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Channels With The Most Views

1. Paladins by Evil Mojo Games93,211,090
2.Spain FrostFangs53,560,338
3.United States KamiVS40,034,521
4.United Kingdom Joshino20,963,462
5.United States XP to Level 316,030,958
6.Brazil Patriota15,804,181
7.United States AndrewChicken15,774,503
8.United States z1unknown15,441,804
9.United States Raynday Gaming14,038,898
10.Colombia JustAColombian13,256,132

Channels With The Most Videos

1.Indonesia Paladins Competitive5,545
2.France IkerTV2,496
3.Japan sirokuma gaming2,247
4.United States KamiVS2,176
5.Philippines ULTIMATE KILLER2,141
6. PaladinsTube1,942
7.United States Paladins Pro Competitive1,793
8.India Paladins Ranked Competitive1,593
9.Spain FrostFangs1,372
10.United States z1unknown1,240

Latest Let's Plays For Paladins

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
1 day agoUnited States AndrewChickenYou NEED to Try This Koga Playstyle! (Paladins)16:573,665
4 days agoUnited States Shiki Yuuki | The Panda With FangsMod Team Plays A Game Together Help I'm Slow lol - Paladins1:36:5423
5 days ago GRANDE D JogaPaladins #1 Jogando o Multiplayer!!! [ Gameplay - PS4 Slim - Playthrough ]49:111
2023-03-16 OCYNyx unofficial penta | Paladins Top 5 Plays1:215
2023-03-13 Paladins by Evil Mojo GamesPaladins - Top 5 Plays - Episode 1753:3939,248
2023-03-09Brazil Paladins Gamepad CompetitiveRaiRezAlpha | Vatu | Grandmaster | Enveloping Shadows | 26 Kills | PC Controller | South America16:5599
2023-03-03Germany Kev Curtis UncutizePALADINS CHAMPIONS OF THE REALM PART 3 | Livestream55:0414
2023-03-01United States VideoGaming4UNCAA March Madness 2001 (PlayStation) - Minnesota Golden Gophers vs. Furman Paladins36:07441
2023-02-27India Yash Ki Gaming 1.0realme royalpaladins battle royalerealm royale ps4realms royalrealm royale37:0324
2023-02-26Turkey RxAnimateRaining Destruction: Paladins #4 Willo Gameplay - Tips, Tricks, and Explosive Plays8:066
2023-02-24United States Poteen OBowen*Lurker Channel* Poteen plays DBD, Dauntless, Paladins, Rogue Company, Smite with music3:36:057
2023-02-18 PolcoferKillphilip28 y sus preguntas - (Paladins)0:3223
2023-02-09Germany ZweikampfsofaNEVERWINTER #770 NORTHDARK - Wöchentliche Aufgabe „Myzeltiefen“ - inv depths - Paladin - PS4 Deutsch7:00175
2023-02-07 ImJoshGravesLETS PLAY SOME PALADINS!!!!2:29:08100
2023-02-05 SuitGodPaladins - Betty La Bomba Clutch Plays10:2611
2023-02-02Japan SEKAI OF GAMESPALADINS - Strix (Sniper) PAY ATTENTION how it's DONE!!6:0016
2023-01-23France PlayStation FrancePaladins - Teaser de la nouvelle championne Nyx, Reine des Abysses - VOSTFR | PS41:18581
2023-01-22 JJOR64Paladins (Switch) - Online Games (1/21/23)51:3224
2023-01-16 Lineker GamerPaladins Ranked Em Live Fácil culpa o Suporte Series8:1144
2023-01-15United Kingdom ErroredTVPs4 paladins (no commentary) is it worth downloading from playstation store58:354
2023-01-12United States REGINALD DUFFDuff Playstation 4 Games Day 2532:359
2023-01-09 VonNotReadyI got help1:05:435
2023-01-04 KEY NOTELet's Play Paladins Part 1 | First time player suffering with horrible aim, please help27:492
2022-12-31 ObsetileoObsetileo's Top 5 Paladins Plays | Obsetileo 2022 Recap4:0527
2022-12-26India Paladins Ranked CompetitiveThis is what happens when Z1unknown plays his 265 lvl best Champ Paladins z1unknown Competitive15:482,345

Latest Reviews For Paladins

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2023-02-10United States The Doe ShowLive: Stoner News, Reviews, and PS511:18:54313
2023-01-27United States KamiVSNEW PALADINS PATCH REVIEW: EMERGENCE13:202,307
2023-01-14United States YellowNinjaPaladins in 2022 Review: We're Bleeding Players...35:231,460
2023-01-14Canada FishnitFishnit's AOC 2022 Review12:03408
2022-12-11Spain Gator Productions¡MEJORES FREE TO PLAY PARA XBOX SERIES X Y XBOX SERIES S EN 2023! - *XBOX SERIES X/S EN 2023*10:5213,028
2022-11-06United States The Apxche#Paladins Talus Scrim Vod Review Ft.Murk19:1383
2022-11-03United States Danny LuxrayASH'S MAJOR LOSS! Dracovish's NEW MOVE & ETERNATUS INCOMING? | Pokémon Journeys Episode 130 Review5:062,709
2022-10-20United States Dylan KowalskiAVENTUS By Thesis YoYo Unboxing & Review.9:052,488
2022-10-12Canada Bernadette WinderPower rangers gem paladins review0:1673
2022-09-16United States KrivenApex w/ @FreshReviewsYT Later. First up DESTINY 24:25:4719
2022-09-13Spain FrostFangsALL 5 NEW SKINS IN THE KASUMI UPDATE REVIEWED! - Paladins PTS Gameplay10:438,777
2022-09-12Peru WakeUpAmadeusLOS PROBLEMAS DE KASUMI [Review] | Paladins Last Remains Gameplay10:514,796
2022-08-07 ZuckyRWBY Crossover Pass Review3:3620
2022-07-30 Fildas se vrací zpět.Paladins® CZ/EN gameplay 83% review steam39:022
2022-07-28Colombia Frank Mg✅Paladins PTS | REVIEW CONSTELLATIONS event Pass + GAMEPLAY SKINS Update 5.57:48633
2022-07-25United States GroverDoseTips to help this Barik climb Ranked! Paladins Gameplay Review16:24125
2022-07-21United States HonkaloogerNEW! Constellation Update FULL Review (Paladins)13:4840
2022-07-04Argentina DejavuArgDEJAVUARG REVIEW# 197(GM) ANDROXUS PALADINS RANKED10:142,244
2022-06-24United Kingdom Ronica ReviewsRonica Reviews Paladins10:39101
2022-06-17 DaddyMouseSTELLAR WITCH LILLITH review - Model good Voice bad - Paladins2:4312,064
2022-06-07 HarvestmoonzPaladins Review ( IS IT WORTH GETTING IN 2022)3:2029
2022-06-02United States AndrewChickenSO MUCH BALANCE! Andro, Grover, Raum, Skye Reworks, & More! - Paladins RWBY Update Review1:14:5823,158
2022-05-23United States Fun Dad GamingShould You Play Paladins In 20226:09214
2022-05-15 Josh Navin-GrahamPaladins Lilith TDM Gameplay For Review5:5117
2022-05-15 ChillThunderSkullPaladin Review Ruckus4:174