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4.Brazil BALEEIRO GAMES911,647
5. MKIceAndFire660,024
6.United States IGN592,635
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8.United States Saffron Bunny13
9.United States Sergio Willis13
10.Canada ShinoSeven Let's Play13

Latest Let's Plays For Concrete Genie

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
8 hours agoFrance Captain Price Nawak (Let's play)Concrete Genie # 3 Chef d'œuvre portuaire activé avec Warlox - LP (Fr)22:093
2 days agoUnited States Wrong ButtonMr. & Mrs. Play: Concrete Genie ep.2112:548
2021-06-09United States TakeoRey's Gaming JournalConcrete Genie: Day 2.3 - Gaming Journal57:390
2021-06-04United States BunnyTClub⊰⊰CONCRETE GENIE⊱⊱ - ⤁ FIRST TIME PLAYTHROUGH ⬵ [#18]19:4710
2021-06-01 Master KHeroMaster KHero Free Playstation Plus Game Concrete Genie Game Play14:033
2021-05-07United Kingdom INSANEBRIT GAMINGConcrete Genie | #6 Chapter 6 THE FINAL54:207
2021-04-18Turkey SoFastAimMaksimum FPS | En Düşük Gecikme | Gsync & Freesync | Polling Rate | Windows Optimizasyonu20:221,517
2021-04-16Germany KoKo Games TVLet's Play! Concrete Genie - teil 2 -12:483
2021-04-15United States LamouraThe Power of Friendship | Concrete Genie - Part 08 | Let's Play48:1124
2021-04-13United States Saffron BunnyLittle Help Please | Concrete Genie #516:0914
2021-03-05United Kingdom The Asian NomadConcrete Genie | Concrete Genie Gameplay ( PS5 ) | First 10 mins10:51219
2021-02-21Brazil Aquele CaraCONCRETE GENIE o final do jogo #4 Detonado | Aquele Cara57:0521
2021-02-20United Kingdom BillyJayGamingCONCRETE GENIE Ending Gameplay Playthrough Part 6 - THE FINALE18:049
2021-02-15Canada ShinoSeven Let's PlayLet's Play Concrete Genie | Episode 12 | ShinoSeven36:399
2021-02-11Canada JSkeletonConcrete Genie - Ending - An Absolutely Beautiful Ending18:25144
2021-02-11Australia d2k4l2Concrete Genie PS+ Feb 2021 on PS5 Lets Play3:09:341
2021-02-06United Kingdom BooJayBar GamingLets Play Concrete Genie PS4 - The Ending - Part 3 Boojaybar1:15:0834
2021-02-04Germany PlayStation DACHPlayStation Plus | Februar 20210:311,144
2021-02-04France PlayStation FrancePlayStation Plus | Février 2021 | Destruction AllStars, Control: Ultimate Edition, Concrete Genie0:311,195
2021-01-27United States vypermajikPlayStation Plus Feb 2021: Control, Concrete Genie, Destruction AllStars8:4651
2021-01-27Spain PlayStation EspañaFEBRERO en PS PLUS - Destruction AllStars, Control Ultimate Edition, Concrete Genie, Dawn of Fear6:3838,665
2020-12-16Canada Far Out Dude'Concrete Genie: Splotch and the Crystal Canvas' PSVR - Full First-Time Playthrough25:36144

Latest Reviews For Concrete Genie

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2021-04-16United Kingdom BTbenTRCONCRETE GENIE and Why Some Games DON'T Need COMBAT (Concrete Genie Analysis/Review)5:3742
2021-02-27 La voûte RétroConcrete genie sur PS4 - review9:5224
2021-02-03United States SuperkenGamingConcrete Genie Review [PS4]2:45314
2021-01-22United States The LAN CaveConcrete Genie - Gaming Backlog Review - Ex Libris14:227
2020-10-10United States vypermajikConcrete Genie Review (PS4 Pro)6:46104
2020-01-20Ireland The Republic of PlayersConcrete Genie Review - Should You Buy?7:40229
2020-01-12United Kingdom Higher Plain GamesConcrete Genie PSVR Segment Review | Painting | VR Art | Interactive Rooms5:2042
2019-12-30United Kingdom Photography GamerConcrete Genie - Review6:54257
2019-12-06 Dimi V. GamingConcrete Genie Part 1 Stream Highlights!30:2475
2019-11-14United Kingdom PlaytendoGuyConcrete Genie Review6:3111
2019-11-04Canada Electric Playground Network - EPNConcrete Genie Game Review! - Electric Playground6:171,155
2019-10-30United States In-House GamingConcrete Genie First Impressions!7:285
2019-10-29United States Sunburned AlbinoConcrete Genie - Sunburned Albino Review6:081,451
2019-10-28Australia Good Game: Spawn PointConcrete Genie | Review5:22700
2019-10-24Netherlands GamekingsConcrete Genie Review: Kopen, budgetbak of slopen?9:341,243
2019-10-23United States Voxel VoiceConcrete Genie Review & Discussion "Aaahh!!! Sad Monsters" - Viewpoint15:1731
2019-10-22Spain FS GamerConcrete Genie I Vídeo Review I Brochazos contra el bullying5:5533
2019-10-21United States PlayStation SourceSmall But Mighty - Concrete Genie Review (PS4 Pro)5:42124
2019-10-21United Kingdom Scorpio ReactsTVConcrete Genie Review8:2012
2019-10-18Canada TheStarkzCreatively Unique - Concrete Genie Review4:4754
2019-10-18France Console Fun TV : La Chaine du Jeu Video[TEST/REVIEW] Concrete Genie - PS4 👻 Pour l'amour de l'art et du dessin !13:0195
2019-10-17 PirateCaptainJeffAperture Gaming Reviews Concrete Genie7:4710
2019-10-16Thailand CONSOLE GAMER STATIONConcrete Genie รีวิว [Review]4:5013,249
2019-10-15Germany BissjeTommyCONCRETE GENIE - Macht das Bock?! // (REVIEW) (PS4) (DEUTSCH)9:15546
2019-10-14United States Spawn WaveConcrete Genie Is Not What I Was Expecting10:1736,360