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Channels With The Most Views

1. KINGDOM HEARTS44,999,046
2.New Zealand TheGamersJoint43,761,858
3.United States Boss Fight Database27,981,454
4.Japan スクウェア・エニックス22,257,605
5.United States SirSkyward SkywardWing17,126,100
6.United Kingdom CGInferno14,145,095
7.United States GamingCanBeFun12,881,389
8.United States IGN12,387,966
9.United States HMK11,241,575
10.Canada ★WishingTikal★10,417,218

Channels With The Most Videos

1.New Zealand TheGamersJoint759
2.United States SirSkyward SkywardWing553
3.United States HMK439
4.United States lowkeymatt400
5.United States Video Games Source361
6.United Kingdom Liam Hall300
7.United States Power Jusho285
8.United States EdDaWiz253
9. Reflex XII244
10.Germany OzomaLp240

Latest Let's Plays For Kingdom Hearts III

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
1 day agoUnited States Super Bonus RoundKingdom Hearts III: ReMind EPISODE #2: Holographic Pink Cards | Super Bonus Round | Let's Play44:0510
5 days agoGermany Junipers DenDennis Plays- Kingdom Hearts Ⅲ BLIND ENG/GER l 02 l38:40179
2020-09-21 supermariosonicloverLet's Play Kingdom Hearts 3 w/Jason Part 735:156
2020-09-15Germany Kashiwa-chan🎮 Kingdom Hearts III #35 | Ich will hier raus... |21:532
2020-09-15United States MangaMeanLETS PLAY KINGDOM HEARTS 3 PART 1259:3889
2020-09-14United States GamerDLMKingdom Hearts 3 DLC Stream - Part 11 - Lump of Horror3:30:539
2020-09-13United States SonicSong182Rouge Plays: Kingdom Hearts III [Part 7]21:504,521
2020-09-11Italy TechGames ItaliaSolda's Gaming Room - Let's play Kingdom Hearts #32:18:324
2020-08-12 ScarletArisaLet's Play Kingdom Hearts 3 (German/Blind/ReMind) #74-Lucky Emblems (Toy Box)23:49109
2020-08-12Germany Fluie🔴Kingdom Hearts 3 Part 20 Ultima + Serect Bosse1:42:2225
2020-08-11Belgium Riku ChrisHercules! - Let's Play Kingdom Hearts 3 Part 230:162
2020-08-09Philippines Dave's Game HubKingdom Hearts III Gameplay | Playthrough | Live Finale2:31:165
2020-08-07United States TrieyxI FINALLY BEAT YOZORA!!! | Kingdom Hearts 3 Secret Episode Lets Play37:2116
2020-08-02Germany PandalasLP⚜️ FINALE: Schachmatt mein alter Freund ⚜️ Kingdom Hearts 3 ⚜️ Folge 52 ⚜️ [FSK 12+] [FullHD]1:02:4910
2020-07-23Germany TMWAstraf | GAMESKingdom Hearts III: Remind [GER/DE/Halb-Blind] 4 - Livestream | LET'S PLAY1:36:338
2020-07-18United States ShweebeKingdom Hearts 3 - Let's Play House4:01:2194
2020-07-10United States Comander-ONow To Seal Kingdom Hearts - Kingdom Hearts 3 (Ending... Kinda)43:2412
2020-07-06Germany PeeDeeANGESPIELT 👑 Kingdom Hearts 3 ❤️ Playstation 4 Gameplay Lets play1:19:088
2020-06-22France At0miumVODLE GRAND FINAL | Kingdom Hearts 3 - LET'S PLAY FR #221:29:527,955
2020-06-20United States Drakkius GamingKingdom Hearts III: The Sigil - Episode 31 (ReMind)36:2820
2020-06-17United States Mustached TomMustached Tom Plays Kingdom Hearts 3 Finale1:30:2614
2020-06-16Canada SimplyPressStartLet's Play: Kingdom Hearts 3 - Ep. 8 [FINALE]3:00:40194
2020-06-10United States Super SpikeGhetti Bros.Woody's Roundup! | Kingdom Hearts 3 | Tara's Journey #114:40:2730

Latest Reviews For Kingdom Hearts III

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-09-09United States NoDragonsPlzPREPARE TO CRY EDITION! (Kingdom Hearts III) [70]23:1718
2020-08-25United States Cam-ArtsBring Arts Xion Review Kingdom Hearts III (3) Organization XIII (13) Action Figure Square-Enix6:161,948
2020-08-19New Zealand TheGamersJointIGN's Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC Review is One of Their Worst12:0346,611
2020-06-26United States NeoGameSparkKingdom Hearts 3 ReMIND DLC - Story Review12:282,778
2020-06-19Netherlands Gamekings VaultKingdom Hearts 3 Review: "Maakt de hype volledig waar"18:3080
2020-06-18United States Mustached TomMustached Tom Reviews Kingdom Hearts 335:2718
2020-05-30United States The CompletionistKingdom Hearts 3: The Best Kingdom Hearts to Complete?19:17224,640
2020-05-21United Kingdom Alex Moukala EXTRAQuick Review: Dearly Beloved (Kingdom Hearts 3 OST)3:028,991
2020-04-29United States ShartimusPrimeKingdom Hearts 3 Wave 1 and Hercules Diamond Select Toys Disney Video Game 4K Action Figure Review12:0811,499
2020-04-03United Kingdom SpartanUrukBring Arts Kingdom Hearts III Shadow Heartless Figure Review12:351,049
2020-03-22United States Bizkit047Kingdom Hearts III - Re:Mind DLC Review (Spoilers)23:52103,953
2020-03-18Portugal Manuel Reis😦 NO LO ESPERABA! Kingdom Hearts 3 | Review6:2516
2020-03-12United Kingdom Liam HallKINGDOM HEARTS III - A Quick Review on VHS3:5316
2020-02-29United States Reed AustinKingdom Hearts 3’s DLC Was Everything We Wanted And More16:272,792
2020-02-17United States Keep Tappin XKingdom Hearts 3 ONE YEAR LATER + Re Mind DLC SPOILER Review / Discussion | KTX-tra1:03:5492
2020-02-14United States Samurai KibijiKingdom Hearts 3 Review Spoiler Free | Community Questions (2019)19:28192
2020-02-03Canada VTNVIVI[Spoilers] Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMIND DLC Review - Is it ''TOO HARD''? Is it Worth The Price?12:105,026
2020-02-02South Africa Lightning H8IGN Reviews Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind WITHOUT FINISHING IT!!!11:48204
2020-01-31Argentina Malditos NerdsLEGENDS OF RUNETERRA, TEMTEM, y KINGDOM HEARTS 3 RE:MIND | MALDITOS GAMES N°821:35:534,178
2020-01-31United States JadendayZeroTHE NEW KINGDOM HEARTS 3 DLC IS TRASH....10:23838
2020-01-31United States IGNKingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind DLC Review3:34114,815