Top 100 Channels From United Kingdom With The Longest Duration

This list represents the top 100 YouTube channels rankings from United Kingdom based on the highest total video duration on their channel. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Numbers are retrieved via the YouTube API and updated daily. Channels are also listed with their latest video uploaded to YouTube.

ChannelDurationLatest Video
1.United Kingdom zxspectrumgames42808:12:00:31Derby Day (ZX Spectrum)0:39
2.United Kingdom Forizen12021:23:33:47Don't mess with Up+B⭐0:16
3.United Kingdom Tomorrowland531:05:53:17Tomorrowland presents: CORE Medellín 20241:01
4.United Kingdom Yogscast Live499:05:06:19Phasmophobia | Saturday Spookems | w/Mousie & friends | (18/05/2024)3:01:12
5.United Kingdom FN Shop489:18:40:24TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES ARE BACK! Fortnite Item Shop [May 20th, 2024] (Fortnite Battle Royale)1:36
6.United Kingdom TwasByDesign487:23:03:40Helldivers 2 | (Helldive Difficulty) Pildstedt Is On The Balance Case, PLEASE BUFF!0:00
7.United Kingdom Kingflipper474:12:24:53Season 6 Lounge, SBC's & Pack Openings | Top Of The TOTS | EAFC 24 | Ep 273:45:36
8.United Kingdom OneShot2Shot313473:18:44:35MW3 Survival Solo Foundation Pt1 (18 As Specified By The Developers)5:11:39
9.United Kingdom Shirrako469:11:24:03DARKSIDERS REMASTERED Gameplay Walkthrough FULL GAME (4K 60FPS) No Commentary8:56:37
10.United Kingdom SkullziY466:00:21:30Sage Is Going To Defuse Spike But Clove Ult And Keep Her Busy #Shorts0:28
11.United Kingdom SKILL DOWN1982464:03:12:30EAFC 24 LINCOLN CITY CAREER MODE PS51:10:18
12.United Kingdom Anita028447:13:27:41Dead Cells, BC3 to BC4 run defeated1:48:39
13.United Kingdom TRW412:21:19:22Disjunction | Blind/Full Playthrough | Part 9/1430:09
14.United Kingdom Treephie408:03:25:03Kiriko Kitsune Kanezaka Kid Knocking Kneecaps! (29/10/2022)4:33:50
15.United Kingdom Brooker0013 gaming404:03:53:38ACC1:44:31
16.United Kingdom Totej387:09:45:45(10 Hour) Oliver Tree - Miss You (Bemax Cover Remix) I’m Your Treasure Box [AMV]10:08:55
17.United Kingdom Sips - Live!386:16:53:16Father, Star Paladin's and of course...MEAT! - Fallout 45:14:01
18.United Kingdom Mistress Of Darkness 379:03:56:54Fortnite The Pirates are Coming! FaceCam8:34:48
19.United Kingdom LifeOnTheGrid374:11:56:01Let's Play Final Fantasy XVI Part 123:27:46
20.United Kingdom BlackEyeGames369:17:34:04Star Citizen ep 2 Time to go to space33:25
21.United Kingdom DDRJake369:04:13:30Grinding out that Crummy Robot's A20 Runs.6:13:37
22.United Kingdom SquirrelPlus364:19:00:21Teardown (18th May 2024)7:45:52
23.United Kingdom はおりや364:05:26:10『グラブル リリンク 』てきとーに8:27:28
24.United Kingdom Roman plays.354:20:25:08Marvel Midnight Suns. Part 28. Endgame?3:35:12
25.United Kingdom Sensation335:00:52:10Super rare tree splitter axe Fortnite0:15
26.United Kingdom Gaming Is Life.333:03:56:06(THE EXACT SAME LIVE STREAM FOR MONDAY 20TH MAY 2024). *INVEST IN THE RED. ITS IN YOUR INTEREST*.3:04:32
27.United Kingdom TheKie25326:01:19:17Gran Turismo 7 - Chicane Death Chaos + GTWS Test5:05:05
28.United Kingdom DayoLight323:23:53:10Final Fantasy X-2 pt14 final3:22:28
29.United Kingdom ItzUKGamer320:00:16:32WWE 2k19/road to 700 subs2:23:43
30.United Kingdom Benny Harvey310:14:43:58Limmy Improv: Couple Take Holiday Scuba Lesson [2024-05-21]12:26
31.United Kingdom RayKit 308:04:30:41Can You Survive the Hardest Server?5:30:11
32.United Kingdom V.O.R. Bros307:06:38:48Let's Play - Nightmare On The Pacific - Bonus Chapter Full Walkthrough15:45
33.United Kingdom Gemuwa305:05:14:25FINAL FANTASY XIV | GAMEPLAY #3955:53:33
34.United Kingdom Ellie Phoenix300:01:18:33The Last Of Us Remastered Gameplay | Chill Stream4:23:30
35.United Kingdom Quebber299:12:35:55And now for some bad news, worse news. hugs22:10
36.United Kingdom Gilmore50297:03:45:16Banging LIVE10:54
37.United Kingdom Olizandri296:12:36:16Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth - Chadley Simulator 3.3.3, Corel, Cosmo Canyon & Nibel - Episode 15934:01
38.United Kingdom Herknungr295:02:28:38Herknungr Live 24/7 Viking/Slavic/Pagan Radio ⚒️🐦‍⬛🪓🧔0:00
40.United Kingdom Jericho_mpm292:05:34:01KOF 2002 - Jericho vs LCE1:08:02
41.United Kingdom Occasional Beast290:15:59:15Learn how to SUNDANCE (4.42 K/D) RANK S8833:14:18
42.United Kingdom Tealgamemaster290:10:27:38Streaming Paper Mario TTYD (Link in Description!)0:21
43.United Kingdom Yiseia290:03:06:55[No Commentary] [PS5] The Elder Scrolls Online - Pledges til food's here29:48
44.United Kingdom Flik's Gaming Stuff288:08:33:21Kort drinks the soup that kills you0:26
45.United Kingdom bradie channel282:12:32:24Cold war Zombies ps52:56:48
46.United Kingdom Cragite Archive276:04:29:29Beatings Game | Baldurs Gate 3 (Stream 18 Jan '24 s2 of 3)3:00:02
47.United Kingdom Gajbotron270:03:45:21GRAY ZONE WARFARE #18 (solo run & co-op!) /4K/ULTRA/RTX40900:00
48.United Kingdom Old Man Gaming UK270:01:46:21Surviving 30 mins a day on Ark Survival Ascended Official PVP Server Episode 8031:56
49.United Kingdom TabbzMania Gaming269:16:11:58Supreme Commander 2 UEF Full Campaign Longplay All Missions Complete3:09:48
50.United Kingdom SourceSpy91267:13:07:05Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice | FULL GAME | 100% Walkthrough5:49:31
51.United Kingdom h00ch2003267:12:04:35Batman: Arkham City GOTY (Part 2) playthrough3:00:53
52.United Kingdom Rik Katt265:17:35:44Gran Turismo 6 Online | Racing Online In 2024 !1:38:05
53.United Kingdom Tamara89Gaming🎮265:07:10:14🔴 LIVE Overwatch 2 Competitive 🧡 | PS5 🎮3:57:23
54.United Kingdom ScarletMarisa375265:01:32:33Genshin Impact - Spreading Evil (94)1:06
55.United Kingdom hypticnosis gaming 264:12:35:46WARZONE REBIRTH ISLAND QUADS : ITS GETTING CAMPY IN THE HOOD ;)2:27:04
56.United Kingdom Never Game Nova262:16:13:02FALLOUT 4 WITH MODS | PS5 WALKTHROUGH | PART 13 | INSTITUTIONALISED33:30
57.United Kingdom DANGER261:18:40:18VREAU SA-MI DAU DEMISIA DIN POLITIE! • FIVEM24:02
58.United Kingdom Midgitwarrior261:03:43:19007 Quantum Of Solace Full Playthrough2:46:43
59.United Kingdom Octopimp Archive258:14:24:45Teamfight Tactics - Just Trying To Have A Good Time (20/03/22)5:02:15
60.United Kingdom TrU3Ta1ent258:02:08:00SF6 AKUMA TIME! Totally New! Lets see how we do!0:00
61.United Kingdom Aromatic Beast257:14:58:15Rust - Fresh Wipe New Updates!4:37:19
62.United Kingdom Hofn3r255:08:55:55Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth First Playthrough Gameplay Walkthrough Part 137:03:03
63.United Kingdom Hikariヒカリ255:08:11:02Part52(150ccスターカップタイムアタックレビュー/150cc星星杯计时赛回顾)〘マリオカート8デラックス/玛利欧赛车8豪华版〙38:13
64.United Kingdom Birdiex94x253:02:40:54I GOT MY BEST EVER RED PICK FROM LA LIGA REWARDS!!! 6M+ COINS0:58
65.United Kingdom SamWise252:08:37:23SamWise Live: Wednesday Stream 2nd November 2022 World of Warcraft weekly reset Part 14:33:52
66.United Kingdom doorz00785249:12:14:09The chronicals of magso the ginger gorvix pov #baldursgate #bg3 #dnd3:12:24
67.United Kingdom UNOFFICIAL Pyrion Flax Twitch VOD Archive247:20:11:38[FULL VOD] PFlax, Yogs Zylus & Joe H play Dota 2 with the Lads May 20 2024 - "dubs only"4:07:25
68.United Kingdom AlpaxLP245:00:58:23Prestigeless - Let's Play Crusader Kings 3: Legends Of The Dead - 7932:41
69.United Kingdom oOGhostintheMachineOo244:08:12:31New - Survival highest kill game ever - 665 kills2:18:42
70.United Kingdom BiteCollector243:14:04:53【Call of Duty : Black ops COLD WAR - Grind Diamond Camo】➡️ZOMBIES⬅️Playstation 5🔴Live stream🔴2:34:26
71.United Kingdom The Announcer Live242:23:28:13Senua's Saga: Hellblade II4:33:01
72.United Kingdom ScottyDGaming242:07:34:39🔴LIVE Telltale's The Walking Dead S4, Part 2 / The Final Season, Episode 3, 4 (Full Game Blind)4:30:45
73.United Kingdom ENG adsraaf241:11:37:13HORIZON FORBIDDEN WEST PS5 Gameplay2:01:30
74.United Kingdom TRUE GAMER239:20:21:20HELL ON EARTH 50 x TOTS CRAFTING SBC2:35:00
75.United Kingdom John Suitepee238:18:09:58The Witness part 44:00:32
76.United Kingdom lionheartx10237:15:28:03UNITING WITH THE SLAYER KING! Total War: Warhammer 3 - Malakai Makaisson [IE] Campaign #1540:56
77.United Kingdom DanteCrysis236:07:57:24Members Chat Stream0:00
78.United Kingdom Multiyapples230:17:03:50Defeating Our Rivals (NCAA Football 14)0:00
79.United Kingdom Shadowfighterpro228:14:56:22Total War: Warhammer III | Immortal Empires | Thrones of Decay | The Dark Lady of Nuln | Part 1129:59
80.United Kingdom GBRJAMIE226:21:26:29I will make it never give up0:15
81.United Kingdom GrimlockePrime225:03:52:01First big patch for HADES 2!! #newgame #hades2 #earlyaccess6:28:02
82.United Kingdom Reecy21224:22:11:53Call of Duty Black Ops 6 (COD 2024) Teaser Trailer 4 the truth lies channel 1updated0:16
83.United Kingdom CrapFraps224:17:32:25PS5 Monster Hunter Rise + Sunbreak 😊😁😉😂😍3:54:11
84.United Kingdom That Ifrit Guy222:23:15:39Let's Play Crow Country - 04 - Hey, Nice Bike30:45
85.United Kingdom Raging Racey Lacey221:15:38:32OG erangel all day3:47:28
86.United Kingdom Kikoskia221:06:55:56Let's Play Quest for Glory II VGA #56: Onward to Raseir22:33
87.United Kingdom SpaceWolfGaming221:04:14:16Dead Island Riptide Definitive Edition | #2 There is a Way!2:26:59
88.United Kingdom Forsen Plays221:02:24:43Forsen Plays League of Legends - Part 394:49:28
89.United Kingdom Malpass Gaming220:17:18:22Fallout 4 Survival Let's Play - Part 12 LIVE5:41:59
90.United Kingdom IsNation220:05:42:22Is This A Mistake?3:39:29
91.United Kingdom CJ shake217:18:48:59RETURNING TO CALL OF DUTY WW2! IM A NOOB AGAIN!1:16:14
92.United Kingdom LadySTAR_SEN 💜💙216:10:12:55Ah! Why does a rabbit have a Gun 😂😂😂0:15
93.United Kingdom Millbeeful214:22:12:37An Icon Reimagined | Mega Man Series Retrospective36:36
94.United Kingdom Solo Player213:20:49:25Red Dead Redemption 20:00
95.United Kingdom EscapeRouteBritish210:07:33:52Sasuke's Brother, That's Itachi Subject || 360 Degrees Of Boredom2:28:36
96.United Kingdom GametechUK210:04:16:44Bringing Back The Nostalgia: Old School Rally Revived!3:48
97.United Kingdom STEVIE DVD207:20:37:10F123, More Practice Laps, Fanatec GT DD Pro Wheel With The Stevie DVD,DDPro On The PS54:02:48
98.United Kingdom HeroVoltsy206:03:37:06Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door Remake Part 2 SUN & MOON STONES Gameplay Walkthrough59:01
99.United Kingdom SychosisPatient205:22:11:30F-Zero 993:14:06
100.United Kingdom TheTwitGamer205:09:10:14Ultimate Arfoire Company | Neptunia Game Maker R:Evolution | Let's Play Part 2629:37