Defense Grid: The Awakening

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2021-09-09Canada Gaming JayDefense Grid: The Awakening (PC) - Let's Play 1001 Games - Episode 6291:04:0485
2021-03-06Philippines KaskaseroLet's play: Defense Grid The Awakening Mar 6 202127:369
2020-12-24Finland Kari-PekkaDefense grid the awakening - gameplay / lets play! #2 (no commentary)24:0835
2020-12-20Germany SpielemagazinLets Play Defense Grid: The Awakening (gameplay deutsch)15:4523
2020-12-20United States Should You Play It?Defense Grid: The Awakening | GAMEPLAY20:006,110
2019-07-21United States Rob's Tabletop WorldRob Plays LIVE! Defense Grid1:29:21465
2019-05-14 Dad's Gaming AddictionDGA Plays Board Games: Defense Grid: The Board Game1:38:08495
2019-04-04United States One Stop Co-op ShopDefense Grid | Solo Playthrough | Mission 346:112,126
2019-02-12Australia Primal GamingPrimal Plays - Defense Grid : The Awakening37:1210
2016-09-20United Kingdom A Gamedev Plays...Defense Grid - Let's Play17:0721
2016-07-31Germany TimmexTVDefense Grid Awakening You Monster Mission 8 - [ Deutsch | German | Gameplay | Let's Play ]13:0711
2016-07-08United States NeosFormeDefense Perfection! Defense Grid: The Awakening | Neos Plays42:211,985
2014-10-19United States DeadhandDeadhand Plays Defense Grid: The Awakening - 43 - Portal 2 [revenge]17:019
2014-05-06Spain Seber PC150 minutos con... Defense Grid: The Awakening | #5 | PC | Full HD | Let's Play | Español29:4787
2014-01-03Czech Republic SynchR[SynchR] - Let's play - Defense Grid - The Long Descent 0120:381,741
2013-10-09 Specter GamingLet's Play! Defense Grid - Community Stage 1 - Polymer Maze15:3591
2013-07-15Canada YourGibs GamingLet's Play Defense Grid: Awakening [20] w/YourGibs - Level 20: Last Stand GOLD Medal - Part 2013:452,046
2013-05-13United Kingdom WolfstingDefense Grid Playthrough - Episode 2 - "You can Fast Forward!!?" 1080p28:1796
2012-09-13 Sporical StudiosSporical Plays: (Defense Grid - Part 2)12:2536
2012-07-17Belgium iridianLet's play: Defence Grid 001 - You monster16:4192
2012-05-14 GamingWithMuffins[LP] Defense Grid: Borderlands #4: Infiltration [Bronze]22:3464
2012-02-14United Kingdom IdioticUlt1maraLet's Play Defense Grid The Awakening (P01)11:4817
2011-10-03 MackandMeshDefense Grid Playthrough (Indie Month!)20:282,355
2011-09-30 Rax SavvageLets Play Defence Grid Maps 7-837:4756
2011-07-03United Kingdom WhackinPhoenixLast 2 Levels of Out of Bullets Achievement Guide - Defence Grid (Steam Summer Camp)15:25934

Latest Reviews For Defense Grid: The Awakening

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2021-07-22United States Should You Play It?Defense Grid: The Awakening | REVIEW - Should You Play It?9:121,394
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2013-04-14United States 80s ComicsClassic Game Room - DEFENSE GRID: THE AWAKENING review for PC5:2831,713
2011-12-05 MackandMeshDefense Grid: You Monster Review by Mack and Mesh9:453,603
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