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Channels With The Most Views

1. Paladins by Evil Mojo Games82,135,559
2.Spain FrostFangs47,626,277
3.United States KamiVS35,095,881
4.United Kingdom Joshino20,716,720
5.Brazil Patriota15,598,107
6.United States Raynday Gaming13,407,163
7.United States z1unknown13,240,830
8.Colombia JustAColombian12,217,536
9.Mexico AlexNix11,153,752
10.United States videogamedunkey10,960,878

Channels With The Most Videos

1. Paladins Competitive2,914
2.France IkerTV2,017
3. PaladinsTube1,690
4.United States KamiVS1,598
5.Spain FrostFangs1,177
6.Poland Finom1,141
7. GintBe1,112
8.United States z1unknown1,032
9.Philippines ULTIMATE KILLER1,006
10.Brazil ThiagoFullMetal974

Latest Let's Plays For Paladins

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
6 hours agoCanada TraviseenLet's Play WoW - TBC Classic - Blood Elf Paladin - Part 36 | Lieutenants | Gameplay Walkthrough55:200
6 hours agoUnited States Rijan Archer Music GroupPaladins | Seris Soul Collector | HD | 60 FPS | Crazy Gameplays!!11:093
6 hours agoPeru FellewinWallpaper IO0:3029
18 hours agoUnited States Video Games SourceDiablo ll Resurrected - Choose Paladin, Name, Standard, Online Private Match Playstation 5 Gameplay2:0510
1 day ago INDYSTRIAL GAMESPaladins PlayStation stream YouTube1:42:021
2 days ago ReidenshiPaladins on PlayStation 5 #31:42:4815
2 days ago BuggyswiresThe way of the paladin: Redesigned Paladin class @Wallcraft (WoW Alpha skills/talents)2:214
2 days ago HAPPICHESHIRECAT -Broadcat-KAKASHI IN PALADINS!? Paladins Team Death Match -SKYE- Gameplay #Paladins (PlayStation 4)6:045
3 days agoUnited States Crazy Stone GamerPaladins Part 176 Can We Get This? [ Xbox One ]11:314
5 days ago Shadow S.APaladins Ps4 Yagorath Ranked match - Carry my Team with help of my buddy13:0011
6 days ago Paladins by Evil Mojo GamesPaladins - Top 5 Plays - Episode 1383:4043,959
2021-09-17Brazil Red DragonsPaladins gameplays 61 Terror de skye10:173
2021-09-15Spain video_gamehdPaladins Nightfall Event Pass PS4 playstation0:443
2021-09-11Mexico elpan2¡PALAGOD CON ELPAN2! | RANKEDS | CASUALES | PARTIDAS CON SUBS3:04:171,763
2021-09-11 Jurnis PlaysDice&Dolts: Curse of Strahd - Part 67 : Dark Dealings3:03:204
2021-09-09United States CBGP EmTVPALADINS - Siege: REI Vora Tyra Vatu Khan #LetsPlay #Nintendo #Switch #Paladins12:2118
2021-09-06 Tutto sui miei videogiochiMIGLIOR PARTITA A PALADINS (AGOSTO 2021) #PALADINS #VIDEOGAMES #PLAYSTATION5:5623
2021-09-04 oJOHNNYLAWo TwitchA-Z with me! Lets play Paladins. Today we play Ranked.2:48:180
2021-09-04United States grindflayer🔴 LIVE! Let's Play Pathfinder: Wrath Of The Righteous (Aasimar Paladin) | HARD MODE2:01:1137
2021-09-02United States angry_playstation_nerdLets play paladins54:213
2021-09-01Denmark Rellom QA NEW FAVORITE❓ - THE PALADIN | Let's Play Poker Quest | #4044:2133
2021-09-01Germany InCaGamingTV🌎 WoW Archiv: „Phönix Al‘ar" 🇩🇪11:4414
2021-09-01 HaundoriNoob Plays Androxus| Paladins-Gameplay21:517
2021-08-30United States ArmagdoGamingPaladins Top 5 Plays - Koga Submission...40:31483
2021-08-30United States AlphaKitt3nAlpha Montage August W41:579

Latest Reviews For Paladins

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
8 hours ago NekoneToram: NEW Knight Skills Review! Are They WORTH IT to Use!?8:20261
1 day agoUnited States UnikIsHerepaladins trickshot review and crushes and lag montage9:071
6 days agoArgentina DejavuArgDEJAVUARG REVIEW# 184(GM) ANDROXUS PALADINS RANKED16:241,618
6 days agoSlovakia AgorFigTanki Online *NEW* Paladin Hull Is Awesome! | Review3:47264
2021-09-06 PackoGold Makoa Vod Review37:3737
2021-09-02Netherlands Roy Petrie YoutuberBrowser FPS game like Valorant/Paladins/Overwatch/Fortnite | Review | NO DOWNLOAD6:4167
2021-08-27United States The ApxchePaladins Androxus Vod Review Ft GoddessOfRealms30:26134
2021-08-24 ClockwerkPaladins: Jogar de Maeve com Amigos (ft. Kgames Reviews)15:0976
2021-08-23Colombia Frank Mg✅Paladins PTS | REVIEW Event pass Nightfall + GAMEPLAY SAATI16:531,158
2021-08-15Spain Raven DelaCruxRei, magia del cerezo en ciernes -- Paladins Review39:093
2021-08-04United States YellowNinjaMy thoughts on the Newest Support Rei | Paladins Review17:011,496
2021-07-29United States NohandsGamerUnited in Stormwind Card Review. Mage Paladin Priest31:252,104
2021-07-26 StroopwaffelYTSO there is a NEW CHAMPION in PALADINS? - PC Paladins Gameplay and Rei Review5:4850
2021-07-26Korea, Republic of JeezPlayingAgain[Ragnarok Origin] Are Paladins the best class in RO Origin?! Paladin's HONEST review!3:173,886
2021-07-18Ukraine Wizard WormPaladin Dream Review - Can you stop the nightmare before it’s too late? (JRPG)3:0757
2021-07-12 pjGRANDMASTER GROVER VOD REVIEW - Paladins Coaching23:37425
2021-07-06 DaddyMouseShould you go BANKRUPT for this skin?? MAYHEM VATU Review2:2212,327
2021-06-25Canada TerkedState Of Paladins In 2021 | REVIEW | Game Released in 20182:5925
2021-06-24United States JaydenPlayssgen:LOCK CROSSOVER PATCH NOTES REVIEW! - Paladins28:4712
2021-06-24United States AndrewChickenThis is the BEST Update of the Year! - Paladins gen:LOCK Update Patch Notes Review1:09:229,229
2021-06-23Argentina AliveASÍ ES REI, UN HEALER QUE LO TIENE TODO! Paladins Gen:Lock Patch! REI REVIEW10:5310,676
2021-06-17Thailand PolicalPaladins Champion REVIEW - Vatu นินจาในเงามืด2:5620
2021-06-06United States Play Great Games4 Things OVERWATCH Does Better Than Paladins | A Simple Review7:19260
2021-05-27Brazil Allan VinyPALADINS Vatu Review Novo Personagem (Dublado Pt Br) - PS415:2435
2021-05-18United States Gaming on a BudgetGaming on a Budget PALADINS LIVE STREAM2:17:0656