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Channels With The Most Views

1.United Kingdom Merchant22,132,630
2.United States Day9TV12,154,904
3.Spain MegaMogwai11,083,618
4.United States CovertGoBlue7,856,577
5.Canada Noxious4,411,486
6.Germany HandOfUncut1,898,929
7.Brazil UMotivo1,807,576
8.Germany Rocket Beans Let’s Play & Streams1,382,722
9.United States LordDraconical966,184
10.Germany Rocket Beans Gaming671,403

Channels With The Most Videos

1.United Kingdom That Ifrit Guy624
2.United Kingdom Merchant417
3.United States CovertGoBlue411
4.United States Day9TV330
5. Saul Simon Tan328
6.Ukraine Cheese Ghoul289
7.Spain MegaMogwai267
8. Monotreme Society242
9.United States Liquidor215
10. セシカ - Sesika196

Latest Let's Plays For Magic: The Gathering Arena

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
3 days agoUnited Kingdom That Ifrit GuyLet's Play Magic the Gathering: Arena - 830 - New Shrine Deck22:151
6 days agoUnited States Vamp PlaysToo Many Cooks Ruined This Deck (MTG Arena) | Vamp Plays40:5817
2020-04-15Germany 2 Nerds 1000 GamesLet's Play: Magic the Gathering Arena Folge 4325:1928
2020-03-18Brazil Blacker LotusBoros Hacto no Draft de Theros Além da Morte (parte 03: Gameplays) | MTG ARENA S03E8223:59496
2020-01-27 RageSelectMagic: The Gathering Arena (The Dojo) Let's Play42:24794
2019-12-29Germany ScrawlLasst uns auf ein Abenteuer gehen! MTG Arena [Let's Play/german] [Standard] #06726:58118
2019-12-15United States Joseph BentleyReview Decks From Game Awards After Part Event Part 2: Magzie Plays: Magic The Gathering Arena!20:092
2019-11-28United Kingdom TheNOOB Official? Magic: The Gathering Arena (MTG Arena) ? Let's Play #LIVE 0136:0613
2019-11-12United States ProJared Plays!OOPS All Elk Oko's Madness │ MTG Arena │ ProJared Plays1:12:016,767
2019-11-09United States DemonskidDK Plays!! MtG Arena - Booster Pack Opening4:156
2019-11-01United States Dark Titan EnterprisesCommander Announcements Galore, Elspeth Leaks - Vara Plays Friday Night MTG Arena LIVE1:33:17267
2019-09-25Canada XEI GamingXEI Plays Magic: The Gathering Arena (Blind) #753:5824
2019-08-26Germany Ustra AhazuMagic: The Gathering Arena #02 Gegen euch2:53:477
2019-07-31United Kingdom Klone WolfNoob Plays MTG Arena - Ravnica Guild Event - Trying out Golgari & Rakdos Decks! - Core 2020 Standard24:35189
2019-07-31Germany Poolitzer LP - Der IndiekanalMagic: The Gathering Arena #04 - Licht und Schatten | MTG Arena deutsch german26:13156
2019-07-09Canada Project COELet's Play MTG: Arena - New Project COE Discord Server!1:45:40130
2019-06-29United States Tobes Plays!Omniscience Deck Draft (aka Magic Poker)! - MTG Arena31:2228
2019-06-26United States Dragon Blogger Technology and EntertainmentLet's Play Magic the Gathering Arena1:44:0222
2019-06-19United States Tim-Foolery GamingWitchy Woman! | Mompointk Plays - Magic: The Gathering Arena! (No Commentary) | PART 77:420
2019-06-11United States JsnowgamingJsnow ANNIHILATES Alpha Investments with JANK! - MTG Arena7:1827
2019-06-03Spain MegaMogwaiAlpha Dinos | War of the Spark Standard Deck (MTG Arena)49:0152,905
2019-05-11New Zealand TokalotWinning! | MTG Arena Let's Play Part 114:4449
2019-05-11United States iBluairJgRA Grave Deck || MTG Arena19:29290
2019-05-10United States DanGheeslingPlaysDan Plays Magic: The Gathering Arena! - #5 (Twitch Bounty)1:06:52484
2019-05-05 LaZodiacZodi Plays: Magic the Gathering Arena SEALED [3.4] Smash, then Crash40:0512

Latest Reviews For Magic: The Gathering Arena

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-04-15United States CovertGoBlueWHAT TO CRAFT IN IKORIA | Set Review MTG Arena1:37:5939,207
2020-04-11United States Day9TVDay[9]'s Ikoria Lair of Behemoths Card Review - Green & Gold | MTG Arena1:34:3624,727
2019-10-07Germany 4PlayersMagic: The Gathering Arena - Spielspaß vs. Monetarisierung | Epilog6:551,699
2019-10-02United Kingdom Cerebral ResonanceMagic The Gathering Arena Review - Doing Digital Right...4:559
2019-09-25United States AlliestraszaAllie’s Top 15 Picks for Throne of Eldraine [MTG: Arena]13:424,042
2019-01-24United Kingdom Wonderly TVMagic The Gathering Arena - A Quick Review3:30111
2019-01-16United States AmazRavnica Allegiance Limited Card Review | Amaz MTG Arena3:00:058,996
2018-12-07France AshuvidzMAGIC THE GATHERING ARENA Vaut-t-il le coups ? - #Review #CVC #FR17:261,771
2018-08-15United Kingdom MerchantMTG Arena Starter Decks & Quest Decks Reviewed & Rated!39:48102,106
2018-05-23 Bam 432226Magic the gathering Arena of the Planeswalkers board game Review(core set)18:0215
2018-04-17United States Stoiker KaleiSilver "Zombie Desert" Deck Building - Magic: The Gathering Arena Closed Beta Gameplay31:49309
2018-04-05United Kingdom DuncanCantDieMTG: Arena - Straight to the Face20:473,851
2018-03-27Canada IlyonMagic: The Gathering Arena - First Impressions and Review22:18653
2018-03-23United States Accelerated EvolutionWinD of AE - MTG: Arena - Small amount of gameplay before QC stream - 3/23/181:14:1425
2018-03-22United States The LAN CaveMagic: The Gathering Arena - Explore Deck - Beta Review and Gameplay22:20182
2017-09-08United States Skylent Games"MAGIC THE GATHERING ARENA" PRE - IMPRESSIONS24:402,447
2015-07-06 The Dice TowerMagic: the Gathering Arena of the Planeswalkers Review17:45123,438