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1. KINGDOM HEARTS43,564,281
2.New Zealand TheGamersJoint43,350,592
3.United States Boss Fight Database32,701,587
4.United States DJ Psychosis29,954,383
5.Japan スクウェア・エニックス24,795,612
6.Chile lzuniy21,092,620
7.United Kingdom CGInferno19,813,665
8.United States VideoNCS Rhymes - Nursery Rhymes For Children13,386,078
9.United States IGN13,156,437
10.Canada ★WishingTikal★12,915,565

Channels With The Most Videos

1.New Zealand TheGamersJoint728
2.United Kingdom Visual Walkthrough488
3.United States HMK446
4.United Kingdom Liam Hall383
5.United States lowkeymatt352
6.United States Video Games Source350
7.United Kingdom CGInferno319
8.United Kingdom Tealgamemaster267
9.United States EdDaWiz265
10. Reflex XII251

Latest Let's Plays For Kingdom Hearts III

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
5 hours agoUnited States Coresonic23Lets play Kingdom Hearts III - Episode 101:04:391
6 hours agoFrance Argus PhénixKingdom Hearts III - Episode 19 : Un problème de livre ? - Let's Play FR59:524
4 days agoUnited States Damach SmashKingdom Hearts III Playthrough Pt. 153:03:4232
2021-06-16Germany BezaubärndDie KRAFT der LEUCHTENDEN Blume 💖 11 • Let's Play Kingdom Hearts 329:534
2021-06-14United States MarioDragonKingdom Hearts III Playthrough Part 49 - Xehanort Final Boss26:54126
2021-06-08Austria TheUncleWulfLets Play Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory (Blind, German) - 46 - Kingdom Hearts III28:5617
2021-06-07 Sniper2015Kingdom Hearts 3 Story Modus PlayStation 4 PS4 German Deutsch20:172
2021-05-28Germany GermanLetsPlayZombey & GermanLetsPlay sind in einer Disney Welt gefangen!12:42150,560
2021-05-18United States YogaidrLimited Limit Cut - Kingdom Hearts 3: Limit Cut #1 | Livestream (Part 57)2:18:254
2021-05-11Netherlands PredCaliberPart 58 - Lets Play The Skyrim SE 2021 Next Gen Graphics Edition!37:10504
2021-05-02United Kingdom TealgamemasterKingdom Hearts 3 POTATO MODE PLAYTHROUGH - Part 2: CURSED Toy Time! (Mod)3:10:551,824
2021-04-25Brazil Ricardo GameplaysKingdom Hearts III Ao Vivo (PlayStation 4) #08 San Fransokyo World3:42:51123
2021-04-20 Kostas Kent7Kingdom Hearts III. Helping Winnie the Pooh2:473
2021-04-18United States MangaMeanLETS PLAY KINGDOM HEARTS 3 PART 2459:2866
2021-04-17France Game Movie LandKINGDOM HEARTS 3 PC fr - FILM JEU COMPLET11:39:3617,931
2021-04-15 Franchise GamingThe Avengers PS5 Playthrough | Part 12 | Welcome Back Cap1:45:328
2021-04-12Indonesia DeYang ChannelKingdom Hearts III And Re Mind - Prologue42:293,718
2021-04-09 ScarletArisaLet's Play Kingdom Hearts 3 (German/Blind/ReMind) #88-Das Windviertel16:3882
2021-04-01Canada FlyingPrincessMy Kingdom Hearts III Let's Play DISCONTINUED2:0715
2021-03-20 burnumLet's Play Kingdom Hearts 3: Part 25-Snow1:00:502
2021-02-21United States HupCapNinjaAsobiGaming Plays Kingdom Hearts III1:4111
2021-02-18Germany Junipers DenDennis Plays KINGDOM HEARTS III l 05 l23:10116
2021-02-18United States SarahLouWhoWe need a new plan | Let's Play Kingdom Hearts ReMind DLC Part 12 Limit Cut34:37131
2021-02-17United States Jimmy NguyenMr. Nguyen Plays Kingdom Hearts 319:1317

Latest Reviews For Kingdom Hearts III

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2021-05-16Viet Nam T&T GAME"KINGDOM HEARTS III AND RE MIND"- PC Gameplay & Download: 7 Minutes Review!!!7:220
2021-04-20United States G.S. Productions"Kingdom Hearts III" - Game Review9:36126
2021-04-14Portugal BenchARTKINGDOM HEARTS III / 3 | Intel UHD 620 | Performance Review11:47462
2021-03-06 Skycaptin5Kingdom Hearts 3 Xbox Series X Gameplay [Xbox Game Pass]37:281,918
2021-02-08United States Dobbys1SockGenshin Impact farming! With Xiao?! #genshinimpact1:21:3016
2021-01-22United States Cam-ArtsBring Arts Aqua Review Kingdom Hearts III (3) Action Figure5:177,494
2021-01-13United States ActorBryantToBryant To Reviews - pop! Kingdom hearts III / 3 Kairi with keyblade 624 funko specialty series1:0552
2021-01-12United States Graphic PolicyManga Review: Kingdom Hearts III Vol. 15:06243
2020-12-23United States BosscineratorKingdom Hearts III: ReMind DLC Review21:245
2020-11-30United States guide4gamersdotcomFFBE Neo Vision Kairi Kingdom Hearts 3 Review: Worst KH 3 Character? (#1194)13:362,045
2020-11-26United States meetmeonmars🔶 Should You Pull Kingdom Hearts 3 Units? 🔶 KH3 Banner Review| FFBE21:406,301
2020-10-04United States Metal ArcadeKingdom Hearts 3 Select Action Figures Review (Diamond Select Toys) [Sora Maleficent Donald Goofy]4:34288
2020-09-26United States SamuraibarKingdom Hearts 3 SPOILER Review | So Bad Its Good?6:5053
2020-09-17United States Mullins StudiosKingdom Hearts III Magnum Opus Review Trailer1:04198
2020-09-09United States NoDragonsPlzPREPARE TO CRY EDITION! (Kingdom Hearts III) [70]23:1719
2020-09-04 CS Success GamerSpodermen reviews kingdom hearts 3 dank reviews1:0910
2020-08-19New Zealand TheGamersJointIGN's Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC Review is One of Their Worst12:0350,804
2020-06-26United States NeoGameSparkKingdom Hearts 3 ReMIND DLC - Story Review12:283,140
2020-06-26United Kingdom Guy MichelmoreBBC SO Core [REVIEW]- Scoring with Spitfire Audio's Sample Library31:1545,886
2020-06-19Netherlands Gamekings VaultKingdom Hearts 3 Review: "Maakt de hype volledig waar"18:30112
2020-06-18United States Mustached TomMustached Tom Reviews Kingdom Hearts 335:2718
2020-06-12United States JAY BARISpeak From The Heart- Welcome To PS5 | TLOU2 Reviews Are In | Xbox Series X is LAZY3:34:521,047
2020-06-03United States DragnoriaWorth the Wait; Kingdom Hearts 320:2711
2020-05-30United States The CompletionistKingdom Hearts 3: The Best Kingdom Hearts to Complete?19:17290,563