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Latest Let's Plays For Patron

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2023-08-22Germany KenneDeinePixelKulinarisches Open-World Abenteuer ■ Fruitbus deutsch33:53131
2023-08-08United States ArmyMomStrongI am Future Cozy Apocalyptic Survival First Look, Gameplay Lets Play Ep 137:35160
2023-07-29Germany StockiVRMultiplayer | Surv1v3 PSVR2 // Co-Op Zombie Survival- Playstation VR2 - Deutsch - LIVE2:12:51359
2023-06-29Australia Plays - GORD Demo26:5484
2023-05-10 OOAK CopycatPatron #16: Fixing Some Luxuries (The End?) | Copycat Plays1:00:252
2023-05-06United States Abridged GokuWolfku Plays: Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator1:00:071,975
2023-03-07United States Wolver SNAPTop Plays for Nimrod in Marvel Snap! Does he still Fall short? Season Pass worth Buying?12:22201
2022-11-05United States Cloud 9 CornerPATRON SURVIVAL CITY BUILDING LETS PLAY EP 11:05:5046
2022-10-25United States OtakuDaiKunKimochiiiii! Dai Plays Beat Refle (Massage Freaks)43:132,366
2022-10-23United Kingdom Jazzy J31 Days of Hell Season 4, Episode 23 | Let's play INSIDE1:38:2410
2022-10-05United Kingdom Rusty DogRusty Plays - Construction Simulator - First Play5:07:56433
2022-09-13United States PhilosoShy's Game Channel!Expanding Further! ~~ Let's Play Patron! PatronTown! IV29:476
2022-08-19Germany SuperConanTVLet's Play Patron [E25] - Weberei Forschung20:531
2022-08-09Germany Treborianus - Spartan Let's PlaysLet's Play Patron #15 - Friedhof, Schule & Ratssaal entstehen (Aufbau-Survival, deutsch)33:1759
2022-07-22United States NobatohTVEl Patron 970 - Mercedes ( Prod by Scar & DZeus ) #ElPapa [REACCION]5:161,684
2022-06-22United Kingdom Jules BurtSteam Deck Emulation - The Genius Of - Final Burn Alpha - FBA - Part 1 - Emulation Station!28:072,971
2022-06-06 The Dutch Actuary1000+ Citizens, Minting & Final Expansions | Patron | END | Let's play/Tutorial12:46173
2022-05-14United States A-Train GamesLet's Play - Patron (First look/Season 1 Ep. 1)3:44:55128
2022-04-13Germany SNU GamingPATRON - E18 - Dritter Stadtteil entsteht! Markt wird gebaut! Jetzt gehts richtig los! - Let's play!33:386
2022-04-12France 119 et Plus🎮 05. La fin[FR-Broudaff] Let's Play Patron2:02:2445
2022-04-07United States TheRevPlaysPatron: A Survival City Builder With A Twist | PC13:26469
2022-03-27United States Amy Kay ASMRASMR Ditzy Bubbly Girl In Class Fixes Your Sweaty Face | Jingly Jewelry, Mini Makeover, Help w/Crush36:30346,201
2022-03-24United States Sarge StreamsSGS Plays: Patron. Let's Build and chill...revisiting this awesome city builder.2:28:1960
2022-03-21France 119 Minutes👁️‍🗨️ C'est qui l'PATRON ?! Nouveau LP [FR/Broudaff] REDIFF LIVE2:07:361,279
2021-12-27United States ACup-PlayzPatron- Ep2 PG 13 (Playthrough)55:4450

Latest Reviews For Patron

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2023-08-20Australia WoddahMalone GamingBest Rogue like under $5!? - Halls of Torment Steam Review11:04164
2023-08-18 ferret's game reviewsPatron | Curator Review | Gameplay | No Commentary51:4134
2023-08-04United States Austin BurkeHeartstopper Season 2 Netflix Review and Reaction8:214,917
2023-07-31United States US News Box OfficialWhen is Cruel Summer Season 3 Coming to Prime Video?- US News Box Official3:33118
2023-07-18United States Wolver SNAPSPOTLIGHTS for ECHO a MUST? Tokens? Mystery Bundle Offer Review in Marvel Snap14:122,780
2023-06-03United States DisBearity | RTS, TBS & RPGsFirst Impressions | Dwarf Colony Simulator | Mountaincore57:5356
2023-04-29 RAUDEZA REVIEWSArya Stark Season 8 ThreeZero 1:6 Scale Figure Review9:00140
2023-04-18 Mr H ReviewsFans Abandon The Mandalorian Season 3 Is Star Wars Dead?8:1922,973
2023-04-14United States StepOutsideYourBoxPatron Reposado Review #Patron #Reposado #PatronReposado1:0196
2023-03-28United States KreenpananasSatisfaction. #gaming #potioncraft0:24143
2023-01-22United Kingdom the15minutegamerDave the Diver PC Review: Is This Game Awesome or What?4:14586
2022-11-29United States Vindicated EntertainmentIs It Worth It? My Hero Academia Season 6 (Mid-Mid Season) Review2:3349
2022-11-11United States Gamers NexusImpressive: Lian Li Lancool 216 Case Review, Thermals, Cable Management, & Noise29:13572,054
2022-11-07 Blaan SargeConstruction Simulator 2022 (Review) Is It Good?31:551,989
2022-10-27United States Rotted ReviewsUNEARTHING HIDDEN GEMS: Patron Requester Edition!14:02290
2022-09-16United States dylnesiusStart Doing The Thing You're Passionate About! | Barry 1x1 REACTION15:40198
2022-08-24 President SundayVaush VS Ocean Keltoi Religion Debate Review Part 22:46:562,598
2022-08-17Canada Cidsa Dragoon Gamingfault - StP - LIGHTKRAVTE Review (Steam)2:43171
2022-08-16United States Omn1MediaBETTER CALL SAUL 6x13 SERIES FINALE Reaction/Review! "Saul Gone"45:3512,706
2022-08-14United States NERDSoulEvil Season 3 Finale Episode 10: The Demon of The End Review & Mo' | NERDSoul2:11:38463
2022-07-20United States Austin B MediaHigh School Musical: The Musical: The Series Season 3 Episodes 1 & 2 Video Review12:111,335
2022-07-01United States EnterTheGooniverseBeastars S2 (SERIES REVIEW)4:1710
2022-06-30United States Reel RejectsTHE BOYS 3x7 REACTION! Season 3 Episode 7 Breakdown & Review | Homelander | Soldier Boy | Black Noir59:20249,360
2022-06-10United States Trilogy Davisatlanta season 3 sucks9:381,132
2022-05-22United Kingdom baldbookgeekstar trek picard season 2 worth watching ?12:2758