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7.United States The Gaming Mole: Brad_Ry74
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10. IGN Walkthroughs64

Latest Let's Plays For Skylanders: Giants

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViewsLiked
2017-08-21 PhantomGirlLets Play: Skylanders: Giants Part15 FINNAL Running For My Life50:025
2016-12-26 CBGP EmTVLet's Play SKYLANDERS: GIANTS - Crusher vs. Chill ARENA RUMBLE1:5828
2016-12-26Germany Columbo SpürnaseVerbesserungen ♥ Skylanders Giants »06« ♥ [Let's Play][Deutsch]15:2548796.00%
2016-07-28United States BoxNin PlaySkylanders Giants NTSC [ASLE52] Wii U, Listo para Loadiine Gx2, por BoxNinPlay1:5076075.00%
2016-05-20United States CrystalBlazierSkylanders: Giants 3DS Playthrough Part 7 (The Maelstrom + Credits)30:086,401100.00%
2015-07-25 Eiwi GamerSkylanders Giants PART 1 Let's Play (Wii U/PS3/X360)1:42:4517266.67%
2015-05-21 PokeCastPokeCast : PlayStation 3 : Skylanders Giants21:095
2014-09-24 beeWesleyLet's Play Skylanders Giants Part: 38:5231100.00%
2014-09-21United Kingdom JohnTMortonNostalgamer Unboxing Skylanders Giants Starter Pack On Sony Playstation 3 UK PAL System Version4:1122550.00%
2013-11-10Germany Noodle[RE-UPLOAD!] Let's Play Skylanders: Giants #06 - Überraschender Hinterhalt [blind!]17:1628,60497.04%
2013-11-07United States AndaleyLet's Play Skylanders Giants - Part 634:43257100.00%
2013-11-06 VascoDaGamerLet's Play Skylanders: Giants -- Part 14: The Lost Navigator1:07:08240100.00%
2013-11-03Germany EpicsmokySkylanders Giants Gameplay PS3 Platinum Run #27 - Asiatischer Westen -Vampyrius 1080P17:54166100.00%
2013-10-15United States Bob HallSkylanders Giants: Lightcore Hex - The Three Teleporters3:021,239100.00%
2013-10-01 GINX Esports TVDisney Infinity vs. Skylanders Giants | Ginx4:424,09486.96%
2013-09-21United States The Gaming Mole: Brad_RySkylanders Giants #9 Bored and alone21:01572100.00%
2013-09-21Germany EgoWhityShroomboom Skillen auf Fallpilzjäger Beförderung Skylanders Giants Skillen14:2910,03495.51%
2013-09-13Germany MrMoregameDAS IST NOODLELP!- Skylanders Giants 100% [Kapitel 5] - 1/4 - #01412:211,05495.24%
2013-08-01United States kwingsletsplaysSkylanders Giants - Battle Arena Part 129:30100,29093.49%
2013-07-26United States EvanTubeGamingLet's Play SKYLANDERS GIANTS - Chapter 17 Empire of Ice! with EvanTubeHD19:50535,25187.27%
2013-01-21United Kingdom TealgamemasterSkylanders Giants (100% Playthrough!) Part 103: Speedrunning Chapter 16...Sort Of10:353,28295.24%
2013-01-17 OtomeGamesSkylanders Giants Wii - Lets Play Co-op Part 22 Molekin Mountain Pipsqueak Boss Battle19:41674100.00%
2012-11-18 Alanar WindbladeBig Guys and Evil Clouds: Let's Not Let's Play Skylanders Giants - Episode 413:35178100.00%
2012-11-12United Kingdom NintendoSwitchGuruSkylanders Giants - Nintendo 3DS Lets Play Part 11 Murky Waters + Crusher & Slam Bam20:047,98588.00%
2012-10-29Germany GameStarSkylanders: Giants - Test/Review für Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 & Wii von GamePro (Gameplay)7:3149,93691.26%

Latest Reviews For Skylanders: Giants

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViewsLiked
2017-12-19Australia Good Game: Spawn PointSkylanders: Giants | Game Review6:5412175.00%
2017-11-20Australia Square Eyed JakSkylanders: Giants Review - Square Eyed Jak11:4412,41898.48%
2016-08-27United States Toy Hunting GamersSkylanders Giants Game Toy Figures Unboxing Review: Jet-Vac, Pop Fizz, Whirlwind, Trigger Happy10:08270100.00%
2015-09-05 TheRetroReplaySkylanders Giants Review9:453,84894.32%
2014-11-24 Persion GameClassic Game Room SKYLANDERS GIANTS review part 17:112
2014-07-04 PREMIER GAME PLAYGame review Skylanders Giants REVIEW! PREMIERE GAME AND PLAY6:452
2014-01-01United States HobbyKidsTVSkylanders Giants Tree Rex Box Opening and Review with HobbyKidsTV2:0743,78086.52%
2013-10-23United States Pixel DanSkylanders Giants Halloween Eye Brawl Figure Video Review4:227,14392.77%
2013-10-11 TTPM Toy ReviewsSkylanders Giants Arkeyan Robot King from MEGA Bloks1:094,70185.71%
2013-06-03 moralgamerSkylanders: Giants - Review Episode 226:0123
2013-05-03 wiiviewrSkylanders: Giants Review (WiiU)6:2539,28097.16%
2013-04-13United States SquirrelStampedeMcDonalds Happy Meal Skylanders Giants Toys Complete Collection Review6:0699,32484.02%
2013-04-12United States sportswolf3McDONALD'S SKYLANDERS GIANTS FULL SET 1-9 HAPPY MEAL TOYS VIDEO REVIEW3:161,699,44684.18%
2013-03-25Canada BlitzwingerSKYLANDERS GIANTS - Drill Sergeant SKYLANDER REVIEW13:4829,63591.36%
2013-03-05 Protoman of ProtoRetroSkylanders Giants - Legendary Chill Review Toys R Us Exclusive Series 34:015,26881.82%
2012-12-03United States Classic L337Wii U: Skylanders Giants [FIRST LOOK/REVIEW]16:4317,93292.11%
2012-11-18United States Translucent OriginSkylanders Giants Wii U Starter Pack REVIEW & Thoughts *HD* 11/18/12 (TEAM DOPENESS)2:085,15763.64%
2012-11-17 GameTrailersSkylanders Giants - Review5:3612,30968.25%
2012-11-02 CGR PublishingClassic Game Room - SKYLANDERS GIANTS review part 17:1184,36891.26%
2012-11-01 The Game StationSkylanders Giants Review w/ Lisa Foiles - The Good, The Bad, & The Rating - TGS5:0848,16994.64%
2012-10-28 Brett GarrodThe Review Shows Skylanders Giants5:4025
2012-10-27Spain ESPALTeamAnálisis / Review Skylanders: Giants 3DS20:121,593100.00%
2012-10-26 IGN Start007 Legends Disappoints (Also: Unfinished Swan, Skylanders: Giants & Fan Remix) - Mix'd Reviews4:5638,07498.10%
2012-10-22 Rev3GamesSkylanders Giants REVIEW!6:4531,17095.51%
2012-10-22United States GameZoneSkylanders Giants video review4:41260