
59.United Kingdom Old Man Gaming UK210:18:50:54New World: The Adventures of Ivan Itchydic #450:00
60.United Kingdom Hofn3r210:17:20:20Hi-Fi Rush Hard Part 4 - Track 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12 [Streamer Mode]3:28:02
61.United Kingdom Millbeeful210:15:18:50Let's go Pork Lord! | Kynseed0:36
62.United Kingdom TabbzMania Gaming208:07:06:337 Days To Die Longplay 2 Part 47 Endgame Base Build Low Audio Because The Auger Is A Headache (UHD)5:51:26
63.United Kingdom Sticky Fingers208:00:20:59[PS4] [No Commentary] The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Special Edition5:13:00
64.United Kingdom Fraps2364207:10:55:04Chill High Rank Monster Hunter Rise Xbox Series 😉😍😘😁😂4:07:19
65.United Kingdom AlpaxLP207:02:14:46The Unexpected Curse - Let's Play Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn - 24 [Core Rules - Blind - PC]1:05:20
66.United Kingdom menames cho206:02:00:57🔴 NEW Polo Renegade Fortnite Item Shop Update LIVE (Fortnite Battle Royale)1:50:35
67.United Kingdom John Suitepee205:05:51:57Doom Wadstream: Doom Core Delta- 10th Anniversary Edition part 44:30:29
68.United Kingdom lionheartx10204:16:09:26ALL SHALL FALL TO CHAOS! Total War: Warhammer 3 - Valkia the Bloody - Immortal Empires Campaign #5752:10
69.United Kingdom TrU3Ta1ent201:12:55:38NO TUNNEL ALLOWED! Dead by Daylight11:15
70.United Kingdom ENG adsraaf198:22:08:03WWE 2K22 MYRISE PART 32 - ROYAL RUMBLE2:41:17
71.United Kingdom SkullziY198:09:28:37Pubg Mobile Live | Rank Push | Road to 5000 Subs0:00
72.United Kingdom Hikariヒカリ195:21:42:12Part4(一周目:第3章 - 回归/First Playthrough: Chapter 3 - The Return)〘传送门2/Portal 2〙46:17
73.United Kingdom Tamara89Gaming🎮191:19:30:32Overwatch 2 Competitive 🎮 | PS5 Live3:42:51
74.United Kingdom Bretttheninja190:15:31:11God of War Ragnarök Atreus is The Running Man0:30
75.United Kingdom grimjim666189:23:33:39Part 3 Warhammer III - Bloody and the Beast coop campaign - Chaos (Grim) Beastmen (Segwo)7:11:01
76.United Kingdom Kikoskia189:12:20:35Let's Play Lil Gator Game #09: The Town Grows22:02
77.United Kingdom Shadowfighterpro188:23:15:54Europa Universalis IV Anbennar3:04:58
78.United Kingdom DanteCrysis188:04:07:06Lets Rock the Boat - Golden Axe III - Part 510:02
79.United Kingdom ScarletMarisa375187:13:23:49ROBLOX Wheat Farming Simulator Episode 2513:39
80.United Kingdom SourceSpy91187:07:52:09[4K 60FPS UHD] Dead Space: Remake - #6 Environmental Hazards - PS5 4K Gameplay1:18:16
81.United Kingdom Mordred Viking186:14:29:39Feiten | Community Clash - Anbennar | Europa Universalis IV | 937:55
82.United Kingdom Fendalware186:05:01:54Crash Bandicoot 2 PS1 Classic #shorts0:54
83.United Kingdom KruGames185:11:11:00Creatures of the Deep Gameplay Part 30 (Android, IOS)15:04
84.United Kingdom Euge185:07:39:1495kg PB on Hack Squat 😁 #shorts0:33
85.United Kingdom That Ifrit Guy185:02:39:15Let's Play One Piece: Odyssey - 28 - Franky is Super!!41:16
86.United Kingdom SpaceWolfGaming185:02:37:20Terraria | Season 6 | #20 Golem Fight!1:47:53
87.United Kingdom Raging Racey Lacey184:15:06:53more zomboid pubg tomorrow1:06:11
88.United Kingdom Sniper_Panda316184:12:29:42ONE BULLET CAN CHANGE HISTORY #sniperelite5 #GOAL11954:11:36
89.United Kingdom TheTwitGamer184:00:18:22Brief Encounter | Persona 3 Portable (Remastered) Part 3134:51
90.United Kingdom Evil Deedz182:04:37:34Streaming Final Fantasy XV p.42:21
91.United Kingdom The Emerald Dreamer181:07:42:07State of Decay 2 Gameplay. Updates & Chat.2:04:01
92.United Kingdom DR DAVE180:22:20:37snowrunner lets get muddy2:44:04
93.United Kingdom MrW01FY179:17:00:34Olaf Base Defense Pentakill | League of Legends0:40
94.United Kingdom GametechUK179:03:33:46Undisputed - Friday night fight night!2:15:27
95.United Kingdom FreeDom178:08:13:17Watch Dogs 2 | Parkour Run 595:25
96.United Kingdom Izy177:23:18:51Reacting To Fortnite Montages Live! and Arena0:00
97.United Kingdom OG Dota 2 Team177:02:42:35OG.7ckngMad & Xcalibur -VS- iLTW - Ranked Match - OG Dota 2.34:17
98.United Kingdom STEVIE DVD174:20:46:25Star Wars, Jedi. Fallen Order. PART 2. Live Stream. STEVIE DVD1:51:00
99.United Kingdom HeroVoltsy174:00:23:38NEW ADVENTURE! Pokemon Eon Guardians Part 1 Fan Game Gameplay Walkthrough #pokemonfangame28:48
100.United Kingdom IsNation171:18:54:09Dragon Quest IV [Stream 3]3:33:58